How To Get Back A Deleted Instagram Post

Instagram is a top leading platform and has billions of active users on its platform. Closely following Facebook as the second most popular social media platform, Instagram has grown since its launch to become a global name. A survey has revealed that 6 out of every ten people are using Instagram and are quite active.

A lot of people use it for content marketing, and businesses use Instagram to connect with their audience. Whatever your reason for being on Instagram, it is a photo and video sharing platform favored mostly by millennials.

However, Instagram is not without its issues and confusion. Sometimes you face some challenges while using Instagram, like how to get back a deleted Instagram post.

If you have mistakenly deleted a photo or video from Instagram lately either by mistake or intentionally and you want it back, you’re not alone. Several people are wondering if it is possible to recover a lost image from Instagram, and we believe the answer to that is yes.

Normally, when something is deleted on any platform, it usually means it’s gone.

However, there are a few efficient solutions you can try out on this social media platform to help you recover a deleted Instagram post, and this article is just to help you through the process.

Various Methods To Get Back A Deleted Instagram Post

Now that you’re aware that it is entirely possible to recover your deleted Instagram post, you’re probably anxious to find out the method this could happen. Luckily for you, there’s more than one process. So, if one doesn’t work for you, you can simply try another, which might work. Let’s get started:

Recover Via your Scheduling Tool


Gramto Instagram Posting Schedule

If you had published the post using a social media scheduling tool such as Gramto, Hootsuite, Postcron, Later, or other similar tools, it would be easier to recover your post as many of these tools provide you storage facility to store your media files and they’ll always remain there except you delete the file from your account.

Use A Recovery Software

One of the easiest processes to actually recover a deleted Instagram post is by making use of a recovery tool. There and many recovery tools on the internet today for various devices and for different scenarios.

To save you the time and stress of browsing the internet searching for the ideal recovery tool to use, below are some of the best recovery software you can try out to recover your deleted Instagram post.

Recoverit Photo Recovery

This is a photo recovery software that works excellently to recover photos from any device. It can recover photos despite their format; this means that PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, DNG, GIF, and many others can be recovered with this software.

The algorithm used in designing this recovery software allows it to get your photo back without the quality of the photo being compromised. So if you ever deleted an Instagram photo, this is the software for you. The best part is it is compatible with all kinds of devices and will therefore function effectively on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software

Another ideal option for you is the Stellar Photo Recovery software. This is designed to help you recover deleted files on your device. Users can simply access it online; there is no need to download an app.

It helps you save time and can be used in different scenarios to recover lost data. Different storage media are supported, so this software will help you get it back whatever your post might be.

Android Data Recovery

Another software you could check out is the Android Data Recovery tool. This software is for Android users and will help you get back deleted Instagram posts on your Android devices. It doesn’t matter if you have a backup or not; this recovery software’s got you covered. This tool is very functional and offers a lot of features to users.

Not only can it be used to recover Instagram posts, but users can also explore other available functions like recovering documents, audio files, WhatsApp messages, Gallery photos, contacts, notes, call history and many more.

Whatever the file might be, Android Recovery Software helps you recover it in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter what your reason for deleting is or the Android type; it will get the job done for you.

EaseUS MobiSaver

If you’re using an iOS device, you also get recovery software just for you. EaseUS MobiSaver is designed to help recover data on iOS devices, just like the Android Recovery Software works for Android devices.

You can easily get your deleted Instagram posts back with this device. You can use it to recover much more than Instagram posts on your iOS device; this recovery software also works well for messages, contacts, notes, calendars, photos, and any kind of deleted file on your device.

It is speedy and can help you recover a deleted data from your iCloud without a backup file.

Check Your Photo Album

Another step you could take to recover a deleted Instagram post is simply checking your photo album. Simple, right? When you make a post to Instagram, it is automatically saved in your Instagram folder so you can easily access it when you want.

If you unintentionally deleted an Instagram post, you can explore your phone’s gallery, download folder, camera roll, or any other photo folder on your mobile device. Android users will find it easier to locate in their file manager; simply click on pictures and then open the folder tagged Instagram.

If you did not delete it previously from your phone, it should be right there. iOS device owners can check the Instagram folder under Albums in their photo gallery to get a deleted Instagram post.

Check out the Recently Deleted Folder

Upgraded smartphones usually come with trash or recently deleted folder to help you recover photos and videos you might have mistakenly deleted. iPhone users can explore the recently deleted folder by visiting the Photos app on their device, go to the album section and check through for the recently deleted folder.

This folder usually contains photos that have been deleted within the last thirty days, so you just might find your deleted Instagram post in there.

Android users who use their Google Photos App can also check the album section for the ‘trash’ folder and look through for their deleted Instagram post. If you’re lucky, you should find it in there if it hasn’t been more than thirty days.

Use Instagram Archive

Another effective method to get back your Instagram post is by utilizing the Instagram Archive. A lot of people don’t know what it is, but it is quite similar to the recycle being on your PC, where deleted files are moved to until you empty it out.

Lost photos are stored here, and it could be an easy method of recovering your deleted Instagram posts. Once you log into your Instagram, simply go to your profile, and you will see an archive icon displayed at the top right corner of the page.

Click on Archive, and it will present you with recently deleted photos on your Instagram. Look through for which one you would like to get back and double click on it. This automatically restores the photo back to your Instagram feed, and you’re good to go.

Use the Internet Archive

Internet Archive gained popularity years back as one of the best services that allow you to get the previous version of an app or website back as well as the content that is conserved there.

This can work for you to find your deleted Instagram post by restoring the website to a previous version using the Internet Archive and then checking the content preserved there.

Use the internet archive by visiting and type your Instagram account details into the text box provided on the platform. Next, choose a date from the calendar that you uploaded the photo and would like to check.

Restore From Cloud Backup

This is basically where backup files come into play. If your Google account is linked to your mobile device, you can backup the files to your account using it as a cloud feature or any other cloud storage you can.

Most times, Google automatically backs up every photo on your mobile device, and so does all the iOS devices which back up files on the iCloud.

If you want to recover a deleted Instagram post, you can simply restore the backup files, and your photo or video will be back. However, it is important to note that retrieved photos will most likely be in their unedited format.

How To Save Instagram Posts to Mobile Device to Avoid Losing Your Posts

How To Get Back A Deleted Instagram Post

How To Get Back A Deleted Instagram Post

Now that you’re aware of the different methods you can retrieve a deleted post, it can come in handy when you simply save Instagram photos directly to your mobile device so that you always have a copy close when you need it.

Follow the steps outlined carefully below to save your Instagram posts to your various mobile devices.

  • First, log right into your Instagram account and click on the three horizontal bars at the page’s top right corner.
  • At the end of the menu provided is settings; click on it and tap on account from the options displayed.
  • From the list made available, click on original photos if you’re using an iOS device or original posts if it’s an Android device.
  • Turn on ‘save original posts’ or ‘save original photos’ to continue.

Once you turn this on, you can count on your next Instagram posts being saved to your mobile device to prevent photo loss.

How to Delete Instagram Posts

There are times when you change your mind after uploading a post on your Instagram account and simply want it deleted from your account. This is easy to do both on iOS devices and the Android app. Below are the steps to delete your Instagram posts.

  • First, open the Instagram app and log in to your account.
  • Click on the profile icon at the bottom right of your screen; this will redirect you to your profile and present you with every post you’ve ever made.
  • Tap on the picture or video you would like to delete from your Instagram account.
  • Once it opens up, tap on the dots provided at the top-right corner of the post.
  • Click on ‘delete post; you will need to confirm the action before Instagram will remove the post successfully from your Instagram account.

The steps outlined above works for both iOS and Android devices, so you’re covered irrespective of the device you would prefer to use to delete your Instagram posts.

How To Backup Posts From Instagram

By now, you have definitely realized the importance of backing up your files. It is the easiest way of retrieving your posts and other files in the case of any loss. Most people don’t do this, which leads to a loss of ideas on how to recover lost files. Below are some simple ways you can back up your Instagram posts:

Backup to Google Account

Google is the simplest way to back up your Instagram posts when you’re using an Android device. You can choose to back up to your Google drive or use your Google photos. Both work effectively when it comes to keeping your data safe, and you can easily restore your data whenever you need it. Simply visit your phone setting and scroll to systems. Click on backup and restore and turn on the automatic restore option. Next, go to ‘account and sync.’ Click on ‘Google account’ and select all the boxes to ensure that every data is appropriately synced.

Move Photos to PC

Another method you could try out to keep your Instagram posts secure is by moving them to your PC. Any post you make can be copied or downloaded to your PC. Simply create a folder on your PC strictly for your Instagram posts; this will make the photos and videos easy to access whenever you want them. There are transfer tools that make the transfer from your Instagram account to your PC much easier.

Use Third-Party Backup Tools

If you wish to be quite careful with your data, you can also use a third-party backup tool. There are different backup software for your iOS and Android devices. This software for various devices are usually easy to use and backs up your file without any hassle. When the file is needed, you can simply restore it just as easily on your PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


Can you recover a deleted Instagram post?

Yes, you can recover a deleted Instagram post by following one of the methods outlined above in our article.

What happens if you delete an Instagram post?

When you delete an Instagram post, it disappears along with the comments and likes you get. However, there are various ways you could use to retrieve the post; you can’t get the comments and likes back, though.

Is it bad to delete your Instagram posts?

It isn’t bad to delete your Instagram post; it doesn’t affect the Instagram algorithm. People delete their Instagram posts for many reasons, and it is not wrong or frowned upon on Instagram. You could choose to archive them instead or backup your posts before deleting them so you can access them later if you want.


Whether you deleted photos mistakenly or changed your mind about deleting, there are several ways to undo your action, and these methods are listed above.

Using a recovery tool is much faster, but you can explore other solutions if you don’t want to use the software. Ensure you follow our guide on how to back up your Instagram post and also save to your phone to avoid photo loss in the future, so you’re not caught off-guard again when your Instagram posts disappear.


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