Fix We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram 2021

Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to share photos and pictures with your followers. Without over a billion users online, Instagram is the second-largest social media platform.

Many people continuously spend their time online, keeping up with people they follow and catching up on the news.

However, to fully enjoy using Instagram, it is important that you learn about Instagram rules and regulations and your limit on comments, following and unfollowing, and even direct messaging.

Being aware of your limitations on Instagram can help you avoid being banned while also getting lots of engagement.

Instagram limits are annoying to a lot of people, but most times, they are put in place to keep other users safe. If you’re continually frustrated by your actions being blocked on Instagram, there’s a reason for that.

Most of the time, a user has reached the limit put in place by Instagram, or your actions go against a rule or regulation put in place.

This article will provide you with all you need to know-how about the Instagram limits set in place and how to fix the limitations we have placed ourselves on how we can do certain things on the platform.

What Are the Instagram Limitations

Fix We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram 2021

Fix We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram 2021

There are many limits placed on Instagram’s likes, following, tags, and so many others. If we were aware of these limitations, we would find it easier to fix how often we limit our ability to do certain things on Instagram. Bear in mind that Instagram never released an official statement about set limitations.

However, we have collected this information from experience.

Limitations placed on this social media platform depends on various factors like your account activities.

These varying factors play a crucial role in determining how limited your actions on the platform are.

Many times, how old your Instagram account is comes into play. A new account might raise suspicions when it starts liking too many posts; the Instagram algorithm might interpret these actions as a bot account and limit your actions on the platform.

The number of followers an account has also determines its limitations. Other factors that have effects on your activities on the platform include the account’s activities and engagement.

Note that a new account gets more limitation than an aged account, and if your account is inactive, you get more limitations than an account with a high engagement rate.

The Instagram algorithm is smart and considers your past activities on the social media platform before determining if a bot or a human operates the bot. Below are some of the Instagram limits to take note of.

Follow/Unfollow Limit

Instagram algorithm categorizes the following and unfollowing action as one. The limit set on Instagram for following and unfollowing accounts is 200 every day.

If you can follow and unfollow 10 people every hour, your account should be safe and protected by any suspending action on Instagram.

Note that this does not apply to just how many people can follow you. If it’s a new account, you can start out slowly and then, with time, increase the number of accounts you follow and unfollow every week.

You could start out by following and unfollowing fifty Instagram account the first week and then double it by the following week and keep on adding some numbers to the number of accounts you follow and unfollow.

A rush of following and unfollowing can look like spamming, which the Instagram algorithm will take note of and set limitations for your account or simply suspend the account until it is convinced you’re not a bot.

Likes Limit

This is another type of limitation you should take note of. When you see an Instagram post you like, you’re bound to double-tap to show your love for such post.

However, there are limitations to how many posts you can actually double-tap on when using Instagram. Failure to take note of that might lead to your actions getting blocked on the social media platform.

The maximum number of times you can double-tap on Instagram posts is 1000 a day. This sounds like a lot, and you should be able to avoid reaching your limits.

However, to stay on the safe sound and to prevent your actions from getting you locked out of the social media platform. Try to stay below the maximum number every day. You can stick to simply dishing out 700 likes every day.

Also, note that it is not the same for every account on the social media platform; a new account might not have up to 1000 likes before Instagram gets suspicious of the activity.

Comments Limitation

Commenting is another action we like to indulge in on the social media platform. Still, like other activities, there are limitations to the number of comments you can drop on Instagram each day.

There are two sides to the Instagram comments limitation. First, do not post more than 180-200 comments every day on the platform.

Note that the number could be less for new accounts but try to stay within the 200 comments limits each day. Secondly, be careful when commenting and take care not to post the same comment multiple times on Instagram posts.

The Instagram algorithm takes note of duplicate comments, and when the action gets frequent, your account could get punished for it.

Also, take note to avoid commenting with emojis alone without any text to back it up. This action, when repeated multiple times, looks like spam to Instagram and will be punished.

Caption/Comment Character Limitation

This is an easy limitation to figure out on your own. Instagram caption and comment character limitations are now set at 2200 characters.

So you can let the creativity flow but try not to make it too long. Take note that short captions and comments work best and are preferred by Instagram users.

However, if you have a lot to say, ensure you don’t dabble but go straight to the point. This will effectively prevent running out of characters before your point is passed across.

Also, Instagram will find it suspicious when all 2200 characters allowed are simply used for emojis and no text backing it up. It might be flagged as spam, and your account will get punished for the action.

Direct Messages Limit

This is not quite clear and differs by the age of the account, but we can safely say that about fifty to eight new conversations are safe to have every day.

If your account is new and you start a conversation with many people each day, Instagram might view it as bot actions and suspend your accounts.

To stay on the social media platform’s safe and good side when your account is new, limit the number of actions carried out every day to 500.

These limits usually include liking, following, commenting, and unfollowing. If you also want to avoid raising flags with the Instagram algorithm, ensure you limit the number of direct messages performed each day to 20 or 50.

This is a safe zone and might help you avoid the Instagram algorithm creating new limits for your account and limiting how often you can do certain things on Instagram.

Hashtag Limitation

Hashtags are important and can help you either catch the right attention or not.

If you can add the right hashtags to your account, you’re likely to get more likes on your post and, ultimately, more followers on your account. However, the trick lies in not overusing them and rather, finding and knowing your limits.

On that note, Instagram allows each user to use up to thirty hashtags on every post.

You don’t have to use up all thirty hashtags; you just have to discover the select few that can get you the exposure you need and place your account in the appropriate community.

IGTV Limit on Instagram

IGTV is no longer news on Instagram; it was released about a year ago and allowed users to share videos longer than the 60 seconds allowed on Instagram posts. IGTV allows users to create, edit and share videos that are up to ten minutes. The IGTV limitation usually differs according to accounts.

The higher your number of followers and engagement rates, the longer your IGTV videos can be. The social media platform permits some Instagram users to post a video that’s an hour-long while some are restricted at 10 minutes. If you want to post on IGTV, start with the ten minutes limitation, and after frequent posts, Instagram might reduce your limitations and increase the length of your videos.

Stories Limit

If you find Instagram limiting the number of stores you can post every day; then you might be the cause of your limitation. If you share too many stories, Instagram might limit your actions to prevent spamming by bots. An Instagram user is allowed to add up to 100 stories on their Instagram account every day.

However, if you’re a new user or inactive on the social media platform, it might be best to cut down the number of stories you share to not flag suspicions with Instagram.

Limit on Instagram Story Highlight

You’ll be really glad to know that there are no limits to this. Whether you’re a new user or your account is aged, you can use as many story highlights as you want, and Instagram wouldn’t even bat an eye. This is a freebie for everyone but ensure you use the opportunity judiciously.

Limits on Instagram Tagging

Tagging people on posts is another way to increase likes on your post. With the right tags, people get to see your post. However, there is also a limit to the number of people you can tag on a post.

Instagram sets the maximum number of tags to twenty. Ensure you pick the right people to tag so as not to waste the opportunity to increase your engagement rate on a photo.

Limit on Instagram Mention

This is another limitation that is the same for both new accounts and aged accounts. Instagram sets the limit of mentions for a post to 10. This means that Instagram would block any actions to mention more than ten Instagram users.

However, you can choose to make single posts to be able to have more than ten mentions for your pictures rather than posting the photos collectively.

Character Limit for Instagram Account Name

If you’re a new user or you’re an old user who would like to change their account name, then you should be aware that Instagram only allows Instagram users to use thirty characters for their account name.

If you had something longer in mind, then it is best to make it brief. Short account names are advised and also unique to make it easy for other Instagram users to find you.

Limit on Instagram Bio Character

Your bio is the first thing most people see when they click on your account; it tells them briefly about who you are and what to expect from your account.

Your bio is one way to impress visitors on your profile and can make all the difference about whether an account follows you or not.

The limit on characters you can use to create your bio is set at 150. Ensure you don’t add fluff; let your bio be short yet informative. Also, make sure it’s catchy and interesting enough to make visitors want to engage with your posts.

Instagram Daily Post’s Limit

This is another section where Instagram doesn’t limit its users. Users are allowed to make as many posts as they want each day. There’s no restriction on the number of Instagram posts you can make, and this applies to new accounts and aged accounts.

Every other factor like hashtag and caption has its limitation, but Instagram gives free rein when it comes to making posts on the social media platform.

Instagram Limit on Sharing Videos and Photos

Instagram doesn’t support plagiarism, so Instagram users cannot copy someone else’s content and then pass it off as their own content on the social media platform.

There are no limits to the number of photos and videos you can choose to share daily on the platform. However, videos on Instagram feed are limited to just 60 seconds.

Any more, and you would have to add it to IGTV. Also, note that Instagram doesn’t allow nudity on the platform. You can only upload nudity of painted photos or sculptures, but other nude images are prohibited on the platform, and failure to adhere to this rule could get your account suspended.

Knowing your limits can help you avoid spending all your time on the social media platform carrying out so many activities till you get to your limit, and your account is suspended. Take note of the limitations mentioned above and bear them in mind the next time you like a lot of photos or following/unfollowing several people at once.

How to Fix Instagram Limitations

Now that you’re well aware of Instagram’s limitations, the next step becomes knowing how to overcome these limitations. There are creative ways to get around the Instagram limits without risking your account being suspended.

Some people try to start off slowly when they newly open an account and then build up their activities as the limits are reduced for their account.

But if you’re looking to get your account established immediately, then you have no time to waste. Below are methods to fix the limits on how often you can do certain things on Instagram.

Use an Instagram Automation Tool

While automation tools do not help you beat daily limits set on activities you can carry out on Instagram, they can help you use your time more effectively. They also ensure you stay within the daily limits and not get your account suspended.

Most Instagram automation tools offer direct messaging, comments management, Instagram posts scheduling, likes, and many more. Instagram automation tools are designed to pay attention to the set limits and will therefore stick to the limit with little effort from your side.

This allows you to utilize your time on more important issues without having to worry about missing out on liking a page or sending a direct message to an influencer you really wanted to. You can relax; rest assured that you’re drawing attention to your page by engaging with the exact kind of audience you want to reach out to.

Get an Account Manager on Instagram

This is another way to stay ahead of the Instagram limits; an account manager informs you of any changes made to the Instagram algorithm. Account managers work professionally, and while they get close to the daily Instagram limits, they do not exceed them. There are many varying platforms where you can get an account manager for your page, especially if you’re looking for rapid, organic growth for your account.

Account managers will take note of the ideal audience for your account and then start engaging with your target audience to attract them to your page so they can begin to follow you.

Get a Virtual Assistant

This also works as an account manager; an Instagram virtual assistant can also help you manage your account without facing the risk of being suspended or removed from Instagram. Virtual assistants note changes made to the Instagram algorithm and therefore work to avoid set limitations on every activity. Using an Instagram virtual assistant can help you grow your account organically without fear of exceeding the limitations set on Instagram.

Use Your Account Daily

As earlier stated, the set limits for a new account, an inactive account, and an aged account differs. An account is trusted when it is older and quite active. The more actions you perform daily on your Instagram account, the more activities you would be allowed to perform. However, this is the case of slow and steady winning the race as you’re required to simply login daily and engage with other Instagram users to earn the trust of the Instagram algorithm.

The longer you use your account on a daily basis, the lesser your limitations will be. Suppose you want to create a new page for your business but do not want to be limited by Instagram’s limitations. In that case, you can simply convert your personal account to a business account and enjoy the luxury that comes with a personal account from day one.

Suppose you however prefer to keep your business separate from your account. In that case, the best option for you is to create one immediately and start using it daily to get the limitations reduced for your account.

Avoid Repetitive Hashtags

Most people are not aware that if they continue to use the same hashtag on all their posts, this could flag suspicion with the Instagram algorithm and get their accounts suspended. Such an account will make Instagram confuse you with bots that are known to use the same hashtags automatically.

Sometimes, many people use the same hashtag until it is banned, making your account get shadowbanned because of such use. Although it is not always clear when Instagram has banned a hashtag, take note to use your 30 hashtags strategically. Do not repeat hashtags frequently and search for a hashtag on the search bar before using it on your posts. If it doesn’t pop up, then chances are such hashtags have been banned by Instagram and should be avoided.


Are there limitations to the number of daily posts on Instagram

There are no set limitations to the number of posts you can share, and if you want to delete posts, you have to do it one at a time.

How long can you be banned on Instagram

Sometimes, an Instagram ban lasts for 24-48 hours. However, after your ban is lifted, the actions you perform determines whether the ban will be lifted completely or prolonged.

Will I get banned on Instagram for unfollowing people

No, you will not get banned for unfollowing. However, Instagram limits the number of unfollowing every hour to 60. If you pass this number in an hour, chances are Instagram will take away your ability to unfollow accounts for an hour before returning the power to you.


With Instagram offering so many activities on its platform, it’s easy to get carried away without realizing there are limits to the number of activities you can carry out daily on the site. It can be annoying to find your daily activities being limited on Instagram.

However, knowing your daily limits on the various activities you can carry out on the social media platform can help you avoid the limitations. We’ve also mentioned some ways you can avoid the daily limit and stop limiting how often we can do certain things on Instagram.


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