How can I use Emojis on Instagram on my Android Device

Using emojis on Instagram can be as easy as texting -depending on who’s using it. if you’re not new to this social media platform then you most likely know how to use emojis. But this article is for those who haven’t used Instagram or who just downloaded the app on their android device.


And those wondering why they can’t just text (the traditional way)instead of using emojis(the modern simplified way). it is also for those times when an aunt or uncle ask you questions about Instagram like “ what does this (😒) mean

so how can I use emojis on Instagram on my android device?

  • This can be done by simply installing the Instagram app on your android device
  • log in -if you’re already a user-or sign up-if you’re new- fill in your details as requested by the app
  • In the captions section, tap the emoji icon at the bottom left of your keyboard
  • Select the emoji you want, scroll through to see others
  • Select and post and you’re off

What are Emojis

How can I use Emojis on Instagram on my Android Device

How can I use Emojis on Instagram on my Android Device

Emojis are a different and rather subtle but dramatic way to express emotions via text.

The mind unconsciously and consciously searches for facial reactions. It’s a valediction that you are truly feeling what was said and heard.

When one interacts through texting these facial reactions which one depends upon to read another person becomes non-existent. This creates a gap, a gap Emojis tries to fill.

Since texting can become boring, emojis have become the way to bridge the gap.

Emojis are ideograms (graphic representation of thoughts) and smileys (are basically the replication of a face –a smiling face).

Emojis and an Android Device

All android devices come with a built-in keyboard – and for some an option to download and change it. These keyboards come in different colors, fonts, and font sizes. But like all products trying to follow the social media trend, emojis were added as a part of the package.

Each android device with a keyboard has its individual set of emojis that can be applied on Instagram. Either when messaging, commenting, or even posting, the emojis function properly

Some Popular Emojis and their Meanings

An excellent way to get to know any crowd or space a user (or anyone) wants to be a part of is to scout the area, its occupants, what they do in the area, and how they interact with each other.

It is always a good thing to know how to read a room and with a platform like Instagram it would be good to go in prepared which is why I’ll be taking you through some popular emojis on Instagram and their meanings… let’s go!

Face with Tears of Joy 😂

This means serious laughter. When someone is laughing so hard that they are literally crying. It’s used a lot when a hilarious picture, video, or post is made.

Smiling Face with Heart-shaped eyes 😍

This is an Instagram favorite. Instagram has users always post something adorable or just flat-out cute and an emoji that best reacts to this is the smiling face heart-shaped eyes. It means that you’re crazy/madly in love with a person in a post or a post made but in the end, it means to love.

Loudly Crying Face 😭

Instagram is not only a hub for happy posts but sad things like posts of loss, grief or even sorrow also exist on the platform. The loudly crying face emoji shows uncontrollable tears -a pool of tears as a response to something hurtful.

Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes 😊

This is an emoji that represents calm, warmth, positive, happiness. The emoji looks soft and depicts a soft tender kind of happiness.

Smiling with Sunglasses 😎

You’re cool yea? then this your emoji. Often Instagram users this emoji to show confidence.

Food Savouring Delicious Food Emoji😋

Instagram is the home of food and foodies. Pictures of food, videos of how to make some and any kind of meals and also where to find.

Rolling on the Floor laughing 🤣

It’s officially known as ROFL. It’s laughing uncontrollably while tilting its head to the side. Some things can be really funny you just find yourself rolling on the floor.

The Fire Emoji🔥

This is the fire emoji which has a yellow and red flame that means a post is hot( sexy if you will). It means something is so cool it’s literally on fire.

Red Heart💓

The exact symbol of love. Love, one of the most popular words, and the red heart emoji -its symbol says it all. if you want to say you love a post without using any words, this emoji is a shoo-in!

Thumbs Up👍

This emoji means well done, you’ve done a great job. It’s a commendation on an achievement or goal reached. This emoji is the way to go if you’re thinking about praising someone or their job without saying anything and still be very effective, this emoji is the best. done, you’ve done a great job. It’s a commendation on an achievement or a goal reached. This emoji is the way to go if you’re thinking about praising someone or their job without saying anything and still be very effective, this emoji is the right one.

Why do Users use Emojis?

Now you know what emojis are, so what’s next is why you need to use them. Emojis are fast, easy, and quickly dependable when it comes to how information is shared. A full sentence can even be written with them -this depends on how fluent in the language the user becomes.

If a user were to input an emoji into a text being sent, it creates a whole different feel and adds more meaning because now the emoji expresses what is said and how it makes you feel. This has quickly become the way things are. So much so that people text with just emojis, no words included.

It is why having a vast variety of emojis on a social media platform is necessary. It’s why Instagram has one in the first place. To boost user interaction, Emojis are put in place.

A popular saying is that “actions speak louder than words” and emotions are not things that words can convey and truth be told, emojis are actions. some reasons why a user might be so keen on using them include and but are not limited to are;

Emojis are fun

From using a smiling face with smiling eyes😊 to letting a friend know what he said to set you off the edge with an angry face😠. Emojis are easy and cool to use. they make interaction online more flexible, enjoyable, and a little more real.

Time Savers

The time and energy – not much energy though- used to type a whole sentence can simply be reduced and used to tap an emoticon. An example could be

Normal text: I am crying

Using an emoji: 😭

Increases Interaction

In the comments section. your bio, your post and even messaging on Instagram are dominated by emoticons. more users speak with emojis than words. it enables quick and fast reactions 😎😱

Increased Popularity

The goal of every social media user is to gain popularity and emojis help a user achieve this. like was earlier emojis are fun and as such most viewing users are looking for a quick scroll through not long texts straight. emojis also tell the mood of the user who posted the content. 🤪🤯

Builds Followership

Instagram is about what you post, how creative it is, how easily it can catch people’s attention and how well a user interacts with other users. This is where emojis come in. it is not enough to just know that they exist, one must also know to use them.

Why does Instagram need an Emoji set?

Instagram which was created in 2010 and was originally made for iOS, has since advanced and spread its wings to include android device users.

Initially having only a few features like hashtags and postings but has since expanded to more features like stories, reels, filters, and yes! A bouquet of Emojis.

This expansion left no one out, it extended its reach to include all who have access to the Internet (if the android device supports it). But apart from that, it has also upgraded its UI to include not only the emoticons on its app but also those on a user’s Android device (a user’s keyboard).

Emojis bring life and a sense of realism to any form of interaction on Instagram. It’s an easy way to communicate and still be fun.

Now, not only does Instagram have an array of emojis on its platform but it also enables a search for it. a user needs only type the emotion’s name and viola! it pops up in varieties to choose from.

Already about 50% of Instagram reactions, comments, replies, and interactions are emojis making that a reason in itself for a new or already established user to join the fun

Using Emojis on Instagram on my Android Device

Now, you’d think that Instagram requires a specific kind of android device to function but that’s not true. Whatever your device, you will have the same access to various emoticons. Here are the sections where emoticons are used;


Tell me what you think about this is what comments are all about. It’s an interactive section, where users can share thoughts and ideas about a specific post made by any user.

And a comment can be just an emoji or more depending on what a user feels like using. To join the commenting with emojis group;

  • Tap the comments icon at the bottom of the post (or at the end of some comments on the post)
  • It will open up to a section where you can read all comments and also add yours.
  • And at its bottom, a space with the inscription add comment will easily be seen
  • Tap on it and your android device’s keyboard pops up, you’re good to go


Let’s say you want to post a picture but at the same time you want to write a little note with it like you’d do when you send flowers to the ones you love but instead this note – which could be a description of what is posted or anything at all- is for your followers or like many Instagrammers, you want to lavish it with emoticons here’s what to do.

After selecting a picture to post or repost.

The next section shows you were to add captions

And like in comments, your android keyboard pops up and you can input words or emoticons.


A bio is a description of a user by the user. It’s a space in your profile to tell your followers a little about yourself before they dive into your posts and reels. Some users use just emojis for this section. I mean if a picture can say all the words, then an emoji can too. To do this i.e. use an emoji to say all the words;

  • Tap the profile icon located at the bottom left of your screen.
  • It will lead your own Instagram page where near the top, a tab saying edit profile will be.
  • Tap it and a form-like section shows where your bio can be written in any character such as emojis.


Messaging on Instagram is like messaging on any other platform only more colourful and more interactive. This is another aspect of Instagram that accommodates the use of emoticons.

It’s just like texting regularly on another social media platform using your android device’s keyboard. It allows the selection of emojis that come with the user’s keyboard.


Like messaging on Instagram, stories are also a new section that allows the use of emoticons on your keyboard and outside it.

This section comes with its own set of emoticons that can be searched for and even enlarged or reduced to the users’ needs.

  • Once a picture is taken, it opens up for editing which is where the emojis come in.
  • Simply tap on the emoji icon beside the download icon and you’re good to go.


Emoticons are as many as objects, places, and smileys. And all can be used as often and creatively as a user chooses.

Using Emojis on Instagram on your Android device is as easy as following the steps above.

ng emoji’s on Instagram can be as easy as texting -depending on who’s using it. if you’re not new to this social media platform then you most likely know how to use emojis. But this article is for those who haven’t used Instagram or who just downloaded the app on their android device.

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