Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding whether Instagram sends notifications when you take a screenshot of the story from someone or not. Some Instagram users want to take and share screenshots but they’re concerned with getting into trouble due to copyright violations and other stuff.

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Some users want to take the screenshot and share with their friends or even use it as evidence against someone to get some ransom, not bad really; if care isn’t taken you can land yourself in trouble for sharing other people’s stuff. In this article we’ll explain it all for you on whether Instagram sends notifications or not when it comes to taking screenshots.

Does Instagram Notify When You Take Screenshot?

It all depends on where the screenshot is taken. Back in February 2018, Instagram released an update that sends a notification to every screenshot that’s taken, whether it’s on feed, story or DM. But they make some changes around June 2018 that limit the feature. There is still the possibility of bringing back the feature, but for now, notifications are only sent on one or two instances only. We’ll share with you instances where Instagram show notifications and where they don’t show, so stay with us till the end of the article.

Does Instagram Notify When You Take A Screenshot Or Screen Recorded A Story

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story

Absolutely no! The Instagram user who uploaded the story you decided to take a screenshot or a screen record isn’t notified by any means.

Even if there is a tool claiming to send notifications if someone takes a screenshot or screen record, you know it’s not true. Back in the olden days when the feature works on Instagram, it’s possible for such tools to use API and report your Instagram activities through notifications.

You can see who viewed your story but not when they took a screenshot or even screen recorded it. Whether they’re your followers or not, this verdict still holds on all accounts, be it a private account or a public account. Even if there is a tool that can track you when you take a screenshot, there are ways you can block them, we’ll share that later in this post.

Does Instagram Send Notifications For Screenshots On Regular Feed?

Most of the screenshots taken are on your regular feed because that’s where all the new content arrives and you’ll be scrolling through the content until you find the one you love so that you can take a screenshot or screen record it.

We can tell you that you’re free to screenshot or screen record any content in your Instagram feed. If you want to even go the extra mile, you can start by bookmarking the content on your feed, and later on, you can access them and take the screenshot or screen record the content.

A lot of Instagram users want to take screenshots or screen record feed posts from their role model for sharing with friends and colleagues. Well, you can do so freely because in this instance no notifications are sent. But you should always take note that you can bookmark or save any post in your feed. The option can be seen at the bottom right corner of each post.

You have the option to collect favorite feed posts and save them in a specified folder and the user that make the post won’t be notified, you can also create a separate folder for each post you saved. The only information the original poster will get is the number of times their story has been saved, they’re however not able to view who actually saved their post.

Instagram stories can’t be saved since users share a real-time event that is considered to be personal, and as you already know, stories last for only 24 hours. The only way to save a story is by highlighting on your profile page, you can create a lot of highlights, and currently, you can add up to 100 pictures and videos in your highlights.

Does Instagram Notify When Screenshot A Story?

When you take a screenshot of a story, no notification is sent to the poster of the story as well.

If you’re the type that put an eye to see who’s taking screenshot or screen-recording of your story, sorry to say you can’t view that information, for now, maybe in the next updates this feature might be available, since earlier last the feature is available.

You can however view some data regarding your stories, you can view who’s currently viewing a story, and some of the actions they have performed like skipping forward or backward of your story. You can also view whether the people viewing your story are your followers or not. The “seen by” option is available at the button left of your story.

Some Instagram users still believe notifications is sent when you screenshot a story, but that feature was available for only a few months, it was shut down after four months of launching. The feature can be back again for testing, but there is no guarantee it will come back and you can enjoy taking screenshots of the stories you love, whether it’s screenshots or screen record, you have no worries for notifications.

What About Third-Party Apps That Claim To Send Notifications When Screenshot Is Taken?

The thing is when the feature is available on Instagram these apps are working and that’s because they rely on Instagram data using API to receive the notifications sent by Instagram. But at the moment any app that claims to send you notifications when your story is a screenshot, is a scam. Their outdated apps launched when the screenshot notification feature is available last year.

Any app the makes such a promise should be considered malicious because it will interfere with your Instagram activities by preventing you to perform basic actions in your account. We all know that Instagram hates third party apps and even if the feature of sending notifications for story screenshot is open, they don’t want third-party apps accessing the feature.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot Or Screen Record Direct Messages DM?

Things are different when it comes to direct messages because there are some messages that when a screenshot is taken, they’ll be notified of your actions and that’s why you want to be careful when taking a screenshot or screen record in the DM. There is still some workaround that will prevent them from noticing you have screenshotted their message, we’ll talk about that later.

Basically, there are two ways to tell if you have screenshotted or screen recorded a DM and they’re;

You’ll receive a notification

If someone takes a screenshot of the disappearing story or message, you’ll see a notification with their username, a message like “The username – took a screenshot of the photo you sent”. It will be like your usual notification.

It will be displayed within the DM

This is the second way they’ll be notified once you take a screenshot of their message. Inside the DM thread of the message that was screenshotted, you’ll notice a tiny camera icon at the bottom right corner of the message and by it’s right you’ll see the message “seen” if you the user you sent the message to screenshotted your message or photo.

You can see that it’s possible to be caught when you take a screenshot in the DM, but you should know that this is only applicable for disappearing messages and photos. The screenshot notification doesn’t hold for regular DM messages on Instagram.

Let’s now answer some of the frequent questions asked regarding Instagram notifications.

How To Avoid Screenshot Or Screen Record Detection On Instagram

Disconnect your network

If you want to be safe from any screenshot notification including disappearing messages in the DM, you should disconnect your internet network. Instagram can’t detect activities, as you might already know, Instagram is tracking the screenshot feature on your phone and when you disable your network, they can’t detect your actions. If you want to avoid getting detected, you should switch off your Wi-Fi or you can just turn ON Airplane mode. Once you do this, no tracking tool can spot you after taking screenshots on Instagram.

Use another phone or camera to take the screenshot

Using another phone or camera to capture your screen is another great move to ensure that you’re not detected when taking screenshots on Instagram. You just need to open the post or story on your smartphone, then use another phone or camera to take the screenshot. Make sure the phone or camera you’re using has a clear view.

Use your browser instead of using the Instagram app

This is another effective method of taking screenshots without Instagram knowing it. Instagram is not able to track screenshot records when using a browser to access your Instagram account even if you’re using the screenshot tool on your phone. You can also use various screenshot apps and take the screenshot or even screen record the post you’re currently viewing on Instagram.

That’s it on Instagram screenshot notifications when it comes to stories, you can see that taking screenshots on Instagram stories doesn’t send any notification. We’re however hoping in the future they can bring back the notification feature like they did two years ago. Thank you for reading and we want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

How to avoid sending notifications even on DM

If you still don’t want the user to notice you’ve taken a screenshot of the message you can of course do that using some trick. First I would suggest using third-party screenshot apps instead of holding the power button and volume down button. You should then open your Instagram and open the DM you want to take a screenshot of.

When everything finished loading you then switch off your internet connection or turn ON airplane mode. This will prevent Instagram from picking the action performed and hence no internet connection to send messages to the user notifying them you’ve taken a screenshot of their message. When you take the screenshot close the app and restart again if you still want to continue using Instagram, that’s it, you’ve played it solo and no one will be notified of your action.

But as usual, things might always change, but this trick has worked for most people even back in the days when Instagram sends a notification for every screenshot taken. Follow this little step and you don’t have worries of notifications, even when Instagram brings back the notification feature.

Does Instagram Send Notifications When You Take Screenshot Of User Profile?

You can also take screenshots or screen recordings on someone’s profile without been notified. If you want to quickly save contact information or a website from any profile, you can take a screenshot without the need to follow them.

For users that don’t want users to spy or take a screenshot of their profile, they can set their profile private. Only your followers or follow requests that are approved by you can take screenshots. Non-followers don’t have access to your content not even talking about capturing the content on it, other users who’re not following can only view profile picture and name.

That’s it about sending notifications when a screenshot is taken; we’ll now move on to share more helpful information regarding taking a screenshot;

How To Take Screenshot Of Instagram Story Using Android

• This is really easy; just open your Instagram app on any android phone.
• Open the story you want to take a screenshot.
• Then press volume down and power buttons and the screenshot will be taken.
• To access the screenshot you should open your phone gallery and you’ll definitely find it there since by default that’s the folder they’re saved. You can also check the DCIM folder on your phone and then check the folder named Screenshot through your file manager.

How To Take Instagram Story Screenshot On iPhone

• Open your Instagram app on iPhone.
• Open the story you want to take a screenshot.
• Then long-press the power button and home button at the same time, for iPhone X models and above you long-press side button.
• To view your screenshots you should open photos and search screenshot album.

How to screen-record on Instagram stories

As you already know Instagram doesn’t offer the option to download a video or take a screen record of any story post, you can however save or bookmark video posts in your account so that you can always view them as long as they’re not deleted.

Screen-recording has to be done using third-party apps that allow you to record a video or entire screen. Android already comes with a ‘screen record’ feature and can be found on your desktop. Just open your Instagram app, and tap the screen-record icon that’s available on most android devices.

When the video has finished you then stop the recording and the video or screenshot will be saved in your gallery, the screen record feature that comes by default on most android phones doesn’t offer many features because you can’t crop the exact areas you want to record.

But when you use third-party apps you’ll get better features that allow you to record the exact portion of the video or screen you want to record, using third-party apps you can record a video from your Instagram either on a computer or when using the browser on your phone.

For Pc users they can use software like Snagit or FonePaw Screen recorder, there are also a lot of chrome extensions that can do the job effectively and absolutely free. Some even come with image editor that allow you to customize the photos you’ve snap from screenshot.

I Can’t Take Screenshots, What Do I Do?

Sometimes you might take screenshot on your phone but it’s not working and might receive any of the following errors;
• You’ll receive the message “can’t take screenshot because of security policy” or “can’t take screenshot because storage is full” or just some messages similar to this might just show up when trying to take the screenshot.
• When using Google assistant the photo isn’t captured.
• Or you’ve pressed the shortcut keys that will normally take the screenshot instantly but it’s not working.

Why Can’t You Take Screenshots?

You’ll hardly face an obstacle when taking screenshots with your personal phone, unless you bought a used phone and the settings have been twisted in such a way you can’t take the screenshot.

But most of the time for other users it’s due to restrictions on the phone. Users can experience the problem of not able to take screenshots on Instagram if their phone was offered to them at school or work, and that’s simply because they’re restricted from taking such actions.

Another reason that block users from taking screenshots when using a browser are when they’re using incognito mode, most times screenshot can’t be taken. If you’re using pc you have to make sure the chrome extension you’re using is given permission to take screenshots even on incognito mode.

How To Fix Can’t Take Screenshots On Instagram

• If your device was offered at work, school, or any organization you need to check with them to see if it’s a known issue or see if their IT guys can solve the problem.
• If you’re using chrome incognito mode you should close it and use a normal browser.
• If you’re using an android screen record that is available on most android devices, you should try using third-party apps, and if the app you currently using just stops taking the screenshots you should change another one or reinstall.

Frequently Asked Question On Instagram Notifications

I receive a notification even though they claimed they haven’t take any screenshot, is that an error?

Some Instagram users have reported receiving notification alerts regarding screenshots taken in the DM, does that mean it’s a glitch? Once you receive the notification alert, someone has definitely captured your message or photo in the DM if it’s a disappearing message though. We’ve already explained that all other contents don’t send a notification to the user when a screenshot is taken.

Am I going to be notified if someone took the screenshot of my DM?

We’ve clarified on this issue as well, you’ve seen that regular DM won’t send notification while disappearing messages and photos in the DM will send a notification in two ways. First, is that they’ll receive a notification mentioning the username that took the screenshot, and secondly, they’ll see a small camera icon plus the word “Seen” displayed that notifies you that the user you’ve sent the message has taken the screenshot of the message or photo.

Does Instagram send notifications other than disappearing messages in the DM?

No, a disappearing message in the DM is the only content that sends a screenshot notification to the user. Every other content on Instagram doesn’t send screenshot notification when you capture the content. If you find tools or services promising to notify you whenever someone takes a screenshot of Instagram posts and Stories you know they want to take your money. They’re only capable of sending notifications for disappearing messages which you can check for free in your Instagram account.

Is it legal to take a screenshot or screen record content on Instagram?

We take a lot of screenshot or screen record lots of content on Instagram without knowing the consequences of doing so. The truth is when you take a screenshot and share it without the permission of the user that originally uploaded the content, you’re violating his copyright. You’ll need their permission before distributing their content if you want to share their content you can do that by using the share button that’s on each post or story. But I’ll say that there is a little dangerous if you’re just saving the screenshots on your device for personal reference. You have to do due diligence with the screenshots you take on Instagram.

Can someone find a way to trace the screenshots you’ve captured?

If you published them on other sources online, they can definitely find out using google image reverse search. They can always reverse search the image to see if there are copies available online and they can spot the poster. But if you keep the screenshot only on your device, you don’t have any worries. The only content they can be notified of when a screenshot is taken is a disappearing message as mentioned.

Can I see Who views my post on Instagram?

The ability to see the usernames that viewed your post was a thing of the past, you can’t see the list of users that viewed your post. You can however see the number of users that viewed that post and this option isn’t available for normal Instagram accounts. It’s only available to business accounts, you have to upgrade to a business account and then use the analytics dashboard available which provide more insights to your Instagram posts and Stories. Upgrading to a business account isn’t a big deal, you just need to connect your Facebook account and some basic info regarding your account.

Can I know if someone viewed my profile on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t show you who viewed your profile directly, unless by using some shady tricks that aren’t effective or using tools that will send you fake details. You can however see who watched your stories and the overall number of users that watched the story. You can also see the users that liked your stories and their overall number for each post.


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