How to Delete Multiple Pictures On Instagram At Once 2021

Instagram remains one of the best photo-sharing mobile apps in the world. I would like to think that the human brain cannot mathematically determine pictures posted and deleted on the app.

I bet only a supercomputer could estimate the bizarre figures recorded (If they are). I doubt if the human brain comes any close to that level of intelligence. Never say never, though.

Back in the days, when social media was a concept our minds barely imagined, it was quite difficult to preserve analog commodities. Once lost, it was hardly ever found or replaced.

Now, we live in a social media-driven world. Instagram gives us the avenue to keep memories of different occasions such as birthdays, weddings, romantic hangouts, graduation ceremonies, and other significant events.

We post pictures and videos of these events and delete them quite easily. After all, we make new memories daily.

At other times, there are pictures we wish we never took in the first place. There are pictures we find embarrassing or not just good enough. Sometimes, we feel the impulse to delete them because we have probably outgrown them. Do these reasons come close?

Whatever your reasons may be, I know the removal of some pictures from your social media platform could do you a whole world of good.

So, how do I delete multiple pictures all at once? Is it even possible? If it is, what are the ways to go about it? Can I do it?

If I do change my mind much later in the future, can I have my pictures back? Will they still be available?

The truth is, I understand the silent concerns you have. And you’ll be getting all the help you need. How about we take a dive into the world of possibilities Instagram has to offer?

A smooth bus ride through the rest of this content will give you the necessary information that addresses your questions.

Is it Possible to Delete Multiple Pictures On Instagram?


Here’s your first stop before you proceed to the next phase. Let’s address the elephant in the room:

“Can I delete multiple pictures from my Instagram account?” The answer is a resounding Yes!

Now that we have that out of the way- let’s go a little deeper.

One of the frustrating things about a photo-app with roughly one billion users worldwide is the inability to delete multiple pictures at once. Can you imagine?!

The software is designed in such a way that you can delete only one post per click. Of course, this is time-consuming if you had to delete, say, about 5-10 pictures?

You could say this limitation was designed intentionally to discourage Instagram users from deleting so many pictures at once.

Think about it.

What would Instagram look like if everybody woke up one cool breezy morning and decided to rid their accounts of pictures and maybe videos?

The actual thought translating to reality is laughable. But it doesn’t change the fact that it would be quite bad for business.

Nevertheless, you would expect that the business will keep booming with the ever-growing number of app users for a very long time.

If our phones could give us the option of selecting as many pictures to be deleted? What makes Instagram special?

I’ll tell you what- Business. Every online ­business owner recognizes the significance of engaging users on their platforms because more users equal more revenue.

But here’s the good news.

In a tech-driven society such as ours, there are ways to bypass this limiting feature of the Instagram app. The use of third-party apps can delete multiple pictures at once.

Although the google play store contains all sorts of third-party apps, only a few will correctly address the issues of deleting multiple pictures.

So, without further ado, hop on the bus, and let’s continue our trip to the solution you seek.

Ways to Delete Multiple Pictures On Instagram

Here’s our second stop. We might be here for a bit. Let me show you a couple of ways to delete multiple pictures from your Instagram app using third-party apps.

Let’s get right to it.

Cleaner for Instagram (Unfollow, Block and Delete)

The Instagram cleaner app is one of the most effective methods to remove multiple pictures from your Instagram page. I could give the developer a Nobel prize as a show of gratitude for building this app, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Yes, I mean it. You would soon come to understand my sentiments once you use the app.

The cleaner app not only helps to delete multiple pictures on Instagram at once, but it also helps unfollow many users at once, unlike many photos and videos at once, block many followers at once.

To ensure you don’t miss a single thing, I’ll describe the entire process step by step:

Step 1: Download and Install the cleaner App

· You can find the app on the google play store using your mobile device.

· Google play store is pre-installed on your smartphone.

· In case you were wondering, the image appears on your screen as shown below:

Step 2: Launch the app once the installation is complete

· The image of the cleaner app will appear on your mobile screen as the image displayed below.

· Click on it.

Step 3: Log In

· Input your Instagram login details (Username and Password) into the rows provided

· Wait a few seconds while it loads the next page. Depending on your internet connection, this process may be swift or slow.

Step 4: The Media Button

· Search for the media icon at the bottom of your screen. It shouldn’t be difficult to locate.

· Tap on the icon and a new page filled with all your Instagram posts, including pictures and videos pop up.

Step 5: Select the Pictures

· Click on each picture you wish to delete.

· Select them all at once.

· Tap the icon to your screen’s bottom right that looks like a voltage warning sign or a thunderbolt.

· select the “delete” button.

Step 6: Confirm the Action

· Once you select the “delete” button, a pop-up appears on your screen.

· Click on “Start now” and the selected pictures will be deleted from your Instagram account.


The cleaner for the Instagram app is available to both IOS and Android users on the apple store and Play store.

Instant Cleaner for Instagram

This third-party app can also be used to delete multiple pictures. It has a similar layout to the cleaner for Instagram. Using this app shouldn’t be difficult if you understood the steps we discussed above.

Although this app has been removed from the Google Play store, you can download the app from third-party websites.

Please be sure to change your Instagram password once you access the app for security purposes. Although there is no danger posed to your Instagram account, it pays to be safe.

For a brief recap:

· Download and install the app

· Launch the app once the installation is complete.

· Input your Instagram details

· Once you’re in, locate the “posts” at the bottom of your screen and click.

· Your videos and pictures will appear under the section

· Select the pictures you want to delete and click on the “delete” button.

· And your selected pictures are deleted.

When you download the app, you will be able to use it to delete multiple pictures. But you may have to make payment for an upgraded version to get full access to the benefits the app offers.

Can deleted pictures be retrieved on Instagram

When Instagram provided us with the option of retrieving pictures, they probably had a good understanding that humans can be impulsive with their decisions. Maybe they imagined a situation where we mistakenly delete our posts and tried to get them back.

So, have you ever been caught in one of these situations? I am sure quite a few persons have deleted posts they could get back especially when they don’t have copies saved elsewhere.

If it cheers you up in any way, I was once a victim of my own mistakes. But thankfully, I had it sorted almost immediately. Had all my deleted pictures back within a couple of minutes.

There are a couple of methods to go about this.

But first, here’s what I did….

· The Instagram Archive Feature

This feature was recently launched (2017) and it has been a lifesaver! At least, it saved me a couple of times.

When pictures are posted on Instagram, the app automatically creates a back-up in the archive files. You could call it a temporary storehouse for all your posts.

To utilize this feature to retrieve your deleted pictures, follow these steps:

· Launch the Instagram app and click on your profile

· Locate the options icon to the top right corner of your screen. Click on it and a pop-up with options emerges.

· Locate the archive option in the menu list. Click on it to see all the deleted pictures you thought you had lost forever.

Pretty straightforward yeah? Anyway, let’s explore a few more methods.

· Take a trip to the Clouds

Poetic as they may sound, these clouds do darken to rain deleted pictures when you need them. The storage clouds serve as backup files to you the pictures you upload on your Instagram account.

Google photos, for instance, automatically back up on the pictures you upload to your account. For most of the pictures you take daily, maybe at the mall, in the office, at the beach or when you go for a long walk, the back-up pre-installed in your phone swings into action to store them. You could call it a form of data preservation.

Google photos serve android users a lot better for photo retrieval, while iCloud offers IOS users the solution they need.

· A Photo Software Recovery Tool

The good thing about social media today is the availability of different software to make life easy. If all the methods recommended so far do not give you the answers you seek, then the software may be the way to go.

The use of software algorithms can serve as a quick way to recover your deleted pictures. They are pretty easy to use.

You do not need a bogus tech training course to utilize the tools. What’s more? You don’t have to pay a dime or upgrade to a premium plan pr package. None of that.

Just download any software recovery tool of your choice, install it on your device, locate Instagram in the tool, navigate the photo option, and select the pictures you wish to restore. Some of the software tools on the internet that would serve this purpose include

· Stellar data recovery

· Wondershare Recoverit

· Advanced Disk Recover

· AnyRecover

· Recuva

· MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

These are top photo recovery software tools on the internet today. Each one of them has the necessary options to help you restore your deleted pictures from Instagram. You would enjoy using at least one, if not all of them.


Each day comes with its challenges, especially when we are faced with hard choices that require quick solutions. As you already know, social media is a pretty powerful platform in its rights. It does an astounding job of influencing everyday life.

For every post that we upload to our media accounts, there are times when deleting or recovering specific ones has a huge impact on us.

Even as Instagram grows more popular globally and engages thousands of internet users, there is always a way out of tech-based problems such as those discussed in this article.

So, as you go about uploading pictures and enjoying the many benefits of social media, remember that there is a solution for every problem you may encounter.

Now that you have discovered ways to delete multiple pictures on Instagram, I believe this will further make your social media experience an interesting one.



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