How To Download Instagram Profile Picture On Phone And PC 2021

There are many reasons why you want to download the profile picture of some Instagram accounts. Some Instagram users change their profile picture every day or week and some of these pictures you don’t want to miss for reference later. Once the user removes that picture, it won’t be available to you and you might want to use it as a reference in the future.

For public figure accounts and celebrities, you might want to use their profile picture on various online channels. I’ve seen many times on Quora and other online communities that people use the picture of a celebrity as their profile picture. Some will even use the picture on their Instagram account to show love for the user and so on.

The Instagram app doesn’t let users download or save pictures from various profiles and posts, you’ll have to use another trick in order to download the profile picture or post to your mobile device. It’s pretty easy to download and save profile pictures on the Instagram app or on the browser. The only problem you might face is getting access to the original image which is uploaded by the account owner.

The reason why it’s difficult to obtain the original photo is that Instagram automatically resizes profile pictures as they’re uploaded to various accounts. They have a standard size and if the picture is oversized, it has to be cropped, but still, we’re going to share a method you can use to view the original photo in your browser. Stay with us till the end to discover how to download and save original profile photos on Instagram, we’ll share how to do it on both your phone and PC.

How To Download Instagram Profile Picture On Phone

How To Download Instagram Profile Picture On Phone And PC

How To Download Instagram Profile Picture On Phone And PC

We’ll start with the phone since it’s mostly used to access Instagram, either through the phone browser or using the Instagram app. Let’s share all the possible methods of downloading profile pictures on Instagram.

Using phone browser

Before downloading the photo, you want to view the photo first and we’ll show you how to view the original photo uploaded even though it’s hidden by Instagram. Here are all the steps;

  1. Visit the official Instagram website in your phone browser by typing
  2. Log into your Instagram account, the reason why you want to login to your Instagram account is that you cannot view private accounts if you’re not signed in. Even after login in, you must become a follower of the account. If not, it won’t be possible to view the profile content.
  3. When you open the profile page on your browser, you need to click or tap on the profile image.
  4. A new window will open with only the Instagram picture displayed, this picture displayed isn’t the original size of the picture. You need to copy the picture URL which is displayed in the address bar.
  5. Paste the copied URL in any text editor like a note pad, you need to edit the URL in a way that full size is displayed.
  6. The copied URL should look something like “”, you now need to add “media/?size=l”, the new URL should now look like “”.
  7. You should now copy your new and edited URL and paste it into your phone browser, hit go to load the URL.
  8. You’ll now find that the full-sized image is now displayed on your browser.
  9. Next is to download this picture displayed for you. If you’re using a chrome browser, you should long tap the picture and select “Download image” from the context menu.
  10. The image should now appear in your download folder. Whatever browser you’re using, you should be able to see the download or save option after long-tapping the image.

Take screenshot

If you don’t want to save the image you can take a screenshot after displaying the image in full size. Every phone has the option to take a screenshot without installing any app. The screenshot tool is available in the skin tray after swiping from the top, once you’re on the picture page which you edited above, you then swipe down your phone screen from the top and the screenshot tool should be there.

If it’s not available it’s in the second screen of the tray, you just need to swipe left to view more tools on the skin tray. You should swipe just like you swipe your phone desktop.

When you tap on the screenshot tool, it will take the picture of the entire browser page where the image is displayed including the backspace included. You should now click the crop option and select only the area for the picture boundary, you should click in all directions to select only the area you want. After the screenshot is taken, it will be saved to your device directly which is mostly in the “Screenshot” folder when you check your storage.

Using online tools

There are also various online tools that allow users to view and download Instagram profile pictures with ease. If you don’t want to follow any of the methods above, you can use these services to download any Instagram profile picture you want. All that is required from you is the username of the profile you want to download the profile picture from, you won’t be dealing with any installation or whatsoever. Let’s take a look at some of these online tools;


With so many options out there, I’ll recommend using to view download profile pictures of any Instagram account. The site is easy to use and works most of the time when it comes to grabbing the Instagram profile picture of any account. Here is how to do it;

  1. Type “” in your phone browser and hit enter from your keyboard.
  2. Right on the homepage, you can see the field that asks for the username of the profile you want to download the profile picture from.
  3. After typing the username of the profile, just hit enter from your keyboard.
  4. Izuum will now search for the profile and will show you the profile picture so that you can confirm if it’s the right profile. If it’s not, you should recheck the username to ensure it’s correct.
  5. After displaying the profile picture, you can tap the save or download option and the picture will now be downloaded to your phone device.

Let’s look at another powerful online tool that can do the job.


This is another great tool that will help you download profile pictures of Instagram accounts, and is also popular and easy to use, InstaDP has been around for years and is capable of finding profile pictures by just supplying the username of the profile. It also works in a similar way as the previous tool, here is how InstaDP works;

  1. Visit the InstaDP website at
  2. You’re presented to add username in the field and you need to input the username of the profile.
  3. It will extract the profile photo for you and you’ll have the option to download and save the picture on your mobile device.
  4. They also offer more options; you can download post and story pictures on Instagram by inputting the post URL. If you’re interested in that, you can also use the post and story options.

Using Apps

This is the fourth method you can use to download Instagram profile pictures with ease. Whether you’re using Android or iPhone, there are plenty of apps in the App Store and Play Store. The apps work pretty like the online tools we talked about but they offer more options and I can say that they’re better to use. Let’s share how you can use these apps as well.

How To Download Instagram Profile Picture With iPhone

  1. Head over to the App Store and install the app “IGProfile”, you should search for it and it will show up so that you can tap to begin the installation.
  2. When you’re done with the installation, you should launch the app and input the username of the profile you want to download the profile picture.
  3. Just like the other services we talked about, IGProfile will search and display the profile picture for you and you can now save it to your preferred location on storage.

That’s how simple it is, in just three steps you can grab the profile picture by using IGProfile on your iPhone. Let’s take a look at Android devices.

How To Download Instagram Profile Picture With Android

  1. You’ll visit Google Play Store to download an app called “InstaProfile”, it’s one of the popular apps you can use to download an Instagram profile picture with ease.
  2. Search for the app and install it. When done, you should open the app.
  3. Copy the username of the profile you want to download the picture from and paste it in the field provided when you launch the app.
  4. A profile picture for the username will be shown and can download or save to your Android device.

These are the best ways to download the Instagram profile picture on your phone, we’ll now talk about PCs.

How To Download Instagram Profile Picture On PC

Using browser

  1. You need to visit the profile link in your browser, I suggest using Google Chrome, but you can use others like Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
  2. Right-click on the profile picture and select “open image URL in a new tab or window”.
  3. Open the tab that has the image and click on the address bar to copy the image URL.
  4. Paste in any text editor to edit the URL as mentioned when using the phone browser, you should just add the “media/?size=l”, refer back to the section we talked about using the phone browser so that you can see how the link should look.
  5. After editing the URL, you should now paste and press enter or hit the go icon on your chrome browser.
  6. The new image will load that’s bigger than the previous image and with full quality.
  7. You then right-click and select “Save” to download the profile picture on your pc.

Using online tools

You can also use the online tools we mentioned earlier, these online tools will even work better on PC browsers than on phones. If the online tools we talked about didn’t work on your phone browser, you should consider using a PC browser since some functionalities won’t work on phone browsers. Let’s recap quickly on how to do it on PC.

The first tool is InstaDP, you should visit and input the username of the profile, and hit enter. The profile picture will be fetched for you so that you can download and save it on your PC.

The second tool is Izuum, visit and enter the username of the profile, press enter. The image will also be shown as with the previous tool and you can download it to your PC.

Using screenshot

After opening the user profile and you clicked on the profile image, you can choose to take a screenshot using chrome browser extensions or use screenshot apps if they’re available on your PC.

You can download screenshot extensions for free from chrome store. Once you take the screenshot, you can then save it to your PC with ease.

That’s it on how to download Instagram profile pictures using both phone and PC. If it happens that you can’t view and download profile pictures on Instagram, it means the user you’re trying to download the profile picture is running a private account or the username you typed into the tools we mentioned isn’t correct.

You need to check the username for typos and fix the correct name. If it’s a private account, you can’t use third-party tools and apps, you must log in to your Instagram if you’re following them, and then use the method we shared using a browser.

Also, it can be possible that the user hasn’t uploaded any profile picture, you need to check manually to ensure there is a profile picture for that particular account before adding the username to the tool or app.

Thank you for reading this article and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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