How To Follow Your Facebook Friend On Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same person or company, that’s why they always want you to connect with the two Social Networks. Facebook is king when it comes to social media in general, but users are turning to instagram faster than ever.

Instagram is another giant network that’s on the rise and research shows that users find it more convenient and easy to share their videos and photos on instagram than Facebook. Most of the people that are using Facebook are also signed up to instagram but they’re not aware with the fact that they can follow their friends on Facebook from their instagram account.

Facebook is the parent company, that’s instagram is owned by Facebook, and that’s why the big giant wants to make it easier for interaction between both platforms. Finding trustworthy friends or companies to follow on instagram isn’t easy, but by connecting with your friends and brands on Facebook from your instagram account, your life becomes easier.

As a new user to instagram chances are you don’t know much people on the platform and you need some people to connect with, you don’t need to worry at all because you can follow all your Facebook friends on your instagram account.

In this article we’ll show you how to follow Facebook friends from your instagram account and we’ll also share helpful tips if you’re finding it difficult to follow people on instagram.

How To Follow Your Facebook Friend On Instagram

If you were to search for each and every one of your Facebook friends on instagram, it’s going to take a lot of time before you find and follow them, imagine if you have a few thousands of friends on Facebook, how long will it take to search all of them? And beside not all of them are on Instagram. So luckily for you instagram has a feature that allows you to import and follow all your friends with a few clicks.

Here are simple steps that show you how to do that;

Connecting Facebook Account

First step is to connect your instagram account to Facebook; this will allow you to import all your friends from Facebook. By doing so instagram will show the list of friends you want to follow. You don’t necessarily have to follow all of them once, you can select individually the people you want to follow.

Is My Facebook Account Link To Instagram Already?

As you might already know instagram offers the option to sign in with Facebook account, if you have done so in the past, chances are your Facebook account is already linked. But most of the time you have to visit your instagram profile to connect your Facebook account manually.

Which Facebook Account Is Linked To Instagram?

If you already have a Facebook app on your phone and you’re signed into it, that account will be automatically connected to Facebook. If you don’t have the app installed you’ll be given the option to sign into the Facebook account you want to link.

Is It Possible To Link Facebook Account That Has Different Information Than My Instagram Account?

When you link Facebook account all your information will be imported to your instagram account. As mentioned above Facebook pick account that’s linked to the app installed on your phone and all profile details will be used.

If you don’t want an account linked to your app you should sign out, and also the information on that profile will be used in your instagram account also. That means if the information on instagram is different from Facebook profile, then Facebook will be used where applicable.

What Happens After Linking Instagram To Facebook?

Connecting Instagram to Facebook allow users to cross post on both platforms, that’s to say your instagram posts will be shared Facebook instantly. Most people rely on third party tools to post on multiple social media accounts. Connecting instagram and Facebook allow you to do the job easily, but this doesn’t happen automatically, you have set your options to share posted stories on instagram to Facebook.

Can People See Or View Your Linked Accounts On Instagram?

No, nobody can view your connected accounts on instagram; they won’t show up on your profile. You can connect your Twitter and Facebook account anyone noticing.

Can I Link Instagram To Facebook Using A Computer?

No, that’s not possible also, the feature of connecting instagram to Facebook is only available on the instagram app which can be installed on any mobile devices that we have

These are the important details you need to know about linking instagram to Facebook.

After connecting your Facebook account you can now move to import the friends your want and here is how to do it;
Open the instagram app, > visit your profile by taping on your avatar.

The menu option is available at upper right corner of your screen.

Edit Your Profile

You’ll then see the option to follow people, and Facebook friends’ option is listed.

When you tap Facebook friends you’ll be prompted to sign into Facebook and also to provide access permission for instagram.

Log into Facebook with your username and password, you won’t be asked for any permission if you’ve already connected instagram with Facebook in the past.

When you’re successfully logged in, the list of all your Facebook friends will be shown to you. If you want to follow each of your contact separately, there is the follow option and symbol next to each name. Tap that and you’ve followed them.

Follow All

If you want to follow them all there is the option of “follow all” button, this will follow your entire Facebook friends at once.

Follow All Facebook Friends

But later on you can still un-follow them if you want, don’t follow your Facebook friends one by one, follow all and later on you can un-follow the ones you don’t want to connect with.

The fastest way to increase your instagram followers is by following all your Facebook friends and this is something you can within minutes. When you follow them they already know who you are and they’ll follow you back easily there increasing your fans on instagram.

It’s always a good idea to follow the people that are also following you, after following all your Facebook friends on instagram you should check back after some time to un-follow anyone that’s not following you. By doing this you’ve only connected with people that are interested viewing your content and that means you’ll get a lot of views whenever you post a new content.

That’s it, by following the simple steps above you’ll be able to link your instagram to Facebook and if you’re not able to do that, then there is definitely a problem with your app or account settings, or sometimes your phone settings that’s preventing the app to perform its function properly.
Let’s share some of the common causes and solutions to the problems that prevent users from following Facebook friends on instagram.

Why You’re Not Able To Follow Facebook Friends On Instagram!

Technical Problem

This is one of the first things to check if you’ve tried to follow your Facebook friends on instagram but it’s not working. May be you’ve connected your Facebook account successfully and the contacts have been imported but due to interruption in your network, even after tapping the follow icon, nothing happens. What you want to do is to check your internet connection to ensure everything is ok, OFF and ON your internet connection to refresh your internet settings, after that you should try to follow your Facebook friends and try again.

You’re Banned From Following People On Instagram

If you’re banned from following people on instagram you can’t actually follow your imported list from Facebook. If you’ve recently followed massive people in your instagram account, chances are you’ve been restricted from following anyone, you should know that there is a maximum number you can follow on instagram for every single day. The number is less for new accounts and for older accounts there are fewer restrictions. When you’re not allowed to follow your Facebook friends on instagram make sure you haven’t exceeded the following limit on your instagram account.

Facebook Error

Sometimes problems could arise from Facebook preventing users to import friend list to instagram. This happens when there is problem with their servers. It’s a temporary problem, trying after some time can fix the problem.

Instagram technical problem

Problems can also rise from instagram to block you from importing your Facebook friends. Instagram also can face server downtime and during that time such actions can’t be performed. You have to wait for them to fix the problem from their own side.

Account Restricted

If your account is restricted or disabled you can’t import your Facebook friends on instagram and if it’s a temporary ban you have to wait until the ban is lifted. With a temporary ban you might be restricted from performing a lot of actions, like following people, commenting and liking. If you’ve done some unusual activities in your instagram account and you tried to import Facebook friends, chances are the account is disabled.

Using Automation

The process of following your Facebook friends is really easy but some users still want to use external tools to automate the process. When instagram detects you’re trying to use tools they don’t like, you’ll be blocked from importing your Facebook friends and in most cases it will lead to disabling your instagram account as well. The process of importing and following Facebook friends is really easy; just make sure to do the process manually from your account.

Facebook Account Disabled

Both your instagram and Facebook account must be active before importing your friends list. Some people after losing access to their Facebook account they want to still import their friends on instagram. That’s not possible, your Facebook account shouldn’t be disabled or have restriction before you’re able to link it to your instagram account.

Problem With Your App

Sometimes your instagram app might have technical problems that are preventing you from importing or following your Facebook friends on instagram. When there are bugs in your instagram app you’ll end up having problems in everything you want to do with your account. You need to ensure your app is up to date and is not corrupted.

These are some of the common reasons why you’re not allowed to follow Facebook friends in your instagram account.
Now let’s show you how to fix the problem;

How To Fix “Can’t Follow Facebook Friend On Instagram”

Restart your instagram app

If you haven’t exceeded the follow limit on instagram or you’re account isn’t disabled, the first thing you want to do is restarting your instagram app, this will help fix some minor bugs that might be causing the problem. All you have to do is close the app and open again. Then you try to follow your Facebook friends.

Login With Another Device

Use a different device to log into your instagram account; this will help you figure out whether the problem is from your app or device in general. You can use your colleagues or friends phone to confirm this.

Check For Updates

Not updating the app might cause problems to app functions, and downloading updates will help fix the problem since update are specifically designed to deal with bugs that are affecting performance of the app.

Re-Install Instagram App

If updates didn’t work you need to re-install. You can do so by deleting the app from settings and then downloading a new app from Play Store for Android users and App store for Iphone users. After installing, you should log into your account again and see if you can import and follow your Facebook friends.
These are some of the steps you need to follow if you can’t follow your Facebook friends on instagram, another thing that I wanted to mention is that if you try to use the “follow all” option and it’s not working, you should follow your friends one by one. It might be possible the number of Facebook friends you’re trying to follow have exceeded the limit for your account, especially if it’s new.
You have limitations on the number of people you can follow every hour and it’s not more than 50 for new instagram accounts, so if you’re trying to follow more than 50 Facebook friends you need reduce the number. That’s it for the article and we hope you find it helpful, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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