How to Fix Instagram Stories Not Showing Up

It’s really sad to spend a lot of time crafting a great video but after uploading on Instagram stories to find that the video isn’t showing up. Or you just tap the Instagram Stories tab to see videos from profiles and accounts you’re following but to find that there is no content display in your Instagram feed!

You’re not the only one who has faced these problems, many Instagram users have reported these issues on various online forums and are seeking help on how to fix the problem.

Most of the time if Instagram stories aren’t showing up, it has to do with a technical problem on your device or the Instagram app. There can be faults also on the Instagram servers that are blocking you from seeing Instagram Stories.

When things are working smoothly, your uploaded video on Instagram stories should load immediately after uploading it, or once you tap on stories feed, you should be able to load videos smoothly.

If you find that there is an unusual delay or nothing is displayed at all, then something is definitely wrong. Sometimes you can end up with various error messages showing that the upload failed or was not able to process the video you have uploaded.

In this post, we shall walk you through how to fix the problem of Instagram Stories not showing up on your device.

Let’s start with the causes of this error, if you identify the cause on your part, it’s easier to fix the problem fast.

Why Instagram Stories Aren’t Showing Up

How to Fix Instagram Stories Not Showing Up

How to Fix Instagram Stories Not Showing Up

Connection Problems

This is the first thing to blame if you’re not able to view Instagram stories on your device. If your Instagram can’t connect to the internet for some reason, you won’t be able to display any content.

It’s also possible that your internet connection is very slow. Loading and playing videos require a strong and stable internet connection, if you cannot establish that, you’ll have problems viewing Instagram stories or any other content on the platform including high-quality images.

You should check your network cables and also make sure there is a strong network signal. It doesn’t matter if you’ve started browsing smoothly, your network can be interrupted along the way. That’s why it’s important to check again and see if everything is working fine.

Your Instagram App Has a Bug

A Bug in any app will cause the app to malfunction, Instagram is no exception when it comes to bugs. Most of the updates released are designed to fix some kind of a bug that’s causing problems to the Instagram app.

In most cases when the app is corrupt, there is a high chance of bugs rising in the app, and sometimes even installing the wrong updates can lead to bugs.

Some Instagram updates released aren’t just compatible with your phone and hence if you started experiencing problems after installing new updates, you need to get rid of these updates.

If you also haven’t updated the Instagram app for a long time, it’s advisable to install all the required updates. Bugs can arise for various reasons, and they’ll most of the time cause technical problems within the app.

Incorrect Date And Time

This is another major reason why Instagram Stories aren’t showing up on the App. Every website or platform will block users when they detect that the date on their device isn’t the same as the current date in real-time.

This is because a lot of hackers are using the wrong data in order to attack their servers.

That’s why when your date isn’t synched with a real-time date, you’ll find it difficult to display content on Instagram. Not only Instagram, try loading some websites and you’ll find that access is blocked.

You need to recheck and ensure that your date and times settings on the devices you’re using are correct before attempting anything else.

Instagram account is disabled, blocked, or banned

We hope this isn’t the case for you, if you have received the message that your account is suspended or blocked, this is the obvious reason why you’re not able to load any Stories on the app.

Some possible reasons that lead to account block include sending massive following and likes or excessive comments. Performing actions on Instagram frequently especially for new accounts, is the leading cause of account suspension or block.

If you’re also using automation the wrong way, you’ll surely be banned from using the platform. Just make sure that your account isn’t disabled nor it’s blocked from viewing content before you start to apply any troubleshooting.

The video format isn’t support

If you’re having a hard time viewing a video content you just uploaded, it’s probably because your video hasn’t met the requirements of Instagram. It could be that the video has the wrong format or it has a large dimension, or it’s too long.

As you already know, Instagram videos are short, not more than three minutes.

Longer videos should be uploaded on IGTV, if you want to upload to stories, you should shorten them and then forward the viewers to IGTV where they can watch the full video.

Once you uploaded a video and it’s not showing up, you should check your video format and make sure the video is in the correct format.

Instagram Servers are down

If Instagram is down you can’t access the site no matter what you do. Every content uploaded by Instagram users is saved on their servers and once these servers are down or I can say when they’re not available, no content will be displayed on the app.

You’ll have to wait for them to fix the problem from their own part and then you can display the content on Instagram Stories. Instagram servers are always functioning but still, they can experience downtime once or twice every year.

It happens during maintenance and lasts for a couple of minutes to a few hours.

Also, not all user accounts will be affected, only accounts hosted on a particular server that’s undergoing maintenance will be affected.

The moment their servers go offline, it will be in the news, you should check online and you can find whether Instagram is down or not.

These are the known causes of Instagram Stories not showing up and if you’re facing this problem, you’ll want to identify one of these causes so that you can apply the right fix on your device.

Let’s proceed with troubleshooting the problem of Instagram Stories not showing up.

How To Fix Instagram Stories Not Showing Up

Start with your network

Since the leading cause is network problems, that is what you should address first. As mentioned earlier, you want to check your network cables and ensure they’re well connected.

If you’re using wifi, you should consider checking network strength, and if they’re weak, you need to switch to another network.

Restart your router even if everything seems to be working fine, this will refresh the network and can fix any temporary bug that’s causing problems. If you’re using mobile data, check to ensure that you have enough data from your mobile operator.

A simple way you can verify whether a network is preventing you from loading Instagram stories or not is to launch your browser and then visit some random website to see if it can load.

If you can load websites in your browser, it means your internet connection is ok, you then proceed with other troubleshoots.

Restart Your Instagram App

If the problem is caused by a temporary bug or some minor glitches, restarting the Instagram app will resolve the problem for you. When you restart the app, all app settings are refreshed, and can use the app without any problem.

Just hit the sign out button on your profile page and when you logged out, you then close the app. You now launch the app and login again, this has worked for a lot of people and you need to give it a try even though it seems like a simple fix.

Clear Cache

Cache files are known to interrupt app activities, and that’s why we recommend clearing cache in an attempt to fix the problem of Instagram Stories not showing up.

The cache is helpful because it helps the app to launch faster but once it’s corrupt or the wrong data is stored for a particular app, it will cause problems with app activities. Many a time, the cache has proven to cause problems with the content display on Instagram.

Depending on the type of device you’re using, you can clear cache from “Settings”, you should locate the list of all your apps which should be inside “Application Manager” or in “Apps”.

Locate the Instagram app and tap on it, you’ll be able to see the app settings and you can see the option to clear “Cache” and “App Data”. We don’t suggest deleting app data for now, just select “Clear Cache” and check to see if you’re able to view Instagram Stories.

Install updates

Outdated Instagram app has a high chance of developing bugs and the best way to fix bugs is by installing all the latest updates that are available.

Installing updates will make the app work better and will take care of most technical aspects that can arise. But as mentioned earlier, if installing the updates ended up causing problems like not able to view content in the app, you have to remove these updates because this shows that the new updates you just added aren’t compatible with your device.

Check Instagram on a browser or another device

You now want to log into your Instagram account on another device or a browser, if you’re able to do so, it shows that your app or your device is causing the problem. That’s where you should now focus your attention on fixing the problem.

Reinstall the Instagram app

If you succeed in viewing your Instagram stories on another device, your app has a problem that is beyond repair by installing updates. The best way now is to reinstall the app, make sure to clear all data from the previous app before making a new installation. After reinstalling the Instagram app, you should be able to watch your stories without any problem.

Fix date and time on your device

If you find that the date and time aren’t correct, you need to correct them. The best way to avoid having the wrong date or time is by changing your date settings to automatic.

This way your current date will be synced with the mobile operator you’re using on your smartphone. Your date will always be correct this way and you don’t need to bother about adjusting the date and time.

Turn off power-saving mode

Some users have reported receiving this problem when their phone is in power-saving mode. Putting your phone in this state will block a lot of activities.

Viewing and playing videos on your device is among the activities that consume a lot of energy and hence when you try to view and play videos with your Instagram app, nothing is displayed.

Check to make sure your phone isn’t in power saving mode and you might fix the problem of Instagram Stories not showing up.

By applying the fixes outlined above, we hope you’re able to fix the problem of Instagram Stories not showing up. Just take a look at your situation and identify the possible cause and then apply the right fix that will help you get rid of it.

How To Prevent Instagram Stories Not Showing Up From Happening Again On Your Instagram App

The best way to avoid this problem from occurring on your device is to always ensure that your Instagram app is up to date. Secondly, you shouldn’t change your device date for whatever reason.

Sometimes you might travel to another country and will cause time and date different from your previous date, you need to adjust the settings accordingly. Finally, you should always clear the cache to avoid technical problems in your Instagram app.

Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments if you have more solutions to this problem other than the ones listed in this post. This will help our readers learn more about the problem of Instagram Stories not loading up.


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