How to Fix Temporarily Blocked From Liking on Instagram

Did you start adding likes on Instagram and you realize they are not sticking to the photo? That’s to say the red herd keeps on turning back to white! We all want to like Instagram posts, it can be that we want to show our care to family and friends or we just want to support and encourage the poster.

No one wants their post to remain unliked on social media, some people get into depression when no one likes their photos. Adding our likes is a great way to show appreciation for the post and also express our views, but when you add the likes and you find that they’re not showing, that’s really annoying.

The problem of likes not showing up on Instagram is very common and I’ll say that now and then you can face this problem especially when using the Instagram app to access your account instead of using the browser.

If you’re not able to add likes on Instagram posts, it means you’re blocked or there is a technical problem with your Instagram app.

There could be various reasons that could lead to this block, and the leading factor is that you’re abusing the feature. Some users in an attempt to get attention or attract followers they start sending massive likes to random posts they have no idea who posted them nor even watch the content.

They use spamming tools to send out such massive action on their account and this will lead to an account block. The very moment Instagram realizes that you’re using automation to execute massive action, your account will definitely get blocked and can even extend to account suspension or termination.

In this post, we’ll talk about all the possible reasons that are blocking you from adding likes on Instagram and also share how you can fix it on your device, plus some helpful tips that can protect your account on Instagram. Stay with us till the end to learn about “like block” and other action blocks on Instagram.

Why You’re Temporarily Blocked From Liking On Instagram

How to Fix Temporarily Blocked From Liking on Instagram

How to Fix Temporarily Blocked From Liking on Instagram

The daily limit for adding likes is reached

If you have already liked some posts within the day and suddenly you realize that you can’t add more likes, chances are you’ve reached the limit for the day or at least for the hour. Instagram has a daily limit on all actions, you’re restricted to the number of likes, follows, and comments you can add every hour and every day.

The Instagram algorithm is tracking your actions and once the limit is reached, you’ll be automatically blocked to add new likes until after at least 24-hours or the next cycle. If you also exceed the hourly limit, you won’t be able to add likes until another hour.

If that’s your situation, no fix can help you but wait until the next cycle to continue with adding the likes. New Instagram accounts have more restrictions than aged accounts and in most cases, new accounts end up with action blocks when they try to do things fast.

Automation is detected on your account

Nothing can lead to Instagram action block than using automation or let me say using automation the wrong way. Some good tools and services let Instagram users, especially marketers manage their Instagram account or use them to manage and maintain multiple accounts.

Using automation the wrong way means sending massive actions within a short period of time for new accounts or the ones that have little to no engagement.

Some use tools that will send massive likes to random posts or follow a lot of users at a time. Once such types of actions are detected, you’ll be blocked from using that feature at all.

You’re lucky if that’s where the penalty ends, a lot of the time the account will be suspended and will require manual review from the Instagram team or you can be terminated completely.

User complains

When there are multiple complaints on your account it can lead to an action block and if you’re under action block, you’ll find that you cannot like posts or comment on them.

You cannot also follow people, almost every action can’t be performed because some users have reported inappropriate comments or posts. If it’s a temporary block, you’ll just have to wait for the block to expire and if a review is required, you’ll have to defend your account.

Liking many posts at once

We’ve already talked about daily and hourly limits, these limits imposed on the account can’t be reached at once. If for instance, you have a 100 likes limit daily, it doesn’t mean you should log in to your Instagram and add 100 likes for the day at once and then wait until tomorrow to add again.

You have to spread your actions naturally like adding five likes every 15 minutes and you want to make sure that other people are also liking and commenting on your posts.

Your Instagram account is under action block

An action block is a form of punishment from Instagram which means you can’t perform any action including sending likes to posts and stories. It’s like your Instagram account is temporarily blocked from executing any action, there is nothing you can do with an account that’s under action block.

You can’t follow any account, you cannot write comments, you cannot like posts and stories, and any other activity you can think of. You can only log in to view posts and stories without the ability to engage with the content.

What Are The Causes Of Action Block

Using third-party tools to manage your account

Most of the accounts experiencing action block are using third-party tools to manage their Instagram account. They end up scheduling actions on random accounts and at the same time frequently.

In no time, the Instagram algorithm can detect these tools and disable all accounts using them. Using tools to manage new Instagram accounts is risky, you want to stay away from them at all costs.

Advertising in the DM and comments

Internet marketers, if they can’t get people’s attention in their posts, they start following accounts with massive fans and then start dropping their marketing messages in comments and directly in the DM.

When this happens, they end up with a lot of user complaints which will raise a flag on the account. An action block will be placed and if they continue violating the rules, it leads to account suspension or termination.

Frequent following

Following is the most abused feature on Instagram because people are expected to be followed back when they follow any profile.

When they’re hungry for followers, they start sending massive follows within a very short period of time, and these accounts hardly last because they’ll be spotted instantly and the first penalty they receive is an action block. Doing massive action repeatedly will then end up to account termination.

Posting inappropriate content

When you post inappropriate content repeatedly, you’re bound to receive an action block in your Instagram account. Instagram can scan all content posted on the platform including images and videos.

They can identify nude photos or sexual content in videos and if they detect you’re uploading the wrong content, you’ll be blocked temporarily for uploading inappropriate content and you can’t also perform other actions such as liking, following, and commenting.

You’re posting copyrighted content

Some users create accounts without having their own original content, they end up stealing content from influencers and then repost on their profile. When there are multiple copyrights complaints about the content they posted on their account, they end up with account suspension or termination.

Using excessive hashtags

Everyone is looking for exposure and some users believe by using a lot of hashtags with a massive audience they can attract more exposure for their content.

This is not how things work on Instagram, there are a lot of factors that decide the exposure of any content. Using many hashtags can lead to an action block especially if you’re using the same hashtags in all your posts.

Neglecting your Instagram account for a long time and then suddenly start sending massive actions

It doesn’t matter if you have an aged account, provided you neglect the account for a long time without performing any activity and then suddenly you logged in to send a massive following, your account will be identified as spam and will be blocked immediately after sending massive actions frequently.

These are some of the reasons why you’re not able to like on Instagram, let’s take a look at possible solutions to the problem.

How To Fix Temporarily Blocked From Liking On Instagram

Wait for 24-48 Hours

It’s possible that your account is under a temporary block and normally it lasts after 24 hours. This can however last for a week or even a month before the block expires and you have to wait till that time before you can continue liking Instagram.

Remove any third-party app

If you’re using tools or services to manage your Instagram accounts, you should all ignore using them. You should only log into Instagram using a browser or the official app which is available for smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Stop sending fake likes

If you’re using services that are adding fake likes to your posts and profile, you should avoid using them as well because there is a high chance they’re the reason why you can’t like posts or stories on Instagram.

Link Your Facebook Account

This is a way to increase the credibility of your Instagram account, make sure that the name of the Facebook account is the same as your current Instagram account.

This way your trust level is increased and you can recover your Instagram account within 24 hours to continue liking posts as usual.

Use another device

If you violated Instagram rules so much that they track your device and then block your account from performing any action, the device can always be tracked and will not be able to like any post or stories.

If you can’t use another device, you should consider using a browser to log into your Instagram account and then check to see if you can add likes after 24 hours or more.

Remove all hashtags in your posts

Identify the posts you’ve added duplicate or excessive hashtags in your posts, it’s preferable you even delete all the hashtags. Once you do that, you should let the account rest for up to 24 hours before attempting to like again.

These are the simple steps you need to take when you’re temporarily blocked from liking Instagram. Let’s now look at the preventive measures that need to be taken to avoid getting blocked from liking on Instagram or any other action block.

How To Prevent Action Block On Instagram

Perform actions slowly

Frequent actions are among the leading causes of action blocks on Instagram accounts. You should always do things naturally in a way that your account will not be flagged as potential spam.

You should start by following your favorite profiles and try to engage with them, like some of the posts slowly. After some time when your account is some months old, you can reasonably increase the frequency.

Stay active daily

Don’t abandon your account for long and then log in to start massive liking or following. Log in to your Instagram account daily and like a couple of posts and stories, this way your activities look natural, and in the future, you can increase the frequency without any problem.

Don’t sell or promote products in the DM or comments

Users trying to sell or promote products and services tend to use the same message over and over again. This will raise a flag, plus you’ll end up with a lot of complaints especially when you’re sending messages to people that don’t know you.

Everyone hates sales these days even if it’s a product they like, you should stay from unsolicited marketing messages either in the comments or DM.

Don’t use automation

Don’t use any automation tool or service to send massive likes, following, or commenting. Using them is a sure way to end your account because if they detect you’re using automation, it will be difficult to restore your account when it’s banned.

We have reached the end of this post and we hope you’re able to recover your account from the temporary block you’re facing.

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