How to Fix Instagram Feed Not Refreshing on Phone

After signing into your Instagram account to view and watch the latest posts and stories from the profiles you follow, you ended up with the same content you last viewed from your last log in.

This shows that your Instagram feed is not refreshing, it’s not displaying new content as usual. Even after refreshing your home page, you find that new content isn’t displayed.

Instagram can display the message “couldn’t refresh feed” to let you know that they can’t fetch new content on your device. This error isn’t new because a lot of users have reported the “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” message, and chances are every Instagram user will face this problem every once in a while.

It’s a problem that can be caused by technical issues on the app, or your network might get interrupted while using the Instagram app and their servers can fail to fetch new posts and stories in your feed.

You don’t need to panic just because your feed isn’t refreshing or because Instagram has displayed the message “couldn’t refresh feed” on your phone. It’s a simple issue and we’re going to outline how you can fix it with ease.

What Are The Reasons Why Instagram Feed Not Refreshing

Fix Instagram Feed Not Refreshing on Phone

Fix Instagram Feed Not Refreshing on Phone

There is no internet connection

This is certainly the most popular cause of Instagram feed not refreshing on your phone. A stable internet connection is needed in order to update your Instagram feed, even if you have an internet connection but it’s very slow, Instagram will not be able to display new content on your feed.

You want to start by checking your Wi-Fi signals and if the connected network has weak signals, you should switch to another Wi-Fi that’s available within your area. You can also restart your Router to refresh the network and also fix any minor problem that’s interfering with your internet connection.

If you’re using your mobile data, you should start by checking your data subscription to ensure you haven’t used up all your internet data. If your data is already exhausted, you have to subscribe to another plan before you’re able to refresh your Instagram feed.

Also, make sure that either 5g, 4g or 3g is available when using mobile data. In some areas you find that only 2g is available and we know how slow it is. Our smartphones are configured in a way that they can use any available network, so check the signals to ensure that you’re using at least 5g, 4g, or 3g.

You can also open your browser to load websites, if you’re not able to do so, you know that the internet connection has problem. If you can load different websites fast using your browser it means your internet connection doesn’t have any problem.

There are technical problems with your Instagram app

The Instagram app provides the best user experience than when using your browser, but I’ll tell you that it’s far from been perfect. You’ll definitely face technical problems while using the Instagram app, even if you did everything right.

You can install updates that aren’t compatible with your device and you’ll end up with the app not working properly. I am not saying you shouldn’t install updates, what I want to say is that even installing new updates can cause bugs in the app.

Lack of updates on the other hand is among the reasons why you can end up with Instagram feed not refreshing. Not installing a few updates shouldn’t necessarily affect the performance of the app significantly, but when you failed to install updates for months or up to a year, you’ll end up with a lot of technical problems.

You can end up sending likes and follows, but they won’t show up because the app couldn’t send those actions even after tapping the buttons on the screen.

Corrupt app is another cause of Instagram feed not refreshing on your phone, the app can be corrupt for various reasons. It can be because of virus and malware, or there are apps on your phone interfering with Instagram app activities.

App data and cache can also corrupt your Instagram app, they’re useful files stored on your phone to improve user experience but when they have the wrong entries or the info stored becomes outdated, they’ll corrupt the app.

Clearing app data and cache should fix a corrupt app, but when things are worse, you’ll have to reinstall the Instagram app before you can safely use the device without any technical problem.

Instagram servers are experiencing technical problems

Before your app can display content on your feed, it has to make contact with Instagram servers where every content uploaded on the platform is saved. Instagram servers are most of the time running smoothly, but if there are technical problems, you’ll find that your Instagram feed isn’t refreshing.

Sometimes Instagram servers can go down for various reasons, like during maintenance. We’ve seen some days when Instagram isn’t available for some hours.

If you haven’t logged into your Instagram account during this downtime, you’ll find that you cannot even login, and if you’re already logged in, you can’t refresh your feed and you can’t perform any action on the platform. This means you won’t be able to like posts or even upload new content.

You can find out whether Instagram is available or not by checking their Instagram handle and other social profiles they have, like on Facebook. If there are problems, they will definitely mention it on their twitter handle. You have to wait for them to fix the problem from their end before you can refresh the Instagram feed.

These are the three major reasons why you’re not able to refresh your Instagram feed, every other reason can be grouped under these three categories. You should figure out the cause on your part and then apply the right fix we’re going to share below.

How To Fix Instagram Feed Not Refreshing On Phone

Close the Instagram app and launch it again

You should start by restarting the Instagram app, this is a simple fix that’s underrated by many Instagram users. Any technical problem you’re facing with the Instagram app has the potential to be fixed when you restart the app. Bugs and cache can cause temporary errors and when the app is restarted, they can be fixed without going through some lengthy process.

Before you, however, restart the Instagram app, you should first log out of your Instagram account and then close it. Once you launch the app again you can log in to see if new content is updated in your Instagram feed.

Clear phone storage for the Instagram app

Start by clearing cache and if you’re not able to refresh your feed, you should then clear Instagram app data and other storage files for Instagram. We’ve already mentioned how corrupt cache and data can affect the Instagram app, clearing these data will help you take care of any bug that’s causing problems.

Depending on the phone you’re using, you should go to “Settings” and locate your list of apps which are located in “Apps” or “Application Manager”. Find the Instagram app and tap on it, you’ll be able to see the options “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”. After clearing the data, you should now refresh your Instagram feed.

You can also use third-party apps; use phone cleaner apps, they’ll allow you to clear any storage for the selected app of your choice.

Fix your network

Without a strong internet connection, you can’t refresh your Instagram nor create new posts and Stories on Instagram. Firstly, you need to test your network, it can be done with a command prompt for Windows users or preferably you should test using your browser as mentioned earlier. You need to type a random website and see whether it would load or not.

Once you find that websites aren’t loading, it means something is wrong with your internet connection. Switch to another network that’s available to you or restart your router.

If you have made changes to your network recently, whether on your router or on your phone, you need to undo them. Just switch between networks and ensure that your internet is working fine before you can refresh your Instagram feed. Also, make sure you have enough data if you’re using mobile data.

Log in to your Instagram account on another device or use a browser

If you have another phone available to you, you should consider using it to log in to your Instagram account. You can also use your browser since the Instagram web version is available.

Once you find that you can now refresh your Instagram feed, you can conclude that there is a problem with your Instagram app or your device. You should do the needful in order to get rid of technical problems on your device.

Fix your Instagram app for technical problems

As stated in the causes, technical problems can arise for various reasons. If you’re having a technical problem with the app, you want to start by checking updates especially if you haven’t updated the app for a while. If you also just bought a used phone that has Instagram installed, it’s possible that it’s outdated and that’s why you’re facing problems when updating your feed.

After installing updates and you have already cleared app data as mentioned above, you should now consider reinstalling the Instagram app. It’s possible that app files have already been altered beyond repair by any tool or update.

Reinstalling the app will ensure that new setup files are now on your device and you should get rid of any technical problem you’re facing with the Instagram app on your phone.

To reinstall the app, you should long tap the Instagram app on your phone desktop and select “uninstall”. After removing it, you should head over to App Store or Play Store to download the app again.

Check the availability of Instagram servers

If Instagram is temporarily unavailable, there is no need to go through some lengthy process trying to fix the problem of Instagram feed not refreshing.

You just have to wait for servers to be back online. This doesn’t normally happen, but as mentioned, it can happen once in a while. We’ve seen the Instagram servers at least once in two years or less.

Check with other people around you like friends and family or coworkers to see if Instagram is working on their phone. You can as well check online because the moment Instagram servers are down, bloggers will start writing about it and you’ll know what’s going on if you visit other social media platforms.

Change your IP address using a VPN service

IP address can be blocked for various reasons on Instagram, in most cases, it’s due to multiple rule violations. If that’s your situation, you should be able to bypass their filters if you change your IP address. The best way to change your IP is by using a VPN service that allows you to change your IP address to any country you want.

The good ones aren’t free though, you’ll have to invest a few dollars to get a service that actually works. After changing your IP address, you can proceed and refresh your Instagram feed and see if things are working right.

Contact support

Finally, if you’re not able to resolve the problem you have to contact support to help you fix the problem you’re facing. You should add a ticket and explain what’s going on with your Instagram account, we hope your account has not been suspended for violating their rules, even if that’s the case you should apologize and promise them not to do it again. By contacting the support team, they’ll guide you on what needs to be done.

That’s it for this post and so far, you’ve learned the causes of Instagram feed not refreshing and also the best possible solutions to this problem. We hope you’re able to fix the problem of the Instagram feed not refreshing on your phone. If you have some ideas you want to share, please let us know in the comments section.


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