How To Fix “Instagram Keeps Logging You Out”

Instagram is growing bigger each day but at the same time it’s getting complicated to users, they face a lot of problems when using the Instagram app, sometimes they receive error messages during login or when uploading pictures from the app and in some cases, the app will just stop working. Another problem faced by some users recently is that they’re logged out of their Instagram account and it happened very often for them.

Some users on the other side find it difficult to logout especially those that are using multiple accounts; the reality is that anyone can experience these problems when using Instagram. The good news is that there is always a way to fix these problems without going through a lengthy process and anyone can do it by spending a few minutes.

This article is aimed at showing Instagram users how to fix the problem of “Instagram Keeps Logging them Out” when they don’t actually log out themselves using the “logout option”. Not only that, but we’ll also show you the common causes so that you can prevent the problem from happening again when you’re logged into your account.

Why Instagram Keeps Logging You Out Of Your Account

There are a lot of technical aspects either from the Instagram app or from your Instagram settings that’s causing the problem of Instagram logging you out consistently. Let’s share some of these major causes so that you can avoid them;

Changing Password

If you have the habit of using other people’s phone to log into your Instagram account, then you might be one of the people that are logged out of their account for no reason. First, someone can change your password and when this happens you’ll be immediately signed out on the current phone you’re using or even if you’re using a browser.

Secondly when you signed in to your Instagram account using another phone and you haven’t signed out, by the time you logged in with another phone Instagram will detect your account is signed in more than one device and as such, they’ll sign you out from the current account you’re using, though some cases you might even receive a notification telling you someone is accessing your account from another device.

If you must use other people’s phone to access your Instagram account always logout or preferably you should be using a browser whenever you’re using someone’s phone when using browser you should also use incognito mode so that when you close the browser you’ll be signed out of your account and none of your information will be stored on that phone or Pc.


Bugs can cause many types of errors when using the Instagram app. Bugs are corrupted files and these files can trigger a lot of actions in your Instagram app. When you signed in to your account they can be forcing the app to sign out or they can interfere with the app functions in a way that the app settings won’t allow you to stay logged in for long.

These bugs rise when you failed to update your Instagram app, most of the update package released are designed to fix bugs and if you’re not of the habit of updating your app you might get problems with your app that are even greater than signing you out, the app can crash at some point when you have too many bugs in the app.

Getting rid of bugs can solve the problem of “Instagram Keeps Logging you Out” fast and the best way to remove bugs is by either updating your Instagram or reinstalling it. Start by updating the app, if it doesn’t work you then move on to reinstall the app, on most cases users get rid of the problem by reinstalling the app on their phone. You should also do the same to see if the problem is solved.

Verification required

Sometimes all is well with your app, it’s just that some verification is required for your account and most of the time Instagram will notify you to verify your account through phone if needed, but in some cases, you won’t receive such notice. You should verify your phone when you start facing login problems.

There are users also that open accounts without phone verification using some tricks, at some point their account will be restricted and they’ve to verify their account in order get access. Such accounts can often be logged out without any reason if you haven’t verified your phone number you should consider verifying it right away in order to avoid restrictions in the future.


This is yet another reason that can log you out of your account. When Instagram disable accounts they do show a notice, but there are some restrictions that might not be shown, eventually, when you start to perform any action in your account you’ll be logged out, especially when you tried to use some tricks.

Make sure any actions you want to perform on Instagram you’ve not been restricted from doing it, and also if you start receiving such error message after doing unusual activities, like following may people in a short time, mass liking or commenting, then you definitely know that your account is restricted due to the actions you’ve recently done.

Adding Many Accounts

Most people that reported this problem have added many accounts on their Instagram app. Though multiple accounts are supported, you shouldn’t, however, add more than 3-5 accounts, if you want to add more accounts, you should remove some accounts first. You’re not restricted, you can add or remove accounts any time you want. When many accounts are added and there are bugs, you’ll find it difficult to stay logged into your Instagram account. Try minimizing the accounts added and you might get a fix to the problem.

What Do You Do When Instagram Keeps Logging You Out?

The steps we’re going to outline are not hard to implement, so follow them and hopefully, you’ll be able to fix the problem with a simple fix;

Change Your Password

What Do You Do When Instagram Keeps Logging You Out?

What Do You Do When Instagram Keeps Logging You Out?

This is the first thing to do when Instagram Keeps Logging you Out, as we’ve mentioned earlier there is the possibility of someone trying to access your account on another device and shouldn’t be surprised if you’ve used other people’s phone to log into your Instagram account. By changing your password no one can access your account except you, make sure your password characters can’t be predicted easily. Use a combination of multiple numbers and other characters that makes it difficult for anyone to predict even if they’re using password cracking tools.

When you changed the new password, log in to see if you can now stay logged in for some time. You can reset your password by opening the app and then tap or click “get help signing in”, then type username and your phone or email where you want to receive the login link. Once you receive the link, you can now change your password by following the steps, log in to your account with the new password to see if things are working.

Confirm there are no restrictions on your Instagram app

If you’ve enabled some restrictions from app settings, you may be logged out often when you try to perform some actions like commenting and liking. Even if you haven’t changed your settings chances are someone has altered the settings for you, especially when other people access your phone. Security verification settings can be accessed through your phone settings, depending on your android or iPhone version, head over to settings and you can view this under general settings and can disable Instagram if it’s enabled.

Log in using another device

When you’re receiving the error message of “Instagram Keeps Logging you Out” it might be due to login problems and you need to use another device in order to log into your account and see if the problem is solved. You can try using the browser if you’re using the app, or alternatively uses your pc to login. Some users also have solved the problem by changing the device; it’s a simple fix you can try to see if that works for you. when you log in with a different device and you no longer face the problem of “Instagram Keeps Logging you Out”, by now you’ll realize the problem is either with your phone or Instagram app and you should try the next steps we’re going to outline in order to fix the problem.

Update the app

How to Fix Instagram Keeps Logging You Out?

How to Fix Instagram Keeps Logging You Out?

As we’ve mentioned earlier not updating the app is among the major causes of this problem. Not updating your Instagram app leads to receiving different types of error messages and this error message of “Instagram Keeps Logging you Out” is one of such messages you’ll encounter when you fail to update the app. head to your app store and download update if available, even if you have missed most of the previous updates it only takes a few minutes to install all the updates you haven’t added to your app.

Reinstall Instagram App

If the problem persists it means your app is corrupt, updating the Instagram app can’t fix such problems and the next thing to do is uninstall the app and then download again. You should tap settings > apps and games > find Instagram app > you’ll notice the option to uninstall the app from your phone. When you’re done, visit play store and download Instagram again, when the app finishes installing you then launch.

Most times if the problem is caused by your app, you should be able to login to your Instagram account successfully because you’ve removed any problem from the app and there is no any harmful file that will interfere with the app activities. Before uninstalling your Instagram app you should backup your data from the app, though even when you delete the app data isn’t removed, all data will be saved when you install the new app.

If after reinstalling the app you’re still facing the problem of logging out, you should consider deleting all the data for Instagram, Instagram data can also affect app performance, so clear all data and cache. This can also be done by tapping settings on your phone and then your apps; you’ll see the option to delete Instagram app data and cache.

Sign out all Instagram accounts

When you’re using multiple Instagram accounts and you’re facing the problem of “Instagram Keeps Logging you Out” you need to sign out of the accounts, then login to one account at a time. Adding more than six accounts on your Instagram app will result in login problems, removing some accounts will help you log in successfully.

You can sign out all your Instagram accounts at once from the Instagram app, tap settings from your app and you’ll see the option “log out of accounts”. When you’ve signed out you then get back to log into the account you want.

Check Your Antivirus Settings

When you install security and antivirus apps on your phone it’s possible they’re the ones causing the problem, most of these apps alter your security and privacy settings on your phone and they can prevent your app from working properly. Check your phone cleaner and antivirus apps to ensure they haven’t restricted Instagram from performing any action.

So far this are some of the fixes that have worked for most people when they’re experiencing the problem of “Instagram Keeps Logging you Out” and this will help you also get rid of the problem. Most of the time it’s privacy settings or app malfunction.

If you’ve restricted privacy on running apps, then chances are Instagram has been restricted on some activities and hence you receive error messages, you need to check that first before doing anything else. Also, you should link your Facebook account to your Instagram account, if you’re having login problems, signing in with Facebook can solve the problem most of the time, you can solve a lot of login problems with your Facebook account.

That’s it for this article, let us know in the comment section if the steps outlined have solved your problem or if not let us know in the comment below what has worked for you.

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  1. Nameera Feroz shaikh March 11, 2020 7:40 am

    Instagram is no log in

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    Hi mam and sir whom it may concern

    I have been trying to log in to my Instagram account but it keeps showing unusual activity so what should i do…

  3. sofi March 11, 2020 10:10 am

    Hi, I also can’t reset my password! It just show me :
    ‘We noticed unusual activity from your account so we’ve logged you out. Follow the next steps within 30 days so we can try to get you back into your account before it’s disabled.’
    I can’t log in with any system.
    can anyone helps me?!

  4. Caffey March 11, 2020 8:21 am

    I have been logged out am being told to prove it’s me but I don’t know how😭

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    comfirm its you to login
    we found unusual activity with your instagram
    follow the following steps to get logged back in 30days before your account is disabled .what should i do

  6. hedy March 11, 2020 10:50 am

    do you know what wrong with my insta?
    Confirm it’s You to Login
    We noticed unusual activity from your account so we’ve logged you out.
    Follow the next steps within 30 days so we can try to get you back into your account before it’s disabled.

  7. supriya March 11, 2020 9:24 am

    Same problem is happening with me from yesterday have done all.possible things from yesterday but nothing is.happened from yesterday till now i m facing the same problem

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    Silly article. These are all the same bunk all of you talk about… It does not address one damn thing.

  9. Beautyworldcollections_1 March 11, 2020 1:46 pm

    I have been trying to login for 5days now but i can’t, i don’t know why Instagram logged me out

    1. Gramto March 11, 2020 12:53 pm


      Kindly reset your password and try again.

      Thank you.


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