Fix Instagram Only Showing Blank White Screen

The problem of Instagram showing a blank white screen is very popular since from last year, at that time the problem was from Instagram servers and they released an update that solved the problem for most users. But up till now a lot of people are facing this problem of white screen, if it’s not from Instagram servers it’s a sign that your app has crashed.

How to Fix Instagram Only Showing Blank White Screen

How to Fix Instagram Only Showing Blank White Screen

Most of the problems that arise from using the Instagram app can be fixed quickly, and every now and then Instagram users face some kind of problem with the app or end up receiving annoying error messages. Most of these problems arise when using the app; you’ll hardly experience any problem when you’re accessing Instagram through a browser.

On the other hand, the app provides a better user experience than when using a browser. A lot of data is stored on the app that provides better usage, but these data can harm the app sometimes, it can cause bugs, or cause the app to stop working. Another factor that leads to Instagram app crash is lack of updates from your operating system. When new updates are released from your OS, it will take time before Instagram app developers come with a solution to the bugs that arise from the update.

With that said there some quick fixes that can help you prevent your Instagram app from showing a white screen. This article will show you how to fix the problem of Blank White Screen on Instagram and other important tips that will help you stay protected.

Why is Instagram showing a blank white screen?

First, there is a need to understand what causes blank white screen before learning how to fix it, this will ensure you take protective measures that will help you avoid the problem of a blank white screen. Let’s share these possible causes;

Connectivity issues

Slow internet connection or when you’re disconnected completely can cause display of Blank White Screen on your Instagram app. This is the first major cause of getting a white screen. It might be possible when you started uploading content in your Instagram account there is a strong signal but then the signal can go down to cause your app stop working and end up displaying a white screen.

Sometimes you’ll receive the error “something went wrong” or “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” or the app will just freeze without able to refresh. Check your cellular data connection, if you’re still connected, OFF it and then ON again, this will refresh your network. I’ve tried this trick and most of the time network connection is back to normal. If you’re using wifi you should switch OFF your router and ON it again. Check the internet settings from your phone also to ensure nothing has been altered for slowing down internet connectivity.

Instagram app problem

This is the second reason why you see a white screen when the app can’t function well, it can crash along the way and just display Blank White Screen or receive some error message. Instagram app fails to function properly when there are corrupted files, also called bugs. These bugs can execute certain actions that will cause the app to stop working or prevent you from performing certain actions such as commenting and liking, or in some cases won’t even allow you to log into your account successfully.

Getting rid of bugs can help you solve the problem of getting a Blank White Screen often. The best way I found to be effective in getting rid of bugs is by reinstalling the app. There are a lot of apps out there that might help you get rid of them, but they’re not as effective as removing the app and installing again.

Reinstalling the app takes a few minutes and you’re not at the risk of losing anything, Instagram app data isn’t lost unless you decided to delete the app data. Backup tools can also be used to reserve your data when reinstalling the app, just delete the app and visit play store to download the app again, after installing launch your Instagram app and chances are the problem of Blank White Screen will be gone.

Not updating the Instagram app

I know a lot of people are scared of deleting and reinstalling their favourite apps. Well, in that case, you can install updates since updating the app doesn’t delete the app completely; updates will fix bugs and can access additional features that are released by Instagram. Updating the Instagram app can take care of bugs to some extent, but when there is a lot of corrupt data, reinstallation is required. The app can be updated by going to Play store and locating “apps and games”, an option will be shown that allows you to tap and update your Instagram app. When the update is complete, launch the app again to see if the Blank White Screen is gone.

Server problem

The problem of Blank White Screen mostly happens when users are in the middle of performing some actions and chances are it’s caused by Instagram servers. Every action you performed is hosted on the Instagram server, that’s where all your information is stored, when you upload photos or videos, they’re hosted and stored on Instagram servers.

In such cases you have to wait for Instagram servers to get fixed, this problem can be experienced during maintenance hours, and if your account is hosted under servers undergoing maintenance, you can’t help but wait. Every once in awhile users face this problem of Blank White Screen due to Instagram maintenance services.

Account disabled

An Instagram account can be disabled at any moment, for new accounts that perform actions without limit they’re bound to get Blank White Screen when they’re in the middle of performing such actions. This is because you’ve already triggered some actions and at the same time Instagram servers have blocked your account from performing such actions. This way the app stops working and will show Blank White Screen or display some error message like “Instagram has stopped working” or “something went wrong”. Nothing can be done here also until your account is enabled. You need to avoid automating your Instagram activities using third-party apps, like following accounts excessively and similar actions will cause temporary or permanent closure of your account.

So far these are the reasons why you get Blank White Screen on Instagram account, now that you’re able to identify the cause; it’s time to share how to fix the problem quickly in a few steps.

How to Fix “Instagram only Showing Blank White Screen”

Sign out of your account and log in again

Fix Instagram only Showing Blank White Screen

Fix Instagram only Showing Blank White Screen

So the first thing to do is to close the app when the Blank White Screen is shown the app can’t perform any action. You have to close the app and then restart again. When you open the app don’t try to do anything, just sign out and log in again. In some cases, the problem can be solved by this simple fix and a lot of users are able to get rid of the Blank White Screen problem. It sounds like a simple fix, give it a try and might just work for you as well.

Ensure you have a strong network signal

This is also important especially when you’re getting Blank White Screen during content upload. Slow internet connection causes the app to become unresponsive and will show the white screen. Refresh your internet connection from settings and then log into your Instagram account again.

Aeroplane mode

How to Fix Instagram only Showing Blank White Screen

How to Fix Instagram only Showing Blank White Screen

This is another basic fix when your phone is on Airplane mode you might get a white screen on the app. Sometimes your phone can go into Airplane mode accidentally, it happens with my phone a lot of the time when your phone is on aeroplane mode and you open the Instagram app it tries to connect to the internet but then the phone is on aeroplane mode, your phone view internet settings ok, in the end, the app will end up showing white screen because of the unavailability of a network.

Update your Instagram app

Finding solution to Instagram App white screen

Finding a solution to Instagram App white screen

The next solution to the problem is to update your Instagram app. When haven’t install updates for so long you’re at a higher chance of getting a white screen on the Instagram app. Updating the app can help solve a lot of the problems you’re facing with your Instagram app. Research shows that outdated Instagram apps are at the risk of having performance problems.

Installing the latest updates will ensure the app doesn’t have any corrupt files or bugs that may slow or stop the performance of your Instagram app. It takes a few minutes and steps to update your app. Just visit play store if you’re an android user or app store for iPhone users to install updates if they’re available.

Clear cache

Clear IG app Cache to fix white-screen error

Clear IG app Cache to fix white-screen error

These are also files and data that aren’t of any use to the Instagram app and when there is too much of them, they affect the performance of your Instagram app. clearing cache can also help solve the problem Blank White Screen. The cache can alter phone settings to cause unusual behaviours in your Instagram account.

The cache can just be messed up with files stored inside the Instagram folder. But thankfully cache can be completely deleted from the Instagram app; even if your app is working smoothly you need to clear cache from time to time, like weekly or monthly. Head over to settings menu on your phone, find apps, where all apps are listed, then choose Instagram and you can view the option to “clear cache” or “delete app data”. When you tap “clear cache” all cache files from Instagram will be removed, and you can now go back to launch the app again and there is a high chance the problem of Blank White Screen is gone.

Restart your phone

This fix isn’t really very effective but it’s still worth giving it a try because it has worked for some people. The purpose of restarting your phone is to reset or refresh your phone settings and chances are there are settings altered that lead to Blank White Screen and also there are a lot of background apps that might be causing problems to your Instagram app. Restarting the phone will close all background apps that might be causing the problem. Don’t ignore this method because it has the potential to fix the problem of white screen on the Instagram app.

Reinstall Instagram

reinstalling the Instagram App

reinstalling the Instagram App

I must say by now if you haven’t got rid of this problem of the white screen you need to remove the Instagram app and install again. This is almost one of the final steps you can take in order to take care of the problem. And if after reinstalling the app you haven’t solved the problem then the problem isn’t from the app, it’s from your phone settings. Visit settings and find the list of your apps, you’ll see the option to uninstall the app right away.

After removing it you should then download again, don’t reinstall the app using your old files, or by using some outdated APK file, also don’t transfer the app from another phone, this might give rise to another problem. Visit play store and download the latest version that’s available. When installed, you can now log into your Instagram without any problem, and if still haven’t solved the problem of white screen, I’ll share one last fix in the next step and should be able to fix the problem.

Downgrade your Instagram app

Previously we’ve mentioned the importance of updating your Instagram app, but sometimes the newest version of your Instagram app isn’t just compatible with your Phone operating system and you have to install the previous version that has worked for you in the past. When you start getting white screen after installing Instagram updates, it shows that the Instagram version can’t work properly on your phone and you have to choose from previous versions.

I believe this should be the final fix to the problem of Blank White Screen if you’re still experiencing the problem you need to contact Instagram support to explain how you started receiving white screen problem and they might help you pass through it. Most times it has to do with the app because you’ll hardly experience white screen problem when you’re using Instagram through the browser. Try these steps and we hope you get rid of this annoying problem fast.

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