How to Find People on Instagram Using Email and Phone Numbers

Have you ever been in a situation where you got someone’s Instagram to handle but couldn’t seem to remember it and didn’t want to go asking the person again for it? Well, I discovered that you could also add people on Instagram using their phone numbers or Email.

How to find people on Instagram using Email and phone numbers? To find people using a phone number or email, first ensure you have the person’s phone number or email saved on your contact list, then:

1. Open your Instagram app

2. Click on the profile button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

3. Click on the menu button on the top right corner of your profile page

4. Click on the Discover People option

5. Click Contacts on the Find People page.

Finding people on Instagram even without their Instagram handles is easy as long as the phone number or email on your contact list is the same as the one they used to register their Instagram accounts.

And, even when the contact you have is not the one registered on Instagram, you can still connect with them by inviting them.

How To Connect With People On Instagram

How to Find People on Instagram Using Email and Phone Numbers

How to Find People on Instagram Using Email and Phone Numbers

I would say that connecting with people is one of the highest points of Instagram. You cannot join Instagram and decide that you would not follow anyone, and you won’t let anyone follow you. What will you be doing? Scrolling through an empty feed?

The connection between Instagram users has rendered some life-changing help to some people, while others have not reaped the benefits. Just like it applies to every other life situation, Instagram is garbage in, garbage out. What you put in is what you get out.

A lot of people have met investors, business partners, good clients, friends, lovers, etc., on Instagram. People have gotten into relationships and met people on Instagram who have changed their lives.

However, it is possible to be on Instagram for years, posting content and watching videos without striking any kind of relationship with anyone or getting any of the benefits people to get from connecting with people on Instagram.

This can happen when you have not made any effort to reach out or let people reach you on Instagram. If you are on the “I’m careful, I don’t want to fall into the hands of fake people” list then you should not even be on Instagram in the first place.

This is not to rule out the deceitful lifestyle and fake people that crowd Instagram, but to point out the fact that even in the midst of a that you can create a mark for yourself on Instagram and connect with people who would benefit you greatly now or in future.

And, do you ever wonder, “how do I connect with people on Instagram?”. It is not rocket science. It is as easy as snapping your fingers. Below are three ways to connect with people on Instagram.

Searching For Them On The App

With the search button on Instagram, you can easily find anyone whose Instagram handle you has. When you find them, you can connect with them by following them and engaging in their posts on Instagram regularly.

Usually, when you click the search button, you find people and pages on the search page, while you have the search box on the top of the page. You can scroll through to find people or pages whose contents interest you and connect with them by following.

Adding Contact

Another way to connect with people on Instagram is by adding them up through their phone numbers. This applies to people whose Instagram handle you don’t have but have their phone number.

To achieve this, make sure their phone number is saved in your contact list and that it is the same contact they used in registering their Instagram account.

When you go to your Find People page on your profile, Instagram will give you a list of people on Contact whose phone numbers are registered on Instagram. Then you can add whoever it is you would like to connect with from the list.

If you do not find whom you’re searching for on that list, it is either their contact is not saved on your phone, or the one saved is not the one they used to register their Instagram account.


If you have neither the Instagram handle or Instagram registered contact of the people you would like to connect with, Instagram lets you invite them through Email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc., to download the app and connect with you.

This option is available on the Settings page of your Instagram Profile page. When you click on Invite People, and you have chosen which channel you want to invite them through, Instagram gives you a customized message and a link to the app to send to them.

Benefits Of Connecting With People On Instagram

It is okay if you just do not want to connect with people on Instagram. But this choice should not be driven by the myth that Instagram is all about the negative part.

There are too many benefits of connecting with people on Instagram, both for you as an individual and for your brand. The more people you connect with on Instagram, the more you are expanding your social circle and gaining an audience for yourself or your brand.

When you regularly engage in a particular person’s post, whether they want it or not, they will notice you. The only thing is how long before they will.

A person with a very large number of followers on Instagram may not notice you immediately because there are a lot of people they have to attend to, but with time and consistent effort, they will definitely notice you and even follow back if your contents are of interest to them, or just for courtesy’s sake.

For people with a small number of followers, you would be noticed as soon as possible. And most times, they return the gesture, also helping you expand your Instagram’s audience.

The more you engage in people’s posts, the more impression you create in their hearts. You may not have a need now, but when you do, you will see that people will come through for you. People have had the opportunity to connect with people via Instagram, who later helped them a great deal.

Apart from following people and engaging in their posts, follow your followers up and keep them impressed. Try to discover what content interests them the most and feed them with more of those. Reply to their comments as much as possible, and don’t leave them feeling unappreciated.

If you have gained a large follower base on Instagram by giving out the content of interest and suddenly decides to rest because you have achieved your goal of many followers, you would return from your vacation to find out that your followers had also gone on vacation.

As an Instagram business page owner, you should frequently visit your Direct Message to check if you have messages from clients. Leaving your clients unattended will only help you lose them before you know you can.

Some of the benefits of being on Instagram include:

Creating Awareness For Your Brand.

You can use your Instagram account to create a free advertisement for your brand. If you are consistent in putting out content concerning your brand, you are indirectly engraving the knowledge of your brand on the hearts of your followers and as many as you can see it.

Maybe not immediately, but you would later find out that you have created a brand with a good impression on Instagram.

Expanding Your Social Circle

In my opinion, the best riches a person can boast of is the riches of men. Likewise, the best resources anybody can have is human resources.

Expanding your social circle does not mean having a lot of friends. It means having people at hand who can render a helping hand to you at any time needed. People who you show up for, and do the same for you.

Instagram helps you connect with people in this way, and not just people in your locality but people from all over the world.


On Instagram, you can find the latest information about almost everything. Online journalists (professional and self-made) on Instagram have made this possible.

If you are like me, who has the bad habit of not listening to or reading the news, your Instagram time can provide you with such information as the latest happenings around you.

Online Marketing

Buying and selling happen on Instagram. If you were never aware of this, you’re most welcome.

People own online stores on Instagram, where they sell their products and services. And some people are also Instagram shoppers. They do almost all their shopping on Instagram.

You can either buy or sell on Instagram when you have struck a good connection with fellow Instagram users.

How To Get Large Follower Base On Instagram

Instagram is the more, the merrier. The more people you have following you, the better benefits you gain from Instagram. There are many benefits to gain from having many followers on Instagram.

Having a large follower base automatically means a large audience, which results in you or your brand’s popularity. With a large follower base, you can decide to go into Instagram marketing or social media influencing.

If you decide to go into e-commerce via Instagram, you are sure that you would have a fair percentage of your followers who will either patronize you or refer others to patronize you.

As an influencer, you have the leverage to decide how much you would charge a brand to advertise it on your Instagram account.

You can make a lot of money just by having many followers on Instagram. I know some people whose major stream of income is what they do on Instagram- marketing or influencing.

It is okay to start with few followers on Instagram and gain their loyalty while you build.

But if you desire to have a tangible number of followers on Instagram- from 10k upwards- either for just the popularity or to build your brand’s online presence, or to become an Instagram influencer or marketer, I have written in clear terms some of the things you can do to achieve that.

Post Quality Contents Of Interest

You should treat your Instagram account like a blog you are trying to build. Start with choosing a niche of popular interest. Then make sure every content you put up in that niche is of good value and not plagiarized.

People are naturally attracted to original and quality things. If you keep feeding them daubed ideas, videos, pictures, quotes, etc., they will soon get tired of having them.

Be very creative and unique with your contact while still satisfying your followers’ interests. I’ve had to follow people on Instagram because an offline friend spoke about their content’s uniqueness and quality.

And that’s how it works. Your quality content will gain you more and more followers.

Be Timely

People like to anticipate things. While you’re posting quality content on your Instagram, make sure to add timing to it. When people know that you will post something at this time of the day or this day of the week, they will look forward to it.

To get an extra advantage on this, create interesting series and keep through them. Your followers will be excited to continue your series and tell other people about it who will follow you to partake in the series.

Keep Your Allow Followers Open

Instagram lets you decide whether you want to allow everyone to follow you or you would like to screen your followers before they are allowed to follow you.

If you are working towards having a large follower base, you do not need to screen your followers, especially if you are running a business account and want your brand to gain presence worldwide.

Engage Your Followers

Your greatest undoing would be to leave your followers unattended to and uncared for. Engage them by replying to their comments and answering their questions and concerns.

If they need the kind of help you can offer, don’t hesitate at all. Make a post that suggests to them that you’re thinking about them. Engage them in competitions and games.

Do Giveaway

This is one of the swiftest ways to get people following you on Instagram. You can either give away cash or airtime, product if you are a producer or free services.

People will throng after you if they hear you are giving something for free. Engage your followers in giveaway competitions from time to time and watch your follower base grow in speed.

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How Many Followers You Can I Have On Instagram? Instagram has not set down the number of people who can follow you, so you can have as many followers as possible.

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