Fix Instagram Website Link in Bio Not Working 2021

Instagram is one of the tools used to improve social media impact and give access to content outside of the platform by individuals, brands, and businesses.

One of the ways this is achieved is through the Link in Bio feature on the app. It is easy and convenient, but what do you do if the link in your Link in Bio isn’t working?

The reasons why this could happen vary and in this article we will address the causes and give solutions to them.

Link in Bio; What it is and How it Works

Fix Instagram Website Link in Bio Not Working

Fix Instagram Website Link in Bio Not Working

What do you do when your Link in Bio is not working? To understand how to fix a problem with your Link in Bio, it is important to know how the service works in the first place.

This knowledge will make finding solutions to the several reasons why your Link in Bio may not be clickable, easier.

Instagram has evolved from being just a photo upload app for hobbyist photographers to being a hub for all kinds of users. It has become a marketplace of sorts, providing tools for growth for individuals, brands as well as businesses.

One of the tools that make Instagram a great platform to improve social media impact is the Link in Bio;

The one space where you can add a link for other users to access other contents or sites such as a personal blog, website, podcast, or whatever else you would like to share.

The Bio on Instagram is the one place where you can add a clickable link to redirect users visiting your profile to other content which is not on your page and are probably not on Instagram altogether.

The Link in Bio can be used for promoting products and services, running a campaign, promoting a website or blog, launching a product, giving more information about yourself, running a competition, directing others to a landing page, video or podcast.

There are several ways to upload a link to your Instagram Bio and they include;

  1. You can add a link in your Instagram Bio yourself by hopping over to your profile, clicking on “Edit Profile” and adding the desired URL in the “Bio” column.
  2. A second way that is more popular amongst social media marketers and brand promoters is the use of Link in Bio optimization tools. These Link services are apps with which you can manage your Instagram Bio and add several links as opposed to the single link that uploading manually may afford you. A few examples of such Link in Bio optimizer tools include Shorby, Tap. Bio, Link.Bio and Linktree.

Using the Link in Bio feature is really uncomplicated. Once the link has been uploaded in the Bio column, other Instagrammers who visit your page will be able to access the link by clicking on it.

If there is no issue with the link, upon clicking on it, the visitor would be redirected immediately.

Common Reasons Why your Link in Bio Might not Work

There are a myriad of reasons why your Link in Bio URL may not be clickable and the experience can be quite frustrating. In this column, we will list the many reasons why you might be experiencing this challenge. These reasons include:

1- Your Instagram app may need an update: sometimes, the problem with your Link in Bio may not actually be your Link in Bio itself. It may very well be that the version of Instagram installed on your device is outdated.

2- The URL you entered may be wrongly typed: if your Link in Bio is not clickable, chances are that you have mistyped the URL in your Link in Bio or if the URL is incomplete.

3- The Link is not in the right column!

4- The cache on your app may be filled: your Link in Bio may not be working because your Instagram cache is filled with out-of-date files.

5- Instagram may have blocked your Link in Bio: This is one of the likeliest reasons why your Link in Bio may not be working. Your Link in Bio feature may have been blocked by Instagram for breaching its guidelines.

6- Your Instagram may have a bug.

7- Your Link in Bio optimization tool may not be working.

Link in Bio, Not Working; How to Fix it

The problems which could cause your Link in Bio to stop working as seen above can be fixed with the suggested solutions below.

1- Update your Instagram app: If the reason why your Link in Bio is not clickable or you cannot add a link at all is that your Instagram app is outdated, a simple update will fix this problem. Updating the Instagram app is easy but differs depending on the operating system of your device. Below, we will see how to update on Android and iOs.

To update on Android devices,

  • Go to the google play store on the device and then to the Options toolbar on the top left of the screen.
  • Select “My apps & games” and next, click on “Updates”
  • Scroll down to Instagram, click on the update button on the right and allow the update run until it is complete.

Although you can run updates individually on all your apps on the Google play store, the option exists for you to automatically update all your apps.

To do this, click on auto-update all apps on the settings menu in your Google Play Store. This will help keep all your apps up to date and prevent issues such as your Link in Bio not working due to a required app update.

To Update on iOs,

  • Exit the Instagram app and locate the App Store on the home screen.
  • Click on the Updates tab on the bottom right of the screen. A red dot will show how many app updates are available.
  • Once you click on the Updates tab, you will be redirected to a list of apps requiring updates. Locate Instagram, click on Update and allow the update to run.

After running the update on either android or iOs, relaunch the Instagram app and try your Link in Bio again. It should run smoothly this time.

2- Link was not entered correctly: If you have mistyped the link in your Link in Bio, it will not be clickable to Instagrammers visiting your profile. To remedy this, double-check the link to see that it is correct, check to see if there are any unnecessary spaces in the address. Making the correct adjustments will rectify the issue. If you have corrected the mistyped address and it is still not working, here’s something else that you can do:

  • Delete the URL
  • Return to the site which you are trying to link
  • Highlight the site’s address directly from your browser.
  • Copy the address to your clipboard
  • Paste the copied address in your Instagram Bio. this eliminates the chances for error and the Link in Bio would be clickable.

3- The link is not in the right column: This is one of the most common mistakes that Instagram users make. The Bio is the only space on Instagram where a URL will be clickable. Placed anywhere else, the URL would appear as plain text. To upload a URL to your Instagram Bio, follow the below steps;

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on your profile
  • Click on “Edit Profile”
  • Add the link to your website
  • You can add links to others’ profiles by adding @ followed by their handles
  • You can also add # followed by the desired hashtag
  • Click on done.

4- Filled up cache: your Instagram cache may be filled with outdated files and this could cause your Link in Bio to stop working. To fix this, all you need to do is clear your cache. To clear your cache on Android and iOs devices, follow the steps below;

To clear cache on Android,

  • Go to settings
  • Click on apps and notifications
  • Scroll to Instagram
  • Click on Storage
  • Click on Clear cache

To clear cache on iOs,

  • Click on Settings on the home screen
  • Click on general
  • Click on iPhone storage
  • Scroll to Instagram
  • Select Delete
  • Reinstall the Instagram app. Deleting and reinstalling your Instagram app will get rid of all redundant files stored in the cache.

5- Your Instagram may have a bug: Have you clicked on the link in your bio and gotten redirected back to Instagram? Well, that is the action of a bug. The bug could be on Instagram or on the app optimization tool with which you upload your Link in Bio. If the bug is an Instagram bug, just wait a few hours and try again and your Link in Bio will work. If it’s from your Link service app, you can contact the support team for the app you use to have the issue sorted out.

6- Your Link In Bio optimization tool may not be working: If you use a Link in Bio app to manage your Instagram Link in Bio, chances are that the application would from time to time, stop working. If the app is not working or has been discontinued, you can either load your link in manually on your Instagram account or switch to a different Link service app such as Linktree, Lnk. bio, Shorby, Tap. bio amongst a host of others.

7- Instagram may have blocked your Link in Bio: you may have posted a link to your Bio on Instagram and when you clicked on it you got the error message “Link not allowed”. This happens because the link you have uploaded has been banned by Instagram. Why does this happen? Read below to find out.

Due to the amount of spam and inappropriate sites which do not meet Instagram’s guidelines, Instagram has set limitations that do not allow the upload of links to some sites.

Some verified sites also fall under the category of banned sites on Instagram. Some reasons why your link may not be allowed include;

  • The website is unknown and linked to spammer accounts.
  • The link connects to an explicit website.
  • Links that have been shortened such as -bitly links which is unclear what the links connect to.
  • Links that appear on many different accounts within a short space of time would probably be blocked.
  • Fake URLs are blocked (although it is still unclear why some people upload fake URLs in the first place).
  • Misspelled domain names in the link may cause the links to be blocked by Instagram.
  • Esty links are blocked.
  • Although Snapchat and Telegram are verified sites, they’re banned on Instagram, and links to them would be blocked.
  • The problem could be your Wifi/Mobile data connection!

If the link you have uploaded in your Bio has been blocked by Instagram, running through the list above will give you a good idea of what to do next.

Correcting misspelled domain names, will get your Link in Bio running; a link to banned sites or fake URLs will not work so changing the link to an appropriate, accepted one will have your Link in Bio back to being clickable and if the link is to your website or another website which is not spam and not one of the banned sites on Instagram, you can fix it by using Facebook Debugger.

If your Wifi connection is the problem, follow the steps in the two methods below to rectify the situation.

-Switch your Wifi router off, leave the router off for a few minutes and then restart the router; this would assign your device a new IP address.

– Log in from the homepage of your router, tap on the Network connection, and then under rule name, select Ethernet (Broadband). Click on Settings, then on Renew, then Release. Finally, click on Apply.

After trying either or both of these methods to get a new IP address on your Wifi device, log back into Instagram and try again.

The Link in Bio would be clickable now if the issue was the Wifi connection. Changing the Wifi device too could help with resolving the issue.

If you use a mobile data connection, switch your device to Airplane mode and leave a few minutes before turning the radio connections back on.

As frustrating as having your Link in Bio stop working can be, going through the solutions listed and explained in this article would help fix it and have it running and clickable again.


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