How To Check My Instagram Comment History

A lot of Instagram users are now looking for ways to track their own comments, it can happen that you left a comment some days or weeks ago but can’t actually remember the post where you left that comment. Forget about days or weeks, you can forget the comments you left even today after a few hours.

This is because Instagram is filled with a lot of content, if you’re following a lot of active profiles, you’ll find yourself busy interacting with endless content in your account.

Whether you want to edit or delete a comment, the best way to trace that comment is by sorting out all the comments in your account.

If you follow the traditional way, all your Instagram interactions are mixed together and it will be difficult to separate the likes, DMs, and follow requests from the comments you made.

It’s better to find a simple method that will reveal all the comments you added to posts and profiles including your own content.

If you have a few interactions within your account, you can go ahead and search for the comment manually since it won’t take much of your time.

But when you’re dealing with thousands of followers and you’re also following a lot of accounts, it’s not reasonable to start searching for your comments in all the interactions you received.

Imagine every single day you have 100’s of notifications, how will it be possible to track a comment left a week ago? Even on a daily basis, it’s a daunting task and that’s why you want to make the process easier.

Since you land on this post, you’ll definitely learn how to sort out all your Instagram comments in one place so that it’s easier for you to trace any comment you want with ease. We’ll also share some tools that make checking Instagram comments easier.

Reasons For Tracking Comments On Instagram

How To Check My Instagram Comment History

How To Check My Instagram Comment History

For most, when they add comments, they don’t care about taking a look at the comment again. It’s possible that the comment you left is inappropriate, or requires some correction.

You shouldn’t ignore the comments you made on Instagram; I am not saying you should always go through all the comments you left.

You should however go through the comments you left for the past few days to see if an edit is required, or you can end up realizing that the poster doesn’t deserve the nasty comment you left especially after seeing their response to other users.

I’ll say that you need to monitor your comments especially when you criticize the user that made the post, they can be your friend or a family member that can use the comment as proof against you in the future.

Let’s take a look at why you should check and track your comments on Instagram.

Editing your comments

You’ll definitely make typos or add the wrong information in your comments, by tracking your comments, you can edit them easily since Instagram supports editing comments on posts you have made.

It’s really easy these days to make typos when using the keypads on your phone, they’re not comfortable to type like in the case of a PC keyboard.

Once in a while, you’ll realize that you left some typos that need correction and if not edited, you can be misinterpreted by the poster or anyone that comes across such a comment.

Once you make typos and mistakes, you want to track the comment and edit it. Hence the idea of checking your Instagram comments come into play, listing down all the comments will make it easier to edit any comment you’re looking for.

Deleting comments

Some comments don’t deserve to stick around forever especially when you’re expressing opposition to the content posted.

You can end up criticizing the poster in the wrong way and after giving a thought, you realize that you’ve added the wrong comment.

In this situation, you’ll be desperately looking to locate that comment and delete it completely from your Instagram account.

Even though you knew that you typed the wrong comment, it’s going to take a lot of work to find that particular post where you left the comment and then edit.

Checking all your comments at once is the best way to go, you can delete the comment you want easily.

Add more info

Some users can misinterpret your comment on Instagram and the best way to clear the air for them is by adding more info so that you can make yourself clear on what you meant.

The comment box is limited to the number of words or I can say is limited to the number of characters you can add, you don’t want to end up telling stories.

You should just express your views about the post and if more info needs to be added, you can do that as well by editing the comment. Tracking and sorting all your comments is the best way to accomplish that.

These are the three reasons where you’ll find tracking Instagram comments to be helpful and I guess every once in a while, we’ll be faced with one of these situations listed above.

That’s when you want to track all Instagram comments in one place, and that’s what we’re going to talk about next, we’ll share all the best possible methods to get the list of all your Instagram comments.

How To Check Your Instagram Comment History

How to send all your Instagram comment to the email address

Since you’re interested in checking all your Instagram comments, the best way I suggest is by exporting them and sending them to your registered email address on Instagram.

With this method, you can only check your comments, you can’t edit them live in your account.

You’ll receive a file that has all your Instagram comments so that you can read them in CSV format.

If that’s all you’re looking for, that’s to say you’re not going to edit the comment nor add new info, or even delete. The other methods we’ll share, are going to give you the freedom to do so;

Exporting Instagram comments through email using the app

  1. Open the Instagram app if you haven’t launched it yet, then you login as usual with your username, phone number, or email and password as well.
  2. After you’re logged in, you need to tap the burger icon that is at the top right of the screen, you should click “Settings” from the menu and then tap on “Security”
  3. You can see the option “Download data” and from there you’ll be presented with the option “Request Data”, tap on that as well to continue with the process.
  4. You’ll now be asked to type your “Password” again, input the password in order to proceed.
  5. Tap on Done, and you’re almost done. The info you just requested will be sent to the email address which is attached to your Instagram account.
  6. You need to head over to your email account and look for the Instagram message. If it hasn’t arrived yet, you should wait for some minutes or you should check the junk folder if it’s there.
  7. Once the email arrives, you should open and you’ll be instructed to click a link in order to download the data sent to you.
  8. When you click on that link, you’ll be asked to log into your Instagram account, the link will open in the browser and you need to log into your IG account.
  9. Type your login credential to proceed, your download link should be available, and clicking on it will download the data to your PC or any mobile device you’re using.
  10. The data will be downloaded in zip format and you need to extract the content before opening and editing the content inside. The folder will be named with your Instagram username and inside, all your Instagram comments are included. You can check and analyze and if revisions are needed or you’re looking for some information, you can take a look at it easily.

As mentioned, this method is for reference only. You can’t edit or delete the comments you received; you have to use another method that allows live edit in your Instagram account.

How To Find Instagram Comments Using Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook ads manager can be utilized to check all your Instagram comments.

You can still use this method even if you have never run ads on Facebook Ads Manager because creating an account is simple and doesn’t require spending money on Ads before you can use the feature we’re about to share.

With that said, let’s take a look at the method;

  1. Go to the Facebook Ads Manager’s official URL which can be found HERE.
  2. Login with your Facebook account details, if you don’t have a Facebook account, you should consider creating one and then come back to the Facebook Ads Manager URL to login.
  3. After successfully logging into Facebook Ads Manager, you should click on the ad campaign, you should select one of the ads available, if you don’t have any ads, you should create one.
  4. Select that Ad, where you’re able to see a Dropdown menu link box and you need to select “Manage Instagram Comments”. You can view your Instagram comments and can see a few options that allow you to take some actions. This is however subject to if you have already linked your Instagram account, if you haven’t done so, head over to settings where you can see the option.
  5. You can view all your comments and other options.

How To Check Your Instagram Comments History Using Facebook Pages Manager App

There is an app you can use for free; it’s called the “Facebook Pages Manager App” which is different from the official Facebook Messenger App, it allows you to view comments and other interactions with ease for your Instagram account. Here are the steps to do that;

  1. Go to the Play Store and download the Facebook Pages Manager app.
  2. Install and launch the app.
  3. You need to login and you can do that by clicking the “Messages” icon, it can be seen at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Login fields will show up and you need to type your login details.
  5. For this also to work, you’ll have to link your Instagram account from Facebook, that’s the only way it can pull the comments from Instagram for you, if you haven’t connected to your Instagram account, you should go back to Facebook and connect.
  6. Once you sign into Facebook with this app and your Instagram account is attached to it, you should notice the “Instagram Comments Tab” in the “Inbox Pane”.
  7. If you can’t view the Instagram tab, it shows that your IG account isn’t connected, you need to check again and fix it.
  8. Inside this app, that’s the Facebook Pages App, you have the option to edit your comments directly and they’ll be updated in your Instagram account.

How To Find Your Instagram Comments Using PC

The previous method will work for mobile devices where you can download the Facebook Pages Manager app. You use Facebook Social Inbox as well to view the comments on your PC, here is how you can view the comments on your PC;

  1. You need to have a Facebook page, if you don’t have a page, you can create one for free in a few minutes.
  2. Once you create a page, grab the URL and open it on your browser, and you have to make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account.
  3. Navigate to “Settings” which can be seen from the top right corner.
  4. You’ll see “Instagram” and you need to click and log into Instagram.
  5. Add login details to continue, provided you have connected your Instagram account, you should be able to view your comments option and how to manage your Instagram account from Facebook.

How to check your Instagram Comments with Instagram tools

There are tools designed to help Instagram users manage their Instagram interactions, not only comments, you can manage everything in your Instagram account with ease.

You can see your new followers, all the likes you received for your posts and the ones you added on other profiles and posts, and so on. I strongly recommend using such tools because they’re more effective, the only downside is that you have to buy these tools.

They don’t cost much, just a few pennies, some come with free trials but with limited usage. HootSuite and Instazood are some of the best options you can try, they’re very effective and don’t cost much.

You just need to connect your Instagram account and you can manage everything in one dashboard using these tools.


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