How Do I Stop Getting Random Instagram Followers

The biggest mistake made by businesses on Instagram is having random massive followers. Imagine a business having followers all over the world while servicing only small geolocation.

A lot of the times businesses complain that they created the best content on Instagram, but there is no engagement.

The major reason is that their profile has random followers from random locations all over the world. Even if you’re running a personal account, it doesn’t mean you should attract everyone.

You want a targeted audience with similar interests or at least live within the same location so that if networking is needed, you can utilize your followers and achieve your goals.

There are a lot of disadvantages of having random followers on Instagram, and any business that’s looking for engagement wants to ensure that they are having targeted followers on their profile.

In this post, we’re going to share the reasons why you’re getting random followers on Instagram and also share all the possible measures you need to take in order to prevent getting random followers on this giant platform.

Why Are You Getting Random Followers

How Do I Stop Getting Random Instagram Followers

How Do I Stop Getting Random Instagram Followers

It’s important you first understand why you’re getting random followers right in the first place, once you identify the cause, you can take the necessary steps needed in order to block random followers on your Instagram profile.

Let’s take a look at the possible reasons why you’re getting random followers on Instagram;

Your account is public

Once you’re running a public account on Instagram, you’ll end up with random followers. Not just random, you’ll end up with a lot of fake accounts.

By default, every account is public on Instagram and that means anyone can follow, your username and content are available for public view.

Public accounts still have their benefits to businesses, but I’ll tell you that it also attracts a lot of fake followers which makes it difficult to analyze your audience in terms of performance.

You’ll end up believing that you have a massive following and that you really deserve engagement not knowing that you’re dealing with ghosts and inactive accounts.

Bot Activities

You’ll find a lot of tools out there sending fake likes and followers to random accounts. Once you’re receiving random followers frequently, it’s a sign that there is automation involved in sending these random follows to your account. Instagram is doing it’s best to get rid of every automation and the accounts using them.

Bot activities can easily be detected but still some find a way to get away with it. They can set the bot to work just like the normal Instagram user will operate from their account thereby sending likes and followers at the right intervals and so on, they’ll also use proxies or VPN to ensure that everything is unique and so on.

The bots used by Instagram users can scrap public accounts and ensure that they send fake likes and followers. They can use hashtags to discover all accounts that made posts in these hashtags and some can even add comments on posts. Once your account is public, you’re making it vulnerable to spammers.

Reposting your content with a username watermark

Even if you don’t watermark your username on the photos and videos you send, if your content goes viral due to massive sharing, a lot of users can trace the original poster and then try to connect with the user.

If you however share content with your username as a watermark, you should expect to receive a massive random following when your content is reposted by a lot of users.

In a real sense, your Instagram profile has been promoted to a lot of users. Some are using this strategy to attract followers by any means but if you’re looking for targeted followers this shouldn’t be your strategy.

Follow for follow strategy

Some have the habit of following anyone that follows them on Instagram, that’s to say whenever you send a follow request, they’ll also follow you back.

Some will even consider following you back when you like or comment on their post.

I’ve been noticing this strategy on my Instagram account recently, if you want to avoid this follow-for-follow, you should always choose the posts you interact with carefully so as to avoid having random followers.

Effects Of Getting Random Instagram Followers

I’ll say that getting random followers on Instagram or any other social media platform, isn’t beneficial at all.

The benefits are for those who’re into the business of selling Instagram accounts with a certain number of followers and I believe no sensible business should go for such services because it’s a waste of time and money.

Let’s take a look at the effects of getting random Instagram followers.

No engagement

Social media sites like Instagram are designed to connect and engage, and who you connect with will determine the type of engagement and interaction you get. When you have random followers, your Instagram promotions strategy will not work.

You’ll end up spending a lot of time and money creating the best content but you’ll hardly receive any engagement, you will end up blaming your social media manager, not knowing that you missed it right from the beginning by allowing random followers to fill your profile.

No conversion

As a business owner, don’t even expect any conversion if you’re having random followers on your Instagram profile. Chances are the random followers you’re getting have zero interest in what you’re offering.

Even if you’re running a personal Instagram account, chances are the random followers you’re getting don’t have the same interest and cultural background as you do.

You can’t have any serious interaction with them since things are entirely different for every group of audience.

You will receive a lot of harassments

Celebrities and other public figure accounts receive the most harassment than any other account and that’s because these profiles have massive random followers all over the world.

These types of followers don’t bother dropping any message since they’re not even from the same region and they’re certain that nothing will be done.

If you’re receiving harassment, it’s because your profile has random followers you have no idea who they’re.

You can lose your reputation

As mentioned, random followers will lead to no engagement and interactions. This will laterally affect your reputation on Instagram.

Imagine having a profile with a massive following, let’s imagine 100,000 followers and your posts end up with a few likes, not more than 50 likes and 5 or 10 comments.

What will you think of such an account? Though, the follower base shows that it’s an influencer account but looking at the engagement you know that it’s not a trustworthy profile.

They either don’t deliver any value, or you can conclude that the followers are all fake. This kind of interaction will cause a loss of reputation and there is nothing you can do to recover unless you clean your followers to ensure that only active ones remain.

It’s difficult to improve your promotion campaigns

It’s going to be difficult to analyze your account which is necessary if you want to improve your outreach. Random followers will lead to slow interactions which in turn means a great loss for your business especially if you’re spending money on promotions.

There are still other negative effects, these are the top ones and by looking at them, you can understand that it’s not worth it to have random followers on your Instagram account. Let’s now share how to stop getting random Instagram followers.

How To Stop Getting Random Instagram Follow Requests

Switch to a private account

By doing this, you have drawn a fence to your Instagram account. First of all, you will not be visible through Instagram search and even like this, you have now taken care of a higher percentage of the random followers you receive.

Your profile and content won’t be visible on IG search, you’re now hidden. Secondly, every follow request will be approved by you, unlike when you’re running a public account, you’ll find that followers are automatically added to your profile without realizing it.

Though notifications will be sent, at this time they’ve already followed you and they can see your content in their feed.

The good part is that you have the freedom to choose your followers wisely and this is where you have 100% control of blocking random followers.

Before you approve any user, you can run a profile check to see who they’re and how they engage since you’re able to see some of their likes and comments.

You can decide to disapprove strangers, ensure to only connect with people you know in the real-world, and so on. Switching to a private account is one of the best ways you can block getting random followers on Instagram.

Block random followers

For some users, even after disapproving their request, they’ll keep on sending the follow request. What you need to do in this situation is to block their account.

By blocking their account, you’re making it clear to the Instagram Algorithm that you’re no longer interested in any interaction with the user.

But on the other hand, you cannot interact with them by any means. To keep it short, you’re not going to be visible to each other.

Get rid of fake accounts

After you have switched to Instagram Private Account, your fake and random followers are still there, but the new ones coming will be blocked since you can disapprove their follow request.

Once you’re having massive fake accounts following, things are going to be hard.

The next step to take after switching to a private account is to clean your account from fake accounts. These types of accounts can always be spotted since they have nearly zero engagement and by looking at their profile you can easily identify them.

What you want to be doing is to identify accounts without a profile picture, with only one 1 or 2 followers, and no single posts on their profile.

You should remove these accounts from your follower lists, but doing this task can be time-consuming, you’ll have to utilize some tools to take care of these fake accounts.

There are Instagram Unfollow Apps, that will analyze your followers and then get rid of inactive accounts that seem to be fake.

Turn off the “Similar Account Suggestion” feature

You might have noticed that Instagram will keep suggesting similar accounts you’re following and it never ends. If you want to avoid getting random followers on Instagram, you have to turn off this feature.

Turning off the “Similar Account Suggestion” feature is a must for those that don’t want to switch to a private account. Turning it off will ensure that you’re not getting random followers on Instagram.

Report anyone that keeps disturbing you or harassing you

Anyone that seems to disturb you or you realize that they’re creating new accounts to disturb you, don’t hesitate to report such accounts.

Even if they’re in the habit of creating new accounts, their IP address will be blacklisted which makes it harder for them to create new accounts on Instagram.

These are the steps you need to take in order to stop getting random Instagram followers, and by summarizing it all, we can conclude that the most effective way is to review your follow requests before you approve them.

Once you’re selective on who you follow, you’re definitely in control of your follower base and this will save a lot of headaches.

It can be time-consuming if you’re receiving a lot of follow requests, in order to make things easier, you should hire a virtual assistant or a part-time social media manager who will keep an eye on the follow requests you receive.

You should train them on the type of accounts they should approve, guide them on checking profile activities, and also searching for their profiles on other social media platforms.

For businesses, things are not easy because setting your account to private will result in less exposure to your business profile, and running a public account can attract random followers that aren’t of any use and will make it harder to analyze your promotion.

The best way is to let your business profile public, but you have to run a check on a consistent basis to get rid of the wrong audience and non-targeted followers that are not useful in the long run.


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