Can You Change Your Instagram Username? Guide

Instagram has revolutionized the social media space with a simple and effective photo-sharing application. It has currently over 1 billion monthly active users. Great, you are one among the active 500 million who use the social networking site daily for one or the other purpose. It has grown exponentially in recent years, it had just 130 million monthly active users in 2013 and grown 10 times since then.

It is one of the most favourite social media marketing tools among certain business categories, mainly fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. This high engagement rate with a relatively better response makes it unique in the era of flooded timeline.

User-generated content and contextual position of your content in the same pattern make it a highly effective tool of social marketing. One of the biggest reasons is the very vibrant and dynamic user demography. Among the billion active monthly users, over 71% are under the age of 35. You can craft content accordingly and position your brand and product smoothly.

Anyway, you are on Instagram and you must be pushing hard to get a maximum impression so that your product gets maximum visibility. You have some very loyal users who share your content and help you reach new geographies, what else you could wish for if your followers start spreading the content. There is nothing more effective then user-generated endorsement.

You have started small & young and opened an Instagram account without much thinking about the effectiveness of the username. You choose any username with thinking who cares about username when your name and other details are easily available. But, now you have moved from college to the professional world or simply your business has grown to get some seriousness. So, what to do with user names? Should you change it? If, yes, then how. Will it have an impact on followers, and links? Let us find answers to these primary questions one by one?

Can I Change Instagram Username?

Of course, you can change everything, including the username and the primary email address.  you have used to create the account. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Will username change affect account?

Just like your real name which you cannot change without following the due process, changing Instagram username also requires following certain process. Technically, you just change your name and everything else remains the same. Your followers remain intact, but they will reach their feed with a new username. There won’t be any impact on the content you share. So, it is no risk game. Rather, it is a good strategy to change your username that matches your current age, mood, and proposition.

How to Change the Instagram Username?

Instagram is all about simplicity of use and this applies also in managing the profile information. If you compare the process of username change with other social media platforms, the process is simpler in Instagram. The reason for the change is your personal decision, it might be just because of a change in legal name or simply because the new name goes well with your product or service offering. Follow these simple steps to change your username.

Step by Step Guide to Change Instagram Username

You don’t have to worry about the device while changing the username. You can change it via a smartphone application or a web browser.

  • Go to the home page of the platform and click on the profile. Depending on the device, it might be at the bottom right corner of the app or top right of the browser version.
  • Once you are on the profile page, click further on “Edit Profile”. This button is near your display profile picture.

    Change your Instagram Username on mobile

    Change your Instagram Username on mobile

  • You can change all possible information, including name, username, profile picture, and other information. You are just one step away from the user name, but this last step is trickier because whatever you are going to type as the desired username you won’t get that exactly that way. It is very natural because one-seventh of the global population is there on the platform and most of the simple names are already taken. Of course, you have the option to use your creativity in finding the right variants matching your expectation.

    Change your Instagram Username

    Can You Change your Instagram Username? Guide.

  • Once you are ready with your acceptable username, all you need to do is “Save” the changes and wait for some time. It might take some time for the system to reflect changes.

It is advisable, not to change the display picture because your followers might get confused by sudden changes. If you want to change display picture then do it slowly with some time gap.

  • It is good for the security of your Instagram account to change the password and enable two-factor authentications.

Some Common Concerns Linked to Username Change

Since you use Instagram to remain connected with your friends, followers, and customers it natural to have some genuine questions in mind when you plan to change the username. Do you have to re-do the whole process of pushing the link on all possible places? Let us find…

Will a username change in all the places and URLs redirect to the new URL?

Frankly, the technology doesn’t go backward, but forwards. If you have posted the Instagram link on your website, blog or any other social media platforms, you have to change the URLs at all those places. Your old link won’t redirect to the new link. So, prepare the list of all possible places where you have placed the Instagram link so that you could change it one by one. It won’t take much time.

The change in the username will create a new URL and that won’t have any impact on any related functionality within the platform, but if your URL is on other platforms or website, it won’t redirect to the new URL. So, your followers might land on a dead page.

If they’re on your own website and social, follow the steps below. If others have linked to you, see if you can get them to update.

If your old URL was getting visibility in search engines like Google, it is going to be a tough task get that status back soon as Google takes time to re-index your URL related activity. You can use some age-old trick of crawler pull like good quality content push and buzz to boost indexing. Activity is the key here, but do change it if you have address and map markers of the Google platform.

What about previous mentions of my username on Instagram?

Frankly, the internet in general and social media, in particular, is all about dynamism and activity. You reap the dividend of engagement only because of these inherent qualities. So, don’t hesitate to experimentations. The name change is just one element of dynamism and you have to learn how to use every factor in reaching to your audience. One good message informing your audience about the change will earn your good appreciation.

All your previous mentions remain intact, so you need to worry about that aspect.

Is it possible to reuse the Instagram username?

Your concern related to misuse of your old username for an illicit purpose is very genuine. Anyone can use it to damage your reputation as your followers might get influenced by the trick. So, what is the way out? How long Instagram takes it to make the old username available?

Frankly, nobody knows. The rule is simple if your previous username was so precious what was the need for change.

Make Username Change Plan Public

The best strategy is to go with the plan to change your username is to make it public and remind your followers about your plan. Your followers will appreciate your effort and take the desired action to carry it forward to a larger audience. To maintain honesty in explaining the plan. It is likely you might not reach everyone in one post, so don’t hesitate to repeat. You can always remove those posts down.

If your Instagram link is quite popular on some forums and blogs, it is good to reach to the administrator and request for URL changes. It is very natural, they will be happy to do it as you are a popular and active member. The key is the activity, spare some exclusive hours to respond to any possible communication so that your post starts getting traction.

Visibility Drop

It is likely that you might notice some drop in the activity of your posts. But it, not a matter of concern as every system takes time to re-sync all your data and start displaying it in the right context. Rather than questioning the algorithm, it is better to focus on content according to the new identity and increase the activity on the timeline.

You are on Instagram because of its simplicity. So, accept its simplicity and wait for the system to respond to your forced changes. Dynamism and activity is the lifeblood of social media marketing, there is no substitute as you announce your social presence through social media. You simply cannot say that I am not active in social space. So, be active to redefine the horizon of success!


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