How To Fix To Instagram Live Not Working 2021

Instagram Live is one of the features of Instagram you don’t want to miss, since its launch in 2016 it’s getting more popular and many users can’t imagine using Instagram without using Instagram Live.

As with any other App or social network, you’ll find its own shortfalls. Instagram technical problems are very common these days, problems can arise from their own side, like when the server is down or is experiencing technical problems that will affect the usage of the app.

It can also be from the user’s side; their app can malfunction especially when it’s corrupt and so on.

Whenever you’re not able to upload content on Instagram live, there is definitely a cause, and most of the time it’s from your own side.

You need to figure out the causes of the problem before you can apply the right fix that will help you resolve it.

In this post we’ll outline how to fix the problem of Instagram Live not working, we’ll share possible causes, and then explain how you can solve the problem.

Causes Of Instagram Live Not Working

How To Fix To Instagram Live Not Working 2021

How To Fix To Instagram Live Not Working 2021

Your Phone Doesn’t Meet Instagram App Requirement

Using an old phone that has an outdated operating system on it is one of the causes of Instagram Live not working.

Even if you managed to use the Instagram Live feature, you’ll find that you’ll be experiencing problems such as frequent interruption during upload, having poor video quality and your broadcast will be laggy.

We’re not saying you have to buy the latest shiny phone; you should however ensure that your phone isn’t more than 5 years old.

You’ll find that older phones have outdated operating systems and that means they will not be able to support the latest apps.

If you’re experiencing the problem of Instagram Live not working, you should upgrade your phone and check to see if the problem is resolved.

Your Instagram Account Is Logged In On Multiple Devices

Instagram can track your activities on different devices and if you’re the type that is using multiple devices with your Instagram accounts logged in, you need to consider signing out of all your accounts except the one you’re currently using now.

When you logged into your account with multiple devices and that too with different IP addresses or there are multiple Instagram accounts with different email addresses.

Instagram can limit your activities including blocking the Instagram Live features. Just log out of all accounts and leave only one, the problem might be fixed.

Your Instagram app is corrupt or outdated

If you haven’t updated the app for a while or your app is corrupted due to viruses and malware on your Smartphone, you can face problems while trying to upload stories on Instagram Live.

If your Instagram app is updated on a consistent basis, you’ll fix most of the bugs and other technical problems in your app.

If you haven’t updated the app for a while, you should head over to your Play Store and install all the updates you have missed in the past.

If your app is corrupt beyond repair by installing updates, you need to reinstall the app. You’ll uninstall the app and then install it again by downloading from Play Store.

Camera Disabled

You have to use your camera before you’re able to upload any live recordings on the web. If you’re facing the problem of Instagram Live not working, it’s either your camera is disabled or you haven’t provided the permissions for the Instagram app to use the camera.

You need to check your camera settings and ensure it’s enabled and make sure that Instagram has permission to use it as well.

Internet Connection Is Slow Or Unstable

If you’re on a slow internet connection or the network is fluctuating when you’re trying to upload Instagram Live, you won’t be able to do so unless you fix your network.

You need to test your Internet connection and ensure that everything is working smoothly. If you’re using mobile data, consider switching to a good Wi-Fi connection. Don’t also forget to check your internet speed online so that you’re sure the connection is working properly.

Instagram Servers are experiencing downtime

Whatever content you’re uploading on Instagram, it will be saved on Instagram Servers. If it happens that the Instagram servers aren’t available for some reason, you won’t be able to upload your stories or anything.

This is not mostly the case because Instagram servers are unavailable every once in a while, like just one or two times a year, and it occurs for some minutes or a few hours before they’re fixed.

If it’s a server problem, you have to wait for Instagram to fix the problem before you’re able to upload on Instagram live. Whenever their server isn’t available it’s because maintenance is going on which will last for a maximum of a few hours.

Your account is under action block

Instagram do block accounts that violate their rules, if you have recently performed some massive actions like sending a lot of likes or mass commenting within a short time, it’s possible that your Instagram account is under action block.

Meaning that you’re temporarily blocked from performing any action on the platform, and that is why you realize that the attempt to upload on Instagram Live failed.

In most cases, it’s a temporary block and you’ll have to wait for at least 24 hours before your account gets back to working normally.

Some action blocks can last for more than 24 hours, it can be up to one month and if that’s the case, you’ll have to wait until that time expired.

User complaints

If you have been uploading content that ends up in multiple user’s complaints, you can be blocked from using Instagram Live.

You have to be careful about what you say on Instagram live and ensure you’re not saying anything that’s against their rules and guidelines.

These are the leading causes that will prevent you from uploading on Instagram Live, if you can identify the cause of the problem, you can then fix this error really fast. Let’s now move on to share all the possible fixes on Instagram live not working.

How To Fix Instagram Live Not Working

Verify That Instagram Servers Are Working

If Instagram servers are down, you cannot fix the problem because everything is run on their servers as mentioned earlier.

You want to make sure that Instagram servers aren’t facing downtime, you can verify this in multiple ways. Start by asking friends and family members whether they’re able to use Instagram or not.

This method however has its own shortfalls because not all Instagram servers will be down at a time, they have multiple server locations and the accounts hosted on the server that’s facing downtime are the ones that will have problems using their account.

Another way to find out if Instagram is not available is by checking Twitter updates, they’ll address their users right away on their Twitter page, and also a lot of users will be talking about it within the first few minutes.

The next way to find out if Instagram servers are available is to check online, just searching on google will let you know what is going on because within the first few minutes when Instagram servers are down, you’ll find a lot of sources talking about the problem at its earliest.

There are also various online tools that can check the availability of websites, tools like Down-Detector can do the job. Once you’re sure Instagram servers up and running, you then proceed with other troubleshoots.

Verify that you’re not under action block

There is nothing you can if your account is blocked from performing other actions. If you’ve done some unusual actions recently on Instagram, chances are you’re blocked from using some features.

What you want to do is perform another action besides uploading on Instagram Live. You should try to like a post or comment on it.

If you can’t do that, it means you’re blocked from performing any action and you have to wait until the time frame for the block has expired.

Try after 24 hours, in most cases, it will be resolved after this time unless your violations are severe like when Instagram detected you’re using automation or you’re abusing the platform severely.

Fix your Internet connection

Without an internet connection, you can’t upload anything, and if your network gets interrupted along the process of your Instagram upload, that action will stop.

You should switch to another network and also try checking a random website on your browser to see if it could load and also make sure to run a speed test as mentioned earlier.

Logout your account on all devices

Chances are your Instagram account is opened on both your phone and PC or in some cases more than two devices.

We’ve already explained that logging your Instagram account on multiple devices can be the cause of Instagram Live not working.

Just make sure that only one account is actively logged in, then you check to see if you’re able to upload to Instagram live or not.

Log into your Instagram account on another device

This will help you figure out whether the problem has to do with your app or not. You don’t necessarily have to change another device; you can just switch to browser mode if you’re using the app.

If you’re able to upload successfully on Instagram Live through your browser, then you can make the conclusion that your Instagram app has a problem and can proceed with the next fixes we’ll outline below.

Sign Out And Restart Your Instagram App

If there are some technical problems in your Instagram App, restarting the app can help you fix temporary bugs and other technical issues you’re experiencing.

Sign out of your account, then close the app and launch again so that you can sign in again.

Clear Cache and update the app

The next thing to do now is to clear Cache for the Instagram app and if you’re still not able to upload on Instagram Live, you then check for updates and install them.

Caches are temporary files and data stored by your Instagram app and when they’re corrupt or outdated, they can affect the functioning of the app.

Once you clear Cache and update, there is a high chance of fixing the problem of Instagram Live not working.

Allow Instagram to access your phone camera

We mentioned that disabling your phone’s camera or not providing camera permissions to the Instagram app is among the leading causes of Instagram Live not working.

What you need to do is go to “Settings” of your phone and check for camera permission.

You should locate the Instagram App from the list of all your apps that are under settings, once you click the “Instagram” app, you can see the permissions it has on the phone, ensuring that accessing the camera is listed.

Also trying to do some video recording on your phone to ensure that the camera is working properly, and if not, you need to fix it.

Restart your phone

Restarting the phone has also proven to fix the problem of Instagram Live isn’t working. It’s possible that your phone is having app conflicts especially if there are apps running in the background.

By restarting your app, all processes will be closed and your phone settings will be refreshed so as to allow programs and apps to run smoothly.

Make sure your Instagram app is closed before the restart, and after restarting you can launch the app again.

Any technical problem caused by your phone will be fixed after the restart and you’ll be able to start uploading on Instagram Live without any problem.

Contact Instagram Support

By now if you’re still not able to fix the problem of Instagram Live not working, you need to contact their support team. Provided your account isn’t under suspension, they’ll help you fix the problem you’re facing.

Make sure to explain how the problem started and mention all attempts made to fix the problem but haven’t succeeded.

We’ve reached the end of this post on how to fix Instagram Live not working, let us hear from you in the comments if you have more solutions to this problem or if you have some hints you want to share with our audience.


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