How Long Does It Take To Get Verified On Instagram?

How Long Does It Take To Get Verified On Instagram

Have you applied for Instagram ‘verified badge’ but haven’t receive any response from them yet? Well, there is a lot of information you need to know regarding instagram verification, what makes the process confusing is that even if Instagram decline your verification they won’t provide the reasons why they decline your request, they won’t even respond to your request.

There is a lot of impersonation on social media, getting your account verified is the best way to set your profile as the genuine holder. If you’re a true and genuine public figure, whether online or in the real world you should definitely consider applying for the ‘verified badge’. There are a lot of benefits that come with having a verified badge, we’ll share them later in this post and also some information that will help you get verified without spending much time. so stay with us still the end to learn more about instagram verified badge.

What Does It Mean To Verify Your Profile On Instagram?

You’ll have a verified badge attached to your instagram profile name, anyone that sees your name will notice the blue badge. Whatever activity you make on Instagram, the badge will always appear beside your name, like comments or any action. The badge is an indication that it’s the official profile of the business, brand or person, you’ll find a lot of instagram profiles with the same name of another brand, but the verified badge is what makes it spot the genuine profile.

The verified badge has some benefits but the major one is to prevent impersonation. A lot of celebrities, global brands, and public figures are being impersonated frequently, and what the impersonators try to do is buy massive followers so their account look genuine, they’ll also use the same picture the genuine account holder is using on their profile, this will confuse a lot of people. With the verified badge you can know the official profile of a celebrity or any brand.

Benefits Of Getting Verified On Instagram

Once you get verified you’ve increased your brand’s credibility. 99% of instagram accounts aren’t verified and might not be verified as well, unless instagram decide each user or brand has to verify their profile in order to continue using their services. With that said let’s share some of the benefits of verifying your instagram profile.


People will trust more when the saw the verified badge appear on your profile, it signifies that you or your brand are important and relevant. When you’re offering giveaways or deals, people might be skeptical, but when they saw the verified badge, their worries are gone. Personally I feel more safe dealing with any business on instagram when their page is verified.

Increase your brand awareness

People will not hesitate to follow you if they’re realize that you’re a verified instagram user. Secondly, verified badge appear on top of search results than businesses or brands that aren’t verified, your content will be promoted and this will result in more engagement. You’ll receive more business opportunities because people won’t have any doubts doing business with you. Overall, more brand awareness is one of the things you’ll achieve when you verify your instagram profile.

Be the first to access special feature

Some features are instantly available to verified profiles, take the swipe up feature as an example, a user needs to have at least 10,000 followers to access the feature, while verified profiles don’t really need to reach that threshold. But chances are before you become a verified user, you have already reach that number. So when new premium features or important updates are released, verified members are given access instantly before other users.

These are some of the major benefits you’ll get when you verify your instagram account, there are still other benefits you’ll get as you’re using your instagram account.

How To Get Verified On Instagram

In this section we’ll talk about all the things you need to know before you even apply for the verification, the requirements you have to meet, then we’ll outline the steps to follow and other things.

Before proceeding to that, there is something you need to understand; there is no any official release from instagram that states the requirements you have to meet in order to be eligible for verification, but through some testing, some users are able to figure out the important things that matter.

Research your competitors

The first thing you want to do is make a list of your competitors that already have the ‘verified badge’, write down at least 10. Then you visit their profile to see the type of content they post and notice the ones that have the most engagement so that you can duplicate them. In short you should follow them so that you won’t miss their content updates. Here are some of the questions to ask that will help you improve your account in order to increase your chance of getting verified.

• What’s their posting frequency?
• The type of content they post.
• Take note of their viral content.
• What’s the age of their account?
• How many followers do they have?
• What’s their website or blog, and do they share posts from their website?

Once you get all these insights, you need to do the same on your profile.

Important Things You Should Know Before Requesting For Verification On Instagram

Number of followers doesn’t matter; though most of the verified accounts on instagram have massive followers, it’s not necessary required, you can find verified profiles with less than 10k followers and that’s because users don’t just randomly accept followers, they have to approve their followers.

Instagram will conduct research on you or your business; they won’t just look at your instagram activities; they’ll search for you online on other sources to see some of your activities. No one knows what they’re checking, all we know is that they’ll make intensive research to find more about you or your business, and if you’re not popular, chances are you’ll not be approved.

Instagram doesn’t provide reasons for rejecting your request; if they do provide reasons, we all know what will happen, internet marketers and other fake public figures will try to manipulate the system and come up with tricks that will help them bypass instagram screening.

What Are The Requirements For Getting Verified On Instagram?

As mentioned previously, there isn’t any official requirement from instagram, but when we take a closer look of instagram profiles, they have some attributes in common and that’s what we’ll share with you.

Respect instagram policies; this is mandatory, once you apply for the verified badge, your account will be reviewed and if you happen to violate their terms of service and community guidelines even in the past, you might be spotted and your request can be turned down.

Authenticity; you have to be authentic in every activity you do on instagram, make sure the events and activity pictures you post are real, they might pick some of your events and research on them.

Complete; complete your profile with details you can verify if asked, set your account as public, not private.

Be original; sorry to say that if you repost content from other instagram users, you won’t stand a chance to be accepted. You should post your own unique content; this however doesn’t mean you can’t share other people’s posts every once in a while.

Have enough genuine followers; the rule is that the more followers on your profile, the more famous you’re and the more your brand is well known and that will be a positive signal that can favor your request. You should however stay away from buying fake followers, during the review process you’ll be spotted easily, and this will lead to rejection all the time. Provide unique and high quality content just like your competitors do and you’ll attract more followers naturally.

Connect all social media account; if you have other social media accounts especially if they’ve been verified, they can favor your request. Post your social media accounts like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Connecting all your major social media account demonstrate authenticity.

Become active every day; If you want to get the verified badge, you must post frequently. You have to be active by connecting with new people every single day. The more people are engaging with your content on a single day, the more credibility you’ll earn.

Respond to your followers;When they comment, make sure to add your comments or like their comments also. Show instagram that you’re paying attention to your followers. Even if you don’t have the time to do so, you should hire someone to engage with your them.

You should be active on other platforms

It doesn’t look real to have millions of followers on instagram and then having a few followers on your Facebook and Twitter profiles. You should make sure that all your social media profiles are active and you maintain a good following. It doesn’t have to be exactly like on your instagram profile, but at least should have reasonable engagement when compared to your IG profile.

Have a website and Wikipedia page

This isn’t something mandatory but if you have noticed, almost every important personality has a Wikipedia page and also a website. Having these two components isn’t a big deal, for website you can get even get one for free, though it’s more professional to set up a private website. Opening a Wikipedia page is even easier than setting up a website, you just need to head over and signup to start creating a page where you add all your details, including history and everything.

Obtain a national press

This is also another way to prove to instagram that you or your brand are widely known by people. When your brand is published on press it means you’re popular, legitimate and also influential as well. obtaining a national press will definitely increase your chance of approval.

So that’s it for this section, as mentioned, they’re not official requirements but they’ll help a lot, so try as much as you can to meet these criteria, even if you can’t achieve all, you should be able to cover 70% of them. Now we’ll talk about how to send the application for getting the verified badge on Instagram.

How To Send Verification Badge Request On Instagram

1. Open your Instagram app and head over to settings by tapping the 3-line icon which is at the top right corner of your screen and then select ‘Settings’.
2. Tap ‘Account’ and in the list of options you’ll notice ‘Request Verification’.

3. You’ll be required to add the following information;

How To Send Verification Badge Request On Instagram 2

• Instagram Username; you should also login through the Instagram account you want to be verified.
• Full name; this should be your full and original name as it appears on other sources including your ID card and other online sources you’re using the name.
• Known as; this is the name you’re well known as; it can be the same name as your original name or you can use your brand name.
• Account category; you choose the applicable category for your personality or business.
• Valid photo ID; you have to upload an ID card or any document that will verify your name, these include, passport, driver’s license, official business documents like statement of bank account, electricity and utility bills, tax papers and so on. But I can say that a passport or national identification card is much better.
4. Once you send that, you just hit the send button and wait for their response.

How Long Does It Take To Get Verified On Instagram?

There is no official statement on the duration it takes for instagram to review your request and approve it, you have to be patient here. Most sources online mention 30 days, on average, you’ll see response within 30 days but some users have been verified within hours, a week or can even take months. It’s normal for the process to take more than 30 days, but if things are good you’ll receive response within 30 days.

Can I lose my badge?

Absolutely, even after been awarded the badge, you can lose it. So you need to make sure to abide by their rules and regulations, not only the badge, you can as well lose your instagram account.
That’s it about Instagram verified badge, share your experience in the comment below.


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What Does Public Figure Mean On Instagram?

What Does Public Figure Mean On Instagram

Chances are you’ve seen a lot of Instagram profiles with ‘public figure’ title on their profile and yet it turns out they don’t even have a lot of followers, they don’t have the blue badge as well and you’ll also realize that they’re not famous. The question is why and how did they become a public figure on instagram without having a single quality of a public figure person?

In the real world anyone labeled as a public figure is a well-known person in their industry or profession, and is characterized by massive following on social media. Well, in case you don’t know, becoming a public figure on instagram isn’t a big deal, it doesn’t require any recognition or approval from instagram, it’s an automatic process, once you follow the steps, your account can be labeled as ‘public figure’ within seconds, not even hours. In this post we’ll share information about public figure on instagram and the steps you need to follow in order to become one.

Why Is Everyone Claiming To Be A Public Figure On Instagram?

Majority people are now claiming to be public figure on instagram, and when you look at rate people are changing the account to public figure, there is certainly a reason. Of course some people want to fake it as being a public figure on instagram, but I can tell you that majority of these people are doing it just to have access to the analytics dashboard.

Most Instagram users want to monitor their account performance and this feature is only available when a user acquire the public figure title. We’ll talk about other benefits that come with having a ‘public figure’ title on instagram, but in my opinion I’ll say that analytics is one of the major reasons why instagram are eager to get the public figure title.

What’s A Public Figure?

When talking about ‘public figure’ in general, it’s just someone who’s famous, whether it’s worldwide or only in a certain region. It can also be from a particular industry or professional, this type of person has loyal followers that respect them and will listen to their voice. Any famous person you’ve ever known can be termed as a public figure, it can be a celebrity, politician, businessman, sports person and so on.

What Public Figure Mean On Instagram?

On Instagram it’s a different story, it’s anyone that has the public the figure title on their profile. But when talking of genuine public figure on Instagram, they’re users with profiles that have massive followers. Just because you’ve followed a few steps and have gotten the public figure title within minutes, that doesn’t make you a public figure in the eyes of other instagram users.

People can tell from your profile stats and activities whether you’re genuine Instagram public figure or not. First you need to have enough followers and secondly, you should have engagement. We all know that anyone can buy massive followers, that’s what a lot of celebrities do these days, they buy millions of followers to fool the world, but thanks to the new Instagram algorithm, they’re now able to spot accounts with fake followers.

You can become a public figure only on Instagram, not in real life. provided you have massive followers that engage with you, you’re an instagram celebrity, a lot of people will share your content even outside the platform.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Public Figure On Instagram?

Since a lot of users want to be labeled as ‘public figure’ on instagram, there is definitely some benefits that comes with it. let’s take a look at some of them.

You’re an important person to the society

That’s the first impression you give to people when they saw that your profile is labeled as ‘public figure’. It’s a sign of credibility and you’re an influential person to the society or in your industry, so this means people will respect you more and even your words will matter to them a lot.

You’ll attract more followers

Who love to connect with just a random common man? Most people when they saw that you’re a public figure, they’ll not give a second through before hitting the ‘follow’ button. They’ll assume you will provide helpful and useful information to them, especially if they saw that you’ve already gathered massive followers and the content on your profile is really good.

You Can Access Instagram Analytics

If you want to know the behavior of your followers without using any expensive tool, then you need to have access to the analytics dashboard. You can only get that after acquiring the ‘public figure’ title. The instagram analytics dashboard will show you the top performing content and other stats for your content. Getting access to analytics is must for businesses, they can use it to target the right audience and can develop better content that’s loved by their followers.

Your industry or business will show on your profile

Instagram is a good platform to connect with friends and family but adding your business on profile page can boost your business. When other instagram users are checking your profile they’ll notice the business you run or the services you provide and they can become your customers or get you some referrals, that’s a free marketing for you and is something you don’t want to miss. So if you want to take advantage of adding your business on Instagram profile, you should upgrade to ‘public figure’.

Make your links clickable

If you want to send visitors to any website link, you want the links to be clickable. Most people won’t take the time to memorize your URLS, or even copy and paste in their browser. They just want to tap the links so that they can open automatically with their default browser. No internet marketer would love to have un-clickable links in their content. Before having the ‘public figure’ title, you have to first upgrade to business account, and the moment you do that, all your links will be clickable.

Add contact button

This is another great advantage you’ll have after upgrading to ‘public figure’ status. This means you can collect leads directly from your instagram profile. You can save some money than when using other paid tools to offer such services.

Promote your business

If you want to promote your products and services or any business you should be using Instagram paid ads, you’ll have to upgrade to business account, and as we’ve mentioned earlier, upgrading to business account is part of the procedure for becoming a public figure on instagram. Whether you want to promote your business or even your instagram profile, you’ll definitely love to use Instagram Paid ads services.

The Downsides Of Public Figure Title On Instagram

You might think, public figure comes with only benefits! Well, there are disadvantages also, let see some of them also.

No more privacy

That’s the first thing you lose when you acquire the public figure title on instagram. Once you become a public figure on instagram, you’ve already declare to instagram that you’re a people’s man. So that’s why they decided no more private posts on your account, you can’t make them private even if you attempt to. All your posts can now be viewed by anyone. If privacy is an issue, you’ll need to reconsider before getting the ‘public figure’ title on instagram.

You Can Only Connect One Facebook Business Page

Chances are you have multiple Facebook pages for your business and you might want to link all of them to Instagram. Well, you can do that with a personal account, once you become a public figure, you’ll have to add only one. This is a huge downside when you have multiple businesses or services. If want all your Facebook business pages to stay, leave your account to personal, don’t upgrade to business account in the first place.

There are other downsides, but these are some of the major ones that can impact your life or business. You should weigh the pros and cons, if some of the downsides aren’t a big deal for you, then you can proceed to the steps of becoming a public figure on instagram which we’ll share in a few moments.

What Are The Requirement Of Becoming A Public Figure On Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, people think that you have to be a popular person in order to be labeled as a public figure on instagram, that’s not the case. You don’t need to provide proof of documents nor you’ll have to undergo a lengthy process before becoming a public figure on Instagram. All you need is a Facebook page and then follow a few steps to connect your Facebook page on instagram, after that you’ll then follow the simple procedure for getting the public figure title. If you also want you can get the public figure title without connecting your Facebook page, but we highly recommend you connect your Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook page isn’t a big deal, it’s free and can be done in a few steps also. You should also know that Facebook acquired Instagram for the past few years, that’s to say Facebook is now the parent company of Instagram, and they want you to use the platforms together, that’s why it’s required you link your Facebook page to Instagram profile.

Since we’ve mentioned the requirement, let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow in order to become a public figure on Instagram.

How To Get Public Figure On Instagram

First Method – By Connecting Facebook Page
Creating a Facebook page

How To Get Public Figure On Instagram

• Open the Facebook app on your mobile.
• Tap on the 3 horizontal lines located at bottom right corner.
• In the menu option, you should be able to locate ‘options’.
• If you have pages, they’ll be listed, and you’ll also see the option ‘create a new page’
• Select a name for your business, make it look genuine or even better should be your business name.
• Then you select a category and a subcategory for your business. for getting the ‘public figure’ title, you need to select ‘people’ as the category, and ‘public figure’ as subcategory. This is what will reflect after connecting the page on instagram, so make no mistake in choosing the categories as we’ve mentioned.
• You then add any information asked by Facebook to complete the page set up, this include your website, business description, or display email.

Once setup is complete, you now go back to Instagram by launching the app to proceed with the next steps.

Getting The Public Figure Title On Instagram

• Open your Instagram app and head over to your profile.
• Tap the horizontal bars located on top right corner.
• Tap ‘settings’ listed in the menu.
• From settings, you’ll see the option ‘switch to business profile’, this will upgrade your account to business.
• In the next step you’ll have to login to your Facebook account, when logged in successfully, you’ll need to choose a page to connect with your instagram business account. The details on this page will also reflect on your Instagram business profile.
• You’ll be prompted to confirm your details, and then finalize the process.
• Once done, you’re now a public figure on Instagram.

Getting The Public Figure Title On Instagram

Second Method – Get A Public Figure Title On Instagram Without A Facebook Page

As we mentioned it’s better to set up the public figure label using your Facebook page, if you still don’t want to do that, there is another option. Let’s take a look at the steps involved.

• Upgrade your Instagram account to business by following the methods mentioned, That’s through profile, settings and then tap on ‘switch to business profile’.
• Follow the steps and when asked to ‘choose a page’, tap on ‘skip’.
• You’ll now be taken to a new screen where you can select categories and subcategory.
• You should then select ‘people’ as the main category, and ‘public figure’ as your subcategory.

Second Method – Get A Public Figure Title On Instagram Without A Facebook Page

• In the next step you’ll be prompted to confirm your phone number or email.
• Once you do that, you’re now a public figure on Instagram.
We’ve reached the end of this post, we hope you find it helpful and if you have more ideas to share regarding becoming Instagram public figure, please drop your comments below.

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How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

The moment you signed up to any of the available social media networks that are in existent you’ve already exposed your life to the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a celebrity or not, every time you post pictures, the whole world can view, unless on some selected platforms that allow you to set who can view your activities, for instance you can set only your followers can view your content.

Most people however don’t want to do it that way, they want to become public eye, but still there are instances when you don’t want some people to monitor your account activities, it can be your ex-lover or previous business partner or whatsoever it might be, at some point you just don’t some people viewing your content. And then you decided to block them, later on things have changed and you want to unblock them back so that you could connect together

Whatever you reason might be you can always block someone or unblock them on instagram and you can do that in a few steps and this article is aimed at showing you how to do that, not only that you’ll learn a lot information about the whole concept of blocking and unblocking users on instagram.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram?

Any person or profile you block can’t access your content, including posts, and stories. That’s to say your activities aren’t visible to them. When you block someone you’ve told instagram that you don’t want such person to access your content by any means.

When You Block Someone Can He Find You Through Search?

They can’t find you though search, but sometime due to cache they can see you through search results and that will be cleared after a few days. So basically when the person you’ve blocked is able to find you in search result it’s an error from instagram. If you don’t want anyone to find you through instagram search, you should consider blocking them right in the first place.

When You Block A Person, Can They See Your Followers And Profile On Instagram?

When they open your profile URL it will still be accessible to them but they can’t view your content such as highlights or stories. Even if they find your post through search they’ll immediately be directed to the profile URL where they can only view profile picture and name.

Other data they can view include; number of photos, bio, number of followers and the number you’re following, beside that all content area will be left blank for them. And the same thing happens to you when you block someone, you can’t view their content except basic profile info.

Can A Block Person View Profile Changes?

When you change your bio or picture they can still view it and it doesn’t matter whether you have a private or public profile. Bio and profile photo are visible to all visitors, sometimes even not registered members can see basic information on profile but not the content.

Can A Blocked Person View Your Comments And Likes?

If you’ve shared comments before you blocked each other they can still be accessible. That’s to say all their comments on your profile and all your comments on their profile can still be viewed by each other.

But when it comes to likes they don’t show up, at least temporary, because when you unblock each other the likes will be back again.

But note that all these is for past comments, after blocking them, you can’t comment on their content nor like their posts, this is obvious because you can’t access the content either, even if you do manage to find their content like through other people’s profile you still won’t be able to comment or like.

When You Block Someone On Instagram, Can The Tag Or Mention You?

Unfortunately instagram has offered such freedom, they’re able to mention your username or tag you, and you won’t be notified when that happens. The only way they’re not able to tag you is when you change your username which is possible. Since they don’t have your new username which is connected to your account, they will receive the message username nonexistent. From your own side you can also tag the person or profile you’ve blocked and they won’t be notified either.

Can The Person You Block Send You DM?

You can send them messages, but they can decide however to block you from sending them messages after sending the first one. This can only be done by going back to previous comments and tapping the three dots that gives you the option to message them. The same user you block can also do the same for you through previous comments only.

But actually there is no point in doing that because they won’t be notified; they can only access the message after you’ve unblocked them. After unblocking them, the message appears in the message chat and they’re able to view the time it was sent.

What About Old Messages, Can Both Of You See Previous Chats?

That’s also a big no for that, because after blocking each other the chat thread also disappears and that’s why even after sending a new DM, it will be sent but not be visible unless you unblock each other.

When You Block Someone On Instagram, Can They View Your Online Status?

Instagram has introduced a new feature that allows users to view last active status in direct messages, and when you block someone they can’t view your last active status and the same hold for you on their profile.

Can You View Group Messages?

Previous group messages can still be accessible to both of you and you won’t be out of the group either, but all future messages will not be visible to both of you.

After Blocking A User On Instagram, Are They Also Blocked On Facebook?

Whether they’ve linked their Facebook account or not, blocking them on instagram does not reflect on Facebook, you have to visit Facebook separately and block them on the platform.

When You Block Some On Instagram Are They Notified?

They don’t receive any notification telling them you’ve blocked them, you’ll just become invisible to them. They won’t be given any option to engage with you that could lead them to receiving error message.

When You Block A Person On Instagram, Does That Mean You’ve Un-Followed Them?

When you block someone you have automatically un-follow them and it’s both ways. So when you unblock them, you have to follow them again and they’ll have to do the same.

What About Followers, Can You See The People You’ve Blocked On Your Profile?

That’s not visible to followers on who you’ve blocked; it’s only accessible to you.

Can You Find Out Whether A User Has Blocked Your Or Not On Instagram?

As mentioned earlier the people you blocked won’t be notified, you’ll just become invisible to them. In order to figure out whether someone has blocked you or not, you just need to visit their profile and see if you can view their content, if not chances are they’ve blocked you. Another way also is to check your previous chat, if it’s not available, then definitely it’s a clear sign they’ve blocked you.

And finally you can access their profile through a different instagram account to see if all information is now available. If you can’t still access through a different account, it means, they’ve set their account private or they have deactivated their account, because deactivated accounts are also hidden, no single activity can be done on such account. You have to wait until they reactivated their account, or sometimes the account is disabled. Disabled accounts also cannot be engaged with, you have to wait for the user to restore their account.

So far we’ve shared the consequences of blocking someone on instagram, now we’ll jump in to show you how to unblock someone you want to reconnect with on instagram by following a few simple steps.

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram App

This is the fast and most effective way to block someone on instagram, that’s using the instagram app to sign into your instagram account, and here are the steps to follow;

Head over to your profile

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram App

After opening the app and you’re logged in, you want to land on your profile page.

Tap menu option

You need to tap the button at the upper right corner which is shown as three horizontal lines.

Select settings

In the dropdown menu the settings option will be available and you need to tap on it.

Choose blocked accounts

After tapping the settings option you then see the option “blocked accounts”, tap on it, it’s the second option in the list that shows up.

Chose account to unblock

After that you’ll be able to see all accounts you’ve blocked and you can select on the ones you want to unblock.

Tap unblock

Any user you click on, you’ll be directed to their profile and you’ll see the option that says “unblock”, when you tap on that you’ve unblocked that person.

Tap Unblock

As we’ve mentioned earlier all the people you blocked on instagram have been un-followed automatically, so after unblocking them the next thing you want to do is follow them back again if you want their activities to be shown on your feed. You should also request them to do so in order to receive updates from their feed.

Tap Dismiss

After unblocking the user you’ll still see a message telling you that you can always unblock them again if you want, so you just click on dismiss and move on. If there are multiple users you want to unblock you need to follow the same process as you did for the first one.

Now that you’ve unblock the users you’ll be able to view the option “Follow”. And one thing to note is that if they still maintain a private account you can’t view their content at the moment until you follow them and sometimes it’s subject to their approval.

This is it on how to unblock someone on the instagram app, now we’ll move on how to unblock someone instagram using desktop or pc

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram Using Desktop Or Pc

When you using your computer you know that instagram options and interface are not the same as when using the app, that’s why we decided to share with users how to unblock using pc.

Desktop version doesn’t list down users you’ve blocked from the settings option, you have to search by their name, if you have lost or forgot the name you wish to unblock you’ll have to find a way to recover it.

And the bad news here is that sometime you won’t be able to find a user you’ve blocked or has blocked you in the search results. So you can see it’s just a matter of luck to unblock someone using a desktop. If you want to enjoy full features of instagram you have to use the app, it provides the best user experience.

If you couldn’t find them using name, you should find them through other profiles, find posts they’ve comment or added a picture and you’ll be able to view their profile and once you land on their profile you can see the option to “unblock” just like you did on the instagram app.

A pop up window will also disappear letting you know that you can block again if you want, click on dismiss and that’s it, they can access all your content provided your account isn’t set private, deactivated or disabled. That’s it, you’ve unblock the user in your account.

Will They Be Notified When You Unblock User On Instagram?

Just like when you block them as mentioned earlier, they will not be notified, they now have access to all your content and all your chat conversations will be back, including the ones sent after you’ve blocked them. All data that’s connected to the two accounts is now back such as likes comments and more.

That’s the end of the article, whenever you’ve blocked someone you now know how to unblock them with ease. Thanks for reading and let us know what you think in the comments.

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How Many Instagram Stories per Day Can I Post?

If you want attention you shouldn’t miss instagram stories, a lot of instagram users want to perform different actions frequently, but they don’t realize there are restrictions on every action on instagram, right from follow/unfollow, to adding likes or sending Direct messages. These limitations are for the safety of all, users are protected in various ways, Instagram servers will be able to work efficiently and so on. Stories aren’t exempted to limitations on instagram, you’re limited on the type of Story you can upload and the maximum number of Stories you can upload on a daily basis.

Crossing these limitations can lead to account suspension or even permanent closure when you break these limits repeatedly. In this post we’ll share information regarding daily post limits on Instagram Stories, and not only that, we’ll also share other helpful information that will help any user utilize the Story feature wisely so that they can avoid getting their account terminated. Stay with us until the end to learn more about Instagram Stories.

Understand Instagram Limitations

Before we move on to share limits on Instagram Stories and other actions you need to understand the sources providing these limitation figures. Instagram hasn’t yet release any official statement that states the number of actions you can perform on your account, whether it’s likes, follow, comments, DM and more. The information you find online are just recommendations from Instagram users, some have tested these features and limitations, and decided to share on their blog.

Even though they share their true experience on Instagram, the information they provide is subject to change, since instagram release new updates regarding their services every now and then.

Another thing to understand is that every account has its own limits, most of the limits shared online are for new accounts. For older accounts with more engagement, they have higher limits when it comes to performing actions than other accounts. Business accounts also on the other hand have more privileges than regular accounts, there are some factors that play a role when it comes to account limitations on instagram, let’s outline them so that you take note of them;

Age of the Instagram account

As a new account holder, the moment you start to perform massive actions frequently, your account will be restricted. In most cases the account is terminated, because as a new user you haven’t even gathered enough followers nor have made any engagement and yet you started massive actions like sending bulk DM, massive likes and so on.

New accounts are limited on the number of actions they can perform and most of the time the limit number is low since you haven’t earned any credibility on the platform. Aged accounts on Instagram are considered to be at least three months old, but if it’s a couple of years old, it has even better advantages.

Number of followers

The more active followers you have on Instagram, the more trust you earn from their algorithm. But take note, I said ‘Active Followers’, buying followers won’t help you much. In fact, in recent updates, Instagram is now able to spot fake followers. Most celebrities that have used fake followers to increase their following have been spotted and their followers have been slashed by millions. What you need are followers that will interact with you by liking and commenting on your posts every single day.

Account activity

This is another factor that determines your limits on instagram. if you stick on doing the same activity, you’ll be spotted as a scam user. For example, you can’t just login to your account and start sending DM’s every single day, even instagram algorithm can make a guess you’re sending promotional messages. You want to do a mix of activities from the beginning to make your account look genuine.

Find pages or profiles you can interact with by adding helpful comments, these comments will be liked by other users and also like some posts from your own part, not too fast though. When you’re more active on the platform you’re increasing limits on various actions.


When you make posts or share your stories, do people respond? If that’s so, your account has some level of engagement. The more people are engaging with you on instagram the more trust you have on your account and that means you’ll have more privileges than accounts with less or no engagement.

Make sure your followers are interacting and engaging with your posts, you can do that by asking them to comment, offering contests that require them to like and comment on your posts. Also encourage users to share posts with their followers.

These are some of the important factors that will play a role when it comes to your instagram account limitations.

Understanding Instagram Stories and limits

The days of scrolling through feed are fading away, Instagram Stories are now the best way to share your content on social media. Instagram stories are about takedown regular posts, almost 46% of Instagramer’s use Stories to share their content. The remaining 54% are still using regular posts and will shift to stories once they discover the benefits. Am not saying Instagram Stories are perfect, they’ve their downsides too, but you’ll reach more audience and have more control on Stories than on regular posts.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Stories You Can Post Per Day?

A lot of users believe there is a limit, while others believe there are no limits. After some research we’ve discovered they’re both right.

First of all, you can add any number of stories you want in your account, no one is stopping you here nor your account will restriction on the feature.

But on the other hand, only 100 stories will stay in your account as well, the more stories you upload, the more will disappear. Typically, an Instagram Story disappear within 24 hours, if you however upload more than 100 stories in some hours, the older ones will keep disappearing.

So you can see that the answer for instagram limit, is a yes and no, if you don’t bother your previous stories disappearing in under 24 hours, you can upload as many as you want. And if on the other hand you want them to stay for the 24 hours’ mark, you shouldn’t upload more than hundred at a time.

So with that said, let’s move on to share helpful information regarding Instagram stories and how to get the most out of it.

Creating your Instagram Stories

• Open your Instagram app.
• Tap on the ‘Camera Icon’ that’s at the top left corner.
• Then you take a picture by using the white circle which is at the button, if you want to take a video, you should long tap the white circle and video will be recorded.
• If you don’t want to take live photo or video, you can upload pictures or videos from your gallery. You can do this by tapping the square gallery icon which is at the button of your screen, also you can swipe up any location on your screen.
• There are different formats to upload your stories, once you start using the Instagram Story feature, you’ll be able use them. The different formats include; Live, Type, Superzoom, Boomerang, Hands-FREE, Rewind, or Focus. You’ll need to select any of these options before you even tap the white circle to start taking pictures or record a video.
• Also if you’re taking photos without using the Instagram app, make sure to shoot the Stories vertically, this will ensure there is more space on the screen.

Creating your Instagram Stories

Checking Instagram Story Views

You might be interested to see how far your Stories have reached, especially if you’re a business owner. Tracking is a good way to find content loved by your audience. Checking views is one of the advantages of instagram Stories over regular posts, let’s share how to check your Instagram story views.

Open your story feed and locate the story you want to see the views for. You can see the views by double taping the story, you’ll also be able to view more data for that story. The story views are also displayed at bottom left corner of the story, a count will be displayed for the number of views.

Checking Instagram Story Views

One important feature to note on Instagram Story is that you can hide some users from seeing your story, you just need to add their username by taping the three dots that’s at the right of user’s name. This way you’re not blocking them completely, they can view your profile and other posts, but they can’t see any of your stories.

How To Add Hashtags To Instagram Stories

How To Add Hashtags To Instagram Stories

Adding the right Hashtags is a good way to reach out more audience, use hashtags that have thousands of users following them and you’ll notice increase in views for your stories. here is how to add the hashtags;

• Open Instagram Stories, that’s where all your stories are listed.
• Select the ‘Folded Smiley Icon’ that’s on top of the screen.
• You’ll notice the sticker that read #HASHTAG, tap on that and you’ll be given text filed to add your hashtags.
• Hit enter when you’re finished. Note that, you can add no more than 10 Hashtags for each story. Also when you’re adding up to 10, you should hide them under a text or sticker, this way they will not look cluttered.

These are some of the things you need to know about Instagram Stories, there are a lot of other features you can explore, the more you’re using Instagram Stories the more you’ll understand these features.
Let’s move on to share with you how you can use Instagram to your business advantage.

How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

Post breaking news regarding your industry

If you really want to engage with your audience, sharing what’s happening in your industry is the best way to do that. News can be found on different sources online for easy share, you can also record yourself sharing these news, you’ll be more connected with your audience than sharing third party content.

Posting news on instagram Stories will make them come back to your feed for more. News content will not cost you anything, you just need to research on what’s happening within the industry and then share with your followers. If you’re not utilizing news, you better start uploading them on Instagram Stories right away.

Post footage of office or business event

If you want to stay connected on any social media platform, you need to become as human as possible, one of the best ways to do that is by sharing videos of company events, whether they’re office events or any form of company activity that’s happening in your business.

Showcase your products

Companies and businesses are using Instagram Stories to promote their products and services, but this is not something you should do often, share valuable information in your Instagram stories before pushing your products. The rule should be 80/20, that’s to say 80% of your stories should be about helpful information, then the remaining 20% can be about promoting your products and services. Promote your products so that you can maximize your profits.

Promote your blog posts

With Instagram stories you can get more exposure to your blogposts, this means more traffic to your websites. There are lots of apps available right now that can help you convert your blog posts into videos with a few clicks. These videos can then be uploaded to your instagram Stories; you then leave your blog URL where users can get more content.

Share testimonials

Testimonials will help you win customers more than you can imagine, if you can get video testimonials from your previous clients, that will be awesome because you’ll use it in your marketing arsenal. If you don’t currently have video testimonials, you should start compiling them, reach out to your previous clients and offer more value to them in exchange for video testimonials.

We’ve reached the end of this post, share your thoughts in the comment section below on how you’re utilizing Instagram stories to promote your business or services.

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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding whether instagram send notifications when you take a screenshot of story from someone or not. Some instagram users want to take and share screenshots but they’re concerned with getting into trouble due to copyright violations and other stuffs.

Some users want to take the screenshot and share with their friends or even use it as evidence against someone to get some ransom, not bad really; if care isn’t taken you can land yourself in trouble for sharing other people’s stuff. In this article we’ll explain it all for you on whether instagram send notifications or not when it comes to taking screenshots.

Does Instagram Notify When You Take Screenshot?

It all depends on where the screenshot is taken. Back in February 2018, instagram released an update that sends notification to every screenshot that’s taken, whether it’s on feed, story or DM. But they make some changes around June, 2018 that limit the feature. There is still the possibility of bringing back the feature, but for now notifications are only sent on one or two instances only. We’ll share with you instances where instagram show notifications and where they don’t show, so stay with us till the end of the article.

Does Instagram Send Notifications For Screenshots On Regular Feed?

A lot of instagram users want to take screenshots or screen record feed posts from their role model for sharing with friends and colleagues. Well, you can do so freely because in this instance no notifications are sent. But you should always take note that you can bookmark or save any post in your feed. The option can be seen at the bottom right corner of each post.

You have the option to collect favorite feed posts and save them in a specified folder and the user that make the post won’t be notified, you can also create a separate folder for each post you saved. The only information the original poster will get is the number of times their story has been saved, they’re however not able to view who actually saved their post.

Instagram stories can’t be saved since users share a real time event which is considered to be personal, and as you already know, stories last for only 24 hours. The only way to save a story is by highlighting on your profile page, you can create a lot of highlights, and currently you can add up to 100 pictures and videos in your highlights.

Does Instagram Notify When Screenshot A Story?

When you take screenshot of a story, no notification is sent to the poster of the story as well. If you’re the type that put eye to see who’s taking screenshot or screen-recording of your story, sorry to say you can’t view that information for now, may be in the next updates this feature might be available, since earlier last the feature is available.

You can however view some data regarding your stories, you can view who’s currently viewing story, and some of the action they have performed like skipping forward or backward of your story. You can also view whether the people viewing your story are your followers or not. The “seen by” option is available at the button left of your story.

Some instagram users still believe notifications is sent when you screenshot a story, but that feature was available for only a few months, it was shut down after four months of launching. The feature can be back again for testing, but there is no guarantee it will come back and you can enjoy taking screenshots of the stories you love, whether it’s screenshots or screen record, you have no worries for notifications.

What About Third Party Apps That Claim To Send Notifications When Screenshot Is Taken?

The thing is when the feature is available on instagram these apps are working and that’s because they rely on instagram data using API to receive the notifications sent by instagram. But at the moment any app that claim to send you notifications when your story is screenshot, is a scam. They’re outdated apps launched when the screenshot notification feature is available last year.

Any app the makes such promise should be considered malicious because it will interfere with your instagram activities by preventing you to perform basic actions in your account. We all know that instagram hate third party apps and even if the feature of sending notifications for story screenshot is open, they don’t want third party apps accessing the feature.

Is Notification Sent When A User Screenshot DM (Direct Message)?

This is an absolute yes and you want to be careful about that, notifications are sent when you take screenshot or screen record a DM. Instagram send notifications for disappearing photos, but you might ask what disappearing photo means? It’s a photo or video taken from instagram story camera and then sent to DM not stories, this can either be to a single user or multiple users.

And you can receive notifications in two ways;

You’ll receive notification

When someone takes screenshot or screen-record of your DM, you’ll receive notification that mentions the username of the person that screenshot your content, this notification can be seen just like any regular notifications you receive in your app.

You’ll see in the direct message

Another way you get notified when a user take screenshot of your DM is in the dm message you’ve sent, instagram will display small camera shutter at the bottom right corner of the message that says “seen”, that’s a sign showing the person you’ve sent the story has taken a screenshot of it. So if you’re the type that receives hundreds of notifications that are hard to go through each and every one of them, you can check the dm sent to confirm if the user has taken screenshot or has recorded it.

How to avoid sending notifications even on DM

If you still don’t want the user to notice you’ve taken screenshot of the message you can of course do that using some trick. First I would suggest using third party screenshot apps instead of holding the power button and volume down button. You should then open your instagram and open the DM you want to take screenshot.

When everything finished loading you then switch off your internet connection or turn ON airplane mode. This will prevent instagram from picking the action performed and hence no internet connection to send message to the user notifying them you’ve taken a screenshot of their message. When you take the screenshot close the app and restart again if you still want to continue using instagram, that’s it, you’ve played it solo and no one will be notified of your action.

But as usual things might always change, but this trick has worked for most people even back in the days when instagram send notification for every screenshot taken. Follow this little step and you don’t have worries of notifications, even when instagram brings back the notification feature.

Does Instagram Send Notifications When You Take Screenshot Of User Profile?

You can also take screenshots or screen recording on someone’s profile without been notified. If you want to quickly save contact information or a website from any profile, you can take screenshot without the need to follow them.

For users that don’t want users to spy or take screenshot of their profile they can set their profile private. Only your followers or follow requests that’s approved by you can take screenshots. Non-followers don’t have access to your content not even talking about capturing the content on it, other users who’re not following can only view profile picture and name.

That’s it about sending notifications when a screenshot is taken; we’ll now move on to share more helpful information regarding taking screenshot;

How To Take Screenshot Of Instagram Story Using Android

• This is really easy; just open your instagram app on any android phone.
• Open the story you want to take screenshot.
• Then press volume down and power buttons and the screenshot will be taken.
• To access the screenshot you should open your phone gallery and you’ll definitely find it there since by default that’s the folder they’re saved. You can also check the DCIM folder on your phone and then check the folder named Screenshot through your file manager.

How To Take Screenshot On Iphone

• Open your instagram app on Iphone.
• Open the story you want to take screenshot.
• Then long press the power button and home button at the same time, for Iphone X models and above you long press side button.
• To view your screenshots you should open photos and search screenshot album.

How to screen-record on instagram stories

As you already know instagram doesn’t offer the option to download a video or take screen record of any story post, you can however save or bookmark video posts in your account so that you can always view them as long as they’re not deleted.

Screen-recording has to be done using third party apps that allow you to record a video or entire screen. Android already come with ‘screen record’ feature and can be found on your desktop. Just open your instagram app, and tap the screen-record icon that’s available on most android devices.

When the video has finished you then stop the recording and the video or screenshot will be saved in your gallery, the screen record feature that comes by default on most android phones doesn’t offer much features, because you can’t crop the exact areas you want to record.

But when you use third party apps you’ll get better features that allow you to record the exact portion of the video or screen you want to record, using third party apps you can record a video from your instagram either on a computer or when using browser on your phone.

For Pc users they can use software like Snagit or FonePaw Screen recorder, there are also a lot of chrome extensions that can do the job effectively and absolutely free. Some even come with image editor that allow you to customize the photos you’ve snap from screenshot.

I Can’t Take Screenshots, What Do I Do?

Sometimes you might take screenshot on your phone but it’s not working and might receive any of the following errors;
• You’ll receive the message “can’t take screenshot because of security policy” or “can’t take screenshot because storage is full” or just some messages similar to this might just show up when trying to take the screenshot.
• When using Google assistant the photo isn’t captured.
• Or you’ve pressed the shortcut keys that will normally take the screenshot instantly but it’s not working.

Why Can’t You Take Screenshots?

You’ll hardly face obstacle when taking screenshots with your personal phone, unless you bought a used phone and the settings have been twisted in such a way you can’t take the screenshot.

But most of the times for other users it’s due to restrictions on the phone. Users can experience the problem of not able to take screenshots on instagram if their phone was offered to them at school or work, and that’s simply because they’re restricted from taking such actions.

Another reason that block users from taking screenshots when using browser is when they’re using incognito mode, most times screenshot can’t be taken. If you’re using pc you have to make sure the chrome extension you’re using is given permission to take screenshots even on incognito mode.

How To Fix Can’t Take Screenshots On Instagram

• If your device was offered at work, school or any organization you need to check with them to see if it’s a known issue or see if their IT guys can solve the problem.
• If you’re using chrome incognito mode you should close it and use normal browser.
• If you’re using android screen record which is available on most android devices, you should try using third party apps, and if the app you currently using just stop taking the screenshots you should change another one or reinstall.

That’s it for the article and we hope you find it helpful.

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What is Instagram’s Hourly/Daily Limits for Direct Messages

As Instagram turns out to be a giant social network, a lot of marketers tend to abuse the platform. Imagine there are no limits when it comes to sending private messages or DM’s, everyday you’ll login to your Instagram and find your DM filled with nothing but marketing content, so much that you won’t be able to see messages from users that truly matter.

Placing limits on direct message is the best way to protect users and make the platform a safer place, marketers don’t really like limits placed on their accounts because they want to send unsolicited messages to as many people as they can, including those they don’t even know. In this article we’ll explain all about sending direct messages on Instagram and then talk about limits placed on user accounts.

What’s a DM?

It’s the short form of Direct Message on instagram, and some users can’t distinguish between sending a DM and adding comment or any other action on Instagram. When you send a DM, it’s like sending a message to someone’s Inbox, the DM feature should be used when you want to send personal message to another user. When you send a DM, it’s not visible to public, it’s a private message that can only been seen by the users involved. You can send a DM to a single user or you can send to a group of instagram users, another thing also to note is that you can share posts through DM.

How To Send A Direct Message On Instagram Using The App

How To Send A Direct Message On Instagram Using The App

It’s a straight forward and self-explanatory step when you open the app, but still for new users, here is how to send a DM.

• Launch your Instagram app
• The Direct message box is placed on top right corner of your Instagram feed.
• Search for user/users you want to send the message to.
• Compose your messages in the text field provided.
• Then hit send, and your messages will be sent instantly, whenever the recipient login to their account they’ll receive notification of your DM.

Character Limit On Instagram Dm

Character Limit On Instagram Dm

You can send up to 1000 characters, you have to make your message short, the 1000-character limit include spaces.

Instagram Direct Message Colors

Instagram Direct Message Colors

Recently some users have reported that their DM color has changed, it’s due to recent changes from Instagram for the past months. The color changes users experience are; Blue, Purple or Grey. These colors represent the status of the message, that’s whether it has been seen or not. Blue message shows the message is from the sender and the grey or white highlighted represent your messages.

Once you started using DM you’ll understand the colors, they’re self-explanatory. Also you can set how you want the messages to appear from your app settings. Go to themes and you’ll be able to choose the theme you want that comes with different set of colors.

Instagram’s Hourly And Daily Limits For Direct Messages

There are a lot of factors that determine your sending limits when it comes to sending Instagram direct messages. All the sources you find online that mention the daily limits or hourly limits are just estimates, the older the Instagram account, the more DM’s you’ll be allowed to send. So with that said, you can send between 50 -100 direct messages per day, for new account it should be less than that, for new accounts try to keep it 20-50 maximum.

For the hourly limit, no source can exactly tell you the limit, but one thing for sure is that you can’t send all the daily limit within one hour, for the hourly limit we recommend 3-5, and that too should be distributed within the hour, like sending one message every 15 minutes.

Don’t send duplicate messages, or messages that contain words that aren’t allowed on Instagram, this way you’ll stay safe. Even if you have a single message that’s meant to be sent to multiple users, you should add some words that make all the messages unique. Once you reach your limit, you should wait for at least 24 hours before you continue sending more messages.

What Do You Do When Instagram Direct Messages Are Not Sending?

There are a lot of reasons that can contribute to the failure of sending DM’s on Instagram. It can be technical problems from your app, or it can be your account has been restricted when you already reached your daily limits, or maybe you’ve just done some unusual activity on your account like sending mass likes and comments that resulted on restricting your account for certain period of time.

Instagram Tips And Tricks For Direct Messages

Unsend a message

If you’ve made the mistake of sending a message to the wrong user, you can unsend it. but that’s subject to if the other party haven’t login to their account to see the message. In order to unsend a message, all you have to do is long tap the message and the option ‘Unsend message’ will appear from the menu, once you tap that, the message will be removed from both users.

Unsend a message

Even if the receiver has read the message it will disappear from their DM. Unsending the message means it has been deleted on both users account. This feature will be helpful when you accidently send a message to the wrong user. Also there is no confirmation, once you tap on the option, it will be completely removed forever, make sure you’re ready to do the action you selected.

Like A Message

Like A Message

You can like the messages you’ve received; this is a good way to let the sender know that you appreciated their effort. In order to like a message, you need to tap on the little heart that’s available below every message. After linking the icon, it will turn to red and small profile photo icon will appear beneath the message.

If the heart icon doesn’t show up, you should double tap on the message and you’ll notice it. You can also unlike the message if you want by taping the heart icon which you’ve liked before.

Save photos

Save photos

We know that it’s not possible to save photos from Instagram posts, the DM feature supports saving photos directly to your phone gallery. Long tap the photo you want to save and you’ll see the option ‘Save’ from the pop up menu. This will save the photo to your preferred location on the phone. You can mostly find it in your gallery folder.

Send profile in your DM

Send profile in your DM

We know how instagram is when it comes to adding external links, I mean the proper links aren’t supported much, you’re only allowed to send one external link and so on.

If you have a page you want to share with other users, you don’t really need to grab the link and start sending them manually. Instagram has a feature called ‘Send Profile as Message’. Just open the page or profile you wish to send, click on the three dot icon, you’ll see the option ‘Send Profile as Message’. Select the user you want to forward the link to and it will be sent to them directly.

Create group chat

Create group chat

This is another feature of Instagram’s direct message that most people aren’t aware of, this feature is similar to that of Whatsapp. You can start group chat on Instagram in three ways;

First method

Open your DM and select the icon that’s at the top of right corner, choose more than two people, this will create a group chat automatically for the users selected.

Second method

Below your photos there is the DM icon which is followed by ‘New Group Label’ from top right corner. Select all the users you want to add in your group chat and the group chat will be created for you.

Third method

Tap on the DM icon below your photos just like the above method, but you won’t select ‘New Group Label’ as you did previously, you just select the users you want to participate directly. This will create a group rather than sending them messages individually like some users might think.
Look for specific conversation in your DM

Look for specific conversation in your DM

Searching for a message on Instagram DM by scrolling down and then reading the messages can be tiresome, and that’s when the search feature can become handy. When you open your DM, the search feature is always available at the top, what you want to do is to search for username or some words you’ve mentioned in your conversations, all threads with the username or words you’ve searched will be shown and they’ll be highlighted in colors.

Add star and filter your Instagram messages

For important messages you’ve received and you don’t want them to be lost in other conversations, you can ‘Star’ them using the starred label, this will allow you to filter such messages easily when you need them. The other filter that’s available is Unread, everyone knows this one since it filters all unread messages. But most users aren’t taking advantage of the Star filter, the Star filter work just like in email, when you choose the ‘Star’ filter, all the messages you’ve starred in the past will be listed. The start is added for important messages you want to access fast when you need them.

Set Replay time

This feature is useful when you want your messages to disappear when the receive has read it. If for some reasons you don’t want your messages to remain in chat, you’ll find this feature helpful. All you have to do is to select the ‘One view option’ that’s below the Send button. You can give more chance by selecting the ‘Allow reply button’, also if you want the DM to stay permanently within the chat, just select ‘Keep in chat’.

Share your old pictures on Instagram DM

If you want to share old photos you can do that within DM chat hassle Free. To share images from your gallery, you need to open the conversation thread, you’ll notice the ‘Gallery icon’ that’s at the button. Choose the image you want to share from your gallery and hit the ‘Send button’. You can view your images by folder from the gallery.

Mute Chat

Mute Chat

Some users will be disturbing you with messages you’re not interested in, it can be your friends or family, and at the same time you don’t want to block these users completely, that’s where the Mute Chat feature will be helpful. when you block a user on Instagram, they’ll know, but when you mute them on chat, they’re not be notified.

In order to mute any conversation thread, you just need to long tap the conversation thread and you’ll see the option ‘Mute Notifications’ from the menu that pop up. There will be a small icon that’s next to the conversation thread, if you want to unmute, you need to unmute using the option.

Turn off Direct Message Notifications On instagram

Notifications can be annoying sometimes, or you’re just busy and don’t want to be disturbed, you can turn OFF your DM’s notifications on Instagram. Not only on DM, you can also turn OFF every other notification on your account.

In order to turn OFF your DM notifications, you need to open your profile page and then tap on the 3 dot icon on top right corner, scroll down and you’ll notice the ‘Push Notifications’ feature. The screen that shows up will give you the option to turn OFF any notification you don’t want. In this case you should tap OFF notifications for Direct messages.

By turning off this feature, you won’t receive a single notification from anyone, all messages however will be available in direct message whenever you want to read them.

These are some of the major features that allow you to explore Instagram’s DM, but you need to understand that some features aren’t available to all users, some are available to only business accounts while other are only available to users from selected countries. If you find a feature missing it means it’s not available to you, you might try some troubleshoot but if still can’t access the feature, you should know that it’s normal for such feature disappear. Also instagram is updating the services regularly, some features can be removed or modified over time. stay updated to know the features that are currently available.

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Fix Instagram Story Stuck On Posting

Fix Instagram Story Stuck On Posting

As we already know posting story on Instagram is pretty simple, but sometimes your story might get stuck without getting published on your feed. Instagram story stuck is a very common problem, almost every instagram user can experience this problem once in a while because it’s an issue that can be caused by multiple factors.

If your story gets stuck on Instagram, you don’t need to worry about it because millions of people are facing the problem and the good news is that there is a way fix the problem fast. Not only Instagram stories, there are also other actions on Instagram that get stuck such as login, liking, tagging, commenting, following and so on. We’ll discuss the problem of Instagram Story stuck in detail and outline all the possible solutions that will help you fix the problem.

What Are The Causes Of Instagram Story Stuck On Posting?

Network problem

That’s the first thing you want to check when your Instagram story stuck. It might be possible that when you started uploading your story, the network strength is good but suddenly drop before the process finished. Or if you’re using mobile data, your data bandwidth gets exhausted and hence the process couldn’t be finished and because of that your story gets stuck. If there is connectivity problem or you have slow network, chances are your story won’t be published successfully.

Bugs in your Instagram app

When there are bugs in your Instagram app, you’ll be experiencing problems while using the app. You should expect any kind of problem, right from login problems, to posting problems and so on. Bugs rise in your app when you failed to update your instagram app. Most of the updates released by Instagram are meant to fix bugs in the app, if you haven’t updated your Instagram app for a while, it’s the first thing you want to do when your Instagram Story gets stuck.

You have exceeded your limitations

Instagram has daily limits for all activities especially for new accounts, so if you’ve uploaded stories a lot within a short period of time, like a few hours, it might be possible you have exhausted your daily limit and hence when you try to upload a Story it gets stuck. You should be moderate in your activities or if not, you’ll end up with suspension or can get your account closed completely.

You’re reposting the same image multiple times

Everyone loves to see their image goes viral, most Instagram users repost their images on Stories when they noticed it hasn’t received any attention. Instagram Robots are very smart and can easily detect duplicate images and hence they block users when they try to repost the image.

Tagging too many users

Tagging is a good way to attract more views but that doesn’t mean you should go the extent of adding many tags that are beyond Instagram limit, if you’re not using aged Instagram account you shouldn’t exceed tagging more than ten people.

You’re using data saving mode

If you’re uploading high quality photos and videos, setting your phone on ‘Data Saving Mode’ can block Instagram from posting your Stories. What you want to do in order to fix this is by disabling data saving mode, after successfully uploading your stories you can switch back to data saving mode.

Content format isn’t supported

As we already know instagram now allow users to upload content on stories from their phone gallery, so if the video or photo you’re trying upload is in format that’s not support, the process won’t be completed, it will get stuck. In most cases you’ll receive the message format isn’t supported, you need to convert your video or photo into format supported.

These are some of the major reasons why your Instagram Story get stuck, let’s now move on to share how to fix the problem of Instagram Story Stuck.

How To Fix Instagram Story Stuck on Posting

Check and fix internet connection

As mentioned in the causes, when there is internet connectivity problem, your story upload won’t be finish successfully. That’s why the first fix you want to try is checking your network to ensure everything alright. If you’re using router, you should restart it, if you’re using Wifi you should switch to using mobile data and vice versa. Check your internet speed using online tools to ensure that your internet connection is working perfectly.

Update time and date

When your phone’s date and time aren’t updated, you’ll experience some problems while using your Instagram app. By default, time and date should set to update automatically with your SIM card network, if that’s not the configuration you currently have, you should go to settings set ‘’Automatically Update”, depending on your Android or iOS version, you should be able to similar statement.

Automatic Date and Time

Restart your Instagram app

If the problem is caused by temporary bug, restarting the app will refresh it again and allow you to post your content successfully. So what you need to is to close your instagram app and then launch it again, but you need to close it from settings, in other words you need to ‘Force Stop’, this way you have stopped the app from running in the background. To do this you should go to ‘Setting’ and then Apps, locate the instagram app, and then tap on it, you’ll see the option to ‘Force Stop’. When you launch the app, you then try uploading the story to see if things are working for you.

Clear app data and cache

When your instagram app has memory problems you’ll hardly post any content, deleting app data and cache will help you clear bugs or any other memory problem you’re facing. You can clear app data and cache on Instagram app by going to Settings > Apps (Applications) and then tap on Instagram, you’ll see the option ‘Clear data’ and also ‘Clear cache’ buttons. Once you remove this data, you’ve cleaned your Instagram app, it’s now like a brand new installation. Once you launch your Instagram app, you’ll have to login again and chances are you’ve taken care of the problem.

Settings and Storage

Update Instagram app

If your instagram is outdated, it causes a lot of bugs and installing updates usually fix this bugs automatically. We’ve already stated that updates come with bug fixes, that’s why you need to check for updates and install them. Just head over to your app store and if update is available a message will be displayed to install the updates.

Reinstall Instagram

If you’re still not able to get rid of the problem, you should delete the Instagram app completely and install a new one. Though as mentioned previously deleting app data and cache will clean the app, but sometimes there are settings that are preventing the Instagram app from working properly. Go to Settings, Apps and tap on Instagram, you’ll see the option to uninstall, you can as well uninstall from your phone desktop. After that, head over to your app store and download the app again.

Close other apps

There are conflicting apps, these apps if open won’t let Instagram work properly and there they have to be closed. You want to make sure that all apps are closed especially security and antivirus apps. Make sure they’re not running in the background either by ‘Force Stop’ from settings as mentioned earlier.

Disable data saving mode

Enabling data saving mode could limit your data usage and hence preventing from uploading larger files on Instagram. Go ahead and check to see if data saving mode is enabled, if so, enable it. Data saving mode block some apps from accessing the internet, that’s why it’s important to disable it.

Disable Data Saving Mode

Check your image format

If you’re uploading image, you should know that not all formats are supported, one of the formats Instagram users try to upload on Story is GIF, and it’s known to cause problems, it sometimes causes the Instagram app to freeze or get stuck. This also holds for videos, make sure to check that your video format is supported, and don’t upload very large files.

These are the best fixes to the problem of Instagram Story Stuck on posting, but whenever you run into the problem of Instagram story stuck on posting, you’ll as well get stuck on performing other actions on Instagram, let’s move on to talk about other actions that can get stuck on Instagram and how to fix them.

How To Fix Instagram Login Problems

This is another annoying problem Instagram users face often, after typing login details they couldn’t login successfully. The first thing you want to do is to double check your username and password again, if after confirming your login details are correct and you’re not able to login successfully, you should use your PC to login, and if things have worked on Pc, it means there is something wrong with your Instagram app and what you want to do is to reinstall it. If still not working, it means your phone has settings that’s preventing the app to function properly.

Another method to fix login problems on Instagram is to login with Facebook details, but that’s applicable if you’ve connected your Facebook account. and finally you should consider resetting your password, this way a new login will be sent to your email or password.

How To Fix Instagram Tagging Problem

When you’re into this problem you won’t be able to tag users in posts and that means your posts won’t show up in searches, this is a big problem because your posts won’t receive much attention. First of all, you should know that if you tag someone in your posts and it appears in the post but later disappeared, it means they’ve removed the tag. You can tag anyone but they have the option to un-tag themselves or can even block you from tagging them again.

And secondly if you’re not able to tag some users, it means you’ve exceeded the tag limit, the tag limit is 25, and is even less for new accounts. Using excessive tags will cause limitations on your account, in order to be safe you shouldn’t tag more than 10 users.

And lastly if you’re not able to tag users it means you’re blocked from using the tagging feature, you have to wait for the restriction to expire, it can last for 24-48 hours or even a week or so depending on the level of violation you have done.

How To Fix Can’t Follow Users On Instagram

This is another action users get stuck on instagram, and it’s a feature that we use every day. The first thing you want to check if you’re stuck or blocked from following users is to check your follow limit. Instagram allow following of no more than 7500 for any account, and you can’t do that at once, there are daily, weekly and monthly limits. So if you have crossed that limit, you won’t be able to follow any accounts, you have to unfollow some users in order to proceed with following more accounts.

If you haven’t exceeded the limits but you’re still stuck on following users, you should check your internet connection, open a random website on your browser and if it opens, it means your internet connection is alright and the next step is to restart your app. After restarting the app and the problem is not gone, you should reinstall the app. Most people will recommend clearing cache and data, or updating the app, but most of the time this doesn’t work, just delete the app and install again.

When you reinstall the app you’re sure that you’ve fixed any technical problem that’s causing the app to malfunction. After reinstalling the app, you should login to see if the problem is fixed, chances are it will be fixed provided you don’t have any connection problems.

These are some of the popular problems instagram run into when using the Instagram app, whatever problem you face, you should first identify whether the problem is with the app or from your phone settings and make sure you haven’t exceeded the limits set for your account before you proceed on troubleshooting the problem. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Best Instagram Challenges in 2020

Instagram is a goldmine for businesses and social geeks; it’s getting bigger every day. One of the things that set Instagram different from other social networks is engagement. Even though in terms of population Instagram isn’t No.1, but when it comes to engagement they’re ahead of everyone, including the big giant Facebook.

One of the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram is by creating challenges, in the real world people love challenges and that’s why whenever the word challenge is mentioned you’ll find lots of participants especially if there is a reward for it.

What’s Instagram challenge?

Well, basically it’s when someone creates a theme and requests their followers to share photos on that theme using a Hashtags. For instance one of the popular challenges I’ve noticed recently and is trending worldwide is 10 years challenge; all participants are required to show their photo 10 years ago. These challenges sometimes come with prizes, especially the ones run by businesses since they want engagement on their profile. But there are still other popular challenges that are popular and there is no any reward.

For the challenges that offer rewards, there is a judge that will pick a winner based some the criteria they have. Instagram challenges can be run on a weekly, monthly or even daily basis. Instagram challenge can be created in every aspect, right from creativity, to cooking, design and any other thing you can think of.

How Do You Join An Instagram Challenge?

It’s pretty simple; most of the time there is no even a request or some form of application. You just need to post the photo or video regarding the challenge and use then use the Hashtags that are mention when captioning the photo. If there is prize and you want to stand a chance to win, you need to follow the judge, host or anyone mentioned in the challenge.

Why Should You Join Instagram Challenge?

There are Instagram challenges with attractive rewards and if that’s something that motivates you and you’re confident you can stand a chance to win, you should go ahead and participate.

But beside that Instagram challenge has a lot of benefits to businesses, it offers a lot of inspiration especially creative challenges, you’ll be able to view other people’s work and creations. You’ll be inspired by other people’s work and can learn new things. You can discover new photo styles, lightening, layouts and much more stuffs when it comes to editing photos, you can definitely increase your skills using Instagram challenges.

Secondly for those that are out of ideas to post on Instagram on a consistent basis, they should find challenges to join, this way they can come up with something to post. When your photos or videos have received attention from the members of a challenge you can then post the photo on your profile or feed also.

And finally another great reason why you should consider joining Instagram challenge is promoting your business or services. For Instagram users that own a business or service and don’t have many followers, joining challenges is a great way to show their work to the world, or even if the challenge isn’t related to their profession a lot of people will still visit their profile when their photo received attention.

Another way you get more visibility is when your photo has been picked; the user that runs the challenge will showcase your work on their blog and other promotional channels online. Joining challenge has a lot of benefits and I think it’s one of the best ways you can build user engagement on your profile even if you have less followers.

Can Every Instagram User Run A Challenge?

Yes, you can run your Instagram challenge, but if you don’t have many followers your challenge could hardly go viral unless you’ve collaborated with an influential user on Instagram, or you’re offering an attractive reward. When you’re a new user with less fan base you should rather participate in other peoples challenge than creating your own challenge.

Why Should You Create Your Own Instagram Challenge?

Earn More Followers

Most new business owners run Instagram challenge in order to increase their follower base. It’s normal to see new businesses offering $100 rewards on a daily challenge. Before standing a chance to win you have to follow them and every day they’ll pick a winner. Some will run the challenge of sharing their content on your profile; Do you notice the big picture here? They’re promoting their business endlessly because when you share their post to your followers there is a chance they’ll also share it forward especially if it’s meaningful, and that’s how it continues, at the end of the day only few winners will be selected for reward.

You Generate Engagement On Your Profile

If you want Instagram to promote your profile for free you need to generate engagement, when users like or comment on your posts or perform other activities, it’s a sign you’re delivering value to users and hence your profile will be placed ahead of your competitors. That means your profile will be placed on top of search results.

You Gain More Trust From Your Followers

Instagram users will trust you when they had shared a positive experience with you, when you create a challenge and you’re interacting with the participants they’ll feel more connected to you and that will earn more of their trust. If you run a business or you’re offering services it’s easier to sell to them.

Instagram Challenges Are Fun

There is a lot of fun to see everyone showing up their talent, you’ll see creativity from people with different cultures, most of the photos shared will just blow your mind or make you laugh out of yourself.

How To Make Your Instagram Challenge Go Viral

Setting up Instagram challenge is really easy and everyone can do it, but the hard part is getting a lot of people to participate in your challenge. For new businesses it’s almost impossible to attract massive audience in the challenge, there are however some tips if followed will help you gather more audience to your Instagram challenge.

Partner with influencers

Even if you have massive followers you should consider teaming up with other Instagramers, it could be your friends and family, just make sure they have decent followers or you won’t get the benefit of partnership. The main aim is to create even bigger community than you could build if handled alone.

Partnering with other Instagrammers will help you choose winners especially if there are thousands of participants and secondly you’re using their followers to get more attention to your profile.

Choose The Right Hashtag

Every challenge requires a Hashtag, and you need to make it short and sweet, the fundamental rule is creating a Hashtag that’s really easy to remember. You don’t want to create a long Hashtag in such a way that users have to always copy it from the challenge page before tagging their photo. The Hashtag could be your brand name, which is even better or can use website or blog name.

Send invites

Send invite to as many people as you can before the challenge begins, when the challenge goes live you should again remind your followers about the challenge and tell them the rewards if there is any. You should also ensure the people you’re partnering with send invite to their followers.

Choose reasonable running time

You don’t want your challenge to be long or too short. If it’s long most people will forget about it, and if too short, you haven’t given enough time for users to showcase their talents. The average time is 2 weeks, most successful challenges are within this rage but it can be up to a month or more.

Engage with participants.

As the creator of the challenge, you have to interact with the participants if you really want to motivate more people to join. Whenever someone posts a photo that’s worth given a look, you should give the right feedback. Of course I know if there are thousands participants it’s not easy to respond to all participants, but you have to do all you can to reply to your best participants.

These are some tips that will help anyone run a successful Instagram challenge, we’ll now move on to share some of the best Instagram challenges that will give you some inspirations to create your own Instagram challenge.

Best Instagram Challenges 2020

Stay Happy

Hashtags; #100happydays, #100happydaysproject, #100happydayschallenge

Theme; participants are required to take a picture of something that makes them happy. You can really engage yourself everyday by sharing photos that light your soul. It doesn’t need to be an event; it can be transformation of your life career or body transformation, whatever it is just share it. Sharing your photo on this challenge will help you become more optimistic.

Be grateful

Hashtags; #365grateful or #365gratefulproject

One of the key to living a happy life is practicing gratefulness and by participating in this challenge every day you can practice gratitude. You can share photos you’re grateful for everyday, it could be lovely time spent with friends and family, your health or the new opportunities that come into your life.

This challenge also will help you engage with audience, you should share anything you’re thankful for in this challenge and you’ll see how you can transform your life.

Long run

Hashtags; #365project, #365photoproject, #photo365, #365photochallenge, #photo3652015, #2015project, #photo365project,

This is challenge is more beneficial to photographers, in this challenge you’re required to take your pictures every day. We don’t really notice how time fly by, this photo challenge will help you track all the activities you’ve done in a particular day by posting everyday in the challenge. It’s a good way to develop your photography skills.

Monthly Challenges

Hashtags; #MayPhotoChallenge, photocha2015, #PhotoadayMay, #May 2015,
There are a lot of monthly challenges on Instagram but this one is different, most monthly challenges will require that you post every day without any theme, just random pictures. In this challenge you need to pick the topic you want to be posting about like; hug your cat, morning workout or chicken dance. This is a way to get yourself busy on Instagram by sharing interests and will help you connect with people you have common interest.

Weekend Challenges

Hashtags; #WHP, WHPemojisinthewild, #WHPidrewthis, #WHPcandid,

This is a popular challenge that has been around for long time, it’s hosted by @Instagram every weekend. Users can share photos in different themes, like pictures of honest moments, creative art work they’ve made or found somewhere, taking photos of your Emojis and a lot of interesting things you might want to share.

By participating in the weekend challenges you can increase your creativity and you get promotions for free if you’re showcasing your services. This challenge run on the weekends but you can take time to prepare before the weekend to present an amazing work you’ve done that’s worth sharing.

Creative Challenges

Hashtags; #TBT, or #throwbackthursday

This is another great challenge for those that want to share great moments of their life, mostly of the past. It’s a challenge for showing throwback pictures you’ve missed. A lot of celebrities participate in this challenge, and these celebrities have their own Hashtags.

Upside down everyday

Hashtags; #upsidedowneveryday

This challenge is for those that don’t have problem showing off their upside down skills, if can’t do it please don’t harm your bones. You can do upside down with your partner touching your two legs.


Hashtags; #Mustacheme

Do you love mustache? Then you can show it off here on the mustacheme challenge. Mustache is fun to have and you can change your mustache in different styles everyday for posting in the Mustacheme.


Hashtags; #MondayFunDay

We all know Monday is a busy day since it’s the first working day of the week. Well, you can make it fun by sharing funny pictures of your spouse reading or doing some work. Most of the time people post sarcastic photos; you shouldn’t be serious on these, just post photos that will put a smile on faces in order to have a great working Monday.

These are some of the best Instagram challenges you can join to have fund and also showcase and promote your creativity or brand. Let us know your favorite challenge if you have one in the comment box. Thank you for reading.

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What is Instagram’s Hourly/Daily Limits for Likes

The more posts you like the more you’ll notice your instagram followers increased and that’s why marketer go crazy and start liking instagram posts and stories massively, not knowing that such actions will place their account at the risk of permanent closure. On the other hand, brands want to see thousands of likes on their posts also, this will help them learn how to hook up their followers. A major change has already taken place regarding the display of likes on Instagram posts and Stories. Instagram rolled out an updated that hide likes from posts, but still that doesn’t mean you can’t like posts, it’s just that the content poster won’t be able to see the exact number of people that liked their posts.

When you received like 1000 of likes, it will be displayed as ‘hundreds of others’, we’ll share more on how the numbers are displayed later in this article. With the recent update that took place a couple of months ago, now you’ll only be able to make assumptions from the statement made. The new update for hiding likes has already taken effect, before Instagram released the update in the U.S, it has already taken effect since July last year in other regions like Canada, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, Italy.

But Likes Are Still Showing On Some Instagram Accounts!

The change has already taken effect worldwide, but if you can still see likes on other user profiles, it means their country has not been enrolled with this new update. Instagram has send notifications to all countries affected, I know there are still some apps out there that would claim to reveal likes, don’t fall to that. Instagram doesn’t provide such data now to the general public, which means no API can access that information for any post.

Why Instagram Removing Likes?

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram claims that it’s an attempt to make the platform better, in one of his statements he said ‘The idea is to try to depressurize Instagram’, the team believed that by removing the number of likes on posts, users will spend more time on the platform and will be able to connect with each other, Mosseri also revealed that they want to make the platform less competitive. Overall, they did so to improve user experience and I really support the update of hiding likes. We’ve all seen how Instagram users are doing weird things because they don’t receive likes on their posts, some users end up getting depressed for not getting enough likes on their posts, we can say that this update is for the best of all.

How Instagram Likes Look Now

As we’ve mentioned earlier, instagram is still displaying some info regarding the likes, but it’s not the exact number as it’s used to be. Only one username will now be displayed and then mention some statements that will give you an estimate on the number of people that liked the post. Here is how the description looks;

• When the likes are below 100, ‘others’ will be displayed.
• When the likes are below 1000, ‘hundreds of others’ will be displayed.
• When the likes are below 100,000, ‘Thousands of others’ will be displayed.
• When the likes are below 1, 000, 000, ‘Hundreds of thousands of others’ will be displayed.
Here is screenshot on how it looks now;

How Instagram Likes Look Now

And also this one with millions of likes;

How Instagram Likes Look Now

So you can now see that you can only make a guess, if ‘others’ is displayed, it means less than 1000 likes are receive for that post and so on.

Are There Any Benefits For Removing The Likes?

There are some benefits especially for users and brands with a small following, even smaller brands can now compete with accounts with massive following. Here are some of the benefits you can get;

• Buying likes is now irrelevant; don’t be surprised that most of the trending content on instagram buy likes, those tricks are now irrelevant or I can say they don’t have the same influence as it’s used to be.
• Small accounts can compete with influencers; now you’ll be able to earn more credibility even if you’re a new account holder.
• There will be no any pressure on users who’re trying to achieve certain number of likes; this one is for the good of all, a lot of people are depressed when they don’t see likes coming in, just recently someone commits suicide because they haven’t received enough likes for their post.
• Generally, we expect to see more engagement on the platform; As Instagram’s CEO mentioned, the reason for the update is to allow users engage more on the platform.
So far these are some of the benefits and I believe they outweigh the cons, Instagram should really stick and make this update permanent.

Are There Any Downsides?

There is one or two downsides, but from my own view they’re not even downsides. It’s for influencers that are trying to show the world the massive number of likes they have makes them more credible. Now that the likes are removed, they don’t feel good about it, they cannot boast to anyone on the number of likes they’ve received from their Posts.

Second downside is to those who’re selling likes, now they’ll be out of businesses since likes don’t really matter. Now if they’re sending likes to any posts, they don’t know the exact number they’ve sent from their own side. This means they cannot even measure the service they’re providing. You can see that these downsides aren’t a problem to any genuine instagram user.

Now we’ll move on to the next section of the article to share daily and hourly limits for likes on instagram.

Instagram Hourly/Daily Limits for Likes

As mentioned, number of likes are hidden on Instagram posts but users can still like and do other stuffs on the platform. Liking posts is still one of the ways you can get engage on the platform.

General Rule For Actions On Instagram Account

If your account is new, that’s account less than one month old, you can perform only 500 actions per day. Actions are all the activities you can do on instagram, these include, following, liking, commenting, unfollow and anything you can do on other people’s profiles or posts.

As your account gets older and you have more engagement on the platform, your actions will be increased to 1500-2000. Note that these are just estimates because Instagram hasn’t provided any official statement that reveal the number of actions you can do every day. There are however users that experiment on things so that they can guide Instagram users on how to stay safe on the platform.

Instagram Likes Limit For Every One Hour

The limits you have is 350 likes per hour, but for safety reasons you shouldn’t exceed 300 likes per hour. New accounts shouldn’t even make an attempt to do so, don’t exceed 20-50. Whatever your likes limitations are, you should remember that you can’t send the 300 likes at once, they have to be distributed after some seconds and minutes. For instance, you should like 5 posts and then after 3 to 5 minutes, you can add more. Don’t use automation tools to send likes massively on people’s posts, that’s a sure way to account closure without notice.

Instagram Daily likes limit

The cap for daily likes is up to 1200, this is for old accounts, and in order to stay safe you shouldn’t even approach that limit, stay at 800-1000. For new accounts it’s less than 500, like 200-300 should be ok, and for new accounts I am talking of accounts that are no more than one month old. Make sure there is a 30 second delay between likes and don’t add all your daily entries at once.

These are the limitations when it comes to likes, and if you’re still desperate to receive more likes on your posts and stories, let’s share some helpful ways you can attract more likes and followers.

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts
Original content

As it’s been said, content is king. The better the content you post on Instagram the more followers, likes and comments you’ll receive. Even as a business owner you want to make sure 80% of your content isn’t about any advertisement, on the remaining 20%, you can focus on promotion.

Become valuable

Offering value is the only way to earn your followers trust. If they don’t trust you, they can’t buy from you. As a business owner you should come up with content and helpful resources that will help your followers solve some problem, help them in a way they can associate with your brand. Use instagram Stories to share helpful tips with them and as time goes on, they’ll be loyal and eager to buy your products and services.

Be unique

This is also another important factor that will help you grow your engagement on Instagram. You can do this by sharing your life experiences and views, walk them behind the scenes of your day to day activities and many other things that show your personalities.

Stick with these three elements and you’ll notice increase your Instagram engagement, whether you want to increase your followers or want increase instagram likes, you can definitely achieve so by applying these three components.

We’ve now discussed on likes limitations and other helpful information, but there is still the need to share more light on other limitations on your instagram account such as follow, unfollow comment and more. Let’s share these limitations so that you can stay safe.

Instagram Limits You Should Know

Instagram Follow Limits

First of all, the maximum number of accounts you can follow are7500, how could you even handle such following, I mean it takes a lot of time to do that, and your feed will be filled with irrelevant information. You need to be selective on the accounts you follow.

For new accounts you shouldn’t exceed 100 follow/unfollow per day. Both follow and unfollow have the same limitations. For older accounts you should not exceed 500, some can reach up to 1000 following, but to be safe, it’s better to do things slowly. There are a lot of factors that will determine the limits you have, age of account isn’t the only thing that matters, your engagement also play a vital role on your account limits.

Another important thing to note is that you can have any number of followers, if you can attract followers from other sources, you’re free to have new millions of followers in a single day.

Instagram hashtag limit

Before, it was 60, but recently that has been changed to 30, for new accounts the number is even less for them. For new accounts I wouldn’t recommend going for more than 10. You should also note that there are banned hashtags, instagram has a list of 300 banned hashtags, once you add these banned hashtags, you’ll face shadowban.

Instagram Comments limit

When it comes to comments, new account can’t exceed more than 100 comments per day, sometimes it can be below that. Just try keep it no more than 70 comments per day for new accounts.

And other hand for aged accounts, you have the grace of adding up to 150 comments per day. This number is only for trusted and aged accounts. Even if your account is aged, you should consider adding no more than 120 comments per day in your Instagram account.

You can only add five mentions in one comment and you must avoid adding duplicate comments multiple times. Don’t even think you can add 100 duplicate comments and get away with it, you’ll be restricted after adding no more than 5-10 duplicate content. Try to use variations even if the same message is meant to reach out multiple users.

Instagram Posts Limitations

Generally, there are no limitations on posts, but once you start posting frequently you’ll be blocked from adding more posts until after some hours. Who even has the time to keep posting massively on their account, you’ll lose your reputation by posting low quality and irrelevant content on your profile. We’ve all seen celebrities and public figures make the wrong post and their follower decrease significantly within a short period of time. You’ll lose your followers if you add useless content on your profile.

If you want to post multiple pictures on your account on a daily basis, you’re free to do so, such as sharing your meals, workouts or whatsoever, just make sure it’s relevant to your followers.

Make sure there is engagement on your profile before you start posting multiple times a day, the more comments and likes you receive the more engagement you have.

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Is It Possible to View Private Profiles Instagram?



This Acount is Private

A couple of years ago, the idea of setting Instagram profiles private is more popular on personal accounts but now even brands are transitioning to private Instagram profiles, and that’s because it comes with a lot benefits. You landed on this post because you want to know whether it’s possible to view user profile on Instagram that is set as private, we’ll answer that question for you, we’ll explain all about private profiles. Right from the benefits and cons of having a private profile on instagram, to changing your profile as private and other important info you need to know about private profiles. Stay with us till the end to learn about private profiles on Instagram.

What Does It Mean To Change Your Instagram Profile As Private?

Before setting up a private profile you need to understand what it means to have it on Instagram. In simple terms, when you change to a private Instagram profile, it means only users you approve can view the activities on your profile. You should take note that I said ‘on your profile’, every other activity you perform on other profiles that are public can be viewed by everyone, you should get clear with the difference.
Here is what it means to have private profile on instagram;

Approve followers

Any Instagram user that wants to follow you has to request approval which will be sent to your notification when they hit the follow button. You can then accept or reject their request from your account.

Follow Request

Only your followers can view your profile activities

You don’t need to worry about blocking users, if they’re not your followers they won’t see what’s happening on your profile, and also when your followers engage with you, like sending likes and comments on your posts, it will not be visible by their followers.

You can’t use hashtags when your profile is private on Instagram
Since you decided to go private, Instagram has snatch some features from your account. This is a downside because no matter how much attention your content receives from your followers it won’t show up in trending hashtags, and that means you’re losing some traffic.

Why Do Users And Brands Set Their Profile Private?

As mentioned earlier it comes with benefits and we’ll talk about these benefits within this section.

You have more privacy

Anyone that sets up a private profile on Instagram, privacy is their top priority. If you’re the type that wants to control who view their content, a private Instagram profile is for them, if you don’t want companies to spy on your activities, going private is the best option. Let’s say you’re seeking for job and you already know your instagram posts aren’t that good, the best way to hide your activities from employers is to go private since they’ll have to send request before they’re able view your activities and you can choose to reject them or place their request on hold.

Avoid harassment

Harassment is very common these days and you can hardly avoid it, cyber bullying is real and a lot of people have committed suicide due to social media harassment. When you go private on instagram you can choose who can like your photos, comments and send messages. If harassment is a total no from your side or your children, you should switch over to private Instagram profile.

Get more followers

I know you might disagree on this one, but having a private profile on instagram can help you attract more followers than when your account is public. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the trick used by marketers to get followers fast. They start by sharing high quality content to other instagram users, but they won’t be able to see the content unless they hit the follow button, unlike when your account is public, where they have access to the content without following you and they’ll hardly follow after reading your content. Just imagine sharing your content with thousands of users and instagram will prompt them to follow you before they’re able to see it, your followers will increase fast with this trick.

Retain more followers

Not only attracting more followers, you’ll also retain more followers than when you’re having a public account. Whenever users try to unfollow a private account, they’ll be prompted with the message; if you unfollow this profile you won’t be able to see their activities. This message isn’t exact but it’s along those lines, and based on research this has impact on follower retention rate on Instagram.

Protect your content from theft

If your Instagram profile is public you have no control on who sees your content, it will be overused and will become less original, most memes accounts are set private so as to avoid content theft from users. on the other hand, there are a lot of websites that use tools to scrap content from Instagram and other social media platforms, they can’t scrape content from your profile since your content won’t show up in the search feed.

Avoid getting banned

Once you go private on instagram there is less risk on getting banned. As we already know a lot of accounts end up in suspension for no reason, public accounts are subjected to this error more than private accounts.

These are some of the benefits of having a private Instagram profile, there are downsides also, let’s take a look at them.

The Cons Of Having Private Profile On Instagram

Your activities on public accounts is not hidden

Even though you have set your account as private, other users can still view your activities on all public accounts. That means even after changing your profile to private you don’t have 100% privacy on instagram. Most people aren’t aware of this, if you want to go with full privacy you should restrict your activities only on your profile.

Users will still be able to send you DM

Instagram users can still send you DMs, the only thing you can do here is you can block some users from sending you direct messages especially when you realize they’re spamming your inbox. This is a huge downside and we’re hoping they should upgrade the feature in the sense that only your followers can interact with you and send you direct messages.

Your Story and Posts will not show in hashtag feed

This is another downside, as you already know a lot of people explore the site through hashtag, and unfortunately private profiles won’t show up in this feed. This translates to less exposure for your Story and posts, only public profiles are listed on the hashtag feed search and that’s why public profiles end up receiving more traffic than private profiles.

Your content cannot be seen in geographic tag feed

Geographic tag feed is very important for local businesses and private profiles on Instagram aren’t included in this tag feed. When users search for business or service based on location, they’ll be shown instagram profiles and posts that match that tag with the exception of private profiles.

You can’t embed content on your website

This is another huge downside for webmasters that want to display Instagram content on their website, other instagram users also won’t be able to embed your content on their website. Even if you manage to display some code, the box will show up but won’t display any content. And also even if you’ve displayed other content in the past, they’ll all disappear after changing your profile to private.

You’ll end up with less engagement

The whole idea behind changing your profile to private is to control the number of users that can interact with you, and that means you’ll end up with less engagement. You can still get massive engagement if you know how to play it right, but overall since only your followers can see your content it means you might end up with less engagement than public profile. Your profile won’t be promoted through any feed because by setting your account private you’re telling instagram you don’t require any promotions.
So these are some of the downsides of setting your Instagram account as private, let’s now move into creating or changing your Instagram profile as private.

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Private.

Account Privacy

• Open your Instagram app and login.
• Head over to the profile icon which is located at bottom right corner of your screen.
• Tap the three horizontal line which is at the top right corner of your profile screen.
• Go to settings by tapping the gear icon at bottom right corner of the screen.
• Scroll down and you’ll see the option ‘Private account’, switch it ON and your account is now private.
• That’s it, you’ve now set boundaries for Instagram users you’re not interested in engaging with on the platform because only after you approve them they’re able to see your activities.

Is It Possible To View Private Profiles On Instagram?

Yes, you can view private profile if they have approved you to become their follower.

And No, you can’t view a private profile if you’re not following their profile.

But there is always workaround, you can follow some methods to view their activities even if they haven’t approved you. let’s move on to share how to view private profiles on Instagram.

How To View A Private Instagram profile

You should follow the private account


This is the best way to have access to any private profile, I know you might find it hard since chances are they won’t approve you if they don’t know you. The good news is that you can always increase your chances thereby sending a direct message to explain who you’re and why you want to connect. We already mentioned that you can send a direct message to users with a private profile, so go ahead and prove to them you’re a real person, share your blog and other social media profiles and I’ll tell you that most of them will approve you except if they know and don’t really want to connect with you.

Even if they don’t approve you or respond to your DM, you should send a reminder, at least three times. This way you proved to them that you’re interested connecting with them and a lot of users will consider your request.

Search for their username on google

Even though their profile is set as private, you can still view their username, copy the username and paste on google search or google image search. Once you do that google will display some of their activities in search results, you can see the images they share and so on.

View their profile through a friend that’s following them

If they’ve blocked you or your follow request isn’t accepted, you can find someone that’s following them and through them you’ll be able to see their activities. It doesn’t matter whether you know the user in person or not, you can try to befriend them and after some time you can ask for favors, you might even request to send you screenshot of their activities.

Create another account

Another way to view private accounts that reject your follow request is to open another instagram account with a different name and then send the follow request again. You should fill every details on the profile for this new account including picture, real name and do some activities to look genuine.

Use private viewer tools

There is no any guarantee on this method. First of all, finding a reputed service or tool that can let you view private profiles on instagram isn’t easy. A lot of scam exist these days and you have to be careful when it comes to using such tools. These services will ask for some information and then will direct you to the Instagram profile you wish to view, these include;

• Your instagram username.
• Some personal information.
• How you want to view the content on the private profile, that’s, do you want to view or do you want download the data?
• And then they’ll show you the data you’re looking for.

As I’ve already mentioned, there is no guarantee on these tools, you should try them at your own risk. One thing however we recommend is that don’t supply your real Instagram account details to these services or tools, open a separate Instagram account with another name and then use on these tools or services. Even if they’re using your personal information for something dangerous, they have the wrong details about.

We’ve come to the end of this article, and so far we’ve shared all the basic information you need to know about Instagram account, by following the steps outlined you’ll be able to view Instagram Private profiles.

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