How To Fix Instagram Rate Limit Exceeded Error

If you’re using Instagram on a daily basis, you’ll definitely encounter errors. You’ll find various problems right from not being able to add likes or comments, to having technical glitches on the Instagram app.

The “Rate Limit Exceeded” error isn’t new and has been around for almost all the years Instagram ever existed.

If you face this error, chances are you’re regularly active on Instagram, it can happen that you’re not really active but you’re using third-party apps or services to execute certain actions on Instagram.

After logging in to add some likes or follow new accounts, you ended up receiving this error.

New accounts have also reported receiving this error often and that’s because new accounts have a lot of restrictions. You have to let your account be at least one month old before you start doing massive actions.

Even when your account reaches that time, you can’t execute massive actions at once, you can however spread your actions in a way that you’re not spotted by the Instagram algorithm.

You can’t send like 100 follows at once, or keep on commenting on posts very fast. Instagram doesn’t allow that and they’re doing it to protect their community.

The Rate Limit Exceeded error speaks for itself because you can clearly see that the rate limit was exceeded for the action you’re trying to perform.

It could be that you have exceeded the hourly limit for the action you’re want to send, or there is a program that has access to your account and has exceeded the limit for you without knowing it.

Once you received this error, it’s a sign that you’re blocked from adding the particular action you want to send. The “Rate Limit Exceeded” can also present itself in another form, but generally speaking, it shows that there are too many requests in your Instagram account.

A human user shouldn’t exceed these limits but in most cases, third-party applications send out a lot of requests leading to blocking the account from executing more actions.

In this post, we’ll share the possible causes of this error and also explain how you can fix it in your Instagram account.

Causes Of The Error Rate Limit Exceeded On Instagram

How To Fix Instagram Rate Limit Exceeded Error

How To Fix Instagram Rate Limit Exceeded Error

The rate limit for such action has been exceeded

This should be the first thing to blame especially if you’re adding some actions but suddenly, you’re blocked from doing such actions.

For instance, if you’re following accounts frequently or adding likes at a fast rate and you encounter this error, you definitely know that the frequent actions you’re performing were the reason you’re receiving the Rate Limit Exceeded on Instagram.

You have to slow things down if you want to protect your account, you should understand that there are limits for each action on Instagram and it varies from one account to another.

There is no official statement from Instagram showing the number of likes you can add every hour or month, you just have to experiment on what actually works for your account. But based on research by social media experts, they have come up with daily limits that Instagram.

You should also understand that aged accounts have more privilege than new accounts. We’ll talk about the limits you have to abide by so that you can stay safe on Instagram, but will share that in the troubleshoots.

Sending too many requests by an application

If you’re using an app to manage your Instagram account in anyways and you encounter the “Rate Limit Exceeded” error, you should definitely check the activities of these apps and also take a look at the permissions it has on your Instagram account.

These types of Instagram management apps will end up sending requests every few seconds in an attempt to monitor some activities.

Start by temporarily disabling these apps and check for the error, if it’s gone, then you know one of your apps is sending a lot of requests.

If that’s the case you need to adjust your settings or get rid of them. Even if the application isn’t sending any real action, it can be sending a lot of search requests or searching for profiles and it can also be scraping data from Instagram.

Whatever the app is executing, a request is sent and once this request is too much, it will result in the Rate Limit Exceeded error on Instagram.

You’re using too many Hashtags

If you add bulky hashtags, you can end up with this error when you try to publish the post or it could be that you’re using the same hashtags over and over again.

You need to use the right hashtags and use not more than five, don’t repeat the same hashtags for every post that you make on Instagram. Find different hashtags within your niche and use them randomly across your posts.

Using one account for multiple streams

This is also another major cause of the Rate Limit Exceeded error on Instagram. Once an account should only be used for one stream.

Third-party applications can be the cause here since they can end up sending one account for multiple streams. Another scenario is that you’re using the same account on multiple apps that end up sending multiple streams if they’re working at once.

It could also be that you’re using a large number of streams on Instagram. You need to terminate some of the apps you believe are sending requests to your account, let only one account run and you might take care of the problem if it’s caused by multiple stream issues.

The Ip address limit exceeded

If the Ip address you’re using has been used on another account that reached the maximum daily limit for request, you might end up with this error and that’s because Instagram has already saved the IP address.

They will block it so that it can’t be used to perform any other action until the expiry date is reached. If that’s the case you might try using another Ip address for accessing your account, if the app you’re using also uses the same Ip address to send the requests, you might end up with this error.

These are the possible causes of the Instagram rate limit exceeded error, let us now share how you can get rid of this error fast.

How To Fix Instagram Rate Limit Exceeded


Wait for at least one hour once you encounter this error, this is because if you have already exhausted the daily limit for the action you’re trying to perform, nothing would help but to wait and try again in the next circle that is available to you. If after waiting for an hour, you still can’t remove the message, you should give it more time. Wait for another 24 hours to see how things work.

Check your action limit

If you received this error message while you’re trying to add actions like comments, follows, or likes, it’s definitely a sign that you have either exceeded the hourly limit or daily limit of such action. This will definitely be the cause when you’ve engaged in some form of activities frequently like sending many likes and then receiving the Instagram rate limit exceeded.

Can you count the number of actions you have sent with your Instagram account? you should definitely count and figure out whether you have exceeded the limit or not.

Let’s now talk about the Instagram daily limits, but before mentioning the limits you should understand that they’re not the same for all accounts, it depends on a lot of factors; this includes; the number of Instagram followers you have, the age of your account, the level of engagement for your account, and the activity of your account. New accounts should always do things slowly and then increase gradually with time, the numbers we’re going to share are for aged accounts that don’t have any block on them. Keeping these points in mind, let’s share Instagram limits;

  1. Instagram Likes; You can send up to 1000 likes for accounts with a good reputation, but it’s better not to exceed the 700 marks. For new accounts, you cannot even cross this number.
  2. Instagram comment limit; You’ll be able to add up to 200 comments per day and you want to make sure that you’re not pasting the same comment text on every post. Always personalize the comments so that they’re unique for each post, you should also know that comment text has a limit of up to 2200 characters, this also applies to captions as well.
  3. Limit for direct messages; You send up to 80 messages on the Instagram direct message, but you’ll be safer with 50.
  4. Follower limit; the followers limit is 200 per day and it has to be spread along the hours, not just sending them at once.
  5. Instagram hashtag limit; The limit for hashtags is 30 and you don’t want to keep using the same set of hashtags every time you post. New accounts should stick to not more than 10 hashtags.
  6. Instagram story limit; you can add up to 100, do you even need that much? You already know stories disappear after 24 hours, so you want to make sure you’re doing something reasonable rather than posting 100 stories at once.
  7. Tag limit on Instagram; You can tag up to 20 users on Instagram, for new accounts 5-10 should be ok at max.
  8. Bio character limit; you can add a text of up to 150 characters

These are the limits, one thing to note for new accounts is that the overall daily action limit for new Instagram accounts is 500. That means the number of likes, follows, comments, and other actions shouldn’t exceed 500. It should be distributed accordingly, like sending 10 likes or follows every hour.

Based on the limits shared above, you should figure out if you have already exceeded the limit, especially for new accounts, keeping in mind that you can’t exceed the maximum daily limit of 500 for all actions performed in your account. Make sure the tools you’re using are set not to exceed this threshold.

Disable or remove all apps you’re using

Your next troubleshoot is to disable any third-party app you’re using to manage your Instagram account. Any application that has access to your Instagram account should be disabled or at least remove your accounts from such apps.

If you’re also using an online service, you should also remove your account from such services.  You can then check to see if the Instagram rate limit exceeded error has been removed.

Change your connection/Ip address

We’ve already talked about how blocking your Ip address can cause the Instagram rate limit exceeded error, you want to change your IP address which can be done by switching to another connection or using a VPN service to access your Instagram.

Changing your IP address however can lead to a checkpoint since you’ll be using a new IP address that Instagram doesn’t recognize. Passing a checkpoint isn’t a big deal because you’ll just need to receive a verification code that will be sent to your registered phone number.

Password reset

Reset your login password if you can’t get rid of this error by now, you just need to head over to account settings and create a new password for your account.

Clear cache

If you’re using the app, you should clear App Cache. Instagram is using app Cache and App Data to track your activities. If clearing App Cache couldn’t fix the problem for you, you should clear app data as well.

Any data tracking your Instagram activities has now been deleted, by the time you launch Instagram you’ll be asked to login again and new data will now be stored.

If you’re also using the Instagram web version on your browser, you should clear cache and cookies for Instagram. This will also clear Instagram storage data on your device and you should now safely use Instagram without facing rate limit exceeded error.

That’s it on how to fix the Instagram rate limit exceeded error, let us know in the comments if you have other ways to fix this error or if you have helpful tips to share for solving this problem.


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