How to Fix Instagram Deleting My Photos

Not being able to upload your photos is really disappointing to Instagram users, you have just logged into your account successfully but every photo you upload doesn’t show on your profile, or you just checked your profile to search for your previous photos, and you couldn’t find them like they’re gone forever! That’s even a big mess.

On another side also Instagram allows users to deactivate their account from profile settings; this will hide everything on their profile, such as comments, likes. With this feature you’re invisible, anyone can deactivate this feature when they need a break from Instagram, but the big mess is when they’re back they notice all their pictures are deleted and they don’t know how to recover them.

Whether you can’t upload pictures using your Instagram app or your photos are deleted, or you just want to recover your deleted photos, this article will show you how to solve these common problems that are faced by most Instagram users.

Why You Can’t Upload Photos In Your Instagram Account

You’ve Changed Account Settings

It’s possible you’ve accidentally changed the settings on your account to hide your account activities. Instagram allows users to hide their content from public view, you can still upload your photos, but they aren’t visible to your followers. If your photos aren’t showing on your profile, you need to check your settings to ensure that you’re on the right settings.

It’s very common for someone to alter your settings when they’re using your phone, especially friends and family, also if you’re using different devices to log in to Instagram the settings on the device can also affect your account settings. So don’t argue, check your settings to ensure you’re all set.

Copyright Violations

How to Fix Instagram Deleting My Photos

How to Fix Instagram Deleting My Photos

This is another reason that can cause your photos to disappear in a moment. When you post a bunch of photos that are copyright protected, they’re bound to be removed when the owner finds out. You’re lucky if only the photos were deleted, in most case, it will lead to disabling your account or permanent ban from using their service. You should only post the content you own and have copyrights on it.

Posting Inappropriate Photo

Adult pictures get deleted fast and yes Instagram have their way of detecting such kind of pictures, and whenever you post an inappropriate photo, there will be complaining from users that will cause a problem to your account. Always post the right content on your profile to stay safe.

You Account Have Restrictions

Sometimes you can be blocked from uploading pictures in your account especially if you’ve done an unusual activity on your account or when you’re using apps and software to upload content on your account.

If you’re restricted from posting pictures for some time, you’ll not be able to upload any photos in your account. There’s nothing you can do in this situation. You have to wait for the ban to be lifted, most of the time it’s from 24 hours to some days before you can continue posting pictures or any other content.

There Is A Bug In Your App

A bug can interfere with photo upload in your Instagram app; a bug is a crash or corrupted files in your Instagram app. There’s a point where you can’t almost do anything with the app, you have to get rid of the bug, or you have to reinstall the app.

Most of the time if it’s app problem that’s blocking you from uploading photos, it’s a bug. The best way to deal with a bug is to reinstall your app, there are apps that allow users to clear bugs in any app, but don’t get rid of it, and some might even create more problems.

Problem From Instagram Server

On some occasions, the problem isn’t from your side, during maintenance time users can experience downtime, or sometimes when Instagram has done an upgrade, it might cause your photos to disappear just like that. There nothing you can do here, you have to wait for them to fix the problem. In most cases, your photos will be back after some time.

These are some of the reasons why your photos get deleted or why you can’t upload photos in your Instagram account. Let us now outline the steps you need to take when you can’t upload photos, or they’re being deleted for no reason.

Does Instagram Store Your Photos Even After They Are Deleted?

Instagram doesn’t have any recovery feature for users as of now, but they do store photos on their server even after deletion. When a photo is deleted, it can’t be accessed by the user unless they’ve done a backup or they archive it.

Deleted photos can only be retrieved by a court order which is mentioned in their terms of service. You can, however, use third-party services or apps like Google to back up all your posts for future reference.

How To Fix Instagram Deleting My Photos

Wait To See If Your Pictures Will Come Back

If your photos suddenly start disappearing, don’t take action fast, as we’ve mentioned previously, it might be from Instagram servers due to maintenance. Give some hours or a few days to see if the problem is solved before taking any other action provided you know you haven’t done anything wrong, and your pictures aren’t copyright protected. If you’ve violated the Instagram policy, you shouldn’t be surprised they’ve removed your photos.

Login To Your Account Using A Browser

How to fix Pictures Missing from Instagram

How to fix Pictures Missing from Instagram

To ensure that it’s not your app that’s having difficulty in displaying the pictures, you should log in to your account with a browser. Visit “”, and you’ll notice the login button.

Check again to see if your photos can be accessed or if you’re uploading a new photo try using the browser to see if things go well. If the problem is solved, it means there something wrong with your Instagram app and you should proceed to the next step for fixing your app.

Update the Instagram App

Solution to Instagram Deleting My Photos after Upload

Solution to Instagram Deleting My Photos after Upload

Failure to update the Instagram app will cause a bug, and as we’ve mentioned, a bug can interfere with your account activities. Updating the app will fix bugs that are causing problems to your app. If you’ve noticed the features of most updates, you’ll always see it’s a “bug fix”. You can update the app by visiting the app store and then tap install.


If the update didn’t work you then move on to reinstall the app. Reinstalling the app ensures that you’ve downloaded new app files to allow you to run the app smoothly. Run a backup so that all your data can be restored when you reinstall the app. By now, you should be able to get rid of the problem.

Here are other ways to recover your deleted photos from Instagram;

How To Recover Your Deleted Pictures Using Archive Feature

Back in 2017, Instagram introduces a new feature that allows users to hide photos and content from public view and deleted photos can be retrieved using the archive posts. Though Instagram doesn’t have to recycle bin like Google photos, this feature is similar to recycle bin because it allows you to restore the photos you’ve deleted intentionally or by accident.

The archive feature is where your photos are temporarily stored unless you empty it, they’ll always be available there, so only deleting the photos from the achieve will permanently delete them from your Instagram account.

Some people no longer want some photos to show on their profile, and they thought the only way is to delete these photos if that’s the case for you just archive it so that if you need them in the feature, you can always recover them with ease. When you archive photos, they can remain in the archive folder for years without leaving your account.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Your Phone

Using your phone you can also recover deleted photos from your account, all the photos you download and upload can be recovered with your phone.

To recover deleted photos from an Instagram account, you should check the following locations on your phone;

  • Downloads folder
  • Android Gallery
  • Camera Folder/DCIM
  • And other catalogues you’re using for saving images

Use Recovery Software To Recover Your Deleted Photos

You can’t rely on Instagram servers for handling and storing your images. You need to have an external back up for all your images as well. Here are the steps to follow in order to recover using recovery app;

  • You should recall the locations you saved the missing photos on your phone
  • Install recovery app on your phone
  • Scan the locations to find the deleted files
  • And then save all the images found or selected the ones you want to recover.

Recovery Using Google Account

A lot of people have already set to back up their images using Google account but don’t actually check there when their photos are lost. Visit your Google photos account and check the recycle bin to see if your shared images on Instagram aren’t lost.

Use Internet Archive To Find Your Deleted Photos

This is another effective way to recover your deleted photos from Instagram. By 2017 internet archive has more than 300 billion pages, so there is a chance your Instagram pages are archived especially if your account is popular.

Here is how to do it;

  • Visit
  • Add your Instagram profile address in the text box
  • There is a calendar that allows you to input a date for retrieving the page you want. You’ll be able to see a snapshot of the page that contains your photos.

These are some of the ways you can recover your deleted photos when they’re lost from Instagram account. As a rule of thumb always ensure you backed up your images on external drives and make sure to organize them, or they can be difficult to find, especially when you have thousands of them.


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