Aigrow.Me Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives

Using Instagram tools is a way to manage profile engagements with ease, managing Instagram accounts the traditional way is for personal account holders with only a few followers.

If you’re dealing with a lot of interactions that demand your attention, you need to either hire social media managers or you need to find the right tools that will help manage your Instagram tasks with ease.

By using these Instagram management tools, you’ll save a great deal of time, and also improve user engagement fast.

Instagram is a gold mine for business promotion if learned correctly, a lot of businesses have spent thousands of dollars on Instagram promotions without getting any tangible return from their investment.

The main reason for this I believe is not using the right tools to grow their Instagram account. Most of the time, they fail to target the right audience that will engage with them.

If you’re looking for an Instagram tool that will automate your actions, you should consider using tool. This powerful tool is built for aspiring digital marketers who want to promote their business profile on Instagram with ease.

The tool, however, has attracted a lot of negative reviews especially on Trustpilot, we’ll review this tool in detail so that you can decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Does Instagram Allow Using Automation On Instagram

Aigrow.Me Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives

Aigrow.Me Review, Features, Pricing, And Alternatives

Instagram doesn’t like automation and hence any account detected for using automation will definitely be suspended or in most cases, it leads to an account ban.

Meaning that Instagram accounts using automation will be closed and cannot be recovered in the future.

You want to make sure that whatever tool or automation you’re using, your actions seem to be real.

Most Instagram users are using automation with the hope of growing their Instagram account overnight and hence their account is terminated within a few days of using the tool.

Users make the mistake of adding massive likes and excessive followers which will flag their account easily.

You need to use these tools just like you’ll operate your Instagram account manually, set your actions in a reasonable manner and also ensure that you abide by the rules.

If you can work that way, I’ll tell you that Instagram will hardly notice you’re using automation and you’ll be safe on the platform.

When Instagram blocks a profile or account from using automation, it’s not because of using automation in particular.

Though you’ll be penalized for using automation itself, especially the ones that aren’t authorized by Instagram, but in most cases, it’s because you have abused a feature on their platform like sending massive follows or likes.

Even if you login to your Instagram account on the app and you start adding such actions massively, they’ll block your account immediately and will be considered that you’re using automation.

If you’re using tools to automate your IG tasks, you need to play it safe to avoid getting detected.

Rules For Using Instagram Bots

If you definitely know how to use Instagram bots, you can definitely choose the right options for managing your Instagram profile. Most users end up getting caught on using automation because they fail to abide by the rules. Let’s take a look at them;

  1. You shouldn’t access the Instagram API with your account using tools that aren’t authorized. Your profile will be identified as the account accessing the API and it will be terminated.
  2. You should not cache or store Instagram login details by any means. Instagram can detect bots storing login details and will be blacklisted.
  3. Don’t display user content by using Instagram’s API to import and backup content without Instagram’s permission.
  4. Avoid adding duplicate content, this is applicable for comments, if your comments are the same for each post, you’ll get caught and it’s account termination you’re going to face.
  5. Avoid posting commercial promos in the DM to people or profiles that don’t know you. You should take them off the platform where you can market on your website.
  6. Avoid sending too many requests, Instagram is tracking your actions and every action you send will make requests. Instagram has daily request limits and once it’s reached, no action can be added until another circle. New accounts can send a maximum request of 500, meaning that all your likes, follows, unfollows, DMs, and comments shouldn’t exceed 500 when combined.
  7. Use unique Ip addresses; you should use either proxies or VPN to mask your Ip address, I’ll however recommend using a VPN service since it’s faster.

Instagram Bots, Do They Work

Instagram bots do work and a lot of successful brands are using them to promote their business. On another note, most of the Instagram bots don’t work or will lead to account termination.

Care must be taken and you shouldn’t use your original Instagram account when using these tools.

Things can always go wrong even when you’re using the best tools, you should create a separate account that will handle your automation on Instagram before you begin using real accounts.

With that said, let’s now take a look at tool and see if it can actually help grow your Instagram account.

AiGrow Review: What Is AiGrow Tool

AiGrow is all one Instagram automation tool that will help users boost their engagement on Instagram. They have all the solutions you’re looking for in order to promote your profile on Instagram.

They have robust features that are easier to understand and they have options that aren’t available in most Instagram bots out there.

If you hate to promote and engage with your Instagram account, then you can rely on AiGrow to take care of the daunting tasks for you. AiGrow is a tool that will help you automate most of the tasks on Instagram including likes and comments.

Automating your Instagram actions will help you promote your Instagram profile on autopilot, but that’s if done right. is similar to other Instagram automation services just like Instazood, Kicksta, Instalex, and SocialCaptain.

AiGrow – is it a scam

A lot of reviews online are showing that this tool is a scam, Is it actually a scam service they’re providing to deceive users?

AiGrow isn’t a scam by any means, when you opt for their plans, you’ll have access to connect your account and start sending some actions.

Just like any other Instagram automation out there, it’s always haunted by the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram has their own team in place to track these tools so that they can understand how they work and then block the usage of these tools on their platform.

It has already been mentioned that Instagram hates automation and they’ll do all they can to track accounts using unauthorized tools and apps.

In recent times AiGrow has earned a lot of negative reviews and that’s why a lot of users are referring to the tool as a scam. But it’s actually a service that actually works if used the right way.

This tool has a lot of awesome features and that’s why Instagram is tracking down profiles that are using the tool, it’s not surprising that a lot of accounts are blocked from using this tool.

Once an Instagram bot becomes popular, it hardly lasts because Instagram developers will be aware of how these tools work and they’ll come up with ways to block the tool and also track accounts using such tools.

AiGrow Vs Fake Followers

Buying fake followers on Instagram won’t do you any good, they’ll hurt your marketing efforts since you’re dealing with empty accounts that do not have any engagement, no one will even log into these fake accounts.

They’re just created for the sake of increasing the number of followers.

While using AiGrow on the other hand helps you drive organic engagement. The tool can for instance be used to send likes to posts and the more you’re sending these likes or follows, you’ll find that these accounts will follow you back or will like your posts also.

The engagement you’ll receive is real, unlike with fake followers, nothing is going to happen by adding fake followers since no one will engage with you.

The only time when fake followers can be helpful is when you’re looking for validation and you need to remove them immediately so that you can keep track of your Instagram growth.

It’s better to use AiGrow than buy fake followers or likes on Instagram. With that said, let’s now take a look at the overview of AiGrow so that you can see how the tool works.

The Overview of

AiGrow post Scheduler & Repost

As already stated, AiGrow is an automation tool, it allows you to perform most of the actions you can execute within your Instagram account.

The post scheduler from AiGrow allows users to schedule and post their content within the app. You have the option to crop your images within the bot, you can add location and Hashtags as well just like you’ll do in your account.

The tool will also save and add your recent hashtags as your first comment in the post you published.

AiGrow also allows the user to repost a picture using hashtags and location, you can use every posting feature which is supported on Instagram with ease.

Setting up your posts isn’t something complex, you’ll be able to do just like you’ll do in the Instagram app.

AiGrow Targeting using Hashtags, Usernames, and Locations

Almost every Instagram bot out there is using these components when targeting an audience on Instagram. AiGrow offers the option to target any audience by using hashtags, locations, or usernames.

You can target your promotions based on the hashtags you supplied or based on the list of usernames you added.

You can upload an excel file containing the list of usernames you want to engage with on Instagram. The excel file can have thousands of usernames and they’ll be added to the bot efficiently.

If you also want to target users by location, you can search for them as well. For businesses looking for an audience in a particular location, they can reach out to users from a certain region.

AiGrow Engagement

AiGrow supports different actions on Instagram and this is where you choose how to interact with your target audience on Instagram.

You’re giving the option to select any action or interaction you wish to send from your Instagram account.

This is where most people fail when it comes to Instagram promotion, they believe by using automation they can add unlimited actions from their account.

What you need to understand is that by using bots like AiGrow, is like you’re directly logged into your Instagram account and sending those actions.

If you know that Instagram is blocking your account after sending 20 likes, you shouldn’t try to exceed that limit also while using AiGrow or any other engagement tool.

This is where most Instagram users get caught, they’ll attempt to set up massive actions and they let the tool run all day, not knowing that the Instagram algorithm is also tracking their actions.

If you keep on sending action throughout the day, you’ll be perceived as a bot and your account will immediately be terminated.

With that said, Instagram has five sets of actions you can send from your Instagram account and they’re; likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and direct messages.

There is the option to set the daily limit for all these actions, you can for example set to add 100 likes in a single day or follow 100 accounts.

It all depends on your account limitations and it’s preferable to send actions that are less than your limits. The limit for likes is 300, you want to make sure you set the limit not more than 200, just to stay on the safe side.

AiGrow Direct Messages

This is one of the best features you can use, you can use AiGrow to send automated direct messages to a certain group of users on Instagram, you can send auto DMs to your followers, competitor’s followers, new followers or upload your own customized list you wish to send the DMs to.

You can select to send an automatic message to any user that becomes your follower.

This is a good way to begin interacting with users, once you’re engaging with the audience through the DM, Instagram will consider them as close associates and your content will always be placed on top of their feed.

AiGrow Comments

The comment functionality can execute different kinds of tasks as well and their features are better than most Instagram bots out there.

You can set to add comments on various posts based on the parameters you have selected, and you can set up replying to users when they comment on your posts. This will help boost engagement without spending much time on the platform.

This is just a brief overview of, if you’re looking for more info, you can always take a look at the Instructional manual that’s available on their website or you can search on Youtube.

Since you can see what AiGrow can do, let’s now summarize the features for you.

Adding Auto likes

This is one of the features you don’t want to miss with AiGrow. You can start sending likes to other profiles to initiate engagement and by doing this, you’ll notice an increase in the number of users trying to engage with your account.

Auto Comments

You can automatically add comments on any post including your posts, you can as well set up automatic replies.

Auto Follows

It’s a time-consuming task to keep on following profiles on Instagram, and you already know that if you’re looking for followers, you need to follow a lot of accounts.

AiGrow allows you to automate the following tasks, you can set the limits and the type of profiles you want to follow on Instagram.

Auto Unfollow

Just like you can follow profiles automatically, you can as well unfollow accounts automatically.

Post Scheduler

You don’t need to be in front of the screen every time you want to post on Instagram. You can schedule your posts for weeks or even months in advance.


If your content didn’t receive the engagement you’re looking for, you can repost them again using the repost feature.

Auto reply

AiGrow allows users to add automatic replies to their posts so that they can initiate engagement with users. You can ask a question to boost engagement or instruct users to do some action.

Multiple Accounts

AiGrow interface supports multiple Instagram accounts and you can manage all accounts on the go.


You can block some users from interacting with you, you can set to block your competitors or any user that can cause problems to your Instagram promotion.

Easy Interface

The bot is easier to navigate and you can adjust the settings with ease.


You can analyze your promotions so that you can see how far you have reached in terms of your account growth. Detailed charts and reports are presented to you in an orderly manner.

Activity Logs

If you’re giving someone access to manage the Instagram accounts on this tool, you can view all the botting activities easily.

Chrome Extension

Instagram is very smart, AiGrow understands that your actions can be tracked on the app and that’s why they’ll let you login through a browser extension.

These are the features worth mentioning here in this post, you can view full features when you visit official website. You can see every feature live for easy comprehension.


The pricing for AiGrow is a little bit more expensive than other tools out there, the slow plan which is the cheapest costs $49/month.

The Fast plan costs $99/Month and they offer a 5-day free trial which you can cancel any time before you’re billed.

Should you buy

We’ll be honest with you, based on the online reviews, AiGrow is slowly fading away. There are a lot of complaints recently showing that a lot of accounts are terminated when connected to AiGrow.

Earlier on, this was an excellent tool every digital marketer can take advantage of, but now the tool is losing its reputation.

The tool however still works, but you have to be careful about using it. Don’t connect your Instagram account until you run a test with a new fake account.

Make sure not to break the rules for the Instagram limit and always ensure that you’re using proxies or VPN in order to switch between IPs especially when you are managing multiple accounts. Alternatives

If based on the online reviews you saw, you don’t want to use this tool, there are other options you can consider that offer exceptional features as well. Let’s take a look at the alternatives you can consider.


If you’re looking for a cheap and maybe even better option to AiGrow, you should consider going with Instamber.

Instamber also offers all the major features you’re looking for in an Instagram bot when it comes to automating your tasks. They offer the option to automate your likes, comments and also schedule your posts on Instagram with ease.

Pricing starts at 10$ per month depending on the tools you want to access and goes up to $40/month to access the full features. This tool is cheaper than AiGrow and has more reputation in the market.


This is a new tool in the market, it’s not well known by a lot of Instagram users that are after automation, but it’s a great tool you can start with when it comes to growing your Instagram account.

Just like the other tools, you can automate likes and comments. Plus you can also target any audience you want.


This is the third option you might consider for, it’s a new player in the market also but yet it’s a very powerful tool.

It can provide all the Instagram automation services you’re looking for. The tool isn’t cheap either because pricing starts at $57 per month.

Ingramer has a hashtags generator, stories viewer, profile analyzer, DM manager, content downloader, and a bunch of other impressive features that aren’t available in other tools.

That’s for this post on review, let us know your experience on using this tool or if you have better alternatives for automating Instagram tasks. You can also share your thoughts on using Instagram automation in general.


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