How to Get Back a Temporarily Blocked Instagram Account

Several times I have had my Instagram account blocked. In the heat of the frustration of such moments, I have been driven to make some research on how to get back a temporarily blocked Instagram account.

I will be sharing some of my discoveries with you as I have not had to deal with a blocked Instagram account ever since I got furnished with such a priceless piece of Information.

The Instagram platform has proven to be addictive and the go-to place to catch up with the day-to-day activities of other individuals, be it their menus, journeys, dressing amongst others, or uploading ours instead.

Various channels exist on the Instagram app ranging from Instagram stories, Reels, IGTV and the Instagram feed itself. As such, being deliberately off the social media platform can be frustrating.

Let’s dash in quickly and see how to get back a temporarily blocked Instagram account.

How Do You Get Back a Temporarily Blocked Instagram Account

How to Get Back a Temporarily Blocked Instagram Account

How to Get Back a Temporarily Blocked Instagram Account

Considering there are various reasons why you got your Instagram account temporarily blocked, these are actionable steps that you can take to get your Instagram account back active.

Wait a Couple of Days

Sometimes this is a safety net that gets you a solution to your temporarily blocked Instagram account. During this period, you should put a halt to all actions you perform on the social media platform.

Liking or commenting on other people’s posts, following others should be discontinued. The break could be about 2 days. On the third day, try uploading a picture on Instagram or any of the activities you were barred from.

Ensure your comeback is systemic and gradual to avoid a repeat occurrence of the temporal blockage.

Sometimes restrictions placed on your Instagram account might last for just 24hours, however, if you are not notified to that effect, it is safer to exercise some patience and stay for a minimum of two days.

Try Reversing Actions that got your Account Temporarily blocked

In your bid to gain leverage on the Instagram platform, you tend to engage varying supports on your Instagram account.

These supports help you boost your Instagram account by gaining more followers, automatically liking and commenting on other people’s posts, and more.

The majority of these supports exist as third-party applications where you input your Instagram account details to enable them to carry out these tasks automatically.

This breach of Instagram terms and conditions could earn you a ban.

Upon getting the message stating your Instagram account is blocked, Uninstalling these apps could go a long way in helping you get back your temporarily blocked Instagram account.

The result is however not instant and you will have to wait a couple of days to get your account restored.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Instagram Application

While making use of the Instagram Application, lots of data is shared and stored on your device. Being a video and picture sharing platform, these accumulate over time and take note of your activity on the social media platform.

Uninstalling the Instagram application and then reinstalling erases the memoir of past activities on the platform and sometimes giving room for a fresh start.

This step could help get your blocked Instagram account back.

Go formal with the issue

Having taken corrective measures from your end, it is time to go formal and get in touch with the Instagram team by making use of the Report a Problem feature on Instagram.

To access this, go to the Settings section and then locate the Help option.

From here you can now get in touch with the Instagram Admin using the ‘Tell us and Report’ button, stating categorically what experience is and perhaps actions you took that got you in that position.

In response, you will get a reply from the Instagram team with a detailed explanation of what led to your account being temporarily blocked.

Some guidelines would also be given on how you can get your account back. This procedure might take a couple of days but it is well worth the wait.

While reporting to Instagram, when unsure of what led to your account being blocked, you should indicate in the text field given that you have no idea why your account got blocked.

This particular experience would more than ever before make you more cautious on how you make use of your Instagram account.

Varying measures have been put in place by the Instagram team to ensure a safe and level playing ground for all users of the platform.

Churning out strict rules and policies to make room for a fair user experience for all. Being aware of what danger lies ahead should keep in check on how you make use of your Instagram account.

Varying Kinds of Block on Instagram

Paying cognizance to the fact that we all skip that long document that lists the various terms and conditions for the use of the Instagram platform, we tend to cross the red line deliberately or unconsciously which then fetches any of the following outcomes.

A Permanent Block

Sometimes this comes to be after numerous cautions through the temporary ban. It implies a nearly impossible situation restoring such accounts to normalcy.

It depicts you have grossly flouted Instagram’s Terms and Conditions, and except you can prove yourself beyond a reasonable doubt, the account can be said to be gone for good. Here are actions that can earn you a permanent ban on your Instagram Account:

Continuous spamming activities on your Instagram account

Massive following and unfollowing activities on your account

Excessive commenting on people’s posts in a short while.

These actions raise red flags and can lead to a permanent ban on your Instagram account.

In addition to this, activities carried out on your Instagram account can displease your followers which instigates them to report your account.

This gets the attention of the Instagram team which can then lead to your account being permanently blocked.

Temporarily Blocked Instagram Account

This situation exists when you are barred from executing regular activities on the Instagram application and you get a message indicating you have been temporarily blocked.

The average temporary block on your Instagram account lasts for about 24hours. Getting your account restored is easier than when it is permanently blocked.

Your Instagram account is temporarily blocked when:

You carry out suspicious activities on the account.

Spam activities that are incoherent with regular Instagram are linked to your account.

Other phenomenons that exist about a temporarily blocked Instagram account includes;

Having a Partial Temporarily Blocked Instagram Account

In this scenario, you are only barred from engaging with other Instagram users. You are restricted from uploading pictures, liking, and commenting on posts on your Instagram feed.

You are however permitted to view during this period which may last for about 24hours.

Here are some activities that earn you a partial temporary block on Instagram.

Liking too many pictures in a short while raises suspicions and may earn you a temporary block.

Excessive following of others incongruent with an average user can achieve calls for attention which may also result in a temporary ban.

In both cases, you are either blocked from liking posts or following others. In some unique situations, you earn a block on both.

Sometimes linking your Instagram account to software that helps promote it get you in this situation and it is best to stay away from such.

IP Address Specific Temporary Block

This occurs when you attempt logging in to your Instagram account from a different device and IP address unfamiliar to your Instagram account.

You are sent a confirmatory SMS or mail to verify and if unable to do this, the account is treated as being hacked and blocked temporarily.

You are given a period before you can restore your account. Get your acts right this time to avoid getting blocked permanently.

Time Specific Temporary Instagram Block

Your temporary Instagram account blockage might either come with a specific amount of time it will last or not.

When the expiration period is highlighted, it can be as short as 24hrs and could last up to 30days in other cases.

A temporarily blocked Instagram account with no highlighted duration could last for just a few hours or about 2weeks.

Consider appealing the restriction on your account by making use of the ‘Report a problem’ feature that can be accessed via the Instagram settings menu.

Keeping your Instagram account safe is your best bet. This can be achieved when you are well informed on actions that can result in getting your account blocked.

Why Instagram Accounts Get Blocked

Most often than not, several persons have gotten their Instagram accounts blocked for repeating the same errors that got previous accounts blocked.

Being equipped with common causes will reduce the chances of having your account blocked. Most persons have got their accounts banned most times temporarily for the following reasons.

Excessively Following and Unfollowing

This is one of the common reasons individuals get their Instagram account banned.

Following and unfollowing excessively in a short time on Instagram indicates the account might be operated by a bot which is the resultant effect of using third-party applications to promote your account puts it in a position to be blocked.

Human activities that replicate this characteristic are also given the same treatment.

According to the official Instagram reference, for old accounts, you are expected to have a maximum of 60 follows and unfollows per hour and 30 follows and unfollows per her for a new account.

Mass liking and unliking of photos in quick succession

An average human should be able to like 3-5 pictures in a minute, but liking about 100 pictures in a minute gives room for suspicion.

Achieving such seems inhuman and could result in getting your account blocked. The preset limits are a maximum of 60 likes and unlike per hour for old accounts and a maximum of 30 likes and unlike per hour for new accounts.

Third-Party Application activity

A large number of Instagram accounts get blocked for this singular reason. This is however not to say that some human activities do not replicate similar characteristics like third-party applications do, and therefore are met with the same action.

The third-party applications present great offers such as promising to help your followers and increasing your reach on Instagram by auto commenting on people’s posts.

These actions follow a sequence which in return makes it easy for Instagram to detect and then gets your account blocked. Some of these actions are:

Quick Response to Posts

This can be impossible to achieve without the help of a third-party application. This is sufficient to raise red flags and get the account checked and possibly result in being


Homogenous Comments

A typical human will react differently to varying posts which reflects in their comments. Attention is drawn to your accounts when your comments are the same on multiple posts and unrelated to the subject contained in the picture.

In case this escapes Instagram’s prying eyes, concerned individuals could report your account which expectedly gets your account block.

The above-listed reasons are seen to exceed Instagram’s hourly and daily limits. These limits in June 2019 were reduced by half, which makes it easy for human activities as well if not checked be met with a ban.

Other limits are capped at a maximum of 60 comments per hour and 60 messages per hour for old accounts and a maximum of 30 comments per hour for new accounts.

This also reveals that newer accounts have their limitations just as not-so-active accounts do too. A sudden rise in activity with such accounts despite being humanly influenced will raise suspicions.

Slowly increasing your activity weekly will help keep your account safe if it has not been so active.

Overall, only a total of 1440 actions daily are permitted on your Instagram account. This should not be exceeded but can be spread around varying actions that take place on the social media platform such as direct messaging, liking pictures, and the likes.

Other reasons an Instagram account gets blocked are:

Logging in from Unverified Devices

Instagram attempts to keep your account safe by getting It temporarily blocked when there is an unverifiable attempt to log in to your account from a device or IP address not previously used. Ensure you have access to the email address required to restore your account.

Violating Instagram Rules

Various guidelines are put in place to guarantee a safe experience for all Instagram users. Violating any of this could get your account blocked in return. Some of the prohibited posts are:

Nude or Sexual content

Posts promoting fake news

Posts containing hate speech

Violent posts

An attempt to upload any of this will earn you a ban on your Instagram account.

Copyright infringement without permission from the author can also position you for a ban. Ensure you get approval or tag the original owner of a particular content before uploading.

Safety Measures to Avoid Being Banned on Instagram

To avoid being blocked on Instagram, these are measures you can take.

Have other social media networks linked to your Instagram account

Your Instagram can be linked with your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts. Doing this shows some form of integrity and could prevent your account from being blocked.

Avoid third-party applications

It is best to organically grow your Instagram account. These applications offer juicy packages that can help promote your account, however, it is safer to stay away from them.

Act Responsibly

Actions such as having a complete Instagram profile, regulating your posts and how you react to posts, not violating Instagram rules, put you in a safe place where your account does not get blocked.

After putting so much into building your Instagram account for so long, it is only realistic to carefully monitor your activity on such accounts else you will be back to google with the question, how to get back a temporarily blocked Instagram account that is if you are fortunate temporarily blocked.


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