Fix Instagram Comments Not Showing Or Comment Block 2021

Did you just find that your comments are not showing up on Instagram when you post them or are you blocked from posting comments?

I bet you’re having a hard time making comments on this giant platform, and that’s why you’re looking for solutions.

Eventually, you landed on this page! Social media sites like Instagram are designed so that people can interact, and there is no better way to interact with the people and brands you’re following than commenting on their posts and profiles.

In most cases, when Instagram blocks specific actions on any account, it’s probably because the account has violated some rules and guidelines.

That’s not the case for some accounts, it can be because of bugs in the Instagram app, or there is a connection problem.

Spamming is the primary reason behind action blocks on Instagram; commenting and liking are the most abusive features on the platform.

Everyone wants to increase the fan base fast when they sign up, and internet marketers are always on the push to promote their products and services using comments.

Once Instagram robots or algorithms have a suspicion on your account, you’ll end up getting blocked for some actions or at least the feature you’re abusing.

Most of the accounts that are blocked from posting comments are new accounts, and as mentioned, it’s because they want to attract followers fast or promote products and services.

Whatever the case might be, we’ll share all the possible ways to get rid of the limitations on your Instagram account regarding commenting and how you can stay safe in the feature.

What Does It Mean To Be Blocked From Commenting On Instagram

Fix Instagram Comments Not Showing Or Comment Block

Fix Instagram Comments Not Showing Or Comment Block

If you’re not able to comment on your Instagram account, it means the account is under action block. When you’re not able to comment on Instagram, you’ll find it’s not only commenting you cannot do; you might as well find that you’re not able to follow people or like their posts either.

There are exceptions though; it could be possible that the profile or post you’re trying to comment on has blocked you since some accounts don’t allow users who’re not their followers to engage with them.

As you might already know, when someone blocks you, you cannot interact with them by any means, you cannot follow them or like their posts.

So basically, there are different types of action blocks on Instagram and the type imposed on your account will determine how fast you’re able to recover and start commenting again, and in some cases, it can be a permanent ban.

Let’s take a look at the different types of action blocks on Instagram.

Type Of Action Blocks On Instagram

Temporary Block

This means you have the chance to restore your account freedom and in this case, you’ve violated minor rules on Instagram and hence you’re blocked from performing some actions to serve as a warning.

A temporary block occurs when you try to execute some actions too fast in the sense that you’ve exceeded the limits within a given time frame.

For example, you’re limited to the number of comments you can make every hour, and also within twenty-four hours as well, there are also monthly limits.

So, once you exceed your limits, you can earn yourself a temporary ban on Instagram. If you’re a new user on Instagram, you need to learn the basic rules for all the actions involved on the platform so that you can stay safe.

An Action Block that has an Expiration Date

In this action block, you’ll notice that you cannot perform an action until the mentioned date is reached. This is also a form of temporary ban where you know exactly when the ban will be lifted, nothing you can do to lift the block until the date or time is reached.

The minimum block you’ll experience is twenty-four hours and can go for as long as thirty days, you’re lucky if it’s just twenty-four hours.

Thirty days is a bit longer, but if that’s what has been stated, you’ll have to wait this long before you can proceed with performing the mentioned action.

One thing about this block is that you have a clear date when things will be ok, there is no need to spend your time figuring out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Permanent Action Block

I hope that’s not what has been imposed on your account because you can see the word “permanent.”

This action block is set on your account when you break the limits, and chances are you’ve been placed on a temporary block multiple times and you still went on to violate their rules over and over again.

Permanent block means your account can’t perform actions indefinitely and in order to have a chance of restoring your account, you’ll have to contact the Instagram support team to enable your account.

Your account will undergo serious investigation, you’ll first prove the ownership of the account and you have to explain what went wrong.

They’ll go through your recent activities and if there is something serious, they won’t restore your account. We hope it’s not a permanent block placed on your Instagram account, even if that’s the case, don’t lose hope, there is still a chance of recovery.

These are types of action blocks that can be imposed on your account, let’s now take a look at the reasons that can lead to a comment block or any action block on Instagram accounts.

Why Instagram Is Blocking Your Comments


This is the biggest crime on Instagram and I’ll say that in most cases when their algorithm detects you’re using automation tools, you’ll land into a permanent block.

Instagrammers using automation are rushing for things and chances are they’ll break the action limit without even realizing it and hence even if they try to do things manually, they won’t be able to do so.

If you have used automation to comment recently and you just find that you can’t comment anymore, it’s definitely because of the automation you’ve used.

Exceeding the Limits

The moment you exceeded the hourly or daily limit, you cannot comment anymore, you have to wait until another circle.

Let’s say your account has the limit of adding only 10 comments per hour, once the ten comments are made, you can’t add the eleventh one within the same hour.

You have to try again in the following hour, and this also applies to the daily or monthly limit.

You’re Reported

You have to be careful of what you say in your comments, once there are multiple reports regarding your comment, a flag will be raised on your Instagram account and can lead to an action block.

Marketers trying to promote products in comments will be blocked without warning and that’s one of the things Instagram hates, promoting products the wrong way.

If you want to promote your products and services, you can do it the right way thereby building a loyal audience and then promoting them on your profile.

Posting Inappropriate Content

This mostly includes sexual content, you can’t jump into other users’ profiles and start posting images and videos that are inappropriate for the age group.

One thing about Instagram is that you don’t need to be reported before they can know the type of content you posted.

Their algorithm can detect that and in most cases, you cannot succeed in posting the content, you’ll be blocked from uploading it right away. Before doing anything else, you want to make sure you check the words in your comments.

Copyright Violation

If your comment or post is copyrighted material, you can face a block when you’re reported regarding the content.

It can be that you uploaded the content on your website and then shared the link in your comments or it can be a photo that you uploaded. Make sure you have ownership of what you post in the comments and on your profile.

Adding only hashtags in comments

Of what use it is to include only hashtags in the comment box, it looks like spam and in most cases, you’ll be reported which can also cause some serious problems to your Instagram account.

If your comments contain only hashtags, you need to add real text content and if you must use Hashtags in the comments, you shouldn’t abuse using them.

That’s to say don’t overuse them, adding a couple of hashtags shouldn’t cause problems to your account.

IP address Blocked

There are situations where Instagram blocks IP addresses from using their service, when an account is banned and they end up opening another account, they’ll hardly use Instagram using that same IP address.

They’ve already stored and blacklisted the IP address on their server and any user making an attempt to login to their Instagram account with a blacklisted Ip address, can’t perform any action inside this account.

If you know that you’ve been banned from Instagram in the past and you’re still using the same IP address from the previous account, you have to consider changing your IP address.

These are the major reasons that will cause comment blocks or other action blocks in your Instagram account.

Let’s now proceed and share the steps you need to take when you realize you can’t comment on other people’s posts on your Instagram account.

How To Fix Instagram Comments Not Showing Or Comment Block

Check your Internet connection

You can’t send or receive any data online without an active internet network, the reason why you can’t add comments can be that your network was interrupted after logging into your Instagram account.

You need to double-check your connection, if you’re using Wi-Fi, consider using mobile data, you should also do vice versa because your mobile data might be exhausted without knowing it.

Try Commenting on another Post or Profile

If the user’s post you’re trying to comment on has blocked you, you can’t do anything about it, you just need to ignore them or at least request them to unblock you.

You should try commenting on another post especially public profiles that don’t normally block users. If you’re now able to comment, it means the previous user has blocked you and you need to convince them to unblock you.

Make sure you’re Following the Profile

Some users as mentioned won’t accept Instagram users not following them to interact with them. If you’re not following the account you’re trying to comment on, you should follow and try your comments.

Change your IP Address

If your IP address is blocked, nothing will help rather than changing another IP and the best way to do that is by using a VPN service, or can as well change another internet service provider.

Use The Web Version Instead Of The App

You want to find out whether there is a technical problem with your Instagram app or not. The best way to do that is to log into your account using a browser and then try adding your comments.

If you succeed with a browser, it means your Instagram app has a problem and should be fixed. If that’s the case, you should restart the app, clear the cache, and then try again.

If this doesn’t work, you should consider reinstalling the app and then log in to try again.

Hopefully, by reinstalling the Instagram app, you have taken care of any technical problem and the app should now work smoothly.


If by now you’re not able to post comments, chances are there is a temporary block on your account and as mentioned, if the block time frame is mentioned, you have to wait until that date is reached.

Even if they haven’t mentioned any timeframe, you should wait and try after 48 hours to see if you’re able to resolve the problem.

Another reason why you want to consider waiting is that Instagram servers can be down at any moment, it can be a few minutes to some hours and when servers are back online, you can now proceed with any action in your account provided you’re not blocked from doing so.

Contact support

After attempting all the fixes above and you still cannot post comments on Instagram, the final step you now want to take is to contact the support team to see if they can help you fix the problem.

Provided you haven’t violated any rule, rest assured you’ll have limitations removed on your account.

Sometimes robots can flag accounts for no reason, and if that’s the case, the support team will restore your account.

But if it’s otherwise, you’ll have a hard time convincing the Instagram support team to lift your comment block.


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