How To Fix “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped”

Instagram is the most popular app used by Smartphone users worldwide, and the use of this popular photo and video sharing app is always on the rise, but users receive a lot of error messages when using the app. You’ve already installed the app, and it’s working perfectly, but sometimes you’ll just open it, and it shows you the error message “Unfortunately Instagram has stopped”, and in most cases, you closed the app and launched again, but it’s still showing the same error message again and again.

How to fx to Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped

How to fx to Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped

This error message is very common among Instagram users, and it’s an error that some Instagram users find it difficult to get rid of. Sometimes you’ve fixed the problem, but after some time, the error message is back again. How do you get rid of this problem from your Instagram app or your phone?

If you’re looking for how to fix “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” you’re in the right place because in this article we’ll provide the best solutions to this problem, we’ll talk about the common causes of the problem and then share how to fix it without pushing your head to the wall, we’ll also share helpful tips that will help you prevent the error message from showing again.

What Are The Common Causes Of “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped”?

There are some reasons why your app displays such error messages, and we’ll share the common causes now so that you can learn about them and prevent them from happening. We’ve compiled them for you and here are they;

Connectivity problems

One of the popular causes for receiving “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” error message is internet connectivity. When you’re on a slow internet network, you’re bound to receive this error message or even if your internet network is good and goes down suddenly you can receive such an error message. Whether you’re on a wifi connection or cellular data, you want to check your network connection to ensure that everything is right.

Your network status might show everything is ok, but you need to disconnect and reconnect again, this will refresh your internet connection and bring it back to normal. One of the ways to ensure that your network signal is good is by visiting a web page on your browser when the page loads fast it means your network isn’t the cause, you then try another fix.

There is a bug in your app

This is the next major cause for getting such kind of error message. When your Instagram app is corrupt, you’ll end up receiving different error messages, and you’ll find it difficult to upload content without receiving error messages when the app is corrupt.

Bugs arise when there is a lot of corrupt data stored in the Instagram folder on your phone. These corrupted files will be interfering with the app’s activities, causing the app to show error messages. To some extent, a lot of bugs in the Instagram app will lead to having login problems. The best way to deal with this problem is to reinstall the app.

There are some recommendations out there that recommended cleaning your Instagram app by deleting all data; this doesn’t work most of the time. When you reinstall the app, you’ve completely got rid of any harmful file that’s in the app folder, and you’re not at the risk of deleting your app data since after reinstalling the app you’ll be able to recover clean data from the previous app.

Failure to upgrade the Instagram app

If you haven’t upgraded your Instagram app to the newest version you’re bound to receive the error message “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”. Though even without installing the latest updates, your Instagram app might work fine, eventually you’ll end up receiving error messages.

Most of the updates released by Instagram are geared towards fixing bugs in the app, which are the major causes of the errors you receive. When you’re experiencing poor performance from your Instagram app, you might want to check for updates and ensure that your app is upgraded.

Updating the app shouldn’t take much of your time, you just need to visit app store if you’re iPhone user, or Play Store if you’re android user, you’ll be able to see whether there are updates or not. If available just tap install updates and you should be done in one or two minutes provided your internet connectivity is good.

Instagram server problems

Sometimes it’s not from your side, that’s neither your phone nor the Instagram app. There are times when servers are down due to maintenance. During such times, users can’t perform some actions on their app, and hence they can receive the error message “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”. You can’t control this; you have to wait until servers are up again. Even if you’re in the middle of performing some actions like uploading a photo or a video, your actions will be paused for a while before you continue.

When you’re receiving such error message you can always check your friends or family members to see if you’re the only one that’s receiving the error message when everyone around you is receiving the error message chances are it’s from Instagram servers, and you should wait for some hours, things will be back to normal.

Instagram account temporarily disabled

This is another possible reason for receiving the “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” error message. When your account is disabled, or you’re banned from performing some actions in your account you might get error messages. If for instance you’re blocked from commenting, and you try to comment, the error message can be displayed.

Another reason might be you’ve deactivated your account if the account isn’t active and you try to post you’ll receive the error message also. Check your profile to ensure you account isn’t deactivated, if your phone is used by other people it might be possible someone accidentally deactivated your account, and you need to restore normal settings, you should head over to settings and then tap edit profile option, you’ll be able to view whether your account is active or not.

Phone settings

Some phone settings can prevent the Instagram app from functioning properly, or there are apps that won’t allow the app to run the way it should. If you suddenly start receiving such messages after changing phone settings, you need to undo those changes because they might be the cause of the error message. Also, if you have opened multiple apps, especially games and other apps running in the background, you should all close them and launch the Instagram app to see if the problem is fixed.

These are the possible causes for receiving “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”, and whenever you’re facing such errors over and over again, you need to identify some of the causes we’ve shared, identifying the cause will help you come up with a better solution. In the next section of the article, we’ll outline the steps you need to follow in order to fix the problem of receiving such kind of error message on Instagram.

What Are The Symptoms Of “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped”?

Sometimes when you receive this error message it means the app has crashed and you have to restart the app, there are different problems that are similar to this error messages, and you’ll not receive the “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” error message. That’s why we want to share some symptoms that are similar to this error message if you experience any of the symptoms we’re about to share, then it requires the same fix as “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”. Here are these symptoms;

  • When you open the Instagram app, it doesn’t open, and it doesn’t show any error message.
  • You can’t refresh the app, when you refresh the app, you don’t receive any updates, and this means the app isn’t working properly.
  • When you hit the like button nothing happens, the like don’t show over the post.
  • When you try to upload a photo, it doesn’t show in your feed. And no message is displayed as to why it doesn’t display.

All these situations show that your Instagram app isn’t working properly and must be fixed before you can proceed with performing your Instagram actions effectively.

How To Fix “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped”

Now it’s time outline the steps you need to follow in order to fix the problem of “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”, you might need to try two or more fixes in order to get rid of the problem, but we believe the solutions outlined below will help you solve the problem provided your account has not been disabled. So with that said let us outline the solution to this problem;

Update The Instagram App

Solution to Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped

Solution to Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped

If you’re sure, you don’t have an internet problem, the first thing you should do is to update your Instagram app. Check for updates, especially for those that bought a used phone. The phone hardly receives any updates before you bought it, and when you start using Instagram app that’s on the phone, you might suddenly start receiving the error.

Update your app by visiting play store and find your apps by tapping “my apps and games”, in the listed apps you see Instagram listed and update option is available next to it when you tap, and updates are available a message will display giving you the option to install the updates. Updates will be downloaded and installed on your phone when updates are installed, and you should then launch your Instagram app again.

Reinstall your Instagram app

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you need to remove the app completely from your phone and download it again. There are a lot of corrupt data and files that can’t be fixed by mere updating the app and hence when you keep receiving the error message, and you need to reinstall the app again.

Go to settings and uninstall Instagram, then go back to Play Store and download again. If the problem is from your Instagram app, the error message should be fixed by following this step. Take note that removing the Instagram Icon from your phone desktop isn’t the same as uninstalling from settings.

Update Google play

For android users, a lot of apps are dependent on Google Play services, and hence when it’s not updated, it can cause the problem to apps. I’ve tried to use some apps in the past, and they prompt with the message I should update Google Play services.

Google Play services can’t be updated independently, you need to use the option for auto-update all apps, and you can do that by visiting Play Store, tap settings, and the “auto-update apps” option is available. Almost every app will be updated, and you need to make sure you’re on a strong wifi connection or else it will take long before the update is completed.

Delete Instagram app data

If you’re still receiving the error message, it’s time delete app data. Even when you uninstall your Instagram app, your data isn’t deleted, it’s restored after you’ve to install Instagram again. If after reinstalling Instagram and you’re still facing the problem with the app, you need to delete your data.

If you still have some data you don’t want to lose you might run a backup using third-party apps, you can delete app data by visiting settings, “apps and preferences”, find Instagram, and you can see the option to delete cache and data.

Turn off “speed up you GPU” from developer option

This is another fix that might work, turning on this option often cause bugs that cause the Instagram app to stop, to fix this go to settings, > developer options > hardware-accelerated rendering and slide to off the option.

Reset app preferences

If you’ve made some changes to your phone, you might want to reset the options to go back to normal. Head over to settings > Apps > click three dots, and there is the option for “reset app preferences.”

Close all apps

There are conflicting apps that can prevent Instagram from running smoothly, close all apps, including the ones that are running in the background and launch your app again.

Update your OS

By not if the problem isn’t solved, it’s definitely your operating system that’s causing the app to malfunction. You need to fix your OS if it’s corrupt and you can do that by updating the system, factory restore, or using android repair tools. When there are lots of harmful files in your OS, a lot of things will go wrong, and you have to get rid of them in order to solve the problem of “Unfortunately Instagram has stopped”.

These are the possible solutions to “unfortunately Instagram has stopped”, let us know if these steps have helped you fix the problem or if you have something to share that might be helpful to our readers in the comment box below.

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How To Fix ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong’ Instagram Issues

Do you receive the error message “sorry something went wrong” on your Instagram app? If yes, then you’re not alone. Recently, a lot of Instagram users are reporting this problem and are looking for a quick fix to the problem.

How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong Instagram Issues

How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong Instagram Issues

This error message is shown when a user tries to login or when they update their feed. It’s really frustrating to receive this message over and over again when trying to perform any activity on Instagram and hence there has to be a cause for the problem and also can be resolved by following a few steps. That’s exactly what this article is all about; how to fix “something went wrong” on Instagram, follow us till the end to find out how to fix the problem fast.

Why Do You Receive “Something Went Wrong” On Instagram?

There are a couple of reasons why you receive such messages, sometimes it’s due to technical problems from your app, and sometimes it’s from Instagram servers. Let’s share them right away;

Network Problem

This is the leading cause for receiving such error message. Network signal can go down at any second, you can start uploading your pictures or videos on Instagram, and suddenly there is disconnection problem. This can happen with both wifi and cellular data, and in this case, you have to fix the network problem first before even going for other solutions. If your network signal is good, you might want to reconsider refreshing your internet connection, and you can do this by disconnecting and connecting again to see if the problem is fixed.

Problem With Instagram Servers

This is something that can’t be controlled by users, sometimes Instagram servers can be down, and no user can perform an activity, or since they’re using different locations, users on servers that are undergoing maintenance will face this problem. But we’ve seen cases in the past few months when Instagram was completely down for hours, no one has access, and those that are already logged in, they can’t perform any action, and they end up receiving multiple error message like “Sorry something went wrong”. In such situations, you just need to search online to confirm if everything is alight on Instagram, if there are multiple reports showing there a downtime, then you’ll have to wait till they’re back.

Something Is Wrong With Your App

When your app is corrupt, you can often receive such message because there are corrupted files that are interrupting Instagram activities. These corrupted files are referred to as “bugs”. When there is a lot of data stored on the app, a lot of bugs will arise; these bugs are corrupted files that slow down or stop Instagram activities.

Bugs can prevent the user from login in or uploading content in their account, and bugs can interfere with almost any action you want to perform on Instagram. The best way to deal with a bug is to reinstall the app again, after uninstalling, all files will be removed, and new files will be installed when you download the app again from the app store.

You Haven’t Install Updates

Once you ignore updates for some time, it can start showing “sorry something went wrong” error message; don’t ignore updates, especially for a long time. Most times, updates are released to fix bugs, and if you don’t install such updates, the app won’t be able to fix bugs that cause problems to your Instagram app. You can update your app within a few minutes, and you should always check the app store to download the updates. If you’re receiving this error message, you definitely want to update the app to see if the problem is fixed.

Your Instagram Account Is Temporarily Disabled

This is another possible cause when you temporarily deactivate your account, and you try to upload content you’ll receive the “something went wrong” error message. To ensure your account has not been temporarily deactivated from your profile, head over to profile settings to see whether it’s deactivated or not, this is a must especially if you’re not the only one accessing the account, or when other people are using your phone. It could be possible someone logged into your account and changed your settings; some people have the habit of spying on other peoples social media accounts using their phone.

These are some of the major reasons why you receive “something went wrong” on Instagram; let’s now dive in to share actionable steps you need to take in order to avoid receiving such message. As we’ve already mentioned earlier, before taking any further step you have to ensure the problem isn’t with Instagram servers, if it’s due to server maintenance there is nothing you can do about it. Confirm this, or you’ll end up changing your app or account settings hoping the problem could be solved, not knowing the problem has nothing to do with your app or phone settings.

With that said, let’s see how to fix this error message from showing again on your account.

How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong Instagram Issues

Confirm Network Connection Is Ok

If you’re receiving this message from your app, check your cellular data or wifi to ensure you’re connected, or you can visit a URL in your browser to ensure that your internet connection is working. If you open a new web page then nothing is wrong with your network, then you proceed to the next step.

Logout Of Your Instagram App

Fix Something Went Wrong On Instagram

Fix Something Went Wrong On Instagram

First, you log out and then close the app. You then launch the app and login again to see if things are working now. If there is a minor bug, restarting the app can fix the problem right away.

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes there are background activities that are interfering with Instagram activities and can often lead to showing error messages. When you restart your phone, all programs are closed, when the phone restarts you should only launch the Instagram app and things might work for you.

Wait For Some Hours

As mentioned you can’t do anything if it’s from Instagram servers, that’s why it’s important to wait or do some search online to confirm if you’re the only one receiving the error message at the moment. Try asking a few people around you to see if they’re also receiving the error message if they’re receiving the same message it means it’s from Instagram and has to wait until they fix.

Login With Facebook

This has worked for most people for solving the problem, but this is only possible if you’ve connected your Facebook account, login in with Facebook is one of the fast ways to fix “sorry something went wrong” message. Linking your Facebook accounts also give extra protection to your account from hackers.

Sign Up With A Different Device Or Platform

If after following all these steps you’re still getting the error message you should log into your account using a different device or platform. Use browser if you’re using the app or use your pc or tablet instead. This will help you figure out whether the problem is with your app or not. If you’ve successfully logged in through a browser, there has to be something wrong with your app, and you need to take extra steps for solving the problem.

Clear Cache

Having lots of files in the cache folder can cause problems to your Instagram app. Clearing cache will help you get rid of minor bugs that could be the cause of these error messages. Clearing cache isn’t deleting your data or documents; it’s just deleting unnecessary files that aren’t of any use to the app.

Update Your Instagram App

Solution to Something Went Wrong On Instagram

Solution to Something Went Wrong On Instagram

If still not working, it might be you’re not using the latest version of the app. So go to the app store and check for the update if available. This can solve the problem since outdated Instagram apps report more problems often than the new version. There is a chance of fixing this error when you update the app, so go ahead of update the app.

Reinstall The App

Still not working? It’s time to get rid of the app and install another one; if the app files are corrupt badly, you have to reinstall in order to get rid of them completely. Reinstalling the app ensures you have new files and folders that do not contain any harmful file or Trojan. Reinstall the app and ensure your data is backed up, this is important for those who don’t want to lose their saved data. After installing, all data will be visible again.

Contact Support

After following all the steps outlined but the problem isn’t yet solved, it’s time to contact support. Maybe you’re constantly receiving such error messages because your account has been restricted and you haven’t received any notice from Instagram. If you’ve been blocked, you’ll keep on receiving such messages, and the only way to resolve the situation is by contacting help centre.

Submit a ticket demanding why you’re not allowed to upload content, and you’re receiving the error message “sorry something went wrong”.

That’s it for the article on how to fix “sorry something went wrong”, try as much as you can to identify the cause of the problem, only then you can come up with an effective solution that will solve the problem.

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How To Post Instagram Story From Camera Roll

A few years ago, Instagram allowed users to upload photos and videos to their stories, which don’t normally show on the feed but visible to followers. Earlier on with the story feature, your photos or videos expire after 24 hours of shooting them and can’t upload to stories again. This is inconvenient, especially for businesses with limited time.

Now you no longer need to worry about that. You can upload any video or picture from camera roll or your phone library to your stories with ease regardless of the time the content was created. Thanks to the update released by Instagram back in 2018, this allows users to upload content from the camera roll or phone library.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to follow in order to post stories from your camera roll.

Some people still don’t want the idea of posting photos and videos that are more than 24 hours. Let me tell you why you should consider uploading photos and videos that are more than 24 hours;

Why You Should Upload Photos Older Than 24 Hours To Stories

Edit Your Content Professionally

First you know that every professional photo or video content added on Instagram has gone through edit, and this edit can hardly be done within 24 hours of shooting the content, unless you’re professional photo editor that’s good with powerful software like Photoshop, or you have a freelance graphic designer and video editor that has the skills to edit all your content whenever you need them.

Giving yourself some time to edit your content will ensure that you create the best content for your stories.

Plan Your Content

This is important for public figures and businesses; everyone now can plan the content they want to add on stories just like they do on their feed. This will ensure you only have quality content in your stories, and this means more value to your followers.

You’ll Have Endless Of Stories To Share

For those that want to share stories every single day, they can visit the phone library to choose videos and photos for the past years, and you can share childhood memories easily. You can see that you’ll have endless photos or videos to share in your stories. There are days when you just don’t want to go out there and start shooting, and in such days you can browse your gallery to pick photos for the past days or months and share in your stories.

How To Post Instagram Story From Camera Roll

Open Story Publishing Area

This is the first step, log into your account and open the story publishing area. You can do this in 2 ways; first is by dragging the entire page to the right or by clicking on the camera icon which is available on the left screen.

Adding Camera Roll-On Instagram Story

Once you open your stories, you should swipe so that you can view all your content from the camera roll, from here you should pick the photos and videos you want to share in your Instagram stories.

How Do You Choose Multiple Pictures Or Videos?

You should swipe up in your stories, and you’ll be able to view two options; “select multiple” and “gallery”. Select multiple options to add multiple contents to your stories at once; multiple contents selected will be posted at the same time.

The gallery option allows you to add all content from a folder on your phone. This is a time saver if the photos you want to publish are organized in one single folder. When you tap the gallery option, there would be a dropdown that allows you to select the location of your folders from the phone.

If you also want to view all the videos and photos content on your phone, you can select the gallery at the top to view them all and will be shown in chronological order.

If you’re looking for photos and videos that were captured from your phone, you can choose the camera option from the list.

Even if your image is some years old you can upload to Instagram stories, but then there is a catch to this. When the content you want to post to your stories is older than 24 hours, Instagram will show the date it was taken. There would be a date stamp showing when it was captured, and this is automatically added to both photos and videos.

How To Post Instagram Story From Camera Roll

How To Post Instagram Story From Camera Roll

But as you know, there is always a way to beat the system. There are lots of apps out there that will allow you to change the date on any particular content, like documents, video and photo files, and both pc and phone users can use such apps. Head over to apps store and search for date changing apps and you’ll find a bunch of them, on pc or Mac there is also software available.

Once you install the app on your phone, you should select all the images you want to change the date for, you should change them to the current date, less than 24 hours, once you do that you then open your Instagram app to start adding pictures to your stories.

You shouldn’t do this trick when the app is open, close Instagram first, and when you’re done with changing the date for your files, you can now launch the app again.

If you can’t change the date with your phone, try using pc, transfer the videos and photos to your pc and install the date changing software, I find that changing the date using pc is better than using the phone. Once you’re done with editing your photos and videos, bring them back to your phone.

If you still don’t want to go through these long process, you can change the way Instagram display the date in your story. Instagram displays the date using three colours; black, white and red. You should choose a colour that can’t be seen well in the photo or video.

Getting rid of the 24 hour limit by Instagram give businesses the opportunity to create more personalized content they can share on their stories, and anyone now can now schedule posts on their stories ahead of time. You can use free tools like AiGrow to schedule posts easily to your Instagram stories, but as a word of caution you should schedule wisely, don’t post frequently or you’ll get your account banned.

Following the steps mentioned above will upload photos or videos from cameral roll to your Instagram stories.

If you can’t upload, then there is a problem with either your phone or your Instagram app, and I’ll outline how to fix that in a moment.

How To Fix Instagram Story Can’t Post My Videos And Photos

Restart Network Connection

When you try to upload Instagram story but can’t be processed, you need first to check your internet connection, even if you believe everything is OK, you should restart your connection. Just turn OFF, and then ON again. Your internet connection can fluctuate at any instant and refreshing it will bring it back to normal.

Restart Your App

The next thing you want to do if you still can’t post content to stories from camera roll is to close the app and launch again. Instagram is constantly running in the background, especially if you’ve set to receive notifications, so just closing the app window and lunching again doesn’t mean it has restarted. You have to go to settings and stop the app using “force stop”. This will stop all app activities, and you’ll be able to fix some of the problems you’re experiencing with the app when you restart.

Restart The Phone

How to save Instagram videos to camera roll

How to save Instagram videos to camera roll

This is another simple fix to solving the problem of not able to upload photos and videos from the camera roll. Restarting the phone stops the activities of every app that might be causing problems to Instagram. Close all apps window before restarting, because some apps remain active even after the phone is restarted.

Use Browser

Use your browser to upload the content you want to upload, if successful then there is something wrong with your Instagram app, and you need to take a further step to get rid of the problem.

Reinstall the Instagram App

If you’ve successfully upload content using your browser, you should consider reinstalling your Instagram app, and there is definitely a bug in the app that’s causing the app to malfunction. Sometimes updating the app might fix the problem, but it’s better to get rid of the old app and install a new one. You should not be afraid of losing data because your data will not be deleted after uninstalling the app, after installing the new app all data will be back, and you can use extra back up apps to ensure your data is secured.

These are some of the steps you need to follow if you’re experiencing problem uploading photos or videos to your Instagram stories from the camera roll. If these steps didn’t solve the problem, it might be your account has been disabled or you’re restricted from uploading stories for a certain period of time. And also sometimes the problem arises from Instagram servers, you’ll have to wait before they fix the problem, there is nothing you can do.

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How To Reactivate An Instagram Account

Social media, in general, can be a blessing to this generation but at the same time, a curse. You can start promoting your business or brand perfectly, but suddenly you’re annoyed by your followers to the extent you want to throw your phone on the floor.

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to managing an Instagram account with massive followers, and a sometimes you just need a break from the platform, and the best way to do that is by deactivating your account. Instagram allows users to deactivate and reactive their accounts with a few clicks.

For some people they find it difficult reactive their account or in some cases most of your posts are lost, that’s when you get tensed because your account is almost empty without the previous content you’ve posted.

In this article, we’ll show you how to reactive your Instagram account following simple steps, but before that there is the need to explain some terms that are misunderstood by Instagram users when it comes to reactivating their account, we’ll differentiate these terms for you.

A Deactivated Account

How To Reactivate An Instagram Account

How To Reactivate An Instagram Account

This is when you personally logged into your Instagram and deactivated the account. This way, your profile and its content aren’t visible. And also after deactivating the account, you can still log in to view your content but your followers can’t. Any time you want to reactivate your account, you can log in and reactivate.

You can deactivate your account by login in and then choose “edit profile”; there will be the option “temporarily disable my account”. It will take minutes or a few hours before the deactivation is in effect.

When you deactivate your account through this method, you can easily reactivate anytime you want.

A Disabled Account

This means Instagram has temporarily blocked your account for violating their rules. You won’t be able to perform any action on your account; you might log in in some situations but can’t post any content, like, comment and more. In this case, you need to send an appeal if you want to reactivate your account.

Deleted Account

If your account is deleted, nothing can be done to reactivate that account, because deleting the account has removed all content from the Instagram platform. Most of the time, deletion is done manually by the Instagram staff. They delete accounts that have repeatedly violated their terms of service or are running the illegal or inappropriate business. But if you, however, believe your account was deleted by mistake you can still contact support to see if they can help.

Top Ways To Reactivate Your Instagram Account Fast

Reactivating The Account You Disabled From Profile

This is easy to deal with; you can reactivate by following the steps below;

  • Open your Instagram app.
reactivate disabled Instagram account

Reactivate disabled Instagram account

  • Add your login details, email, username or phone, if this space isn’t provided you need to find the login button that will allow you to enter the details.
  • Enter your password, and if lost you can choose “forgot password “option, you’ll receive an email on how to reset a new password.
Reviving an old Instagram account

Reviving an old Instagram account

  • In most cases, after login into your account, it becomes active again, no need to take any further action, you just continue running your account. Sometimes there might be more screen instructions that will show you the next steps to follow in order to reactivate the account.
  • Phone verification might be required if you haven’t logged in for a while and might be asked to accept the updated terms and conditions. Email verification also might be needed; they’ll send a link to your email which you need to click in order to reactivate your account.

Reactivating Disabled Account

If you tried to log into your Instagram account but not given access, chances are your account has been disabled provided you’ve checked all login information is correct.

Instagram can disable accounts without notice, and when you try to log in, access is blocked, you need to follow some steps in order to recover your account.

You might get a message like “your account has been disabled”, and most times it’s due to violation of rules. You can still recover your account but subject to review from their support team.

  • You should visit Instagram help page by visiting;, you can’t open the link from Instagram app, open with your browser, either with your phone or with your pc. But a PC will be better since you can type fast and explain to them why they need to reactivate your account.
  • The page you open will provide fields to enter your details such as name, email, phone address and the username of your Instagram account.
  • There is the message box also available where you’ll explain why they shouldn’t disable your account. Depending on your location, they will reply back within a few hours. U.S residents get a faster response than other countries; some use the U.S as their country when filling the form even if they’re not from there.
  • In your message or when replying back to them don’t start apologizing right away, unless there is content on your profile that can be used as evidence you violated their terms of service, don’t be rude or disrespectful either.
  • Don’t also show you’re desperate to get back your account; don’t use harsh language because it’ll make things worse. If you know, you’re innocent always defend yourself.
  • Always give a thank you at the end of your message, they’ll respect you from their side also; just do your best to convince them to reactivate your disabled account. If you haven’t violated Instagram terms of service, your account will be reactivated with some advice from their side.

Troubleshooting Login Problems For Instagram Accounts

We’ll share some helpful tips that will help you reactivate your Instagram account when you have login problems;

Instagram Account Reactivation Tips

  • When you try to login with your username, and it’s not working, you should use email or phone number to see if that work.
  • If you have type your password multiple times and it didn’t work, you should consider resetting the password, also note that password is case sensitive, you want to make sure the caps lock is off.
  • If you’re facing login problems, you should consider turning off your internet connection from phone, then ON it again to see if it works. If you’re using wifi, you should also do the same. If you’re using wifi and you can’t log in, try using your cellular data.
  • Use a different device, if you’re using a phone, try using your pc to see if that solve the problem, and vice versa. There are instances where some data is stored that’s preventing the user from login into the account. And also, there are apps that can interfere with Instagram activities. When you switch to another device, and you can log in, it means there is a problem with your previous device, and that means you need to fix the app on the device.
  • Always update your Instagram app whenever an update is available, most update help fix bugs that’s interfering with app activities.
  • If updating Instagram app doesn’t help, you should consider reinstalling the app. Un-install the app from settings and then visit your app store to download and install again. Re-installing the app solves a lot of Instagram technical errors. Uninstalling the app doesn’t delete your data, your data will be back after installing Instagram again, but for extra security, for your data, you can always back up your data before uninstalling the app. Use back up apps that are available in the app store, you can find good apps absolutely free, but if you want more helpful features you have to upgrade; like instant back up for all your phones data.
  • When you receive the message, your account doesn’t exist chances are your account has been deleted, and it’s hardly possible you can recover it. And when this happens all your activities are also gone, there is no way you can recover all the content posted.

These are some of the tips you need to keep in mind in order to reactivate your account. Now we’ll answer some of the common questions asked by Instagram users regarding account reactivation;

Frequent Questions Asked Regarding Instagram Account Reactivations

When I reactivated my Instagram account, is it reactivated instantly?

No, the process isn’t instant; if you’re lucky your account might be live again within 24 hours, in other cases, it can take up to one week.

Will Instagram Notify Your Followers That You’ve Deactivated Your Account?

No, your activities you will be hidden from them without notice, so have peace of mind you’re going solo without anyone knowing.

Can I Restore Deleted Instagram Account?

Absolutely NO, you can only restore when you temporarily disable it from your account profile edit option.

Does Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts?

Inactive account means haven’t logged in for some time and no activity on your account. Instagram though encourage users to log in every now and then into their account, at some point of inactivity Instagram can delete your account, but will take some years before that happens.

How Many Times Are Instagram Users Allowed To Deactivate Their Account?

You can do that as many times as you want, but you can’t do that frequently, like deactivating in the morning and reactivating after a few hours, then the next day you do the same. Any time you feel you need a break you can always deactivate your account but don’t do it often.

This is it for the article, and we hope you’ll succeed in reactivating your Instagram account without much hassle, let us know what you think in the comment section.

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How to Fix Instagram Deleting My Photos

Not being able to upload your photos is really disappointing to Instagram users, you have just logged into your account successfully but every photo you upload doesn’t show on your profile, or you just checked your profile to search for your previous photos, and you couldn’t find them like they’re gone forever! That’s even a big mess.

On another side also Instagram allows users to deactivate their account from profile settings; this will hide everything on their profile, such as comments, likes. With this feature you’re invisible, anyone can deactivate this feature when they need a break from Instagram, but the big mess is when they’re back they notice all their pictures are deleted and they don’t know how to recover them.

Whether you can’t upload pictures using your Instagram app or your photos are deleted, or you just want to recover your deleted photos, this article will show you how to solve these common problems that are faced by most Instagram users.

Why You Can’t Upload Photos In Your Instagram Account

You’ve Changed Account Settings

It’s possible you’ve accidentally changed the settings on your account to hide your account activities. Instagram allows users to hide their content from public view, you can still upload your photos, but they aren’t visible to your followers. If your photos aren’t showing on your profile, you need to check your settings to ensure that you’re on the right settings.

It’s very common for someone to alter your settings when they’re using your phone, especially friends and family, also if you’re using different devices to log in to Instagram the settings on the device can also affect your account settings. So don’t argue, check your settings to ensure you’re all set.

Copyright Violations

How to Fix Instagram Deleting My Photos

How to Fix Instagram Deleting My Photos

This is another reason that can cause your photos to disappear in a moment. When you post a bunch of photos that are copyright protected, they’re bound to be removed when the owner finds out. You’re lucky if only the photos were deleted, in most case, it will lead to disabling your account or permanent ban from using their service. You should only post the content you own and have copyrights on it.

Posting Inappropriate Photo

Adult pictures get deleted fast and yes Instagram have their way of detecting such kind of pictures, and whenever you post an inappropriate photo, there will be complaining from users that will cause a problem to your account. Always post the right content on your profile to stay safe.

You Account Have Restrictions

Sometimes you can be blocked from uploading pictures in your account especially if you’ve done an unusual activity on your account or when you’re using apps and software to upload content on your account.

If you’re restricted from posting pictures for some time, you’ll not be able to upload any photos in your account. There’s nothing you can do in this situation. You have to wait for the ban to be lifted, most of the time it’s from 24 hours to some days before you can continue posting pictures or any other content.

There Is A Bug In Your App

A bug can interfere with photo upload in your Instagram app; a bug is a crash or corrupted files in your Instagram app. There’s a point where you can’t almost do anything with the app, you have to get rid of the bug, or you have to reinstall the app.

Most of the time if it’s app problem that’s blocking you from uploading photos, it’s a bug. The best way to deal with a bug is to reinstall your app, there are apps that allow users to clear bugs in any app, but don’t get rid of it, and some might even create more problems.

Problem From Instagram Server

On some occasions, the problem isn’t from your side, during maintenance time users can experience downtime, or sometimes when Instagram has done an upgrade, it might cause your photos to disappear just like that. There nothing you can do here, you have to wait for them to fix the problem. In most cases, your photos will be back after some time.

These are some of the reasons why your photos get deleted or why you can’t upload photos in your Instagram account. Let us now outline the steps you need to take when you can’t upload photos, or they’re being deleted for no reason.

Does Instagram Store Your Photos Even After They Are Deleted?

Instagram doesn’t have any recovery feature for users as of now, but they do store photos on their server even after deletion. When a photo is deleted, it can’t be accessed by the user unless they’ve done a backup or they archive it.

Deleted photos can only be retrieved by a court order which is mentioned in their terms of service. You can, however, use third-party services or apps like Google to back up all your posts for future reference.

How To Fix Instagram Deleting My Photos

Wait To See If Your Pictures Will Come Back

If your photos suddenly start disappearing, don’t take action fast, as we’ve mentioned previously, it might be from Instagram servers due to maintenance. Give some hours or a few days to see if the problem is solved before taking any other action provided you know you haven’t done anything wrong, and your pictures aren’t copyright protected. If you’ve violated the Instagram policy, you shouldn’t be surprised they’ve removed your photos.

Login To Your Account Using A Browser

How to fix Pictures Missing from Instagram

How to fix Pictures Missing from Instagram

To ensure that it’s not your app that’s having difficulty in displaying the pictures, you should log in to your account with a browser. Visit “”, and you’ll notice the login button.

Check again to see if your photos can be accessed or if you’re uploading a new photo try using the browser to see if things go well. If the problem is solved, it means there something wrong with your Instagram app and you should proceed to the next step for fixing your app.

Update the Instagram App

Solution to Instagram Deleting My Photos after Upload

Solution to Instagram Deleting My Photos after Upload

Failure to update the Instagram app will cause a bug, and as we’ve mentioned, a bug can interfere with your account activities. Updating the app will fix bugs that are causing problems to your app. If you’ve noticed the features of most updates, you’ll always see it’s a “bug fix”. You can update the app by visiting the app store and then tap install.


If the update didn’t work you then move on to reinstall the app. Reinstalling the app ensures that you’ve downloaded new app files to allow you to run the app smoothly. Run a backup so that all your data can be restored when you reinstall the app. By now, you should be able to get rid of the problem.

Here are other ways to recover your deleted photos from Instagram;

How To Recover Your Deleted Pictures Using Archive Feature

Back in 2017, Instagram introduces a new feature that allows users to hide photos and content from public view and deleted photos can be retrieved using the archive posts. Though Instagram doesn’t have to recycle bin like Google photos, this feature is similar to recycle bin because it allows you to restore the photos you’ve deleted intentionally or by accident.

The archive feature is where your photos are temporarily stored unless you empty it, they’ll always be available there, so only deleting the photos from the achieve will permanently delete them from your Instagram account.

Some people no longer want some photos to show on their profile, and they thought the only way is to delete these photos if that’s the case for you just archive it so that if you need them in the feature, you can always recover them with ease. When you archive photos, they can remain in the archive folder for years without leaving your account.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Your Phone

Using your phone you can also recover deleted photos from your account, all the photos you download and upload can be recovered with your phone.

To recover deleted photos from an Instagram account, you should check the following locations on your phone;

  • Downloads folder
  • Android Gallery
  • Camera Folder/DCIM
  • And other catalogues you’re using for saving images

Use Recovery Software To Recover Your Deleted Photos

You can’t rely on Instagram servers for handling and storing your images. You need to have an external back up for all your images as well. Here are the steps to follow in order to recover using recovery app;

  • You should recall the locations you saved the missing photos on your phone
  • Install recovery app on your phone
  • Scan the locations to find the deleted files
  • And then save all the images found or selected the ones you want to recover.

Recovery Using Google Account

A lot of people have already set to back up their images using Google account but don’t actually check there when their photos are lost. Visit your Google photos account and check the recycle bin to see if your shared images on Instagram aren’t lost.

Use Internet Archive To Find Your Deleted Photos

This is another effective way to recover your deleted photos from Instagram. By 2017 internet archive has more than 300 billion pages, so there is a chance your Instagram pages are archived especially if your account is popular.

Here is how to do it;

  • Visit
  • Add your Instagram profile address in the text box
  • There is a calendar that allows you to input a date for retrieving the page you want. You’ll be able to see a snapshot of the page that contains your photos.

These are some of the ways you can recover your deleted photos when they’re lost from Instagram account. As a rule of thumb always ensure you backed up your images on external drives and make sure to organize them, or they can be difficult to find, especially when you have thousands of them.


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Instagram Deleted My Account For No Reason – How To Fix

Recently there has been a lot of complaints regarding Instagram closing accounts for no reason. Most of these accounts haven’t done anything wrong and are playing by Instagram rules, but still, when they try to login to their account, they’re not given access. They haven’t received any warning or notice of closure for the account.

Some are able to recover their accounts through contact support or other means, but the majority of people haven’t succeeded. It’s really frustrating after spending a lot of time posting content and building the audience, but suddenly they can’t access the account.

The sad news is that business accounts and accounts with massive followers are the ones affected by the sudden closure of the Instagram account. In this article, we’ll share some possible solutions that can help anyone recover their deleted Instagram account, the steps we’re going to outline will only work if you haven’t violated Instagram’s terms of service.

In the end, if you tried all the possible solutions and didn’t work, you have to contact the Instagram support team for manual review, and during this time they’ll review your account activities by checking all your content and messages to confirm you’ve not violated their terms of service.

Let’s start by explaining some of the reasons why Instagram delete accounts with no prior notice.

Why Instagram Delete Accounts?

Using Automation

This is one of the reasons that will cause Instagram to delete your account for no reason. As mentioned earlier, the most affected accounts are businesses that have spent a lot of time building connections, comments, likes and posts on their account. A lot of these accounts are automating their promotion tasks, and they don’t control the use of such tools, they just let their pc run to schedule posts consistently. With the new algorithm they have in place, they’re able to detect apps performing any task on Instagram. Using apps and software on your Instagram account comes with a lot of risks; it is better not to use them at all.

If you don’t have the time to engage with your audience you can hire a virtual assistant to do the job, and if possible you want them to use the same PC and IP address you’re using, you should train them on how to operate your account safely without getting banned.

Signing Up From Multiple Devices

This is another reason that can cause account deletion fast. You need to stick to one device for accessing Instagram account, or you can use a few devices only if you’ll be using the same IP address. Otherwise, you’re placing your account at the risk of closure.

When you’re travelling always ensure your devices are with you in case you want to post content, don’t access your Instagram account from internet cafes, it might be possible their IP address has been banned and when you log in to your account, you’ll be affected.

Adding Fake Followers

Most business accounts and celebrity accounts are fond of adding fake followers to their account in order to attract more audience. They believe the more followers they have, the more people will follow them, they’ll be considered as public figures for gathering such a massive audience.

Recently Instagram has closed a lot of celebrity accounts with fake followers. Fake followers are non-active Instagram accounts used to follow other accounts. Some create thousands to millions of accounts just for this purpose, but Instagram have come up with a way of finding that out, last month they’ve been hunting accounts with fake followers and they’re being deleted instantly and in some cases deletion of the account.

If you want to attract followers you should promote your profile through different channels, and you can promote on your blog, YouTube channels, you can pay other webmasters to promote your profile the right way without getting banned.

Using Multiple Promotion Services

There is nothing wrong with paying freelancers or agencies to promote your Instagram account, but you have to be cautious. As mentioned earlier, accessing your Instagram account with multiple devices and IP address is a sure way to get your account deleted. If you’re using promotion services and they all login to your account using different locations and devices, it’s just a matter of time before Instagram hit your account.

A Lot Of Complains Regarding Your Account

Even if you’re posting the right content, your account will be deleted as long as there are so many complaints regarding your account. You can avoid user complains by respecting each and every one of your followers, don’t insult anyone, always be positive. You can share your opinion, of course, no matter what it is provided, it’s not against Instagram terms of use.

No hate speech and the like of it, if someone added thrash comment regarding your content, just ignore them and keep on doing your work, you’re better than that. Always avoid doing any activity that will lead to the closure of your account, especially if you’re a business owner.

A lot of people are making a living from their Instagram account by selling products and services but still they engage in a lot of activities that will lead to account deletion. Be thoughtful when it comes to reaching and engaging with your followers on an Instagram profile or they can cause a disaster for you.

I believe these are the major reason that can lead to account closure without any prior notice. You have to do all you can to protect your account at all cost. If you’re sure you haven’t violated Instagram rules your account can always be recovered when you contact support for review, we’ll share with you how to do that before the end of this article.

Understand Instagram Account Closure

Suspended Account

This is a temporary block from performing some activities; it’s as a result of multiple violations of Instagram rules which will cause your account to be suspended from performing certain actions in your account. Sometimes you might be granted access to login, but you can’t perform any action in the account, you can’t post, like, comment and other engagements.

Normally your account will be restored after the suspension period, or you have to contact the support team to look into your case. Account suspension means your account is under review, though a lot of the time it leads to permanent closure if after some time your account isn’t active you should contact support to see if it can be recovered.

Disabled Account

Instagram Deleted My Account For No Reason - How to Fix

Instagram Deleted My Account For No Reason – How to Fix

This is also another closure that might happen to any Instagram account. You need to contact support to get your account recovered. They might ask for ID proof to show you’re the rightful owner of the account.

Account Deleted

When your account is deleted chances are you’ll never recover that account, yes, you heard that right! If you can’t access your Instagram account, just hope it’s not permanent deletion. Most of the time this is done when the Instagram team have review your account and have confirmed you violate their terms of service to the extent that they will not allow you to keep running your Instagram account.

Some people when their account is disabled or suspended they refer to it as account deleted, that’s not the case, you can recover your account by following the steps we’ll outline below;

How To Fix Instagram Deleted My Account

In order to get the chance to recover your account, you need to file an appeal, and you can do that by following the steps below;

  • First you login to your account Instagram through the app, you see the message your account was disabled.
How to Fix Instagram Deleted My Account For No Reason

How to Fix Instagram Deleted My Account For No Reason

  • Click on learn more, and a new window will open that says your account was disabled for not following their terms of service.
  • At the button of the text, there is a link “learn more” click on it to proceed to the next step.
  • There would be another message that will ask you if your Instagram account was deleted by mistake to proceed. Choose your account type, accounts that are disabled the most are business accounts. You choose the applicable account you have.

  • Next, you fill in your account information, including username and country. Instagram doesn’t respond to non-U.S residents fast, users have reported fast response when they select the US as their country even if they’re not from the US, it’s up to you to decide on which country to use.
  • You then hit the submit button.

If there is a chance of recovery, you’ll be contacted within few hours, and they’ll ask you to send a picture of yourself with the account name and other stuff they might ask, you should respond fast with the required details.

After sending your picture they’ll reply back asking you to provide any document that proves the information you send was right, that’s you need to provide any form of identification that has a picture which is the same as the one you send earlier with your name on it, all details must match.

If you haven’t done anything wrong your account will be recovered, or they’ll answer they can’t enable the account again.

If after the last response you haven’t heard from them, you should repeat the process until they provide their final decision. You should do this process at least once or twice a day until your case is resolved.

You should also try to contact through help centre link from their website when using a browser and report a problem.

Solution to Instagram Deleted My Account For No Reason

Solution to Instagram Deleted My Account For No Reason

This is how to recover your account when it’s temporarily disabled, suspended or temporary deleted. We hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share.

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How To Fix Instagram Signup Blocked

If you’re blocked from signing up a new account or you can’t even log into your account, it means you’re completely banned from using Instagram services.

When they impose such ban, it means your IP address is recorded, and your device also is being tracked so that no matter how many times you attempt to open a new account they won’t allow you to do so.

How To Fix Instagram Signup Blocked

How To Fix Instagram Signup Blocked

Is it possible to sign up for a new Instagram account even after you’re completely blocked?

You can do that, it’s just a matter of knowing a few tricks that help bypass their system, and we shall discuss all that in this article.

Why You Are Blocked From Creating A New Instagram Account

When you’re blocked from Instagram, chances are you’ve violated some of the service’s terms. We’re not talking only about following a lot of people because of actions like that only cause a temporary ban that lasts a few hours or days or up to a month at maximum.

Meanwhile, when you’re being blocked from using Instagram services completely, you definitely violated their terms of service repeatedly, or there are so many complaints on your account and that too within a short period.

So let’s walk you through some of the things you should avoid to prevent getting blocked from using Instagram services.

Mass Liking and Mass Following

This is one of the main causes of a permanent ban on Instagram. Most Instagram users have the idea that the best way to attract more followers to their account is by following a lot of people and liking their posts.

Of course it works to some extent, but still, it doesn’t mean one has to abuse the system, they don’t have the patience to do things right when it comes to liking, commenting, and following people.

They want to have that massive following on their account within a few days. Most of the successful accounts you’ll find on Instagram didn’t build their audience within months; it takes years to attract a massive audience that can engage with you. There is no shortcut to success; you have to offer value and must have patience.

Here are some actions and limitation you need to impose on your accounts if you don’t want to receive a permanent ban, and failure to impose these limitations for yourself will result on Instagram imposing a permanent ban on you, which one do you choose?

Before you start mass following, commenting and liking, you should make sure your account is at least 30 days and once your baby account is one month old, here are the rules to follow;

  • No more than 60 like for every hour
  • No more than 60 comments for every hour
  • Don’t follow more than 60 people within one hour
  • Don’t send over 60 messages every hour

For accounts that are less than 30 days old, you shouldn’t exceed 30 for all the actions mentioned above. As stated, always allow your account to rest for at least 30 days before you began your promotions.

These are the major actions that lead to an account ban on Instagram, and you need to be careful when performing such actions.

Excessive frequent posting

There is nothing wrong with posting content multiple times on your profile, but there has to be a break between your posts. You can’t go to the extent of posting up to like 10-20 within one hour or even doing that at once. Take it easy from the beginning. There are a lot of services out there that allow Instagram users to schedule their posts on Instagram and other social media sites.

Webmasters can have access to the tools that will help schedule posts in a way that will not attract any ban on the account. So do you yourself a favour and post content wisely on your Instagram profile.

Copyright violations

This is the next big issue I know that lead to account ban, not only that it can also lead to other legal penalties such as heavy fines or whatever compensation imposed by the law. Most people believe they can pick any photo or video and use on their social media profile, not knowing that it can land them in big trouble.

There is always a way to share someone’s content without even asking for it, and that’s not by copying, it’s by sharing it using the sharing options that are available on almost every webpage these days.

If you had copy content directly, you need to ask for permission, if not and there is a report on you, most of the time it leads to a permanent ban on Instagram.

Content violates Instagram rules

Instagram is constantly spying on every content that’s posted on the platform, no one knows the way they’re doing, but they can understand what a video is all about, sometimes they can detect during upload and even if you bypass that they can still know what your video is all about. You need to stay away from content that promotes anything against their terms of service like phonographic content and the like.

User complains

When there is a lot of report on your account you’re bound to receive a ban, a lot of reports will lead to manual review of your account and when they dig they’ll even find more reasons to shut down your account instantly.

I’ve seen many innocent accounts banned because of user reports that are not even justified. You’ll get user complains when you’re promoting spam content or insulting someone, play safe by respecting anyone on the platform and you’re good to go.

Login in with multiple devices and different IP address

Most genuine users will constantly login from the same device and using their unique Ip addresses. Just to know that Instagram can detect your devices, whenever you’re using a different Ip address than the usual one you’re using, Instagram will ask for account verification through SMS and if you keep changing devices and Ip address your account is at the risk of getting banned.

Posting repetitive content

I know you’re excited that your content and video is getting a lot of views, likes and comments, that doesn’t mean you should repost a dozen times. A lot of advertisers make the mistake of promoting a product with the same text, videos and images.

Once you exceed certain number usage for a single content, your account can be blocked if you want to deliver the same message, rewrite your text, change the image a little bit, and make your video unique by adding or removing a few seconds.

Sending sales pitches through DM

Contacting people to buy stuff without their permission through DM is another action that will cause a ban on your account. Most people report when they receive unsolicited promotions through DM.

Even Instagram algorithm can detect commercial messages fast because most of the times it’s the same message that’s sent to 100’s of people at once. Even on your profile, you have to be careful about the type of commercial content you promote, or you’ll face the consequences.

These are some of the things that can cause a permanent ban on your account, and they lead to been blocked from creating new account signup.

Now we’ll take a look at how you can create a new account safely even if you’re blocked from using the service.

How To Fix Instagram Signup Blocked

First option

Re-install the Instagram app

fix Instagram sign up error iPhone

fix Instagram sign up error iPhone

Delete your Instagram app and every data stored by the app. The data stored help Instagram in tracking your device and IP address; that’s how they’re blocking you every time you want to sign up for a new account.

If you’re using Instagram through a browser, you change a different browser.

fix Instagram sign up error Android

fix Instagram sign up error Android

If you’ve been blocked and you’re using a browser, you need to change your browser or use incognito mode.


After re-installing the app or have changed your browser, you cannot use the same IP you’ve been using before. This is because they’ve already blocked that particular IP address and you need to change a new IP address.

There are lots of services out there. You won’t have a problem getting a new IP address. But you should use a dedicated Ip if possible, the one that’s always available when you want to connect to the internet, we’ve mentioned earlier changing IP address consistently can lead to a ban. When you find a dedicated Ip address, you’ll always use it to sign in to your Instagram account.

Solution To Fix Instagram Signup Blocked

Solution To Instagram Signup Blocked

Most of the time the problem should be solved by following just the three methods outlined and if not yet solved there is some data stored on your phone that has not been cleared or the VPN service you’re using has been banned, that’s to say all the IP addresses are banned from using Instagram. Most spammers use VPN services, and once their IP is blocked, anyone using the same IP will be blocked as well since multiple people can connect to the same Ip address.

So forget about using free VPN and proxies because they’ll hardly work in creating a new account, and also if Instagram detects you’re using proxies or VPN service they’ll also block your app or browser from sign up.

Use a different device

If still can’t signup, you should try using a different device to signup. You can use a friend phone to create your new account but when login in with your phone again you have to use a different Ip address in order to access your account successfully.

Second Option

Using android simulator

You can install android simulator on your computer that allows you to run any android app on your pc. This means you’ll be accessing Instagram completely from a new device.

There are lots of android simulators available free of charge; one of them is Bluestack owned by Google. When you successfully install android simulator on your PC, it’s like having an android phone on the PC, if you open it, it will be like a phone screen, and you can visit play store to install the Instagram app and other apps on your simulator.

Don’t open the app using the IP address that was blocked previously, use a new Ip and you can definitely open your new account without any hassle. You can continue to access your account, and you can even use it better since you can type faster on pc than when using a phone.

These are the two best options that are proven to allow anyone to sign up for a new Instagram account even if they’re blocked. Hope you find these tips helpful and don’t forget to share and comment below if you have new ways that have worked for you that are not mentioned in this article.

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Instagram App Keeps Stopping – How To Fix

Instagram app is a very stable app that works just fine on any phone you might have, but at some point, things can go wrong. Sometimes you’re in the middle of performing some tasks with the app, and suddenly you might see the message “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped” or occasionally the app will freeze without showing any signal. In such situations, you might not know what to do next to solve the problem.

How To Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping

How To Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping

It’s even more annoying after you restart the app and it keeps showing the same error message, what do you do in such a situation? This article is aimed at providing solutions to anyone that often receive the message “unfortunately, the Instagram app has stopped”.

Stay with us till the end to figure out how to solve this problem from happening again.

What Causes Your Instagram App To Stop Working?

There are lots of reasons, and we’ll share the major ones;

You Ran Out Of Memory

When your RAM is full, you can hardly run any app on your phone, any app you open will immediately crash, and that’s because you don’t have enough RAM space to run the app.

You can check your RAM space to see the percentage occupied. Almost every phone can show this stat if your RAM has reached over 90% it’s then advisable to close some of the apps on your phone.

Some people make the mistake of leaving multiple apps open for days. They don’t know they’re eating up RAM space and will affect app performance leading to crash. If there is no enough RAM space, your Instagram app can’t work smoothly.

Haven’t Updated Your Instagram App

This is the second reason that might cause your Instagram app to crash; a lot of Instagram users don’t bother to update their app since it’s still working them. The Instagram app will crash at some point due to lack of update and if the app is frequently crashing the next thing you want to do is to check for updates, it takes seconds to a few minutes to download the update from your phone store.

Instagram App Is Corrupt

This is another problem that will cause your app to stop working. When some of the app files are corrupt, the app can crash at some point, as a result of this, there is nothing that will fix the problem other than reinstalling the app. Some might go through the long way of identifying the corrupt files and then fixing them, that’s a long way without guarantee.

How To Prevent Your Instagram App From Crashing in the future

Clear Enough Phone Space

Whatever you’re going to do, the app won’t work efficiently if your phone runs out of memory. If you want to work with multiple apps at once on your phone, you have to make sure you get yourself a phone with enough memory space that can handle all your phone operations.

Opening multiple apps on a 1G RAM phone will interfere with your Instagram operations. If you must use such a phone, you should consider closing other apps before launching your Instagram app.

Always ensure your Instagram is up to date

Solution to Instagram App Keeps Stopping

Solution to Instagram App Keeps Stopping

Not updating the app will create bugs that will cause your Instagram app to stop working. There are updates every one or two months, and you have to get those updates from your app store. This is the best way to prevent your Instagram app from crashing.

Clear Cache On A Regular Basis

Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping Error

Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping Error

Fix Instagram App Keeps Stopping ErrorA cache is known to interfere with Instagram activities; you should always clear cache at specified intervals, like weekly or monthly, this will keep your app safe without crashing.

You can do this from settings or can use third-party apps that will clear cache from your entire phone. Not the only Instagram, you need to clear cache from other apps to ensure your phone is running smoothly.

These are the three significant steps you need to take if you want to prevent your Instagram app from crashing in the future.

Now it’s time to outline actionable steps you need to take when your Instagram app isn’t working.

How To Fix the Instagram App Keeps Stopping

Restart your phone

Solution to Instagram App Keeps Stopping Error - Restart Phone

Solution to Instagram App Keeps Stopping Error – Restart Phone

The first thing to do when your Instagram app keeps stopping is to restart your phone. This is just a basic solution that won’t take much of your time. If it’s an error caused by your phone then restarting your device will refresh all your phone settings so that all your apps can run smoothly. Just press the power button of your phone and tap restart, this action alone is likely to fix your Instagram crash problem.

Check for conflicts

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing android

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing androidIf the Instagram app isn’t running well, it’s sometimes as a result of conflicts with other apps. You need to check recent apps you’ve installed on your phone because they might be the reason why your app isn’t working. Try and freeze the new apps you’ve installed to see if the Instagram app is now working, once you find these conflict apps that are interfering with your app, you need to find a way to freeze or altogether remove them.

There are also phone settings that aren’t favourable to the Instagram app when you notice app crash after changing your phone settings you might need to restore previous settings that allow the app to worth efficiently.

If the app suddenly starts crashing, you need to check and recall any action you have done that has the potential to crash your Instagram app.

Clear data

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing iPhone

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing on Mobile

A lot of data is stored in your app, and this data can interfere with Instagram performance. If you want to fix Instagram not working, you should clear Instagram data to see if that solves the problem. However, before deleting the data you should run a backup, if you don’t want to lose relevant data from your Instagram account you should consider having a backup, a lot of apps are available in-app store to store your data for every app on your phone. Backup apps will save your data so that even if you delete some data accidentally, you can recover it with a few clicks.

You should now head over to delete app data from Instagram to see if that solves your frequent crash problem.

Reinstall the Instagram app

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing iPhone

How to fix Instagram keeps crashing iPhone

If you still haven’t solved the problem, it’s time to delete the app and install again. Most people don’t like the idea of deleting their app but has to be done if your app keeps crashing again and again.

Remove the app by heading over to settings, apps and choose the delete option. Deleting the app doesn’t mean all your data is gone; data will be restored when you install the new app.

After deleting, download the new version from the app store and install, there is a higher chance of fixing the problem with this step, because if it’s as a result of corrupt files, you’ve now get rid of those files by installing the new app.

Revert to the previous version

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s crucial always to update your Instagram app when new update is released, but if after updating the app you started experiencing crash problems, it’s possible the update isn’t compatible with your OS and hence the best solution is to revert to the Instagram version that’s working well on your phone.

You can always download an earlier version of Instagram on your phone, but most of the time, you’ll get access to the APK file. You’ll only access the latest version on the app store if you’re looking for previous versions you need to check online from reliable third party websites. Get the APK file for the earlier version that’s working smoothly on your phone, and you’ll solve Instagram app crashing problem.

Clean your phone

Sometimes there are a lot of junk files on your phone that prevent apps from functioning correctly. These can be virus files or malware that are known to affect the performance of your phone.

You’ll need a capable anti-virus software or app that will clean your phone from these malware programs if your Instagram keeps stopping frequently. You’ll find a lot of free apps that will help wipe out any harmful file on your phone within a few minutes. Find an app that’s suitable for you and clean any dangerous file on your phone.

Update OS

If you still haven’t figured it out, it’s time to update your OS, especially if you’re using an old phone. When your system is not updated or is corrupt, and it can cause most of your apps not function properly.

Updating your system can take some time but has a lot of benefits to the performance of your phone. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, going to settings option will allow you to check updates for your OS. Once you updated the system, you should run the Instagram to see if it’s working the way it should be.

These are the essential steps you need to take when your Instagram app keeps stopping; most times, it has to do with your phone settings and performance. You need to identify what’s causing the problem and then implement possible solutions outlined in this article.

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How To Fix ‘Can’t Follow People On Instagram’ Error

Are you looking for answers on why Instagram doesn’t allow you to follow people? If so, you’re not alone. Recently, a lot of people are reporting this problem and are looking for solutions on how to fix this problem fast.

How To Fix Can't Follow People On Instagram Error

How To Fix Can’t Follow People On Instagram Error

This article will explain it all for you, why you can’t follow people and how to fix the problem and other important things you need to do in order to protect your Instagram account from getting banned.

What Happens When You Can’t Follow People On Instagram?

When you hit the “Follow” button, nothing happens, that’s to say the button never changes, it means not only following people, you’re blocked from performing a lot of actions on your Instagram account.

Most of the time it’s a temporary ban, it can be removed within a short period of time, and it’s as a result of a violation of their terms of service or you abused using their platform.

Marketers are the ones that receive this ban often because they always want to push their products and services; they don’t care about the limits. That’s why Instagram come up with a new algorithm that prevents users from mass liking, commenting and following people.

Sometimes you can be blocked from following certain people and sometimes you can be banned from following everyone.

We all know that if you can’t follow people, you can’t connect with people well enough to enjoy the platform and that’s why when you’re blocked from following other people you feel like your account isn’t of any value and for marketers no one will watch or view their marketing campaigns.

Before outlining how to fix the problem of losing access to follow or un-follow people on Instagram, let’s share the root causes so that you can avoid making these mistakes that might lead your account to get suspended or getting banned completely.

Top Reasons Why Instagram Doesn’t Allow You To Follow Or Un-Follow People

Technical Problem

You might be disconnected from the internet. This is the first thing to check, ensure your network is ON, and there is a strong network signal. When you do that you should then restart the app again, note that even after fixing your network problem, you might not follow until you restart the app.

Following Many Accounts Very Fast

This is one of the surest ways to get your account banned from the following people. Some people use automation tools to follow massive people within few minutes, the new Instagram algorithm can detect these activities fast, and when you perform such actions fast your account will be restricted, the ban can last for 24-48 hours or even more than that.

If you keep on doing that repeatedly your account will be banned completely, that’s to say you can’t perform any actions with your Instagram account.

If your account is new, you shouldn’t follow a lot of people from the beginning. You have to do things slowly in a natural way. For older accounts, they have fewer restrictions and have the freedom to follow more people within a certain period of time, and of course, they do have limits also.

What’s The Maximum Number Of People You Can Follow Every Day?

Most sources reveal you can follow up to 500 people a day, but that’s for accounts that are at least 30 days old. For a new account that’s not possible, try to follow no more than 50 people, and that should be distributed throughout the day, like following five people every hour, when your account is old enough you can reach the 500 following limit.

You’ve Reached The Maximum Follow Limit

If you can’t follow people, it might be because you’ve reached the maximum threshold for your account. You can’t follow more than 7500 on one Instagram account.

If you’ve reached that quota, you might want to unfollow some people before following new people.

Using Apps And Software

Most people that are following accounts fast are using software and apps, and when Instagram detects that you’re using Bots or apps to operate certain tasks on your Instagram account, you’ll be blocked immediately from certain actions which include following, liking or commenting.

No one is saying you can’t use tools to improve your Instagram campaigns, but you have to do things wisely in a way you won’t get your account banned. For better protection for your account, I’ll advise to use services or hire a virtual assistant to do some tasks for you if you don’t have the time to do it.

For instance, you can hire a VA that will follow a certain number of people in an hour, like following only 10-20 people every hour and should spread the actions, not all at once. This is how you should be doing things if you don’t want your account to get banned.

Multiple People Are Using The Same Account

It’s normal for two people to operate one account if however there are more than two people operating your account you might be restricted from performing some actions.

New accounts are the ones mostly affected by this rule, I’ll say from the beginning, you should log into your account using only one IP address, or if multiple people are using the same account, they should do so using the same device and Ip address you’re using.

Your App Has A Bug

This is another reason that can prevent you from following people Instagram, as time goes on, there is a lot of data stored on your Instagram app and can interfere with the app functions. Unless the corrupt data has been deleted or repaired, you’ll have a hard time following people or performing other actions on Instagram.

You Have Muted Following People

Yes, it might be that you’ve set your account not follow people anymore, this might happen accidentally. You want to make sure your settings are have not been altered before looking for other solutions. You won’t be notified when you’ve muted someone. You need to check muted list to ensure the people you’re trying follow aren’t included in the muted list.

These are some of the major reasons that can prevent you from following people on Instagram; avoiding these mistakes will help you keep your account safe.

How Long Does It To Lift Your Account Ban?

Most time when you’re blocked from following people it’s a temporary ban, you’ll be blocked from following people for a short period of time; it can be from 20 minutes to several days or even a month.

New accounts experience longer ban than older accounts. If your account is new, you want to play it safe when it comes to performing any action on your account. Follow a limited number of people, don’t like and comment too fast also, that’s the best way to go.

Steps To Follow In Order To Fix Can’t Follow People On Instagram

Login With A Different Device

Assuming there is no ban on your account and haven’t done any unusual activity, you’ll want to login to your account with a different device. If you’re using the app, try using your browser to follow someone and see if it works. If you’re using a browser, you should try using the app. If that still doesn’t work out, move into the next step.

Logout And Login

nstagram follow button not working

Instagram follow button not working

Sign out of your Instagram and login again to see if the problem is solved. Go to settings and then tap the logout button. When you’ve signed out, you should login again to follow some people to see if that works.

Check For Updates

Fix ‘Can’t Follow People On Instagram on Mobile

Fix ‘Can’t Follow People On Instagram on Mobile

Ensure your app is up to date, if you haven’t updated your app for some time, it’s advisable to check for updates. This can be checked by visiting the app store for iPhone users and Play store for android users. Install updates if available and then go back to see if you can follow people.

Re-Install The App

Solution to 'Can’t Follow People On Instagram'

Solution to ‘Can’t Follow People On Instagram’

Still can’t follow people? Provided your account doesn’t have any restrictions you’ll want to re-install your Instagram app.

Go to settings, apps and delete the app completely from your phone, you then download and install again. By now if the problem is related to your app, the problem should be solved right away after re-installing the app.

Follow People Through Facebook

How To Fix 'Can't Follow People On Instagram' Error

How To Fix ‘Can’t Follow People On Instagram’ Error

Try to follow people through Facebook to see if the problem is solved. Most people on Instagram have a Facebook account, and you can follow them through Facebook if you’re unable to do it on the Instagram app.

Go to Settings on your app, under followed people, and you’ll notice Facebook Friends option. Tap on that and login to Facebook. You then select a few accounts to see if things are working now.

Tips That Will Help Keep Your Instagram Account Safe

Use One Promotion Service

For businesses and individuals that need promotion for their accounts, they should always use one service at a time. When you’re using multiple services, it means they’ll both log in to your account and perform different actions which will lead to account ban.

Avoid Automatic Promotions

If you have to automate some actions on your Instagram, then use trusted and reliable tools that will perform the actions you want at safe intervals.

Link Your Instagram Account To Other Social Accounts

Connect to as many social sites as you can, such as Facebook, Twitter. This will help you get more followers in these accounts also.

Post regularly

Don’t leave your account abandoned and then suddenly start mass following people. This will lead to an immediate ban.

Complete Your Profile

Make sure your profile details are filled properly, look like a real human and genuine business owner.

Limit The Number Of Actions

Don’t mass-follow people at once, start small and then increase gradually till you reach the maximum limit.

Don’t Continue Actions Immediately After A Ban

Give at least a week before resuming on your promotions when you’re temporarily banned, and do things slow and steady.

That’s it for this article, and we hope you’re able to fix your Instagram not able to follow people with the few steps mentioned.

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How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

Of what use is your Instagram app without getting instant notifications on your phone?

You’re addicted to getting instant notifications from your favourite channels, and suddenly you refresh your app, and you can’t get any updates.

You continue refreshing, but still, there is no any update, some people, of course, turn to other apps for an instant update, but that’s a long way to go about it, you can quickly fix the problem following a few simple steps, and you can do that by yourself within minutes.

The problem of not getting notifications is getting popular each day; users are always reporting they’re not receiving notifications for friend requests, likes, comments and direct messages on their phone. Instagram is becoming the new Facebook and for most users, not getting these notifications is a disaster, they want to get updated every second for their account activities.

There is the need to come up with an effective solution that can solve the problem and understand what causes of the problem so that they can prevent it from happening again in the feature, as the saying goes “prevention is better than control.”

In this article, we’ll share the major causes of this problem and as well reveal effective ways that will help anyone fix Instagram notification not working error on their phone, both on Android and iOS users.

What’s Causing the Instagram App Not Sending Notifications?

After research it was found that there are basically three major reasons why the Instagram app isn’t showing notifications and here are they;

Push Notification Is Turned Off On Your Instagram App

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

This is one of the main causes when you’re not receiving live notifications from your Instagram account. When the settings for push notifications from your app are altered, you’ll be getting this type of error; push notifications must be turned ON in your app in order to receive notifications.

Corrupt Cache For Instagram App

When the cache is corrupt, you’ll hardly receive any notifications even though your push notifications are already ON. A lot of users have reported that after clearing cache data everything is back to normal, the cache can be cleared from your phone settings easily.

Instagram App Isn’t Working Properly

This also happens when the app is corrupt or isn’t working properly. That’s why, in most case, after trying a few methods to resolve the situation and notifications are still not showing up; it’s always advisable to reinstall the app.

How to Fix Notifications Not Working on Instagram

Restarting your phone

After checking you don’t have any network problem the first thing you want to do when you’re not receiving Instagram instant notifications is to restart your phone. Don’t take any other step in an attempt to fix the problem, like altering your settings or something like that, just restart the phone. Most of the time, the problem will be solved right from there.

Sign-Out Your Instagram Account

Solution for Instagram Notifications Not Working

Solution for Instagram Notifications Not Working

This is another simple way to fix the problem, after restarting your phone and still not working, you should head over to your profile screen and sign-out from the settings options. Login again to see if the problem is solved.

Update the app

Check for update to see if your app is up to date. When your app is not up to date, there will be bugs that cause the app not function properly. Visit Play store for Android users and App Store for iPhone users to check for update. Users have reported that updating the app was able to fix the problem for them and you need to try that out also to see if it will work for you.

Turn off the “do not disturb mode” on your phone.

Fixing Instagram Notifications Not Working

Fixing Instagram Notifications Not Working

You might turn on this feature accidentally, I do this often and when the “do not disturb mode” is on you might not receive notifications on some phone; even calls are in silent mode. Though this feature is for silencing sound alerts, it can still fix the problem. Both Android and iPhone have these feature.

Check Notification Settings

There are a lot of notification settings in your Instagram app; you need to check to ensure all your preferred settings are ON, such as comment notifications direct message notifications, check to ensure push notification is ON.

You can do that by tapping settings icon where you’ll see notifications, and you can turn ON notifications you want to receive, there is an option that pauses all notifications, make sure that it’s not checked off as well.

Check Notification Settings On Phone

Even after turning notification settings in your Instagram account, you need to check settings on your phone, or sometimes there are apps that can block all notification settings. Also when you’re using multiple devices to log in to your Instagram account, the settings on one device will affect the settings on other devices, make sure to check all your devices to ensure the settings are right on every device.

Disable Power Saving Mode On Your Phone

Instagram notifications not working android

Instagram notifications not working android

All phones come with this feature; in Android, it’s called Power Saver and iPhone Low Power. When your phone battery falls below 30%, power-saving mode will be activated, and apps will not refresh to provide any update, this is one of the reasons why the Instagram app isn’t showing a notification. Either you make sure your battery isn’t low or turn off the power saving mode in any phone.

On Android, you can change this by going to settings and then battery, slide to off mode. This means your phone will always perform at an optimal level, but before you know it, your phone might just go off without warning. For iPhone, the procedure is almost the same, tap settings, battery and toggle off low power mode.

For iPhone Users, Reinstall

Instagram notifications not working iPhone

Instagram notifications not working iPhone

When you’re installing Instagram on iPhone, you’ll receive the message whether you want to receive notifications or not, when you choose “not now” you’ll not receive any notifications. You’ll have to reinstall the app again and give permissions to send your notifications.

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Reinstall the app by completely deleting from your phone and downloading new files from the play store. When you reinstall the app again you’ll be shown the pop-up again on whether to allow notifications or not; you’ll receive notification twice, allow access for all of them.

Clear Cache For Android Devices

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

Clearing cache solves notification problems a lot of the time on both Android and iPhone devices. Go to settings and tap on apps and notifications. Select clear cache and all cache will be cleared; you can only choose Instagram if that’s the only app you want to cache for.

There are apps also that can clear all cache with ease, don’t clear storage because this option will delete all data for the app and you have to login again; when you clear cache no data is deleted.

Reinstall On Android

Just like in the iPhone, if clearing cache doesn’t solve the problem, you should consider reinstalling the app. Delete the app and then download again from Play store. When you uninstall the app, your data is not deleted, your data will still be available.

If there is a problem from the app that’s blocking notifications, by now the problem should be solved since you’ve installed a new app. If still doesn’t work, then there has to be a problem with your phone settings or Instagram account settings.

Update Your Phone

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working Error

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working Error

By now if things haven’t work, the last thing you want to do is to update your phone operating system. All apps are built to be compatible with the latest OS on any device.

Failure to update OS can cause the problem to many apps, and Instagram isn’t an exception. If you haven’t updated your phone for a while, you should update your OS immediately; you can do that by going to Settings, system, and tapping system update. Once OS is updated your notification problems will be solved.

Final Words

Instagram notifications will make your life easier, gone are the days when you need to check for notifications in your inbox or have to log in to your Instagram in order to view notifications.

But with the notification feature on your phone you can always weed out unwanted messages right away and when you have important messaged that need response you can easily view them right away since with the notification feature on your phone you can view messages even if your screen is locked.

Following the steps mentioned above will definitely help you solve notification problems on the Instagram app, most of the time, it has to do with your Instagram account or phone settings. Start by checking your account and then your phone settings, and also ensure that there is no app blocking notifications such as antivirus and security apps on your phone.

Another hint is that when the Instagram app isn’t showing notifications, you need to check for other apps, if they’re showing notifications it means the problem isn’t from your phone settings, it’s from your Instagram app and that’s where you need to focus your attention. Always ensure your app is up to date by visiting your app store.

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