How to Get an Inactive Instagram Username

When setting your Instagram account up, you would have to pick a username. This is where it gets tricky for most people; people want to either use their name or something that reflects their personality.

Businesses and brands that are trying to get an Instagram presence understand the importance of their username reflecting their mission. However, there are times when the username you pick isn’t available, and you have to make do with something else.

This usually shows that the username is either taken or is already taken by an inactive account.

What exactly is an Inactive Instagram Username

This is a username taken by an account that hasn’t been online for a while or has been abandoned by the user. Once an account has the username that you want, it becomes unavailable for you.

There are many reasons why usernames become inactive on Instagram; some people open an account and then forget their login details, which causes them to open a new account, making the previous account inactive and acquiring this username is not always an easy process.

There are, however, several active steps you can take to get an inactive Instagram username, and we would be exploring these options in this article.

Buy The Username

There are varying secondary markets where you can get Instagram users to sell their username to you; amazing and unique usernames go for large amounts of money and could go all the way to tens of thousands.

People who get lucky selling their Instagram usernames are those who had the foresight to pick names that someone else would eventually be interested in.

Although the account is inactive, owners of these accounts might still be using the app and will be willing to sell off their username if they get the right offer. Below is a process to successfully buy the inactive Instagram username from the owner and make it exclusive.

Contact them

First, you would need to contact the Instagram user so as to kick off negotiations. Some of these inactive Instagram username owners are not in these secondary markets, which leaves you with locating them yourself.

You could try to DM them on the Instagram username, but chances are if the Instagram username is inactive, the owner of the account doesn’t frequently check their Instagram username.

You might get lucky and find contact details like an email address or their phone numbers on their bio, and you can contact them using this contact information.

However, some Instagram account holders are concerned about privacy and might leave you with little to nothing you can use to contact them. Another active step you can take is to check other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to see if you can find such inactive users on the platform.

Followers list can also work as you might be able to find their close friends on the followers’ list. Still, this method is only feasible if the inactive Instagram username owner has few followers, or you might find it hard to tell the difference. However you can, the first step is to make contact with the owner of such an account.

Make The Perfect Offer

Now that you’ve contacted them, you need to have the perfect offer that will catch their attention. To make the perfect offer, you have to consider the value of the account to you.

How much are you really ready to pay to get such an account? One way to make sure you don’t overpay for the account is by downplaying the value of such an account. Do this by signing up on other social media platforms with the username, so it doesn’t appear as valuable as it is.

The value of an inactive Instagram username goes down when such a name is also available on various social media platforms. Such a username owner will be less likely to reopen an account with that username once again once they sell.

Wait For The Purge

One way to get an inactive Instagram username is by waiting patiently for the account to be deactivated by Instagram. Instagram intermittently carries out a purge on its platform to ensure it stays authentic at all times.

Instagram prohibits accounts controlled by bots and fake accounts on its platform, and when an account doesn’t meet the terms and conditions of the platform, the account gets deactivated.

It is noteworthy that there is no guarantee that the inactive username you’re looking for will be deactivated by Instagram, but it is a possible option.

If the account is inactive for an awfully long time or it has fake followers, it stands a chance of being purged by Instagram. To know whether an account has been deactivated, you will need to follow such an account closely and keep tabs on the followers’ list as well.

You can tell if the account is getting purge when the account’s followers drop significantly in a day or within a short time. Check if the account is available, and if it was a victim of the purge, then it should be available for use immediately.

However, this is not a guarantee and might take a while as Instagram doesn’t announce their purge time, and so you will not get a heads-up.

Trademark the Instagram Username

Another method of getting an inactive Instagram username is by getting a patent on the name; this works if it is a business name, and you need it to be exclusive to your business.

This is not usually the first choice people make because it takes a while and also spells additional expenses for you. However, many people have taken this step and successfully asked Instagram to transfer an Instagram username for you.

With a Trademark, you can report the account stating the existing account might be causing confusion for people trying to contact you. You can also make claims of copyright Infringement on Instagram and successfully get the Instagram username.

When you get a trademark on an account name, you can file a violation report to claim that the account name is yours, and the holder of the inactive Instagram username is misleading other Instagram users.

This option should only be considered when absolutely necessary because it is quite complicated and just as expensive. Getting a trademark sometimes doesn’t work because Instagram’s terms of use state that usernames are given based on a first-come, first-served basis, and the user might not be violating the trademark based on how the username is being used.

Simply fill a trademark infringement form on Instagram, but this should only be used when other options are exhausted. To sway Instagram, you need a valid story of how the account misleads your followers and customers.

Get a strong plan in place, and you can get the inactive account closed and the username available to you once more.

Workaround the Username

This is a simple solution for getting an inactive username; simply pick a username that is similar to the one you’re aiming for to make it look exactly alike.

One way to efficiently do this is by adding an underscore to the username or adding a certain number like age or favorite number. Instagram gives you the opportunity to utilize up to thirty characters when creating a username, so that gives you enough flexibility to let your creativity flow.

For business names, you can choose to add your location to the username or simply add your middle name to the username. This can turn out advantageous for you as it helps maintain the username but also helps to add an identifier to the username, especially if it is a business account username.

One strategy that large businesses, influencers, and celebrities make use of is adding official or real at the beginning or rather, the end of the username. You need to be careful when doing this so as not to emulate an established brand that could also shut down your account by hitting you with a trademark infringement.

Be careful when customizing the username to get something similar that you don’t encroach on someone’s intellectual property.

Is Having The Same Username For All Social Media Platform Important

It’s the year 2021, and it has gotten even more challenging to get the same username for all your social media accounts.

However, if you’re a brand or you’re starting a business, having the same username on all social media platforms will be advantageous for you. It shows authenticity and can become a part of your marketing strategy as social media is the new platform for advertising.

It helps to also add authenticity to your account as people are always creating new accounts on Instagram and using it to mislead users to believe they are the real account for the brand.

It is a great way to simplify the method of your customers locating your brand across all social media platforms. However, you don’t always need the perfect username before you can impress your consumers or engage with the audience.

You can find many silly usernames on the social media platform that make waves and have millions of followers. It is not important to have the same account username on all social media platforms, but it can play to your advantage if you do.

Can’t Log in? Here’s What To Do

We can only imagine how vexing it is when you create your Instagram account with the ideal username and then find that you can no longer access the account you recently created.

This is how inactive accounts are created, and you can avoid your perfect Instagram username becoming inactive on the platform. If you receive the message ‘sorry, something went wrong,’ you can try refreshing or clicking the ‘try again’ option.

However, if that doesn’t work for you, try any of the options provided below to retrieve your account and prevent your username from becoming inactive.

  • Contact the Instagram Support center to see if they can offer any help to help retrieve your account. Take screenshots of the error message you keep getting or the username and share it with them.
  • Another vital step you can try out is to use a different browser to log into the Instagram account; try using a different device also as it might only become a glitch with your application or your mobile device.
  • If you linked the account with your Facebook account, this could help you retrieve your account. This is because you can simply use Facebook to log into the account.
  • You can also try logging in after a few hours; it might be a problem with the Instagram server or a network glitch.


Will Instagram delete an inactive username?

Instagram carries out purge sometimes, but no one knows the exact time this process will take place. However, you can keep tabs on the inactive account to be aware of when the account gets purged.

How long before a username becomes available to use after the account is deleted?

There is no official time released by Instagram, but most people who have bought Instagram usernames report that the username became available immediately after the account was deleted. Note that the account needs to be permanently deleted before you can access the username.

Why does Instagram not recognize my username?

There are varying reasons why Instagram might not recognize your username. Check if you got the username or password wrong; your account could also have been blocked or may have been permanently deleted.

What is my Instagram URL?

Your Instagram URL is usually a combination of the official Instagram website URL and your username. Simply type


We know the struggles connected to getting a username that works for your personality and represents your brand adequately on Instagram. It seems all the good usernames are taken, and some of them are not even active on the social media platform.

This is why we’ve provided some proven methods to get an inactive Instagram username and help you get your dream username. We hope you successfully got an inactive Instagram username after reading this article and if you have further questions, drop a comment below.


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