How To Crop A Photo On Instagram After Posting

Did you just upload a photo on Instagram but realize that it has the wrong cropping, or you accidentally uploaded a photo that requires edit?

Most of the pictures uploaded on Instagram have been edited multiple times before they’re been uploaded by the user, a lot of retouches have been made, so much that you’ll believe the people in the picture are perfect.

Some users end up being jealous of such pictures not knowing that they’ve undergone a lot of edits before they’re shown to the world.

You can send a private message of an image to someone with the wrong cropping and you’re looking for ways to edit the photo and make it better.

You can also take a screenshot on Instagram but want to crop and edit before you actually upload it to your own account or if you want to share it with other Instagrammers.

If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, you definitely want to make sure the photo you uploaded doesn’t have any problem.

We’ve seen multiple times celebrities and public figure accounts uploading the wrong picture that makes them lose a lot of followers or in some cases will land them in trouble.

Cropping your pictures is really important and you want to make sure that you do that before uploading the photo, this way you have saved yourself from a lot of troubles.

Once you upload the wrong picture, within a few minutes, a lot of users have taken screenshots and have shared the picture on the web.

There are a lot of cropping tools available out there allowing you to crop an image with ease before uploading it on Instagram, but the question now is; is it possible to crop your image after uploading it on Instagram?

This is the topic we’re going to address in this post just like the title mentioned. You’ll learn about editing Instagram Images after uploading them, and we’ll tell you what’s possible and what’s not.

Should You Edit Your Instagram Post

How To Crop A Photo On Instagram After Posting

How To Crop A Photo On Instagram After Posting

I’ll say that it all comes down to the reason why you want to edit the picture. By all means, if you know that you made a serious mistake or the photo isn’t satisfactory to you, you should go ahead and edit your photo.

People are uploading pictures on Instagram to impress people and if you’re sure the photo you uploaded isn’t impressive, you should edit and add all the possible edits required to make your picture look good.

That’s what Instagram is all about, showing amazing pictures to the world. Make your images eye-catching before uploading them and if you need to edit them, there is nothing wrong with that.

But on the other hand, if you’re editing your Instagram pictures after uploading them in a bid to gain more exposure, I’ll say that will not help.

We’re talking of editing the picture to add Hashtags, captions, and so on, thinking that this will attract more exposure to the photo you uploaded.

You cannot improve your rankings nor gain more exposure just by editing your uploaded photos. Once you start receiving interactions, you can hardly receive any extra exposure to the photo you uploaded.

Let’s say for example your photo has generated 100 likes, don’t expect after editing this photo to receive another extra 100 likes.

Editing it won’t make the Instagram algorithm promote the photo again in users’ feed. Even if the photo has been displayed again in the user feed, most of them won’t bother to check the photo since they’ve already scroll on it previously, those that give a like, won’t do it again.

You can see that editing your Instagram photos just for the sake of getting more exposure isn’t going to help, but it all comes down to your choice.

If you want to edit for your own reasons, go ahead and do that. But our take is that you should only do it if you made a serious mistake and want to make some corrections.

Can You Crop Your Instagram Photo After Posting It

Unfortunately, you can’t crop a picture on Instagram after posting. The only thing you can do is to delete the post so that you can upload the final picture after cropping it.

There are a lot of tools out there claiming to crop your pictures after uploading them on Instagram, but they can’t really help you crop your picture once it’s uploaded.

If you uploaded a picture that requires some cropping, you need to immediately delete the post and edit the photo, then upload it again.

Can You Edit A Picture After Posting It

Just like you can’t crop a picture after posting, you cannot also make any edit to your photo after hitting that publish button. Cropping means editing the photo and that’s why it’s not allowed.

That means you have only one shot when it comes to editing your pictures before posting them, you can take all the time you have to make edits, but once uploaded, you can’t do anything.

The only thing you can do as mentioned is to delete the photo and create another post that contains the right picture.

Can You Add Another Picture To An Existing Post On Instagram

As you already know Instagram supports adding multiple pictures in a single post or story. It might happen that you wanted to upload a collection of photos but you miss some of the pictures, in this case, is it possible to upload the picture to your existing post?

This is also not possible on Instagram, once you miss a picture and you published the post, there is no way you can add that photo to the uploaded collection. The best solution also here is to delete the entire post and then upload the pictures together again.

If it happens you uploaded an incomplete series of your collection, you should immediately delete and upload another series that is complete.

Can You Add Filters To Your Pictures On Instagram After Posting It

Adding filters to your pictures after posting them means editing the photo and we’ve already mentioned that it’s not possible to edit a photo after posting on Instagram.

If you want to add some filters, you’ll have to delete the picture you posted and then upload another picture with the filters added before publishing it live on Instagram.

Can You Add More Information To The Pictures You Posted On Instagram

Instagram is really easy on this one, you’re allowed to add some extra info or edit the text you posted along with your images.

You can edit your picture info on any device and then save your changes. Instagram allows editing information like caption, tags, and location.

This is the only info you can change after posting a picture, anything besides this is not possible. Let’s take a look at the information you’re able to edit and change after posting your photos on Instagram.

How To Edit Tags, Location, And Caption On Your Instagram Posts

  1. You should login to your Instagram account.
  2. Open the post where you want to edit the pictures.
  3. You should tap on the “Three-dots” that’s at the top right of the picture.
  4. From the drop-down menu, you’ll see the option “Edit”, you need to tap on that as well.
  5. The screen that shows up will give you the option to edit the picture tags, location, caption, and the Alt text of that photo post.
  6. After editing the picture you want, you should tap the Checkmark on Android, and Done on iOS.

There is however one thing that needs to be addressed, that’s when formatting the lines. After posting your captions and you realize that it’s a chunk of text, you need to remove spaces between them by hitting the “return key” after every paragraph.

You want to make sure there is no extra space after punctuation, this way you’ll save character space to add more captions if you want. But make sure not to overuse the caption feature especially if your Instagram account is new.

There are also some tools out there that will help you avoid formatting problems on Instagram, the Tailwind is an example.

If you want to make sure your posts are in order and the formatting is clean before posting, you need to consider using these kinds of tools.

Without checking your text formatting, you can end up editing your Instagram posts multiple times which is not advisable at all.

Frequently Asked Questions On Editing Photos After Posting On Instagram

Can I Remove a Picture from my Instagram Posts?

Just like you can’t add a new picture to your post, you cannot also delete a picture from the post. The traditional way of doing it is by just deleting the entire post collection and then creating another post where you can add all photo collections with ease.

Before publishing your Instagram posts, always ensure that you double-check your pictures to make sure all the series of pictures are uploaded and are in the right order you want them to be before hitting the publish button.

Can I Delete Hashtags Or Add New Ones On Instagram After Posting

Whether you want to delete the hashtags you add while uploading the pictures, or you haven’t added any hashtags from the beginning and want to add a new set of hashtags, you can always do that for your picture posts.

But as mentioned earlier don’t expect to gain any exposure as a result of this edit. You can edit your hashtags the way you want after posting a photo on Instagram but it doesn’t come with any extra advantage.

Can I Edit Pictures On Instagram Stories After Posting Them

It’s similar to your regular Instagram post, you can’t also edit your photos after you have published them on Stories.

This means you can’t add new pictures to your collection, you cannot add a new picture, you cannot delete a picture and you can’t add any filter. The only solution is to delete the post and create another story.

How To Avoid Cropping Your Pictures On Instagram

As you already know, Instagram demands that you crop all pictures into squares before uploading them, and sometimes when the picture is large, you can end up with unsatisfactory cropping on Instagram.

There is some trick you can use to avoid cropping your pictures, if resize is needed, you can do that without any problem since all content within the picture will be displayed on the platform.

Basically, what we’re going to do is add white margins to the photo, this way you can turn the picture into a square without affecting its quality.

You can do this with an app called Squaready, there are other apps though, but we’ll demonstrate with this app. Let’s share how to not crop your pictures on Instagram with ease with Squaready;

  1. Download and install the Squaready app on your phone.
  2. Launch the app and import the picture you don’t want to crop on Instagram before upload. You can import using the Import icon on your screen.
  3. Select your location to import the picture.
  4. After importing the picture, you can see the row icons placed at the bottom of the screen, and in order to add the white margins that will make the picture look like a square, you need to choose the middle option at the bottom rows. This option adds margins on the two sides of the picture while the other two sides won’t have any margin.
  5. There is also the option to set margin widths and other customizations you might need. The good thing is that you can always see your changes on the picture, if you don’t like the modifications you made, you can always undo those changes.
  6. After adding the margins, you can now see the export icon at the top right corner, which will save the picture to your device and you can upload it to Instagram without any problem.
  7. The steps outlined are for iPhone users, for Android users, you should install Squaready from Play Store and follow the same steps.


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