How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

Of what use is your Instagram app without getting instant notifications on your phone?

You’re addicted to getting instant notifications from your favourite channels, and suddenly you refresh your app, and you can’t get any updates.

You continue refreshing, but still, there is no any update, some people, of course, turn to other apps for an instant update, but that’s a long way to go about it, you can quickly fix the problem following a few simple steps, and you can do that by yourself within minutes.

The problem of not getting notifications is getting popular each day; users are always reporting they’re not receiving notifications for friend requests, likes, comments and direct messages on their phone. Instagram is becoming the new Facebook and for most users, not getting these notifications is a disaster, they want to get updated every second for their account activities.

There is the need to come up with an effective solution that can solve the problem and understand what causes of the problem so that they can prevent it from happening again in the feature, as the saying goes “prevention is better than control.”

In this article, we’ll share the major causes of this problem and as well reveal effective ways that will help anyone fix Instagram notification not working error on their phone, both on Android and iOS users.

What’s Causing the Instagram App Not Sending Notifications?

After research it was found that there are basically three major reasons why the Instagram app isn’t showing notifications and here are they;

Push Notification Is Turned Off On Your Instagram App

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

This is one of the main causes when you’re not receiving live notifications from your Instagram account. When the settings for push notifications from your app are altered, you’ll be getting this type of error; push notifications must be turned ON in your app in order to receive notifications.

Corrupt Cache For Instagram App

When the cache is corrupt, you’ll hardly receive any notifications even though your push notifications are already ON. A lot of users have reported that after clearing cache data everything is back to normal, the cache can be cleared from your phone settings easily.

Instagram App Isn’t Working Properly

This also happens when the app is corrupt or isn’t working properly. That’s why, in most case, after trying a few methods to resolve the situation and notifications are still not showing up; it’s always advisable to reinstall the app.

How to Fix Notifications Not Working on Instagram

Restarting your phone

After checking you don’t have any network problem the first thing you want to do when you’re not receiving Instagram instant notifications is to restart your phone. Don’t take any other step in an attempt to fix the problem, like altering your settings or something like that, just restart the phone. Most of the time, the problem will be solved right from there.

Sign-Out Your Instagram Account

Solution for Instagram Notifications Not Working

Solution for Instagram Notifications Not Working

This is another simple way to fix the problem, after restarting your phone and still not working, you should head over to your profile screen and sign-out from the settings options. Login again to see if the problem is solved.

Update the app

Check for update to see if your app is up to date. When your app is not up to date, there will be bugs that cause the app not function properly. Visit Play store for Android users and App Store for iPhone users to check for update. Users have reported that updating the app was able to fix the problem for them and you need to try that out also to see if it will work for you.

Turn off the “do not disturb mode” on your phone.

Fixing Instagram Notifications Not Working

Fixing Instagram Notifications Not Working

You might turn on this feature accidentally, I do this often and when the “do not disturb mode” is on you might not receive notifications on some phone; even calls are in silent mode. Though this feature is for silencing sound alerts, it can still fix the problem. Both Android and iPhone have these feature.

Check Notification Settings

There are a lot of notification settings in your Instagram app; you need to check to ensure all your preferred settings are ON, such as comment notifications direct message notifications, check to ensure push notification is ON.

You can do that by tapping settings icon where you’ll see notifications, and you can turn ON notifications you want to receive, there is an option that pauses all notifications, make sure that it’s not checked off as well.

Check Notification Settings On Phone

Even after turning notification settings in your Instagram account, you need to check settings on your phone, or sometimes there are apps that can block all notification settings. Also when you’re using multiple devices to log in to your Instagram account, the settings on one device will affect the settings on other devices, make sure to check all your devices to ensure the settings are right on every device.

Disable Power Saving Mode On Your Phone

Instagram notifications not working android

Instagram notifications not working android

All phones come with this feature; in Android, it’s called Power Saver and iPhone Low Power. When your phone battery falls below 30%, power-saving mode will be activated, and apps will not refresh to provide any update, this is one of the reasons why the Instagram app isn’t showing a notification. Either you make sure your battery isn’t low or turn off the power saving mode in any phone.

On Android, you can change this by going to settings and then battery, slide to off mode. This means your phone will always perform at an optimal level, but before you know it, your phone might just go off without warning. For iPhone, the procedure is almost the same, tap settings, battery and toggle off low power mode.

For iPhone Users, Reinstall

Instagram notifications not working iPhone

Instagram notifications not working iPhone

When you’re installing Instagram on iPhone, you’ll receive the message whether you want to receive notifications or not, when you choose “not now” you’ll not receive any notifications. You’ll have to reinstall the app again and give permissions to send your notifications.

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Reinstall the app by completely deleting from your phone and downloading new files from the play store. When you reinstall the app again you’ll be shown the pop-up again on whether to allow notifications or not; you’ll receive notification twice, allow access for all of them.

Clear Cache For Android Devices

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

Clearing cache solves notification problems a lot of the time on both Android and iPhone devices. Go to settings and tap on apps and notifications. Select clear cache and all cache will be cleared; you can only choose Instagram if that’s the only app you want to cache for.

There are apps also that can clear all cache with ease, don’t clear storage because this option will delete all data for the app and you have to login again; when you clear cache no data is deleted.

Reinstall On Android

Just like in the iPhone, if clearing cache doesn’t solve the problem, you should consider reinstalling the app. Delete the app and then download again from Play store. When you uninstall the app, your data is not deleted, your data will still be available.

If there is a problem from the app that’s blocking notifications, by now the problem should be solved since you’ve installed a new app. If still doesn’t work, then there has to be a problem with your phone settings or Instagram account settings.

Update Your Phone

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working Error

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working Error

By now if things haven’t work, the last thing you want to do is to update your phone operating system. All apps are built to be compatible with the latest OS on any device.

Failure to update OS can cause the problem to many apps, and Instagram isn’t an exception. If you haven’t updated your phone for a while, you should update your OS immediately; you can do that by going to Settings, system, and tapping system update. Once OS is updated your notification problems will be solved.

Final Words

Instagram notifications will make your life easier, gone are the days when you need to check for notifications in your inbox or have to log in to your Instagram in order to view notifications.

But with the notification feature on your phone you can always weed out unwanted messages right away and when you have important messaged that need response you can easily view them right away since with the notification feature on your phone you can view messages even if your screen is locked.

Following the steps mentioned above will definitely help you solve notification problems on the Instagram app, most of the time, it has to do with your Instagram account or phone settings. Start by checking your account and then your phone settings, and also ensure that there is no app blocking notifications such as antivirus and security apps on your phone.

Another hint is that when the Instagram app isn’t showing notifications, you need to check for other apps, if they’re showing notifications it means the problem isn’t from your phone settings, it’s from your Instagram app and that’s where you need to focus your attention. Always ensure your app is up to date by visiting your app store.

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