How to Find My Most Liked Picture On Instagram 2021

Looking back on how social media has evolved over the past couple of years, you could say it has become more than just an internet-based community of users.

It is more like a family of strangers. Although separated by distance, we remain connected through the internet.

The power of social media plays a role in bringing people together. Even if the world chooses to stand apart, virtual connections give more meaning to our lives.

Sometimes, the people we met and the friends we make have been life-changing for some of us.

You could argue that many of us get the most satisfaction from social media than physical human interaction.

Yet, does this in any way downplay the significance of the latter?

Of course not. But it hardly changes the fact that social media holds a big influence on how we see life.

In all honesty, many of us would claim a sense of affection to at least one social media account.

I can recollect times when we used to celebrate birthdays and invite a couple of friends and family- a small group of 20 persons or less would visit.

Cake cutting, blowing out candles, and making wishes was the order of the day.

We thought that nothing could be better than cherishing those memories in photo albums. Then social media happened and that changed the entire narrative.

These days, birthdays and other social events are celebrated a bit differently.

Besides looking forward to the time spent with family, we look forward to the likes and comments from our various online communities.

Instagram, with its photo-sharing platform, allows us to share special moments with strangers from all over the world.

You would agree that some people get the best gifts from total strangers on Instagram.

You stand a higher chance of being widely celebrated if you have lots of followers, or if you choose to do a birthday countdown (which works wonders by the way).

There’s the feeling of awe that comes into play when thousands of strangers (depending on the number of followers) send you birthday wishes.

I dare to say that some folks would rather have their birthdays on social media than in person with individuals.

Nonetheless, the place of physical human interaction plays a vital role in our day-to-day living.

So, I guess you must have heard one of such moments. Maybe you shared a picture of your first day at work, first day at college when you turned 18, or a hangout with friends and family.

The comments, likes, and new followers we gain usually live a beautiful feeling in our memories.

In this article, we would take a quick look at how you can find your most liked picture on Instagram.

Exciting, yeah?

All those memories you shared with the internet can be re-visited. And if you choose to rank pictures based on which was most liked by your followers?

Instagram provides that option as well.

So, let’s get into it.

Is It Possible to Find My Most Liked Picture On Instagram

How to Find My Most Liked Picture On Instagram 2021

How to Find My Most Liked Picture On Instagram 2021

You probably had this question on your mind before reading this article. Well, I’m pleased to let you know that you’re in the right place.

Yes, you can find whatever picture you’re looking for on Instagram. As a photo-based app, it would be unfair to have your lovely pictures kept away from you, right?

Most Instagram users sometimes go through their pages to admire pictures they took in the past.

Sometimes, people compare pictures from different moments in their lives. For some, it shows how much progress they have made as individuals.

For others, it may be a case of- how do I get back to this point in my life?

Whatever reasons you may have for wanting to see your most liked picture, it is different for everyone.

Given that Instagram has almost a billion users, it would take me years to figure out those reasons.

Except for a few guesses here and there (with a higher chance of being wrong than right).

That aside, there are ways to find your most liked picture on Instagram. And you needn’t worry too much about not being tech-savvy and all of that.

It is common knowledge that people dislike the stress that comes with the technical aspect of Instagram.

But compared to other social media apps, Instagram is quite user-friendly.

You could say that the app was developed with an easy-to-use mantra on repeat in the mind of the developers.

Either way, the methods in this article are quite straightforward in application. So, you need not worry about a thing.

It would leave you with a smile when you get to see the picture that ranks top based on the number of likes.

Now let’s find you that picture that gave you that bubbly feeling of a celebrity. That picture that earned you the most likes.

What Are the Ways to Find My Most Liked Picture On Instagram

Now let’s explore the nitty-gritty of the matter.

There are a few ways to find your most liked picture on Instagram. If you joined Instagram 10 years ago, it shouldn’t surprise you that your most liked picture is most likely a recent one.

Before Instagram became popular with so many users, it was thrilling to have a few likes on a post.

In recent times, Instagram has experienced a dramatic surge in the number of users. You could amass likes worthy of a celebrity status that makes you feel excited.

The first method you should is the:

· The Top Nine App

This app was developed a couple of years ago; I believe this should be around 2019 or thereabout. The Top Nine is an easy-to-use app that helps you pick out your top photos.

This Instagram tool picks out the top nine pictures from your page and shows you the number of likes they have garnered over time.

This is one of my favorite apps to use. Let’s see how the app can be used.

Step 1: Download the App

· You can get the app on Google play store or Apple store.

Step 2: Launch the App

· Once installed from the google play store, click the icon that appears o your desktop screen to use the app.

Step 3: Input your Login details

· Once the app is launched, input your Instagram username.

· Click “Continue”

· Enter your email address and click “Find my Top Nine” at the bottom of your screen.

· Once done, it takes several seconds to a few minutes to get your top nine Instagram photos.

Using the steps above, you can easily see the top nine pictures and the likes from your Instagram page. If you wish, you could download a few of those pictures.

Some individuals, especially Instagram influencers, tend to use this method in their analytical research. They wish to know the number of likes a particular post generated.

Without a doubt, a large amount of Instagram likes for a picture is good for business.

This helps them stay accountable to clients and keep their business running. The higher the number of likes attached to a post, the higher the level of social media awareness.

In most cases, this translates into increased brand visibility, brand awareness, customer retention, and higher revenues.

· Use Gramwiki

This Instagram tool does a similar job to the top Nine apps. Unlike the top Nine App, you don’t have to download it. Simply visit the website and input your username to see your pictures.

What makes this tool more interesting to use is that you can see the most liked picture of other Instagram users.

Besides having access to see other people’s most liked pictures, Gramwiki provides other statistical reports as well.

You can check for the picture with the highest number of comments, the Instagram users that liked the photo, and your most like videos too.

So, here’s how to go about it.

Step 1: Visit the Gramwiki Website (Instagram Online viewer)

· Search for the website link on your desktop

· On the home page, input your username and press “submit”

Step 2: Scroll to the End of the Page

· Once you enter your username, it usually takes a couple of seconds to get the desired results.

· When the results appear, scroll through to see the picture.

· This section you’re looking for is usually at the end of the page.

· You can click on the picture to see the number of likes, the number of persons that liked the photo, the time it was uploaded, where it was taken and the caption used.

There you have it- another easy way to check your most liked pictures on Instagram.

Can Other People Also See My Most Liked Picture On Instagram

You did not think this was possible, did you? Well, other users can also see your most liked picture if they wish to.

Then you begin to wonder if those who keep their accounts private on Instagram still hold the privilege to keep their posts in private mode.

Yes, they do. You can only view the pictures if you follow them on Instagram or if they choose to change their settings to public mode.

For social media managers, submitting Instagram analytic reports to clients is part of their job description. It is just proof of how much results their efforts have yielded over time.

These reports are submitted fortnightly or monthly. It depends on what the clients want and the terms of the agreement reached in the signed contract.

As a business owner or brand, it would be only fair to access the same information my employee provides.

Outside the professional space, you can also check the most liked picture of other Instagram users.

If you wish to see the most liked photo of other users, input their username in the field provided when you browse the Gramwiki website.

The steps are the same as we discussed above. The only difference is that you have to input the username of the Instagram user in question.

How Can I See a Post with The Least Likes on Instagram

We have all been before. I bet you have also experienced this unpleasant feeling at least once in your Instagram use.

You post a picture on Instagram and you get a few to zero likes. That feeling could sink your morale as you watch your excitement hit a rock.

You find it more distasteful when you have lots of followers and you have few likes. Then you start to wonder if there is something with the photo.

Imagine you have a thousand followers with your picture getting just 25 likes after three weeks since upload. Words can hardly describe the sore feeling.

The last time this happened to me, I was off Instagram for a couple of days but I returned, ready to go again.

The thrill of viewing your most liked picture is great. But if you wish to see your least liked picture, the feeling may be the total opposite.

But there are ways to go about that.

Simple, visit the “No likes Yet” site on your desktop and browse through your Instagram pictures that have zero likes.

You could also browse pictures of your friends or other Instagram users that got no likes for their photos.

You soon discover that many others have experienced that terrible feeling too.

There may be reasons for not getting a single like on your Instagram post. But zero likes on any picture is an Instagram user’s worst nightmare.


Instagram can be a fun photo-sharing app to use. The thrill and excitement that comes from users engaging our posts through likes and comments give us some sense of reward.

Little wonder the worldwide figure stands at a mouth-watering billion users. Don’t be surprised if that number exceeds the present one in the coming years. Instagram may be one of the most popular apps out there, but its virtual global expansion hasn’t let off yet.

Now that you’re conversant with checking your most liked pictures on Instagram, you can take clues from it. In case you want to replicate such a high number, your current most-liked photo can give you a few pointers.

You needn’t worry about the pictures with zero likes if you have any. There are usually highs and lows in our experiences as Instagram users.

After all that we discussed, I hope this article has contributed in a helpful way to your user experience on the Instagram app.


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