How To Contact Instagram For Help With Your Account, Or To Report Other Accounts

Many inappropriate things happen on Instagram, and I wondered if there weren’t any measures Instagram had put in place to deal with them. I also wondered how I might get help if my account had issues. Because of these concerns, I checked on Instagram and found out that there’s help for you when you need it, both with your account and reporting other’s accounts.

How to Contact Instagram for Help With Your Account?

  1. Go to Settings located at the bottom of your profile Menu page.
  2. Click Help
  3. Click Report A Problem
  4. Click Report Spam Or Abuse to report an account.
  5. Click Report A Problem to report something that went wrong with your account.
  6. Fill in the specific problem you want to report.

Instagram sends help to only legitimate issues, and you should make sure you have one before going to them. On what occasion can you make a report to Instagram, and how does reporting help you?

Can you reach Instagram Support via Phone or Email?

Instagram has a direct phone number: (650) 543-4800 and a direct contact email: but most people usually don’t go this direction because you are not likely to get a response from a human being there.

And, of course, how can they? How many people will they position to be taking everybody’s call sufficiently? The help center is a place you can get almost every answer you need with regards to any challenge you encounter while using Instagram.

Reporting Issues On Instagram

How To Contact Instagram For Help With Your Account

How To Contact Instagram For Help With Your Account

Instagram is a community of people from all over the world. It is almost impossible to be on the app without getting offended. People from all over the world with their different ideas, opinions, challenges, cultures, beliefs, religions, etc.

While there are people who would deliberately offend you with their contents and comments, others have no intentions to offend you with their contents and comments but somehow still do.

How do you deal with offense on Instagram?

You must understand that we are not without offenses. We may do everything we do with sincere intentions to not offend anyone, but our every move is offensive to another.

Knowing this, do you run off to report any post or account that offends you on Instagram? You know, reporting an account can gain the account a temporary or permanent ban from Instagram. You should be sure you want to do that before you proceed to report them.

Instead of reporting immediately, have you tried blocking the account or maybe talking to the person privately?

Also, when it has to do with your account, you must make sure the fault isn’t from your end before you go running off to use the Instagram Report A Problem button. There are over a billion people on Instagram. If everyone on Instagram has to run to Instagram for help at every instance, I assume the app would have packed up by now.

I think that’s why we have the correction to almost every challenge on the Settings and Menu pages. Those options and features are in place to reduce the number of times people have to run to Report A Problem.

The issue you are experiencing may also likely be from your device or your network connection. Thoroughly do all checks on your device and make sure you have enough Internet data before you come up to check on Instagram.

And on Instagram, make sure all your Settings are correct first. If the problem persists, you can decide to go on to report the issue then.

When To Report Other Accounts

To report a person’s account is to tender your grievances concerning the person or post to Instagram.

If a person or a post offends you on Instagram, you should think about letting Instagram know about it. And this should mostly come after you have exhausted all reasonable options (blocking the account, talking to the person one on one).

Note that there’s no retaliation on my list of reasonable options because it is about the most outrageous thing to do. Look at it this way: someone offends you, and rather than going to report the offense to Instagram, you decide to pick a fight with the person in public space.

Your adversary may report you first, or you both will get reported by someone who you’ve offended. Then you will get a ban on your account and regret your actions.

To report a person’s account, simply go to Help on your profile Menu Settings, then click on Report A Problem. Next, click on Report Spam Or Abuse and fill in the specific area of grievance the person or post has caused you.

If it is a particular post that grieves you, rather than goes all the way to Profile, then Menu Settings, just click on the three dots on the top right corner of the post and click “report.”,

Remember that Instagram has over a billion people to attend to; so if your entry does not make sense, you may likely not get a response. What cases, then, can you report to Instagram?

Impersonation Accounts

If someone impersonates you on Instagram and you find out, you can report the account with evidence. If you overlook it with a wave of hands, the person might be posting things that would mar your personality and integrity.

And, true to it, you may not have the opportunity to convince the world that it was an impersonator when it happens; and in a world where everyone is waiting to throw in the first stone, you should deal with serious issues like this as they come.

Underage Children

Instagram age policy does not allow children under age 13 to own an Instagram account, except the account is controlled by an adult- and this should be clearly stated on the account’s bio. If you find anyone violating this policy, you have the right to report them.

While this may seem like an unfair act, you’re in the real sense protecting the child from all that they are not ready for on Instagram. Anything can happen to an unprotected child on Instagram, so this measure is usually very necessary.

Hate Accounts

If an account keeps using hate speeches in their posts, you should report them for your safety and others’ well-being on Instagram.

Hate speeches are very unhealthy for people’s psychological well-being. They can result in making a person suicidal. You may think you’re not affected by what the person is doing, but for your Instagram neighbour’s sake, report.

Exposed Private Information

If someone posts private information about you or someone else on Instagram without due permission, the person poses a threat. You can report.

Exposure of private information like home address, bank account balance, etc. can expose the person to the danger of being robbed or something worse.

Suppose there is no need to have this information online. In that case, the owners of the information should post their information by themselves so that they would bear full responsibility for their actions.


If you find someone inflicting pains on themselves, report the account. The person should get what help they can as soon as possible.

Reporting on Instagram should come when you do not have the contact info of the person’s family, friends, or neighbours who could reach out to them. In this case, Instagram may be able to get the necessary information needed to send help to the person.

Abuse & Spam

Has someone repeatedly abused, harassed, or spam you on Instagram? You don’t know how many other people the person is doing it to. Report the account to keep yourself and others safe.

Instagram is a public space with people from all over the world. Rather than harass or abuse someone who offends you, make a report to Instagram.


You should report issues like human trafficking, exploitation of funds, and other related matters happening on Instagram should be reported to Instagram.

I think it is alright to report intellectual theft and plagiarism as well here. Using people’s ideas, resources, or works without due permission and reference is theft and should be reported.

There are other issues you can report to Instagram. Just make sure they are legitimate so you can find an answer in the Instagram Help Center.

When To Report A Problem With Your Account

When you create your Instagram account, make sure to set up features that you would love to have on your account by exploring the length and breadth of all the Settings available. This would also help you to be able to detect what is wrong when something goes wrong.

Issues on your personal Instagram account could result from anything, so before you go running to Instagram, make sure you have exhausted all your device, Internet data, and Instagram Settings options.

Usually, you are advised to restart your device if your Instagram is not responding. After restarting your device, if it is still not responding, check your Internet data both on your device and on your Instagram cellular data setting.

Another way to get quick help is to ask your friend or an expert. If you post an update of your challenge, you may find one or two persons who have gone through the same challenge and are willing to share what they did to solve it.

What issues are you likely to face on your Instagram account?

One of the major issues an Instagram user may experience is a hacked account.

If while you’re on the app, you bear a suspicion that your account has been hacked, quickly change your password and log out all external users first, then report the issue immediately to Instagram.

If the hacker has already logged you out, you can register a report using someone else’s account. Instagram will do everything possible to make sure you recover your account.

Other legitimate issues you have with your account can also be rectified when you report to Instagram.

To report personal issues on Instagram, simply go to Help on your profile Menu Settings, then click on Report A Problem and tender your grievances there.

Also, if you are running Instagram/ Facebook ads, you are usually assigned a Facebook Ad Account Manager.

You can reach out to them with your grievances, and trust me, you would get a more prompt response than you think. They are making money from you and would like to make some more money, so they treat you as a VIP user.

Whatever the case may be, leave off contacting Instagram’s direct phone number or contact email. What you would get as a response is an automated response, and one automated response cannot solve every problem you encounter on Instagram.

Why You Should Report Issues On Instagram

I’ve heard quite some people say, “don’t define my personality based on what I post online,” and I feel like, “really?”. Whether you want it or not, people who do not know you offline will judge you based on your personality online.

But isn’t it funny? The same people that say “don’t judge me by what I do online” will find it necessary to do a disclaimer if their account is hacked. I mean, they shouldn’t care since it doesn’t define them anyway.

What you do on Instagram does define your personality. Whether you own a business or personal account, you should protect your image as much as you can on the app.

Thus, anything that poses a threat to your image and what you stand for should be duly reported and dealt with.

Your attitude on Instagram can either make or mar you or your business. It may not make sense now, but with time it will. If you have already built your Instagram account to stand the way you want it to, you need to protect your account diligently, especially if you have put in so much to have the account at the point where it is.

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