How Old Do You Have to Be to Have an Instagram Account?

I have heard many people’s complaints concerning what age it is safe to have an Instagram account. After a few studies on different age groups on Instagram and considering Instagram age policies, I have come up with the age a person should get to before joining Instagram.

So, how old do you have to be to have an Instagram Account? You should be 13 years old and older to have an Instagram account. An adult can also manage an account for a child younger than 13 years, but it must be clearly stated on the account’s bio.

Although Instagram has placed the minimum age at 13 years, should 13 years olds be on Instagram? Unarguably, there are many contents on the gram that are not suitable for teenagers’ consumption, at least not in their early teenage.

When Can A Teenager Join Instagram

How Old Do You Have to Be to Have an Instagram Account

How Old Do You Have to Be to Have an Instagram Account?

The adolescent age is one that comes with a lot of drama. I haven’t left that season of my life for too long, so I still got it fresh. There’s everything to worry about as a teenager: from peer pressure to self-esteem to keeping up with the latest and being in the limelight, everything just bothers you.

You will discover that as you grow, from a teenager into an adult, that you also grow out of these things. If you would have anything bother you, they will be more tangible things, things that would benefit your life both in the present and in the future.

It is not too strange to find teenagers who think and act like adults. They would have snapped out of the teen-age euphoria due to the lessons life has taught them or the kind people and situations they are surrounded with.

Instagram is a social media app made for socialization, connections, and networking. Although there are a lot of bad sides to it, it also has great advantages.

You should join Instagram when you have weighed both the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram and are sure you would not get swallowed up or drowned trying to understand the things going on there.

Many people have been led astray and have made the worst decisions and mistakes of their lives because of a wrong influence on social media. Meanwhile, some people have achieved their most incredible feat via social media.

I did not have any social media accounts until my middle teens. That was after I was done with high school. Extensively, I did not have an Instagram account until my late teen-age.

It was not because I did not have a means to, but because I felt I was not ready for it. Everyone around me had an Instagram account.

Asking for Instagram handles in a social gathering, and I was the only one who didn’t have was enough pressure to make me join Instagram, but I felt like I didn’t want to get overwhelmed with the rush to shine on Instagram like I saw a lot of people doing.

On Facebook, I had just very few friends, like I like to keep, and I made good connections and built my social circle with some of them. I saw the dire need of people to have thousands of followers on Instagram, and it was my first turn off. I don’t like crowds. I also noticed that on Instagram, you follow people who do not even know you exist, which makes Connecting with people is way more complicated.

The fastest way to climb up Instagram’s ladder is visual content (videos or images). To get likes and more followers, you must regularly upload good content- the kind of things people want to see. I think this is one of the things that have subjected people to gross indecency on social media.

People like to see things that give them sensations, so in the bid for Instagram fame, some users have subjected themselves to indecency. And it has become a trend. If you are not firm on your stand, you will cave in deep.

Advantages Of Instagram

Like every social media app, Instagram has its advantages; and when you say advantages, they are beneficial. I know a lot of people who have borne positive testimonies with regards to the benefits they have reaped from being on Instagram.

Instagram has a lot of benefits, and some of them are:

Connection And Building Of Social Circle

It is good to have your social circle made of people you know and people around you, but it is way better to spread out your social wings to accommodate people from everywhere.

A lot of people at this point will bring up the issue of trusting the realness and integrity of people on social media. I would not say you should trust anyone- whether offline or online. But build and have a good relationship with people from all over the world. Those relationships will come in handy soon.

Imagine you know someone from all over the world. You have the advantage of being able to go anywhere and even have some protocols broken for you.

Also, because we are continually learning, you can gain a lot of knowledge and information from your Instagram feed that may be very useful to you in the present time or the future.

It isn’t just about uploading content regularly on Instagram; it also encourages as much as possible to engage in people’s posts and render every help possible. One right turn will always deserve another, and besides the reward you have for helping others, you may have just saved a life.

Brand Awarenesses

If you have a brand- whether it is a big brand or a small one just starting out, you can create awareness for your brand on Instagram.

Constant uploading of information concerning your brand on Instagram will give people knowledge regarding the availability of your products or services. So Instagram is a place to run free ads concerning your business.

Also available on Instagram is a paid advertisement that helps you present your brand directly to prospective clients. This paid advertisement works so that people who need your products or services are sourced for, and your products/services are displayed on their feeds regularly.

Many businesses have attained their peak, having clients, partners, and investors by just putting up information concerning their Instagram brand.


On Instagram, you would find some stores that are both legible and commendable. People sell things on Instagram to Instagram users. From items of clothing to food items and many other things, you can think about.

While some of these stores are extensions of an offline store, some do not even have an offline store. They only sell on Instagram, and they are doing well.

You can buy things on Instagram, and you can also sell your products or services on Instagram. If you are interested in starting an e-commerce line and do not have the resources to build a website, you can quickly begin to on Instagram and build up from there.


Stay up to date by just scrolling through your Instagram feed. Sometimes I do not listen to the news on the radio or TV, but I’m up-to-date with information concerning my surroundings.

Some online journalists are even swifter than the radio and newspaper houses. You would have gotten information long before people offline do.

You can also get extra information concerning a piece of particular news on Instagram. If you have just read or heard Breaking news, you can read the feature article containing detailed information about that news on Instagram.

Disadvantages Of Instagram

The disadvantages of Instagram are why the older generation tell the younger generation to stay off social media. Many people in the older generation may not even be able to name one advantage of social media but would give you an endless list of the disadvantages.

I’m not an older generation person, so I’ll just give you a few.


This disadvantage is the mother of all disadvantages. If you decide to go through your Instagram feed till you get to the end, you will spend an entire week in a stretch, and you would not reach the end. And the designers of the Instagram app do not help matters; the more you scroll through your feed, the more it refreshes itself.

Instagram is a graphic content based app. Everyone is uploading a video or a photograph, and there is always something exciting to see. One video leads to another and another, and you realized you’d spent hours on Instagram without knowing it.

The only way to overcome this is through self-discipline. Set your Instagram time at the lowest minimum and beat everything to stick to it.


There is a whole lot of deceit on Instagram. Too much that it has become difficult to tell the real from the fake.

It is folly to believe or take seriously everything you see on your Instagram feed. You would fall into a ditch you were too blind to see.

It is because of the deceit that exists on Instagram that people stay away from it. Relate with people, make connections but don’t dive more in-depth than you can afford.

Some online vendors have received payment for goods ordered but never delivered them. When dealing with online vendors, do it with apt wisdom.

Explicit Content

There is no content on Instagram rated (18). If you have not set censor for explicit images at creating your account, you are exposed to everything.

Sometimes, it may not be limited to just nude and sexual content, and I also censor raw images of death and accident scenes, too much blood, and the rest. Those images do not sit well with my psychological well-being, so as much as I can, I avoid them.

Explicit contents, in general, are not best for our psychological well-being. But how much can we avoid on Instagram?

How To Censor Explicit Contents On Instagram

Instagram is a User Generated Content (UGC) app with little or no gatekeeping to restrict the contents uploaded. You cannot decide what people upload on Instagram, but there’s good news: you can determine what you see.

When I created my account, I was given an option to choose what and what explicit images I did not want to see among the line up of the initial custom setup for my account. I don’t know if that option is still available. If it is, then that’s great!

You can also block users who frequently upload content you do not want to see. That way, you need not worry about seeing their contents anymore.

Some people go about bringing the contents you do not want to see as comments on your post. You can also block people from commenting on your post.

What Restrictions Are Available On Instagram

We have people all over the world with their diversity on Instagram. As much as possible, Instagram has been made to accommodate people’s diversities and policies.

In line with this, there are some restrictions to what you post on Instagram. Some of which are:

Plagiarized Contents

You should not post any content you have copied from somewhere without permission from the originator and due reference. Plagiarism is theft; one Instagram does not support.


Any content that shows people in their bareness or any resemblance to nudity is not allowed on Instagram. If you have a cause to post nude content for any genuine reason, you must censor it to a decent result.

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Can I Have More Than One Instagram Account? You can have more than one Instagram account if you have more than one Google account. Because your Google details will be required to create your Instagram account, you cannot use one Google account for two Instagram accounts.


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