How to Fix Instagram Videos Not Working on All Devices

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; how much would a video be worth then? Instagram is a popular app that is used by mostly everyone in different age grades. Even celebrities are known to share their pictures and videos on Instagram, and fans usually rush up to view these videos to know what’s going on in the world.

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However, with the many issues that Instagram is known to face in recent times, one of them is Instagram videos not working or loading on your mobile device.

Since this social media platform is a vital part of the social network family, people are always curious about the cause of the problem and how to fix Instagram videos not working on all devices. Sometimes, when Instagram video refuses to work, it leads to the app crashing completely.

If you’re facing this kind of issue and you need a solution, then you’ve come to the right spot. Follow us through this article to find out exactly how to solve the issue and get your Instagram videos playing once again.

Why Instagram Videos Won’t Play

How to Fix Instagram Videos Not Working on All Devices

How to Fix Instagram Videos Not Working on All Devices

There are so many reasons why Instagram videos won’t play on various devices. There are times when the problem is with the social media app itself and, therefore, an internal problem you can’t fix.

However, there are times when it is an issue with your device, and you need to find a quick solution. There are varieties of reasons why Instagram videos do not work on various devices, and we will be reviewing the reasons from various devices below.

Why Instagram Videos Won’t Play on Android

Although it is a common issue, below are some of the reasons why Instagram videos won’t play or load on Android devices.

Bad Network Connection

This is the commonest reason why Instagram videos won’t play on an Android device; there are times when the internet connection is really slow or fluctuating.

This could lead to the network connection disconnecting frequently or the download speed of the video being extra slow. When this happens, Instagram videos might not want to play.

Outdated App

Sometimes, when your Instagram app is outdated, it may not have the necessary features to play the video needed. Apps that are updated come with enhanced features needed to meet the standard of technological changes.


Sometimes, using an outdated app can be the cause of your Instagram videos not playing on your Android device.

Lost Data

If your Android device is corrupt and any of your Instagram App data gets corrupted by the virus, it could lead to your Instagram App not functioning well. This could cause videos on Instagram to not load properly or cause the app to crash completely.

Interference of Power Saving Mode

When you place your Android device on power-saving mode, it could stop you from gaining complete access to every application on your Android device and also restrict some of its functions.

Sometimes, Instagram is one of the apps affected by the power-saving mode option, and this could cause videos on the app not to load or play properly to save power on the app.

Insufficient Memory

There are times when your accumulated history from your Instagram fills up all the space and, therefore, prevents new videos from playing. When the memory cache of your Instagram is full, new videos on your Instagram might refuse to play on your Android device.

Invalid Videos

Another good reason why your mobile device might not play is if the video has been deleted by the person who posted it in the first place. In cases like this, the video becomes invalid and will not play when clicked on.

Why Instagram Videos Won’t Play on iOS Devices

There are times when your iOS devices might refuse to play on your iOS devices due to certain reasons, and below are some of them.

Poor Connection Strength

If you’re using a Wi-Fi or cellular network with poor connection issues on your iOS device, it might prevent Instagram videos from playing or loading on your device.


This is another common reason why your Instagram videos won’t play on your iOS device. Suppose any of your Instagram data is corrupted, or the Instagram app is corrupted or damaged by a virus on your device.

In that case, it could cause the Instagram videos not to load or play properly on your iOS devices.


This is another common reason why a certain video on your Instagram might no longer play on your Instagram app.

This is when the video you’re trying to play has been deleted by the person who posted it in the first place before you came across the video on your Instagram feed.

Power Saving Mode

Another cause of videos not loading properly or loading on your iOS device is when your device is on power-saving mode.

This restricts some functions and applications on your device and might restrict you from watching videos on your Instagram app or your mobile device generally.

Why Instagram Videos Won’t Play on Your Computer

Mobile devices are not the only devices where you can enjoy Instagram and have fun playing videos on the social media platform.

You can also enjoy this on your computer, and there are times when Instagram videos don’t play on your computer too. Below are some of the reason why Instagram videos won’t play on your computer

Poor Connection

A top reason why your Instagram videos might refuse to play on your computer is due to a poor internet connection. Computers need a good network connection for videos to play on any website, and that includes Instagram.

If the connection is poor or unstable, it could cause a problem with your Instagram videos, which would find them difficult to load.

Incompatible Format

Another good reason why Instagram videos don’t play on your computer is when your computer does not support the video’s format or the quality of the Instagram video.

This could be as a result of your computer’s operating system being outdated or if the video’s resolution is low or old that your upgraded computer does not find it compatible.

Interference from Malwares

One of the reasons why an Instagram video might not play on your computer is if your computer has been infected by malware.

This could lead to some files or software on your computer being infected by the virus and could therefore affect activities being carried out on the system like playing an Instagram video. Sometimes, when there’s malware on the computer, it affects every other thing on the device.

How To Fix Instagram Videos Not Working On All Devices

Now that you’re aware of what the cause of the problem could be, the next step would be finding a solution to the problem. Before looking for a way to fix Instagram videos not playing on all devices, ensure that it isn’t a problem with the Instagram server.

When a server is down, it could prevent Instagram videos from playing on your various devices. However, if this is a down server issue, then it is a problem with everyone, and there’s not much you can do.

All you can really do in this kind of situation is wait till the server is fixed and it is back up and functional.

But if you find that the problem is with your device only, then this section will provide you with solutions to your Instagram videos not playing on your Android, iOS device, and computer.

These solutions vary, and you’re sure to find a solution that works for your Instagram videos not playing issues.

How To Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing on Android

The solutions provided below are trusted; simply check what the problem is and try these solutions to see which works for you and see if your Instagram video will begin to play. Let’s check them out.

Upgrade Instagram App

The first solution to try out for fixing your Instagram videos issue is updating the Instagram app on your Android device. Sometimes the problem is an outdated app, and some videos may not play because the version being used lacks the necessary features needed to play the video.

There are times when the Instagram app updates automatically on your mobile device, but you can try searching it out and installing manually when it doesn’t.

To update the Instagram app on your various Android devices:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store and go to the menu.
  2. Click on Apps and updates and visit the update tab.
  3. Click the update tab right next to Instagram, and your app will begin to update.
  4. Once the update is fully installed, you can launch the Instagram app once again and try playing those videos once again.

Restarting Your Android Device

There are situations where all you really need to do is restart your android device; this is a quick solution to many technological problems.

If your app is updated, try switching the mobile device on and off. If your device is overheated due to use for a long period of time, it could start to malfunction, and simply rebooting your Android device can help fix the problem.

Check Your Connection Strength

Just like other apps, Instagram usually requires a strong network connection. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, check the signal strength to see if it is the issue.

If you’re using a direct internet connection, a poor connection could be the cause of your Instagram video not loading or playing properly.

Try switching the network on and off, finding a location with a better Internet connection, or simply resetting your device network setting to solve the problem.

If you’re making use of a Wi-Fi connection, there are times when all you really need to do is disconnect and reconnect once way.

Go to your Wi-Fi settings, turn the Wi-Fi off, and turn it back on after a short while. After turning it on, visit your Instagram app to see if the issue of Instagram videos not working has been fixed.

Turn Off The Power Saving Mode

If your power-saving mode is turned on, then your Android device might restrict certain app activities like playing videos. Sometimes if your mobile device is less than 20%, the power-saving mode gets turned on when your mobile device battery is less than 20%.

When this mode is turned out, it could prevent your Instagram videos from playing. If you notice that your power-saving mode is on and your Instagram videos are not loading properly, disable the power-saving mode and try playing the videos again.

Clear Memory Cache

Another way to fix Instagram videos not working on your Android device is by clearing the memory cache. To do this, go to your Android phone setting and open the apps section.

Scroll to Instagram and click on it; click on ‘clear cache’ to clear your Instagram’s memory cache. After clearing it up, you can reopen your Instagram and check if the videos are loading and playing now.

Close Background Apps

Another solution to your Instagram video issue is closing background apps. Sometimes, there are too many background apps playing and not enough RAM space for your Instagram app to run properly.

You can try closing all the app running in the background except Instagram and then check if the videos are now playing and loading properly.

Uninstall and Re-Install the App

If you update your Instagram app and try out all other solutions provided above and it doesn’t work, you can try uninstalling the Instagram app and then reinstalling the app.

Sometimes, this helps to solve the video-playing issue on your Android device. To do this, visit your mobile device setting and scroll to application.

Tap on it and then click Instagram from the list of applications provided. Chose ‘uninstall’ for the app to uninstall. Once it is uninstalled, visit the Google Play Store and reinstall the app. After reinstalling, try launching the app to see if the videos on your Instagram will play.

How To Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing on iOS Devices

The solutions needed to play Instagram videos on your iOS device without any form of interruptions or glitches are listed below.

Internet Connection

You can try switching your mobile data off and on if it is a problem with a poor internet connection. You can also try switching over to Wi-Fi if your mobile connection is not working properly.

You can check if there’s a problem with your internet connection by trying to open a page on your mobile browser. Getting a stronger internet connection will help your videos load properly and play without interruptions.

Clear the Instagram Cache

Another way of solving the Instagram videos issue on your iOS device is by clearing the Instagram cache off your device. This will help you eliminate any corrupted data on your Instagram app and provide space that might prevent the videos from loading.

IOS devices do not have a clear cache option like Android devices do; you need to delete the app by offloading it from your phone’s storage and then reinstalling it from your Apple store.

This will reduce the size of the Instagram app and could help the Instagram videos load and play smoothly.

Update the Instagram App

Sometimes, the Instagram app simply needs to be updated for your Instagram videos to be updated. Videos might need some features present in the updated app to fix, and the update might fix bugs preventing videos from loading seamlessly. You can update the Instagram app on your Apple Store or set your apps to update automatically.

Reboot Your Network

Sometimes your Instagram videos are not working because the network is disconnected. To handle this effectively, there is a need to reset the network.

Visit the settings of your device and click on General; proceed to reset and tap reset network settings to reset the network. Once it is done, visit the Instagram app on your iOS device once more and try playing Instagram videos.

Disable Autoplay on Your Instagram

Sometimes, Instagram videos do not play because of the autoplay feature that is integrated into the Instagram app.

This could disrupt the loading and playing of videos on the app, but you can disable this feature if you’re using mobile data.

Launch the Instagram app and click on options, click on cellular data use, and then select ‘useless data’ from the options provided.

How To Fix Instagram Videos Not Working On Computer

Below are a couple of steps you can effectively take to fix the issue of Instagram videos not playing on your computer; one of these solutions is to take care of the issue for you if it isn’t a server problem.

Clear Browser Data

Sometimes, the site has accumulated data over time, and it begins to affect the site from loading properly of videos playing on the platform. To tackle this issue, get rid of accumulated browser data by visiting the settings of your browser.

Click on advanced and then choose privacy and security from the options provided. Under this tab, you would see ‘clear browsing data,’ click and pick the time you would like to clear the browser data.

After clearing the browser cache of your device, you can try relaunching the site and play the videos to see if it works.

Reconnect Router and Modem

Your router or modem might be the reason why these Instagram videos are not working on your computer. If it is the issue, then you need to disconnect and reconnect.

If you’re using a router, power it off and then switch it back on after a while. Reconnect and see if the connection is better. If you’re using Wi-Fi or a modem, you can also disconnect it and reconnect once again.

Restart the Computer

Sometimes, a fresh start is all you really need for your Instagram videos to start playing. Restart your computer and then try launching the Instagram app once again. This would restart the Instagram video loading process and might help your videos play properly on your computer.

Reset Network Setting

A good network connection is a key to your Instagram videos playing properly. If your network is poor, then you can solve it by resetting your network on your computer. To reset your network setting on your computer:

  1. Visit the settings and then choose ‘network and internet’ from the options provided.
  2. Click on ‘status’ and then choose network reset.
  3. Click on reset now to continue, and after resetting, you can try playing the Instagram videos once again.

Store Instagram Videos Locally

Sometimes, the best way to solve the Instagram video issue is by saving the Instagram video locally.

This is to be able to play the video even when it has been deleted off Instagram, which is one of the main reasons why the Instagram video isn’t available to play on the Instagram site anymore.

Save Videos off the social media platform and then access them later.

Final Thoughts

Instagram videos not working on various devices are common issues faced by many people on the social media platform. However, this guide on how to fix Instagram videos not working on all devices should help you successfully resolve this issue.

If none of these provided solutions do the trick for you, then it is probably a problem with the Instagram server. Try out these solutions and enjoy your Instagram videos seamlessly.


Why won’t my videos upload on Instagram?

Sometimes, your videos don’t upload on Instagram because of poor connection or if the content of your video violates one of the terms and conditions of Instagram.

What Happens if I delete cache on Instagram

Clearing the Instagram cache will not affect your saved settings. It clears up memory on the app and may improve the video loading process on your Instagram.

Is Clearing Cache Bad

The cache is information gathered by a site or an app that is stored on your device to enhance the browsing process. It is not a bad idea to clear cache from all devices often. It is a great way to free up space and fix a faulty app without deleting account information.

How do I prevent Instagram videos from not playing on my device?

You can take measures like updating the app and also ensuring your internet connection is strong at all times before trying to play a video. You can also try downloading the video offline to view it later.


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