How To Change Username On A Facebook Page

I noticed that people change their username on Facebook, and I wondered how they did it. So, off I went to do my research on how somebody can change the username on Facebook.

How to Change Username on a Facebook Page? To change your Facebook username,

  • Click on your Facebook menu button and click Settings.
  • Go to Name in General Settings, click edit
  • Enter your new name, and click review changes.

You would be asked to re-enter your password for personality confirmation, do that and click on the save changes button.

People change their usernames on Facebook for different reasons. Howbeit, there is a restriction to the frequency at which you can change your Facebook username.

What Is Your Facebook Username

How To Change Username On A Facebook Page

How To Change Username On A Facebook Page

Your Facebook username is your first point of identity on Facebook, and just like in the real world, you want to put out a suitable identity for yourself. With millions of people on Facebook, you do not want to give the world a wrong impression about your identity.

But to think, it is only on social media- namely: Facebook- that you have people who bear all sorts of funny names. You are bound to see a person’s username sounding like “Itz Don.” What? Nobody has such a name in real life.

When you’re asked if you have a Facebook account, the next thing you’re asked for is your username. It is your username people send friend requests to when they want to be friends with you on Facebook. If someone needs to find you on Facebook, it is your username that they will insert in the search box.

You can decide not to have a Profile Picture, but you cannot choose not to have a username, and that is why I am really of the opinion that you use a name you can easily be identified with on Facebook.

I have some childhood friends I lost contact with, and when I want to find them, I first search them up on Facebook before I go to search them on Google. I once heard someone say that some people feel like their old friends are dead if they cannot find them on Facebook. It sounds funny, but I think they bore that opinion because “everyone should have a Facebook account’.

But then, I have reunited with some good old friends because I used my “original” name on Facebook. They’ll say, “I remember your name, so when I saw it, I knew it had to be you.” Sometimes, I do not even recognize them anymore! And some of them had changed their names, but we have been able to reconnect because I used my original name.

The point is, you can connect with just about anybody- friends, employers, partners, investors, etc.- with the right Username. I tend to ignore people with funny usernames by default. Except there’s something, I need to add them up for. And somehow, I feel like there are people who ignore them, too.

Your Facebook username should not be your nickname. There’s an option to add your nickname to your name on your Facebook profile Setting. You would usually see people’s names on their profiles looking like “Itz Don (Dontaz).” The name in the bracket could either be a nickname, a maiden name, or any other name.

Your Facebook name should be the name over 70% of the people who know you can identify you with. I would think that to be the name on your birth certificate; but if it isn’t, use what it is.

What Should Not Appear In My Username

I have already mentioned that people bear all sorts of things on Facebook. I’ve seen people who bear combinations of meals, like ‘Bread and Jam.’ For real?

Facebook has stipulated guidelines as to what and what cannot appear in your username. Trust me, without these guidelines, and there’d have been more funny things going on with people’s names on Facebook. These guidelines are also there to help you choose a name that people can easily find when searching for you.

Some of them include:


Why do you even want to add punctuation to your name? I mean, names usually do not have commas and full-stops and question marks and exclamation marks. Or, do they? They don’t. The only punctuation you would find in a real name is the only one Facebook allows, and that’s the hyphen-. Adding another punctuation to your username will amount to breaking Facebook rules on names.


If you have a number somehow attached to your original name, you would have to write the number in words or leave it only present in your other IDs(that is, if you are allowed to). Facebook does not think people are giving names with some numbers attached, so they won’t let you bring it in.

Multiple Languages

You can bear the local variant of your name on Facebook, using your country’s language keyboard to type in the characters. But you can’t have characters from multiple Languages in your Facebook username. Even if you are Bi-racial with different languages, you would just have to stick to using just one language name in your username.


People often like to show off their achievements or rub them off on people’s faces. However, Facebook is made for everyone, and there’s no room made for intimidation by anybody. On Facebook, there are no First Class and Economy. Everyone has the same right and privileges, and you can be penalized for mistreating someone on the app.

You are not allowed to bear your titles on Facebook. Whether professional or Religious. They do not appear on your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, and other documents. And, Facebook does not want them either.


Names are in words, not in phrases, and your Facebook username is expected to be a name and not just anything you feel like typing in there. If your name is a phrase, you would have to either change your name for Facebook’s sake or just fix up something that looks like a name for your Facebook username.

These are some of the things Facebook does not allow in usernames. Following their laid down guidelines will help you keep away from getting into any trouble on Facebook.

Of course, some people break the rules and put in just whatever they feel like in their Facebook username, but they are not without consequences when Facebook finds them out. Avoid the temptation to tow that path.

Names You Can Use On Facebook

Most of us were not a part of our naming ceremony. We were not present when our names were chosen and given. Some people are not satisfied with the names given to them by their parents and always look forward to changing them. While some parents would easily let you change your name, others would impose on you the beauty and meanings of your name even when you obviously cannot see it.

On social media, namely: Facebook, you can decide to bear any name without questions. You can bear your birth name, nickname, the short form of your name, or a name you have always wanted to be called.

I know people who are not pleased with the names given to them by their parents. As such, they find Facebook a good opportunity to change the name.

There are many things to put into consideration when choosing the name you want to use on Facebook.

The Purpose Of The Account

What do you intend to do with the account you are creating? A Facebook account can either be a personal account, a business account, or for any other purpose.

When creating a personal account, your username choice should come from the following:

Your Birth Name

Your birth name is arguably your most popular name. If it is, then a lot of people searching for you on Facebook will search for the birth name.

Your ID name

The name on your IDs should be another name to use as a Facebook username. Anybody with access to your ID can easily contact you on Facebook if you are using the same name.

Your Nickname

Some people are well known and addressed by a nickname or a short form of their names. If this is your case, then your Facebook username should be the name you are mostly known and addressed as.

Your business account on Facebook should bear your business name for easy identification and promotion. It is quite unprofessional to use your name for your business account, except in cases where your name and your business name are the same.

Other purposes people create Facebook accounts may be for employment purposes, for school, etc. Whatever username you choose for your Facebook account should meet the demand for the purpose of the account.

The Country/Language Of Origin Of The Account

Usually, the language you choose for your account at the creation of the account is the language you would mostly be related to on Facebook. The same goes for the country.

It is not quite sensible to use a Chinese Facebook username in an English Facebook account. A good percentage of people who speak English do not speak Chinese, so you’ll be doing them and yourself some sort of mishap by using a name written in Chinese. How would people relate to you?

In the same way, an only-Chinese speaking person cannot decide to use an English name or create an English Facebook account. He will not be able to relate effectively in that account.

Whatever language you speak, your Facebook username and Setting should favor it.

How Often Can I Change my username?

Oh, yes. You can change your Facebook username more than one time. But you cannot change your Facebook username just at any time you feel like it.

Every name you put on Facebook stays for 60days before you can make another change. You must think very carefully before you go to your Settings to change your name, and think it through again before you click on the final Save Changes.

Facebook makes this so to tame people who will do nothing else but change their Facebook username. They will change it every day if they are allowed to, making it difficult for people to find them on Facebook.

How To Add Another Name To Your Facebook Username

You can add other names to your username and make them appear at your name corner on your Facebook profile. It can be your maiden name, nickname, the short form of your name, professional name, or just any name you are also known as.

The essence of this name is to help people who know you by it to find you on Facebook. You may not appear on the first search page as you would if it were your username searched, but a little scrolling and there you are!

To add this name, simply go to your Facebook profile, then click on “See Your About Info.” Under this option, simply scroll down to where you have the Other Names option, then click on “Add Other Names” and type in the name you want to add and select which category it belongs to. Usually, there is an option to either let it appear beside your username in a bracket or to leave that out. Choose this option based on how you want it.

Related Questions

Can I Have Two Facebook Accounts With The Same Username? Yes, you can have two Facebook accounts with the same username. Other details, like the email address or phone number, used in the creation of the account must be different.

Must My Profile Picture Be A Picture Of Myself? No, it mustn’t. Using a picture of you on your Facebook profile allows people to easily recognize you, especially when there are other people with the same name as yours on Facebook. However, no rules are stating that your profile picture must be a photo of you.

Do I Have To Be Active On The Facebook Messenger? No, you don’t. The Facebook messenger is made to give you access to having conversations with your Facebook friends, but if you are not comfortable with it, you do not have to be on it.

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