How Can I Hide My Activity From Followers on Instagram 2021

The concept of hiding your Instagram activities from followers can be weird, the main aim of social media sites is to connect with people and share content. If you really want to hide your activities in the long run, why open an account? Well, your reasons for hiding activities from followers are valid.

It can be that you want to hide your activities temporarily to maintain some privacy. Instead of temporarily deactivating your account you decided to hide activities, you don’t want your followers to view what you liked or comment on.

Some users also want to hide their online status, they don’t want their friends and family to notice if they’re online or not. Some of them will start bothering you with DM chats when you’re online and that’s why you decided to take a break from some of these distractions.

By looking at the reasons, you should understand Instagram users have the right to choose the privacy they want and nothing is wrong with that.

There are times when I just recommend to users to deactivate their Instagram account or just hide their activities from followers. You can choose to hide different actions on Instagram and you can hide them all if that’s what you want and in this post, we’ll explain how you can do that from your Instagram account with ease.

How Instagram Displays Your Activity And Online Status For Users

How Can I Hide My Activity From Followers on Instagram 2021

How Can I Hide My Activity From Followers on Instagram 2021

In the past, you won’t be able to view the online status of users, but now things work like Facebook and WhatsApp. They copied this feature even though Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook.

Whenever you come online on Instagram, users can see a green dot beside your username next to your profile picture. The problem with this feature is that whenever your phone is connected online, it will keep showing that you’re online even if the Instagram app isn’t open.

During this time, you might not be interested in checking any messages or updates from Instagram, you just need a break. The good news is that you can hide your activity and online status from account settings. Users can never know if you’re online when you turn off this feature.

On the other hand, it will also not be possible for you to view the online status of other users. This is how things work even on WhatsApp, other Instagram users won’t be visible to you either when you turn off the activity status.

If you’re not interested in replying to any Instagram message, it’s better to switch off the activity status feature. Later on, you can turn it on, like during the weekend or when you have free time.

With that said, let’s move on to share how to hide various activities from your followers on Instagram.

Hide Activity Status From Followers On Instagram

Activity status is what we finished talking about, hiding activity status will ensure that users can’t see the green dot icon next to your username. This way they’ll always have the impression that you’re not online, but as mentioned, you can’t view the activity status of other Instagram users.

You should also understand there are other ways they can track your activities. They can for instance check your comments on other profiles and if you make new posts, they can decide to check your profile to view the date you uploaded the content.

This will show them the last time you were online, though we’ll talk about how you can hide that as well. With that said, here is how to hide your activity status from followers on Instagram;

  1. Login to your Instagram account and open your profile page by tapping on your profile photo.
  2. Tap on the Three-dot lines at the upper right of your phone screen.
  3. Then you tap the “Settings” gear icon.
  4. You’ll see the option “Activity Status” which can be toggled on or off. It’s in blue or green indicating that it’s On, just slide the toggle to turn it off.
  5. What switching this option does is that it hides your “Activity Status”, in other words, your online status is now hidden, your followers can’t see it if you’re online. They can however view other actions such as likes and comments, we’ll share how to hide that in a moment.

How To Hide The Accounts/Profiles You Follow On Instagram

Set your Instagram account private

When you switch to private mode, you have placed a lot of restrictions on your Instagram. First is that you can choose a few followers that can interact with you, which means you won’t have problems showing your actions to the general public since only those you approve as your followers can see your content.

Switching to a private account means you have some private space in your account. On another note, you should understand that your actions on a public account are private. Meaning that everyone can view the comments you placed on public profiles, you have to be careful about this one.

Here are the steps to convert your Instagram account to Private Mode;

  1. Open Instagram, go to your profile page, and tap the three-dot lines from the top right of your screen.
  2. Tap on the “Settings” menu using the gear icon.
  3. Select privacy, and toggle the option to become ON.
  4. You’ll be prompted with a warning message, accept to continue by tapping “Yes”.
  5. The Instagram account is now in Private mode, and your profile is now hidden from public view. Only followers can see your content.

Block your followers

This is also another alternative if you don’t want a group of followers to view your Instagram activities. Once you block someone on Instagram, they cannot interact with you by any means. Your content will not be visible to them through content search and if they try to view your profile they’ll be blocked.

If there are a certain group of followers you want to hide activities from, you should block them. You cannot view their content as well when you block any user on Instagram.

They will not be notified but when they check your profile, they can’t see any content and they can understand that you have blocked them. Here is how to block someone on Instagram;

  1. Visit the profile of the Instagram user you want to block.
  2. Tap the three-dot lines at the top right of the screen.
  3. From the menu options listed, you should locate “Block” and tap on it.
  4. You’ll be prompted to confirm, tap “Yes I’m sure” to proceed.
  5. You have now successfully blocked the user, your actions and activities are hidden from them. You should do the same for all the users you want to block.

If you really don’t want to expose your activities much on Instagram, you should always select the accounts you follow wisely. The more you engage with a profile and you’re following them, the more Instagram will suggest your content to them and vice versa.

If you don’t want to engage with someone, don’t follow them back even if they have followed you. As mentioned earlier, you should set your account private so that you have to approve even your followers.

Hiding your Instagram Likes

Your followers can view what you liked, there are a lot of apps and services out there that will even alert users of your activities without the need to manually spy on your Instagram account.

The moment you like or comment on something, they’ll receive a notification with these tools. The question now is, can you hide your likes from followers?

You cannot hide your likes on Instagram or another way to say it is that you can’t hide your recent likes. Here is what you can do if you don’t want your likes to be visible.

Like 9 pictures or more

Instagram only displays 8 of the recent likes you have added, the remaining likes remain hidden to your followers. If you like some posts randomly, up to nine for example, you’ll find that other likes can’t be seen, and this way your likes aren’t visible. Just head over to random profiles and like their photos or stories, they’re the ones that will show up on your profile.

Unlike your photos

If you don’t want others to notice a like you’ve added on Instagram, you can go back to the photo you liked and then unlike it. In other words, you’re removing the like, later on, you can still come back and add the like. Here is how to unlike a post;

  1. Open your Instagram app or login through the web browser.
  2. Go to your profile page and click or tap the three-dot lines.
  3. You should see the option “Posts you’ve liked”, and tapping or clicking on it will list all the posts you have liked.
  4. You should pick the photos you’ve liked and when the post opens, you need to click the like button again.
  5. Tapping on the like button again will unlike the picture and that means you have removed your like.

These are the two ways you can take care of your Instagram likes, the best strategy is to make sure that you choose your likes wisely so that you don’t end up in any trouble.

Once you add likes, some people can take screenshots, and even after removing the likes, they can prove your actions. You can still remove the likes you don’t want in order to be safe.

How To Hide Your Photos On Instagram

I don’t see any reason why you should make a post if you don’t want your followers to see it, apart from your followers, who else do you think will view your content? Instagram doesn’t offer this provision, even if you’re running a private account, your photos will be visible to your followers and it will always show up on your profile.

You can only hide your photos by deleting them from your profile, this way they don’t really exist on your account.

If you have a massive following, deleting doesn’t really help because a lot of users have taken screenshots and shared them with others even outside of Instagram.

We’ve seen a lot of celebrities posting the wrong photo for a few minutes and then taking it down, but users have already taken screenshots and shared them in their account.

So just make sure you’re not posting the wrong photo on your Instagram profile. Here is how to delete your Instagram photos after posting them;

  1. Locate the picture on your profile and click on it.
  2. The photo post will open and you need to click the three dots under the photo, you can see it next to the comment tag.
  3. After tapping on the three dots, you’ll see the option “Delete”.
  4. Just tap and confirm with “Yes”.

You have now deleted the picture and it won’t show up on your Instagram profile.

How To Hide Your Comments On Instagram

Just like with your photos, comments cannot be hidden, they can only be deleted if you don’t want anyone to view them on your profile. To delete the comments, you need to locate the post or story where you added the comment and delete it by swiping right. After removing your finger, you can see the option “Delete” and you need to tap on that.

That’s it on how to hide your Instagram activity from followers, the best way to hide your activities is to engage on the platform at midnight.

Most users are offline and they hardly receive notifications of your actions and also if there is something you want to delete, you can delete it before the waking hour, this way no one has noticed any of your actions.

If you want to hide your account from public view, you should always set your Instagram account private. Most of your profile visitors aren’t your followers, they somehow find your profile through search.

If you set your account to private, you place some restrictions on who can view your activities on Instagram. That’s why it’s better to go private and also select your followers wisely.


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