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Action Blocked

So Instagram has blocked you from performing some actions or you’re not able to perform any action at all! You’re not the only one facing this problem, reported cases of action blocked on Instagram is increasing every day and that’s why we decided to put together a post that will address the problem of action blocked on Instagram. The problem is easy to deal with if you take a few steps, and we’ll outline all the very best possible solutions to Instagram action blocked, Stay with us till the end in order to learn how to deal with the problem.

What’s The Meaning Of Action Blocked On Instagram?

It means your account has been restricted to perform certain actions or in some cases you’re not able to perform any action at all, most of the times this happens when you indulge your account or profile in spam activities. The actions are blocked by Instagram Robots when they detect unusual activities in your account, actions blocked Instagram is temporary in most cases, usually can last for 24 hours or up to one month. The duration depends to the extent you violated Instagram terms of use and also the number of users that reported your account.

Types Of Action Blocks On Instagram

Action block that has expiry date

This is the common one, in this case Instagram will state the expiry of the action block and after the expiry, you’ll be able to perform your actions as usual.

Action block without expiry date

This type of block can last for a day to a few weeks, and you won’t have access to the ‘Tell us’ button. If you want to request for appeal, you’ll have to submit manually by using the help section.

What Causes Action Block On Instagram?

Whenever you’re blocked from performing some actions on Instagram there is definitely something you have done in your account that trigger robots to flag the account. Most of the time, it is exceeding limits for that instagram actions. If you’re not aware, you should know that instagram has daily and monthly limits for every action and the limit isn’t the same for all accounts. No much restrictions on older accounts and they’re very strict on new accounts because most spammers use new accounts to abuse the platform. Let’s take a look at some of the popular reasons that lead to action block on Instagram.

You Violated IG Rules

This is the first things that will cause your account to be blocked from performing actions on Instagram. Once you violated their terms of use, your Ip address will be flagged and not only your account, any other account that is accessed through that Ip address will be affected. The more they detect you violated their rules, the more limits that will be placed on your account, and that’s why one of the best practices if your account is blocked is to let the account rest for some days before performing any action again.

Exceeding account limits

Every account has limits on the number of actions they can perform every single day, and once it’s exceeded, you’ll be blocked from performing such action, you’ll have to wait for the next recycle date to resume that action. You need to know the number of likes, comments, shares that are within your account limits.

You’re not active on instagram

If you have not been active for some time and then suddenly you started performing massive actions, your will end up getting blocked. You have to be active on the platform in a natural way. Try and connect with other profiles especially the ones with authority, like them and comment on their posts on a consisted basis. This way your account won’t be suspected for spam even if you perform some actions than usual.

Misusing Automation

Automation can help a lot especially for businesses, but when you abuse the platform with your tools and instagram bots detect you’re using automation, you won’t only be blocked from performing actions, your account will end up getting suspended without the likelihood of getting restored. The type of automation you need to use should only be for monitoring your account activities, don’t use automation for posting, liking or commenting. You should also make sure the tool or script you’re using has authority, don’t jump into using new Instagram tools that haven’t earned any reputation from users.

Performing actions quickly on new accounts

Even if the sole purpose of your account is to promote products and services, you shouldn’t start promotions right away. Let your account be at least 1-3 months before you start performing actions frequently. The older your account the more privileges you’ll have on instagram, so don’t rush.

Performing only a single action

Your account should look natural, don’t just log into your account and keep sending Likes only, you should have a mixed of activities. Like a few posts, and then make some comments and shares if possible, also make sure to respond to comments.

Copyright Infringement

Using other peoples content without permission is a sure way to get blocked from performing actions or get your account terminated when reported by the owner of the content. If you find content you love, you should share it rather than copying and pasting into your posts. Beside getting your account blocked you can land yourself into legal problems.

Inappropriate content

There are types of content that can’t be uploaded on Instagram such as nude pictures, sexual content, drugs, weapons and so on. Once your account is found to promote such content, you could end up in suspension. If you’re not sure whether a photo can be found inappropriate by some users, you should use Instagram Sensitive Content filter in all your posts, this will help you stay safe.

User complains

If your account is subsequently reported by other users, you’ll be blocked or end up with account suspension. Once a lot of people are reporting an account or posts and stories, you’ll be automatically flagged and account will be restricted.

These are the major causes that lead to action block on instagram or even lead to suspension or termination. Let’s share how to fix the problem if it happens that your account is blocked from performing actions on Instagram.

How To Fix Action Blocked On Instagram

Cease all activities for 24-48 hours

When you’re restricted from performing a few actions, you should pause on every activity for at least 24-48 hours, this means that you won’t Follow, Like, or comment on any post. Preferably, you shouldn’t’ even login, but if you want you can still login to view posts or add some account details, but don’t like or comment.

Change your Ip address

It might be possible that your ip address has been flagged, switching ip address will help you get rid of action blocked on Instagram. If you’re using Wifi you should switch over to mobile data, or alternatively you can use a VPN service, don’t use proxy because they can cause more problems to your account, plus they’re also very slow.

Link your social media accounts

Link your Facebook account and also list all other social media accounts that you’re using online, by linking other social media accounts, you’ll look real and genuine especially if you’re active on these networks.

Link your social media accounts

Remove any third party app

If you’re using automation, it’s probably what causes the limitations on the account. What you want to do is to remove or disable any other third party app that linked to your Instagram app.

Reinstall your Instagram app

After removing third party apps, you should now go ahead and reinstall the Instagram app on your phone. It’s possible some data have been stored on your current installation that makes Instagram to track your activities, removing the app and installing a new one will clear cookies, cache and any other tracking data on the app.

Reinstall your Instagram app

Login with a different device

If your actions are still blocked, you should switch over to another device, if you’re using phone, you should log into your account with a PC or tablet. Also don’t forget to use a different ip address either by using a different network or by using a reputable VPN service.

Complete your account info

Most people don’t bother to complete their profile and hence it’s easier for such accounts to be flagged. Complete every info in detail, add a real picture if you’re operating a regular/personal Instagram account.

Instagram Edit Profile


If by now you’re not able to unblock the action feature, you should be patient and wait, wait for at least one week, this is necessary because sometimes you just have to wait for the period of blockage to expire, and as we’ve mentioned sometimes they state clearly the duration you’re blocked from performing certain actions and sometimes they don’t reveal for how long the block will last. When you wait for some time, the block will expire automatically without any taking any action from your side.

Send appeal

If after waiting, your action block hasn’t expire, you should report to Instagram especially if you believe you haven’t done anything wrong. Normally when you’re block from performing actions on instagram you’ll receive to messages, either ‘Tell us’ and ‘Ignore’. But when you violate their terms repeatedly you won’t see these messages, you’ll have to contact support from settings. So when the message ‘Tell us’ appear, you click on it and fill the form that’s presented to you.

Explain clearly what happen and if they insist you’ve violated terms of use, you should apologize and state it won’t happen again, you’re not of aware such action is against their rules. In most cases you’ll restore your account, but in the case you’re doing severe spam activities, it won’t be easy, you may have to contact them multiple times before your account is restored.

These are so far the steps you need to take when you’re blocked from performing actions on Instagram. let’s move on to share some tips that will help you stay safe on Instagram.

How To Avoid Action Blocked On Instagram

Make sure you have enough posts

Before you start following users massively, you should make sure that you’ve added valuable content in your account and you need to share it in order to get as much engagement as you can. Don’t just create a new account and start commenting and following. You can start with 5 to 10 posts per day and you can follow your friends so that they can follow you back for a start.

Complete profile info

That’s the first thing you want to do for a new account. Upload a good profile picture and every other detail requested, connect all your social media accounts. Start by linking your Facebook account and then you add the rest on your profile, this way your profile looks genuine.

Always access your account from the same device

Genuine instagram users always use the same device to login, this means every time they’re using the same unique ip address. Login in every day through different device will raise a flag especially if you’ve started doing unusual activities.

Don’t post repetitive content

This is also another sign of spam and will raise an alarm. Whether it’s on posts, comments or DM, you should always post unique content, that’s to say the messages should be different. Even if you want to convey the same message to different people, you should spin the message a little bit, though you can send duplicate messages to multiple users but that shouldn’t be done frequently.

Avoid sending promotional content/message to users you don’t know

Most people will report users that send them promotional or marketing messages. Whether it’s in comments or in the DM. do not send such messages, unless they give you their consent.

Use automation wisely

If you have to use automation, you have to be selective. Don’t use tools that send massive likes, comments, follow and DM. You’re not getting anywhere with these tools; your account will be suspended or terminated fast.

These few tips will definitely help keep your account safe on Instagram, you have to respect the rules and also respect other users. That way you can operate your account smoothly without any block or restrictions.

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