How to Get Someone to Follow You Back on Instagram

Whether you use Instagram for business or just for the fun of it, literarily everyone wants to have more followers, and this is not just to be able to show off but rather it is because it is actually an amazing business.

A lot of people make their living as a result of the huge amount of audience they have been able to attract, which gave them the opportunity to be influencers.

Businesses also put in the effort to create a social presence for themselves on Instagram so that they can be able to reach more customers and also increase their chances of publicity.

Within a very short period of time, Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms on the Internet, with more than two hundred million active users monthly.

With that amount of prospective reach, it is no wonder a lot of people really want to increase their following and create a brand for themselves on Instagram. It is a really awesome platform for networking, building your following, and also sharing your content.

As interesting as Instagram seems to be, it could get really frustrating when you are trying to grow your account but, you can’t seem to experience any significant growth even after a long period of time.

A lot of small accounts seem to experience this phenomenon a whole lot, and most times they, end up giving up on their goals altogether due to the amount of stress it causes.

Some users would even start to fear they have gotten shadowbanned due to the lack of interaction that occurs on their page.

How to Get Someone to Follow You Back on Instagram

How to Get Someone to Follow You Back on Instagram

A lot of times, people come up with a lot of sneaky ways to gain followers so as to boost up their morale and give their page a facial uplift.

I do not subscribe to these methods, because most often than not, they do not last for the intended period. The right trick to building your account is to get your target audience to follow you.

There are several methods you could use to achieve this feat which would still be discussed in this article. But there are times you would follow a specific account, and you would really want them to follow you back, but it would be to no avail.

Now the question is, how can you get someone to follow you back on Instagram? First, you would have to understand that before you can grow your reputation to a point where any account would be eager to follow you back, there must have been some background work you would have put in place to achieve what you want.

It is these efforts you have put in that would propel your account to a place where getting followers would be easy peasy.

So, here are some of the background work you would have to go through to be able to grow an awesome Instagram account.

  • You would need to create a theme for your account: You would really need a particular theme for your Instagram account. There is no way you would expect your Instagram account to grow if your page does not show that it has a clear direction. Obviously, while you have been using your Instagram, you must have stumbled on several accounts where the owner just posts random stuff on their page, and it leaves you wondering, like, when did you even follow this account?
    They would post business-related stuff one day, and the next day they are posting photos of their family. This would end up giving the account a really confused vibe. The best way to guide your account is to guide your account right from the onset by deciding on a theme you want to focus on and stick to it. You can decide to have other accounts that would cater to other aspects you also wish to share with the world. The more focused and streamlined you are, the easier it would be to attract similar accounts that would be interested in following you.
  • Be very intentional about the username and profile picture you decide to use: Instagram is an app that places a whole lot of value on appearances.
    Yeah, appearances are basically counting for 95% of everything that happens on Instagram. This is the reason why you must put a lot of thought into your choice of username. It would actually represent you on everything on the app. Your username must be unique enough it is intriguing yet simple enough it is very easy to remember. You have to avoid a weird-looking username with lots of dots and dashes like the plague. It rarely looks professional, and it is always kind of confusing. You should also use a very captivating picture as your profile photo. Sometimes all people need to look at is your profile picture before they decide whether or not they want to follow you. Ensure you try your best to keep your username consistent across all your social media platforms. This is an underrated tip that actually works wonders. A lot of times, you would get cross-platform follow because you have a consistent username, and it made it easy to find you on Instagram.
  • Ensure you try to fill out your bio appropriately: Your bio is basically like your cover story. You get a first chance to impress your prospective followers or disappoint them and make them feel like you are just meh. Do not hold back when expressing yourself in your bio. Let every single fiber of your amazing personality and the awesome content you have to offer shine forth. You can also take advantage of the website link that would definitely be provided. Instagram actually only gives a chance for only one website link to promote anything, so you have to ensure you make the most of it. Share things you would love your followers to see. It could be your work or even the work of your favorite painter or musician. It is literally left to you to decide what you want to share.
  • Do not be stingy with your likes: As an account that is trying to attract other accounts to their own profile, you do not have the luxury to be stingy with your likes at all. The goal you should focus on is to be liberal with how you like posts that are kind of similar to your own content. Typically when unfamiliar people like posts on an account, there is a tendency that they would check out the account of such person, and if they like what they see, they would definitely follow back. This is not rocket science; it is just plain old psychology. People like people who give them attention and like them back. The moment you start to be liberal with your likes, you would just notice that gradually a whole lot of people would start to follow you back. Another slightly sneaky way you could boost your followers is by searching for really popular hashtags and then start following accounts under these tags.
  • Try to comment on other people’s accounts: Even more than likes, comments work so much more. The best types of posts for this activity are the ones with little to no comments because you would be easily noticed. Just try to keep your comment short and positive, and as genuine as possible. You would be surprised at the number of interactions you would get just by commenting on random posts.
  • Put in an effort to follow people: Instagram already does an awesome job of helping users to find and connect with people that you would most likely know already. But this range of people will not be enough if you hope to grow your account in any magnificent way at all. You can use the “Find People to Follow ” feature to find account s to follow, but keep it at the back of your mind that these recommendations would probably be based on your contact list and your other connected social media. You can also take a stroll to the Explore section and check out accounts that you vibe with and also follow them. You just have to realize that the people you should aim to follow are those that would be interested in what you have to post so that even if they follow you, they would also give you interactions on your posts. And make sure you keep an eye on your follow-to-follower ratio. The goal is to have more followers than the number of people you are following.So take it easy and follow quality people that would actually boost your account.
  • Make sure you use fun captions: Captions are literally the spice of a post, but most users sleep on this feature because they are not creative enough. A lot of captions on Instagram are just recycled and overused. If you are funny or creative enough to form genuine and unique captions, that could literally be your selling point. You would be known for your witty captions, and your followers would always look forward to your posts so that they can have a good laugh. A good rule of thumb when creating captions is to avoid unnecessarily long captions.
    If you are not careful, you would just end up boring your followers because, realistically, there is no one that is going to sit down with all that epistle and read it in the name of reading a caption. The best captions are witty short, and sweet. This has to be your aim. The only time your caption is allowed to belong is if you are trying to pass an important message across to your followers or you are making an ad or a campaign for a product.
  • You must have an efficient posting routine: You must learn to always post regularly and at the right time. There is a really thin line between you posting too much and actually not posting enough. You must learn to strike a perfect balance that would work for your account and your followers. If you do not post enough, there is basically no reason for you to be wanting followers. People often unfollow users when they notice they do not generate enough content like they had hoped for. Also, if you post too much, your followers’ feed would be clogged up with just your posts which could get extremely annoying really fast. Most times, the reflex action to this type of situation is to unfollow the offender as soon as possible. You are trying to gain more followers, not lose the ones you have gotten, so you must be very careful. The typically acceptable number of posts in a day is one to three posts which should be spaced out across that day, depending on your type of content.You must also be cognizant of the time you make your posts. It really does not make sense to publish your posts by midnight because a whole lot of people would be asleep, and it would kill your interaction on that post. There would definitely be more reactions if you made the same post by morning, lunch, or after work hours.
  • Ensure you are using the right tags and also a good number of them: Whenever you want to publish your posts, you should not be scared to use hashtags. They basically make your posts seem like posts on cocaine. This becomes obvious when you use a moderately crowded hashtag that actually relates to your post. Hashtags would give you such wide access to loads of users who would give your posts a lot of reactions and also likely follow you. This is because hashtags are usually searched for by several people on the gram, and if you use a hashtag on your post, all those searching for these tags would also see your posts too. The only thing is that you have to be very cautious about the number of tags that you use when you are making your posts. You use too many tags, and you turn amazing content into spam content immediately. Personally, I feel five or six tags that are streamlined to your posts and moderately popular are perfectly okay for your use.
  • Try to keep your tags in the Comment Section: If you plan to only use a couple of tags, then it is still okay to keep your tags at the bottom of your post. But if you are going to be using a whole lot of tags, it would actually look really bad to have them showing at the bottom post, so it is actually advisable to put your tags in the comment section.

Once you have all the above qualities in place, you are already on the track to getting people to follow you. There are some other characteristics that your account must have in order to get people you have already followed to follow you back.

  • First, you would need a public account. Most people would not follow you back if your account is a private account because they would not be able to see the content of the account they wish to follow upfront. This would definitely not bode well for you, so if your aim is to gain as many follow-backs as possible, keep your account public for everyone to see.
  • Then you would also need to be consistent with how you interact with other accounts on Instagram. You must make sure that you create something of a close relationship with the accounts you hope would follow you back. You must put in the effort to interact on their posts through likes, comments, and general participation.
    You do not have to react to every single thing, but anytime a post that you can relate to is made, you have to ensure you put in the effort to react appropriately.
  • It is one thing to post regularly, and it is a completely different thing to generate quality content on a regular. You have to pay close attention to the quality of content you publish on your profile. If an account is likely to follow you back, you can be rest assured such an account would have perused your page and be satisfied with what they saw before they can even think of following you back.
    It is highly imperative that the quality of your content can be vouched for. Do not compromise with quality for quantity; the amount of posts on your profile does not matter if they are all subpar.
  • You should also try your best to be social. Apart from trying to attract new followers, you should do your best to socialize with your current followers. It is not a good look on your Instagram account when you cannot reply to simple comments that your followers leave on your post.
    It gives the impression that your account is just a place for you to grow numbers and not where you actually socialize. There would definitely be people who would not like this type of attitude, and they might decide not to follow you just because of that fact.
  • You should put effort into creating a following whose content relates to what you also have to offer or what you are also interested in. This way, you would be able to build and relate with a community of like minds. The more you relate with accounts of similar interests, Instagram’s algorithm would recommend you to other accounts that also share the same interests with you.

How can you know if Someone is Following you on Instagram

This question is actually very important to people who place a lot of importance on their following and followers ratio.

If you want to be very certain that a particular account is following you on Instagram, you would need to use some third-party apps. These apps would analyze your followers and easily show you the people that you are following but are not following you back.

Is there a Limit to the Number of People that can Follow you

No, with the right social media strategy and following all the advice in this article, you are allowed to have as many followers as you want.

Celebrities and popular figures usually have followers in the range of millions, and it is very normal. As long as you gained your followers organically and you did not use any third-party apps, you should not have any problem with Instagram.


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