How To Fix ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong’ Instagram Issues

Do you receive the error message “sorry something went wrong” on your Instagram app? If yes, then you’re not alone. Recently, a lot of Instagram users are reporting this problem and are looking for a quick fix to the problem.

How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong Instagram Issues

How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong Instagram Issues

This error message is shown when a user tries to login or when they update their feed. It’s really frustrating to receive this message over and over again when trying to perform any activity on Instagram and hence there has to be a cause for the problem and also can be resolved by following a few steps. That’s exactly what this article is all about; how to fix “something went wrong” on Instagram, follow us till the end to find out how to fix the problem fast.

Why Do You Receive “Something Went Wrong” On Instagram?

There are a couple of reasons why you receive such messages, sometimes it’s due to technical problems from your app, and sometimes it’s from Instagram servers. Let’s share them right away;

Network Problem

This is the leading cause for receiving such error message. Network signal can go down at any second, you can start uploading your pictures or videos on Instagram, and suddenly there is disconnection problem. This can happen with both wifi and cellular data, and in this case, you have to fix the network problem first before even going for other solutions. If your network signal is good, you might want to reconsider refreshing your internet connection, and you can do this by disconnecting and connecting again to see if the problem is fixed.

Problem With Instagram Servers

This is something that can’t be controlled by users, sometimes Instagram servers can be down, and no user can perform an activity, or since they’re using different locations, users on servers that are undergoing maintenance will face this problem. But we’ve seen cases in the past few months when Instagram was completely down for hours, no one has access, and those that are already logged in, they can’t perform any action, and they end up receiving multiple error message like “Sorry something went wrong”. In such situations, you just need to search online to confirm if everything is alight on Instagram, if there are multiple reports showing there a downtime, then you’ll have to wait till they’re back.

Something Is Wrong With Your App

When your app is corrupt, you can often receive such message because there are corrupted files that are interrupting Instagram activities. These corrupted files are referred to as “bugs”. When there is a lot of data stored on the app, a lot of bugs will arise; these bugs are corrupted files that slow down or stop Instagram activities.

Bugs can prevent the user from login in or uploading content in their account, and bugs can interfere with almost any action you want to perform on Instagram. The best way to deal with a bug is to reinstall the app again, after uninstalling, all files will be removed, and new files will be installed when you download the app again from the app store.

You Haven’t Install Updates

Once you ignore updates for some time, it can start showing “sorry something went wrong” error message; don’t ignore updates, especially for a long time. Most times, updates are released to fix bugs, and if you don’t install such updates, the app won’t be able to fix bugs that cause problems to your Instagram app. You can update your app within a few minutes, and you should always check the app store to download the updates. If you’re receiving this error message, you definitely want to update the app to see if the problem is fixed.

Your Instagram Account Is Temporarily Disabled

This is another possible cause when you temporarily deactivate your account, and you try to upload content you’ll receive the “something went wrong” error message. To ensure your account has not been temporarily deactivated from your profile, head over to profile settings to see whether it’s deactivated or not, this is a must especially if you’re not the only one accessing the account, or when other people are using your phone. It could be possible someone logged into your account and changed your settings; some people have the habit of spying on other peoples social media accounts using their phone.

These are some of the major reasons why you receive “something went wrong” on Instagram; let’s now dive in to share actionable steps you need to take in order to avoid receiving such message. As we’ve already mentioned earlier, before taking any further step you have to ensure the problem isn’t with Instagram servers, if it’s due to server maintenance there is nothing you can do about it. Confirm this, or you’ll end up changing your app or account settings hoping the problem could be solved, not knowing the problem has nothing to do with your app or phone settings.

With that said, let’s see how to fix this error message from showing again on your account.

How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong Instagram Issues

Confirm Network Connection Is Ok

If you’re receiving this message from your app, check your cellular data or wifi to ensure you’re connected, or you can visit a URL in your browser to ensure that your internet connection is working. If you open a new web page then nothing is wrong with your network, then you proceed to the next step.

Logout Of Your Instagram App

Fix Something Went Wrong On Instagram

Fix Something Went Wrong On Instagram

First, you log out and then close the app. You then launch the app and login again to see if things are working now. If there is a minor bug, restarting the app can fix the problem right away.

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes there are background activities that are interfering with Instagram activities and can often lead to showing error messages. When you restart your phone, all programs are closed, when the phone restarts you should only launch the Instagram app and things might work for you.

Wait For Some Hours

As mentioned you can’t do anything if it’s from Instagram servers, that’s why it’s important to wait or do some search online to confirm if you’re the only one receiving the error message at the moment. Try asking a few people around you to see if they’re also receiving the error message if they’re receiving the same message it means it’s from Instagram and has to wait until they fix.

Login With Facebook

This has worked for most people for solving the problem, but this is only possible if you’ve connected your Facebook account, login in with Facebook is one of the fast ways to fix “sorry something went wrong” message. Linking your Facebook accounts also give extra protection to your account from hackers.

Sign Up With A Different Device Or Platform

If after following all these steps you’re still getting the error message you should log into your account using a different device or platform. Use browser if you’re using the app or use your pc or tablet instead. This will help you figure out whether the problem is with your app or not. If you’ve successfully logged in through a browser, there has to be something wrong with your app, and you need to take extra steps for solving the problem.

Clear Cache

Having lots of files in the cache folder can cause problems to your Instagram app. Clearing cache will help you get rid of minor bugs that could be the cause of these error messages. Clearing cache isn’t deleting your data or documents; it’s just deleting unnecessary files that aren’t of any use to the app.

Update Your Instagram App

Solution to Something Went Wrong On Instagram

Solution to Something Went Wrong On Instagram

If still not working, it might be you’re not using the latest version of the app. So go to the app store and check for the update if available. This can solve the problem since outdated Instagram apps report more problems often than the new version. There is a chance of fixing this error when you update the app, so go ahead of update the app.

Reinstall The App

Still not working? It’s time to get rid of the app and install another one; if the app files are corrupt badly, you have to reinstall in order to get rid of them completely. Reinstalling the app ensures you have new files and folders that do not contain any harmful file or Trojan. Reinstall the app and ensure your data is backed up, this is important for those who don’t want to lose their saved data. After installing, all data will be visible again.

Contact Support

After following all the steps outlined but the problem isn’t yet solved, it’s time to contact support. Maybe you’re constantly receiving such error messages because your account has been restricted and you haven’t received any notice from Instagram. If you’ve been blocked, you’ll keep on receiving such messages, and the only way to resolve the situation is by contacting help centre.

Submit a ticket demanding why you’re not allowed to upload content, and you’re receiving the error message “sorry something went wrong”.

That’s it for the article on how to fix “sorry something went wrong”, try as much as you can to identify the cause of the problem, only then you can come up with an effective solution that will solve the problem.

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  1. Joshayla Miller December 20, 2019 8:43 pm

    My Instagram (spaminbitches) will not let me post videos everytime I try it says something went wrong.

    1. Gramto December 20, 2019 7:35 am

      Hi Joshayla,

      Have you tried reinstalling the Instagram app on your device?


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