How to Get More Impressions From Hashtags On Instagram

Considering how hashtags work in creating more impressions and engagement on Instagram posts, I thought to look it up and see what relationship hashtags have with a better impression on Instagram.

How to get more impressions from hashtags on Instagram? To increase your impression from the hashtags you use on Instagram, use hashtags with a large user’s interest in your post. This will help boost your impression on the user’s feed as they search for or follow the Hashtags.

A lot of people would rather not be on Instagram because they have the idea that it is difficult to build an account and get a good engagement/impression on this particular social media app. But could the answer to this underlying worry lie on Instagram hashtags?

Instagram Hashtags

How to Get More Impressions From Hashtags On Instagram

How to Get More Impressions From Hashtags On Instagram

Hashtagging on Instagram simply means putting a hash # sign before writing a particular word or phrase. The word or phrases are usually written without spacing. For example: #Beauty, #ForTheWin, etc.

You can find all the posts with a particular hashtag by clicking on the hashtag or searching the hashtag via Instagram search. You can also boost your engagement and get more impressions on Instagram using hashtags with a large number of posts. When people search posts with that hashtag, your post will rank, giving it much more engagement than usual.

Any word or phrase can become a working hashtag if it is written with a hash # before it and without spacing. On Instagram, you can add hashtags to your bio, to your story (using the hashtag sticker), and to your post. When people click on a hashtag, it takes them to the hashtag discover feed, where they find every public post written with the hashtag.

You can also follow a hashtag you’re interested in on Instagram to find posts made with it on your feed. Hashtags help boost engagements, increase the impression, and promote brands and businesses. The larger the reach of the hashtag you’re using, the more chances of you getting increased engagement on Instagram.

Some popular Instagram hashtags would help you reach more people, achieve more likes, gain more impressions, etc. Some of them based on their categories are:

General Hashtags

#tbt, #instagood, #instamood, #Instapic, #instadaily, #nature, #picoftheday, #photooftheday, #nofilter, #love, #selfie, #swag, #nature, #bestoftheday, #igers, #lifeisgood, etc.

To find chefs, food and foodies on Instagram, here are your hashtags:

#instafood, #food, #hungry, #homemade, #foodie, #foodporn, #omnomnom, #organic, #healthyeats, #vegetarian, #vegan, #goodeats, etc.

If you’re getting married and you want your wedding to trends on Instagram, here are your hashtags:

#ido, #shesaidyes, #heasked, #weddingfavors, #rusticwedding, #weddingstyle, #centerpieces, #loveislove, etc.

If you are about the likes and the follows, some of the Hashtags for you are:

#followme, #likeforlike, #like4like, #follow4follow, #followforfollow, #f4f, etc.

To find the best Fashion designers and design on Instagram and to get engagements on your Fashion posts, here are the Hashtags for you:

#styleinspo, #Shoppingaddict, #instastyle, #outfitoftheday, #currentlywearing, #lookgoodfeelgood, #ootd, #beautydoesnthavetobepain, etc.

There are a lot more hashtags for a lot more categories. When you’re choosing what hashtag for your post, be prudent enough to choose a hashtag that has about 10k to 500k post reach to create a good impression for yourself or your business on Instagram.

Recently, Instagram started sorting the posts that appear on each user’s Instagram feed with an algorithm. This means that any post that does not fulfill the algorithm’s requirements may not appear on a particular user’s feed. And my question is, how can you still pull through your engagement and impression with the algorithm in place?

What Is The Instagram Algorithm About

The algorithm says that certain factors determine the kind of content you see on your Instagram feed.

At this point, we can divide Instagram in two and say we have the givers – the people who post Contents- and the receivers- the audience to the givers. The receivers can fully control the algorithm, and Instagram revealed that six factors could determine this.

The six are divided into three major and three minor. The majors are Interest, Timeliness, and Relationship, while the minors are Frequency, Usage, and Following.


The Instagram Algorithm works such that the post on your feed will be based on the three significant factors, and the Contents you’ll be interested in are usually the topmost.

Instagram uses photo recognition technologies to ascertain what post you are interested in by considering the posts you have related to the most in the past.

Instagram also uses the hashtags you have related within the past to determine what post you’ll most likely be interested in.


This factor deals with the recency and relevance of the content. The content you’re most likely to see on your feed are both recent and relevant posts.

How Instagram does this is that they only rank posts that were done in between the time you last logged out of your Instagram account and your active present time. You’re not likely to see any post done before the last time you logged out of your Instagram account.


This is the third of the major factors in the Instagram Algorithm. The relationship here simply means the Instagram accounts you relate to the most.

To know this, Instagram considers the accounts whose posts, live videos, and stories you have mostly interacted with in the past.

Bearing the suspicion that the people you interact with the most on Instagram maybe family and friends, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on happenings in their lives, they rank their posts up on your feed.

Another way Instagram determines relationships is through profile searches. If you search a person’s profile quite often, Instagram suspects you are interested in the accounts Contents and place it on top of your Instagram feed.


Your frequency on Instagram determines what kind of post you would likely see on your feed. If you use Instagram once in a day when you come online that once, Instagram will try as much as possible to show you posts they think to be the most relevant to you on that day.


If you spend long hours on Instagram, Instagram makes sure that you have a good variety of content that have fulfilled the three major factor to browse from.

However, if you browse through your Instagram for just a short period, Instagram will provide you with the most relevant posts first.


This is the one I would think should be the first major factor. But Instagram has changed. Even among the people, you are following (if you have a large number), Instagram will still sort the most relevant using the three major factors. Chances are you’ll be on Instagram for a while and will see no post from some of the people you are following.

How To Get Better Impression On Instagram

I look at some people with great followers and impressions on Instagram, and I wonder how they got to be there, and I’m almost certain I’m not the only one wondering.

I mean, we are striving for 100 likes on our posts, and someone already has 2000 likes in one minute. And the overall Engagement on that particular post would be like 100k likes, 3k comments.

Then the new algorithm plan suddenly caused a drop in the reach and engagement of some Instagram big accounts, but I also noticed that some people are doing even better now on their Instagram engagement than when there wasn’t any algorithm plan. What do they know that we don’t?

From my research, there are things you can do to achieve higher engagement even with the Instagram algorithm plan, and the things are not rocket science. Some of them are:

Contests And Questions

You cannot keep posting content you think are great without allowing your audience to express themselves. Yes, there is the comment section for that, but don’t you think people will yield more if they feel like you’re interested?

Posting question contents gives your audience this sense of belonging. They wouldn’t feel like you’re keeping them for just the engagement. It will make them feel like you think about them, and you care about what they think, too.

Contests also work great—especially giveaway contests. Try dropping a question with a giveaway prize attached for the winner to make a better impression and rank on more users’ feeds. Remember, a user’s relationship with your account is a major factor in determining whether or not they will see your post.

Less Content, More Quality

I have been a victim to the thought that the more Content you post on Instagram, the better your impression, and I’m almost certain I wasn’t victimized alone. But now, it is about relevance.

Truth is, people are desirous of quality. They want to see the value you bring to the table and not how many things you bring. Even in an offline setting, if you bring thousands of garbage and another person brings just one thing of value, people will patronize the person with value.

Invest the time you use in posting lots of content into creating one or two Content that is of real value to your person and your brand. People are looking for that to patronize.

Choose What Time To Be Posting

If you are a good Instagram user, you should know what time your audience engages most in posts and make that your posting time.

All your audience may not be active in your posting time, but a very good percentage of them should be active at that time. The more time a post is, the greater its chances of ranking on a user’s feed.

Knowing your audience’s most active time can help you schedule posts to give to them. And, with consistency and value, your audience will start anticipating your posts and content at your posting time.

Go Live

Going live on Instagram helps you appear in all your audience’s feeds. Also, while live, you give the audience something to put their hands on, thereby increasing their engagement on that particular content.

Going live also pushes out your overall Content on Instagram. By just going live with relevant content, you create an impression for your audience, which can cause them to search for your other content on Instagram.

Upload Videos

While it may be possible to get more engagement uploading pictures than uploading videos, videos let your audience spend more time on your post, thereby satisfying the algorithm need of Instagram and giving you more reach and impression.

But then, you can’t just upload any kind of videos and expect a boost in your impression. Your video must be relevant to you, to your brand, or/and your audience.

Use Hashtags

Use hashtags with large user’s interest in your post. When a user’s frequently searched the hashtags on your posts, Instagram is most likely to provide the user’s feed with posts containing the hashtags, and if your post is most relevant, it will top the feed.

Another way to use hashtags in boosting your Impression On Instagram is by using hashtags in your content category. Avoid using food hashtags on fashion posts and other mix-ups of hashtags.

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Is There A Limit To How Long You Can Spend On Instagram

No, there is no limit to the number of hours you can spend on Instagram. But you should set a limit for yourself to avoid becoming addicted to it.

How To Upload Contents On Instagram

On the middle bottom of your Instagram home page, there’s an ‘Add’ button that looks like an additional sign in a box. Click on the add button.

You are provided with three options: Gallery, Photos, and Videos. Pick a pre-recorded photo or video from your gallery or choose a photo/video to record.

Click on the ‘Next’ button on the top right corner, choose what filter you want, click Next, add captions, tag people, choose a location, and click Upload.

Does Facebook Hashtag Boost Impression

Yes, using hashtags on Facebook posts also helps to boost the impression on your Facebook post. However, hashtags do not play a major role in impression on Facebook as they do on Instagram.

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