Fix Instagram Story Stuck On Posting

Fix Instagram Story Stuck On Posting

As we already know posting story on Instagram is pretty simple, but sometimes your story might get stuck without getting published on your feed. Instagram story stuck is a very common problem, almost every instagram user can experience this problem once in a while because it’s an issue that can be caused by multiple factors.

If your story gets stuck on Instagram, you don’t need to worry about it because millions of people are facing the problem and the good news is that there is a way fix the problem fast. Not only Instagram stories, there are also other actions on Instagram that get stuck such as login, liking, tagging, commenting, following and so on. We’ll discuss the problem of Instagram Story stuck in detail and outline all the possible solutions that will help you fix the problem.

What Are The Causes Of Instagram Story Stuck On Posting?

Network problem

That’s the first thing you want to check when your Instagram story stuck. It might be possible that when you started uploading your story, the network strength is good but suddenly drop before the process finished. Or if you’re using mobile data, your data bandwidth gets exhausted and hence the process couldn’t be finished and because of that your story gets stuck. If there is connectivity problem or you have slow network, chances are your story won’t be published successfully.

Bugs in your Instagram app

When there are bugs in your Instagram app, you’ll be experiencing problems while using the app. You should expect any kind of problem, right from login problems, to posting problems and so on. Bugs rise in your app when you failed to update your instagram app. Most of the updates released by Instagram are meant to fix bugs in the app, if you haven’t updated your Instagram app for a while, it’s the first thing you want to do when your Instagram Story gets stuck.

You have exceeded your limitations

Instagram has daily limits for all activities especially for new accounts, so if you’ve uploaded stories a lot within a short period of time, like a few hours, it might be possible you have exhausted your daily limit and hence when you try to upload a Story it gets stuck. You should be moderate in your activities or if not, you’ll end up with suspension or can get your account closed completely.

You’re reposting the same image multiple times

Everyone loves to see their image goes viral, most Instagram users repost their images on Stories when they noticed it hasn’t received any attention. Instagram Robots are very smart and can easily detect duplicate images and hence they block users when they try to repost the image.

Tagging too many users

Tagging is a good way to attract more views but that doesn’t mean you should go the extent of adding many tags that are beyond Instagram limit, if you’re not using aged Instagram account you shouldn’t exceed tagging more than ten people.

You’re using data saving mode

If you’re uploading high quality photos and videos, setting your phone on ‘Data Saving Mode’ can block Instagram from posting your Stories. What you want to do in order to fix this is by disabling data saving mode, after successfully uploading your stories you can switch back to data saving mode.

Content format isn’t supported

As we already know instagram now allow users to upload content on stories from their phone gallery, so if the video or photo you’re trying upload is in format that’s not support, the process won’t be completed, it will get stuck. In most cases you’ll receive the message format isn’t supported, you need to convert your video or photo into format supported.

These are some of the major reasons why your Instagram Story get stuck, let’s now move on to share how to fix the problem of Instagram Story Stuck.

How To Fix Instagram Story Stuck on Posting

Check and fix internet connection

As mentioned in the causes, when there is internet connectivity problem, your story upload won’t be finish successfully. That’s why the first fix you want to try is checking your network to ensure everything alright. If you’re using router, you should restart it, if you’re using Wifi you should switch to using mobile data and vice versa. Check your internet speed using online tools to ensure that your internet connection is working perfectly.

Update time and date

When your phone’s date and time aren’t updated, you’ll experience some problems while using your Instagram app. By default, time and date should set to update automatically with your SIM card network, if that’s not the configuration you currently have, you should go to settings set ‘’Automatically Update”, depending on your Android or iOS version, you should be able to similar statement.

Automatic Date and Time

Restart your Instagram app

If the problem is caused by temporary bug, restarting the app will refresh it again and allow you to post your content successfully. So what you need to is to close your instagram app and then launch it again, but you need to close it from settings, in other words you need to ‘Force Stop’, this way you have stopped the app from running in the background. To do this you should go to ‘Setting’ and then Apps, locate the instagram app, and then tap on it, you’ll see the option to ‘Force Stop’. When you launch the app, you then try uploading the story to see if things are working for you.

Clear app data and cache

When your instagram app has memory problems you’ll hardly post any content, deleting app data and cache will help you clear bugs or any other memory problem you’re facing. You can clear app data and cache on Instagram app by going to Settings > Apps (Applications) and then tap on Instagram, you’ll see the option ‘Clear data’ and also ‘Clear cache’ buttons. Once you remove this data, you’ve cleaned your Instagram app, it’s now like a brand new installation. Once you launch your Instagram app, you’ll have to login again and chances are you’ve taken care of the problem.

Settings and Storage

Update Instagram app

If your instagram is outdated, it causes a lot of bugs and installing updates usually fix this bugs automatically. We’ve already stated that updates come with bug fixes, that’s why you need to check for updates and install them. Just head over to your app store and if update is available a message will be displayed to install the updates.

Reinstall Instagram

If you’re still not able to get rid of the problem, you should delete the Instagram app completely and install a new one. Though as mentioned previously deleting app data and cache will clean the app, but sometimes there are settings that are preventing the Instagram app from working properly. Go to Settings, Apps and tap on Instagram, you’ll see the option to uninstall, you can as well uninstall from your phone desktop. After that, head over to your app store and download the app again.

Close other apps

There are conflicting apps, these apps if open won’t let Instagram work properly and there they have to be closed. You want to make sure that all apps are closed especially security and antivirus apps. Make sure they’re not running in the background either by ‘Force Stop’ from settings as mentioned earlier.

Disable data saving mode

Enabling data saving mode could limit your data usage and hence preventing from uploading larger files on Instagram. Go ahead and check to see if data saving mode is enabled, if so, enable it. Data saving mode block some apps from accessing the internet, that’s why it’s important to disable it.

Disable Data Saving Mode

Check your image format

If you’re uploading image, you should know that not all formats are supported, one of the formats Instagram users try to upload on Story is GIF, and it’s known to cause problems, it sometimes causes the Instagram app to freeze or get stuck. This also holds for videos, make sure to check that your video format is supported, and don’t upload very large files.

These are the best fixes to the problem of Instagram Story Stuck on posting, but whenever you run into the problem of Instagram story stuck on posting, you’ll as well get stuck on performing other actions on Instagram, let’s move on to talk about other actions that can get stuck on Instagram and how to fix them.

How To Fix Instagram Login Problems

This is another annoying problem Instagram users face often, after typing login details they couldn’t login successfully. The first thing you want to do is to double check your username and password again, if after confirming your login details are correct and you’re not able to login successfully, you should use your PC to login, and if things have worked on Pc, it means there is something wrong with your Instagram app and what you want to do is to reinstall it. If still not working, it means your phone has settings that’s preventing the app to function properly.

Another method to fix login problems on Instagram is to login with Facebook details, but that’s applicable if you’ve connected your Facebook account. and finally you should consider resetting your password, this way a new login will be sent to your email or password.

How To Fix Instagram Tagging Problem

When you’re into this problem you won’t be able to tag users in posts and that means your posts won’t show up in searches, this is a big problem because your posts won’t receive much attention. First of all, you should know that if you tag someone in your posts and it appears in the post but later disappeared, it means they’ve removed the tag. You can tag anyone but they have the option to un-tag themselves or can even block you from tagging them again.

And secondly if you’re not able to tag some users, it means you’ve exceeded the tag limit, the tag limit is 25, and is even less for new accounts. Using excessive tags will cause limitations on your account, in order to be safe you shouldn’t tag more than 10 users.

And lastly if you’re not able to tag users it means you’re blocked from using the tagging feature, you have to wait for the restriction to expire, it can last for 24-48 hours or even a week or so depending on the level of violation you have done.

How To Fix Can’t Follow Users On Instagram

This is another action users get stuck on instagram, and it’s a feature that we use every day. The first thing you want to check if you’re stuck or blocked from following users is to check your follow limit. Instagram allow following of no more than 7500 for any account, and you can’t do that at once, there are daily, weekly and monthly limits. So if you have crossed that limit, you won’t be able to follow any accounts, you have to unfollow some users in order to proceed with following more accounts.

If you haven’t exceeded the limits but you’re still stuck on following users, you should check your internet connection, open a random website on your browser and if it opens, it means your internet connection is alright and the next step is to restart your app. After restarting the app and the problem is not gone, you should reinstall the app. Most people will recommend clearing cache and data, or updating the app, but most of the time this doesn’t work, just delete the app and install again.

When you reinstall the app you’re sure that you’ve fixed any technical problem that’s causing the app to malfunction. After reinstalling the app, you should login to see if the problem is fixed, chances are it will be fixed provided you don’t have any connection problems.

These are some of the popular problems instagram run into when using the Instagram app, whatever problem you face, you should first identify whether the problem is with the app or from your phone settings and make sure you haven’t exceeded the limits set for your account before you proceed on troubleshooting the problem. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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