How To Edit And Delete Your Comments On Instagram

At some point you’ll make dumb typos when adding your comments on Instagram and nobody likes them, it’s really easy to make typing mistakes in your comments especially when you’re typing fast with your phone.

The phone keypad isn’t the same as the laptop keyboard we’re used to and that why there is the need to find a way to rectify the dumb typos we make in our comments.

Back in the olden days when social media sites are new, they don’t allow users to edit comments, most of them accept editing posts but not when it comes to comments.

In those days, whatever comment you added will stick there indefinitely and that’s really annoying. Not only typos, sometimes you just want to get rid of a recent comment you’ve made, sometimes just one sentence can have an impact on your life.

For job hunters and employees, their account is monitored by the company they’re looking for a job or are already working at.

When you want to begin your job hunt, you want to make sure that you clear all your social media activities just to stay on the safe side.

In this post, we’ll discuss editing and deleting comments on Instagram and some important aspects of commenting you don’t want to miss while using this giant social media platform, stay with us till the end to learn more about commenting on Instagram.

We’ll start by sharing how to react to comments on Instagram so that you know how to deal with them.

How To React To Comments On Instagram

How To Edit And Delete Your Comments On Instagram

How To Edit And Delete Your Comments On Instagram

You’ll see the trolls coming in no matter how good you’re or how valuable the content you’re providing to your followers.

Some are just following your account to hate and spread the negative vibe virtually, so when it comes to reacting or responding to Instagram posts, you have about six options:

Ignore it

Whatever type of comment it is about you or your content, just ignore them.

Instead of wasting your time and energy deleting inappropriate comments on your posts, it’s better to spend more time planning for more content which you believe will benefit your true and loyal followers.

It’s not worth it to start filtering negative comments, just carry on. It will discourage the negative commenter to continue with their hate since they know you don’t mind.


You can still reply and that’s not bad either, but you don’t want to be rude in your reply just as they’re. Just reply nicely and it will kill them, a lot of your followers can see your kind gesture, nothing to worry about.

If you have the time, you can reply to some of your trolls just for the sake of it and nothing else.

Report them

You can choose to hit the report button especially if you’ve noticed they’re spreading the troll consistently on each and every post you made.

They’re such losers and time-wasters that don’t have a job to do but to spread hate virtually.

Reporting them also is a good way to save your time and also they might completely get banned from the platform but they might still come back with another account and keep trolling.

Block them

Yes, you can choose to block them when you notice they’re repeatedly trolling with their comments, when you block them, none of their activities will be visible to you nor theirs.

Just block any user that seems to be only commenting negativity on your posts.

Hide their comments

You can choose to hide the comments from showing up in your posts and they won’t even realize it because the comment will still show up on their profile. It’s a way to keep them busy without them knowing that no one views their comments on your posts.

Delete comments

If you just want to get rid of the comments on your posts, you can choose to do so, but only on your posts. You can’t delete their comments on other profiles.

These are the ways you can deal with comments, it all comes down to your preference. I’ll recommend going for option one, which is ignoring their comment and this is because you should always look for ways to free up your time so that you can focus on other important aspects of your life.

Is It Possible To Edit Or Delete An Instagram Comment

Yes, you can delete your Instagram comments, this feature is around since 2013. Before then, it’s not possible to do that, you’ll just have to watch it stick there for as long as that comment is hosted on Instagram servers.

What Type Comments Can You Delete On Instagram

Maybe you’re now excited that you’re able to edit or delete a comment, but it’s not every comment you can edit on delete. You can only delete comments you’ve made with your account, it can be on other people’s posts, your profile, or any other profile out there.

You just don’t have control over other people’s comments unless you can find a way to login into their account and start deleting their comments using their device which I believe isn’t possible unless someone that shared their login details or you have access to their device.

You can however control the comments you want to appear on your posts, when another Instagrammer leaves a comment on your post, you can get rid of it.

That’s the only type of comment you can control which is in your posts, some people have no shame and can leave some nasty comments on your posts and you have the right to delete or hide such comments.

Thumbs up to Instagram for allowing this awesome feature, otherwise, your haters will always jump in to leave useless comments in your posts.

That’s a little bit of info about deleting comments, we’ll talk about some important aspects later, but for now, let’s just start outlining how to delete different types of comments on Instagram.

Deleting Your Own Comments On Instagram

Let’s start with the comments you made, this includes the comments you made on other people’s photos or videos and so on, it’s really easy to do that, and here is how to do that;

How to Get Rid of Comments On Your Posts

We’ve already stated that it’s possible to delete other people’s comments dropped on your posts, and the process is pretty the same as the above method.

You just need to open your posts where you want to delete the comment, trace the comment and then swipe left like in the previous method and then tap the trash button in red.

Types Of Comments You Should Delete On Instagram

We’ve already shared how to react or respond to comments and you’ve seen that deleting is among the last options, but there are still situations where you should consider deleting comments on your posts. Let’s take a look at them briefly;

Inappropriate language

It’s normal to get criticized for your content and opinions but at the same time, appropriate language must be used. Once you realize it’s inappropriate language, you should delete that comment.

Spam links

Those comments that are blatantly promoting harmful affiliate links should be deleted immediately.

Robotic messages

If you notice the same message is posted in all your posts, it’s a sign that such a comment was made by automation tools. You should delete such comments also.


As mentioned there is nothing wrong when someone expresses their opposition regarding your content, but they have to express their critics with manners. Tolling is different from critics and you want to make sure that you can differentiate between the two.

Will They Be Notified When You Delete Their Comment

They will not be notified that you’ve deleted their comments on your posts, they can however check the post to see whether their comment is there or not, they also want to see if you’ve responded so that they respond again negatively.

Can You Recover Deleted Comments On Instagram

Once deleted, you cannot redo your actions. It’s better to recheck the comments you’re about to delete so as not to make mistakes, especially when it comes to deleting other user’s comments, you don’t want to end up deleting the comments of the wrong person.

Hiding Vs Deleting Comments On Instagram

Hiding and deleting are entirely different things, hiding means the comment exists but hidden from certain users or accounts while deleting means no one is able to recover that comment.

There are two types of hiding involved when it comes to comments on Instagram:

First, you can set up the “Automatic Filter” which allows Instagram to hide offensive and inappropriate comments, and secondly, you can decide users’ posts to stay hidden on your post even though it will be visible on their profile.

Let’s share how to do both.

Setting Up Automatic Filter

  • Launch Instagram and tap the person icon button which is at the bottom right corner.
  • This will open your profile page.
  • You now tap on the three horizontal lines located at the top right corner.
  • You’ll notice the “Hide Offensive Comments” toggle, and you need to switch it on.
  • That’s it, automatic filters have now been set up and any inappropriate comment will be hidden.
  • There is also an option that allows you to add keywords you don’t want users to include in their comments.
  • To do that, you should go back to the “Comments Controls” section.
  • Slide the “Manual Filter” toggle and add all the keywords you don’t want in comments, separate the keywords with commas. Anyone that mentions the keyword, their comment will remain hidden unless they edited it.

Restricting And Hiding User’s Comments

As stated, if you want to restrict a user and hide their comments on your posts you can do that.

They can comment on your posts but it will not be visible on the post, if you want to however prevent them from commenting on your posts, you should block them.

For restricting and hiding their comments, here are the steps;

  • Head over to their profile when you log into your Instagram account.
  • Tap on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner.
  • Tap on “Restrict”.
  • You’ll be prompted to confirm, you should tap on “Restrict” again to proceed.

How To Block All Comments On Your Posts

If you don’t want to accept any comments on your Instagram posts, you have the freedom to do that as well. Turning off Instagram comments won’t give other users the option to add comments on your posts, here is how to do that;

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Hit the “Person” icon at the bottom right of the screen to open the profile.
  • Then you tap on the “Three Horizontal Dots” where you can see the option “Turn Off Commenting”.

When you turn off commenting, all previous comments will disappear and no more feature comments on your posts, you take note of that, please.

That’s it about deleting comments, let’s now talk about editing your comments which will be applicable when you make typos or just want to add more words to your comment or even delete some portion of it.

Editing Your Instagram Comments

So far you’ve seen that you can delete comments, hide them, and disable them. Unfortunately, you cannot edit your comments on Instagram, that’s something we expect to see in the coming updates.

If you made a comment and want to make some corrections, the best way to do that is to delete the comment and add a new one.

That’s just the best way to get around it if you made a typo or want to add corrections in the comment. You can however edit Instagram comment captions and here is how you can do that:

Editing Instagram Comment Caption

  • Open your Instagram profile page by clicking the “Person” icon.
  • Find the post you want to edit the captions for.
  • Then you tap the three horizontal lines at the top right.
  • Tap on “Edit”.
  • You can now edit the caption and when done, you should tap the “Done” option.

That’s it for this post on deleting and editing Instagram comments, let’s hear from you in the comments if you have some tricks to share.


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