How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Blocked or not blocked, that is the difficulty that ravages several users of social media. A possibility given by all platforms to take care of those special followers, “trolls” of all types. And if the one blocked was you? Suddenly, you’ve stopped seeing your ex’s updates on your Instagram timeline, and now?

Social networks like Twitter, tell you directly that another user has blocked you. However, alternative applications, like Instagram, don’t report this action. However, some signs let you recognize if, indeed, your account has been blocked with the rejection of another person.

Next, we will give some tips for how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram:

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

1. Search for the account:

If you believe that a user has blocked you, you need to sort the user name within the search bar of the app. A sign could be that his/her username doesn’t show, which can indicate that you just are blocked from that person contacts in case it was a private account. But, another reason might be because the user has closed (briefly or permanently) the account.

However, if the profile of the user that you suspect blocked you was a public account and you discover it but when you want to enter or see the account, you may see the overall range of publications the user has posted. However, you’ll see the caption “No photos or videos yet.”

Then, you must attempt to follow that person. If you were already following him, it’s probably that this option of “Following” can seem once more, however, if you’ve been blocked, you may not be able to follow him/her. Even if you click the button, nothing will happen. Ouch! That hurts!

2. Old Conversations

If you still have doubts – more than reasonable – and have had conversations with that person through this social network, you’ll head to any of his/her direct messages and click on the user’s name. In the case that you have been blocked, that profile will appear without messages, which will be another symptom that the person has decided to cut off relations with you. Yes, get over it!

3. Use the Computer Browser

Are you still with the “fly behind the ear?” And still you are wondering with the same question how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram, you can enter from your computer (or your smartphone) to the browser (with your account closed, of course, or in “incognito mode”) and type of the person you are looking for.

How to use the incognito mode?

Step 1: open Firefox or Google Chrome and do click on the menu: it is located on your top right side.

Step 2: now, you will see an option. Do click where says New incognito window or New private window.

Step 3: Another window will open letting you know about the private activity.

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You can also search directly in Google by adding his/her alias and “Instagram” next to it since there are multiple external platforms that collect profiles of this social network. In any case, if you see the user account that you suspect has blocked you and have used the previous steps, the blocked is clear. And why you can see his/her account here? Because the user just has blocked you through his/her phone and not through the computer.

4. Locate some old mention

Try to locate in your photos any mention you have made in the past about that person, that is, look for a tag with his/her user name. If suddenly, it does not appear, it is likely that the person has blocked you.

On the other hand, if your friend does not follow him/her, you can locate the person through the search bar, and at least the account should appear, even if it is private. If this does not work, there are two explanations: either he/she blocked your friend or closed his/her Instagram account.

5. Ask Your Friends to Use their Account

Well, the issue is that you do not want to give up (or believe it) and the doubt does not let you sleep, so what do you do? Easy! You ask a friend of yours to look for the user you want but with his/her own Instagram profile and there you will discover the truth.

If your friend also follows that person you are looking for, you will see that his/her profile appears without problems. There you would verify that it has blocked you.

6. Create a “fake” account on Instagram

Perhaps, it is uncomfortable for you to have to resort to a friend and ask him/her use his/her profile to verify how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram. There are many reasons so you can create a new user profile on Instagram and access from the search bar to the account in question.

If it appears without any problem, then he/she has blocked you in your main account. If it does not appear to you, then it means that that person that you thought had blocked you, has simply decided to close the account.

#7. Use Applications

How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram? Thanks to some mobile apps, you will directly see if someone blocked you, unfollow you, it also shows if you have new followers. You can download Blockers Spy available for iPhone and Android. It is effortless to use and is free.

The same functions you will get with InstaReport and Who blocked me on Instagram, but this one is available just for Android.

So remember, if you have tried all the simples ways without getting a good result, just download these apps and you will save time.

What Happens if I Block Someone on Instagram?

Let’s analyze some of the main myths that exist around the possibility of blocking users on Instagram so that you understand precisely what changes when we take advantage of this function that Instagram has.

#1. The likes from users that I have blocked will be deleted

Even if you’ve blocked someone on Instagram (or they’ve blocked you), you have to know that it will not make your likes or comments go away at all. The “likes” and comments made by that person will still be there although the comments can be removed manually, without much trouble. So do not worry; all interactions will remain there until you delete them.

#2. Users that I have blocked will not follow me again

This is entirely true when we block someone on Instagram, it will be exactly like if that person has stopped us from following, he/she simply will not exist, and basically what we achieve in these cases is to become invisible to that person. Therefore, you will not be able to see his/her publications, stories, or anything. Therefore, it is better you think well if it is what you want.

#3. What happens if I give a like to a photo of a user that I have blocked

You blocked a person from your phone, but you did not from the computer. If you have blocked a user and you mistakenly like one of his/her photos, you must realize that absolutely nothing has happened because that will happen! Nothing! The truth is that ‘like’ will disappear automatically, so in these cases, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It will be as if you had never pressed the like button.

#4. If I block someone, they can see my photos

Not really, the user will not be able to see any of your photographs. However, he/she will have the possibility to see the photos of your friends where you are as long as they follow your friends if they have a private profile, or by merely accessing their profiles if they are in public mode.

I Want to Unblock a User on Instagram

Before we start with the steps to unblock in Instagram, a person that when trying to check their profile we get: “User not found”, we want to clarify that this guide only applies if you have manually blocked or by mistake someone.

Why do I say this? Because if you’re wondering how to unblock someone who has blocked me, the answer is that you can’t, there is no method to perform this action, if a user decides to block you, even if you ask Instagram, it will not do it unless that the user do it by himself. Now, let’s continue.

Step 1: Enter the Instagram page. You can do it from your mobile or your computer.

Step 2: Once in your profile, you must click on the menu, that is, in the three points that you will see in the screenshot and if your account is updated, instead, you will see three lines in parallel.

Step 3: Now, enter where it says Options> Blocked Users.

Step 4: When you see the name of the user you want to have again, click on it and now click on Unblock.

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The truth is that, with this action, you will no longer be following each other and if you want to follow him again, you should do it as if it were the first time and if the account is private, you should send the access permission request.

That person will also not know if you unlocked him because he will not receive notifications. However, take into account that if the other person is aware of your profile to see if you unlocked him, then obviously he will notice immediately, in conclusion, the only way for the unlocked user to find out about this action is to enter your profile and see you are visible.

How to Avoid Being Blocked by Instagram?

It can happen that it is not a person who has blocked you on Instagram, maybe, the same application blocked your account. We know that this block is like a kind of “punishment” on the part of the platform based on something that, according to them, they believe that what we did is not appropriate.

And we also know that this block can be temporary. After a couple of weeks, you will have your profile back. Nos, it is the moment when you should be careful.

With the high popularity that Instagram has gained, its policies have been constantly updated, and within this, it has been reinforcing its security against the bots, which are used by different users to gain followers, win likes, among other benefits.

As in any social network, taking actions that go against its rules is punishable, and it is mainly because of this that there are rules and actions of Instagram that you must take into account to avoid the temporary blocking of your account because every time there is less tolerance to those who infringed them continuously. Next, we mention the main rules.

#1. Instagram can block users if you exceed in interactions like “Follow”

Another unusual behaviour that Instagram can do is to start blocking users if they perform many actions within 1 hour. What do we mean by actions? Refers to like photos, follow, stop following, upload photos, comment, among others.

There are business accounts that carry out the strategy of Follow and unfollow different users in order to gain organic followers, and this is done in a short period of time. So, if at any moment a message appears telling you that you cannot continue that action, it is because you have exceeded the allowed amount and have considered that this activity has made it a bot.

How to realize if we run the risk of being blocked? Well, in the beginning, it will not increase the number of follow-ups we have, since there is an amount per hour. If on several occasions we pass this limit, then the message of temporary blocking will arrive. That is why if you are going to perform this type of action, do it all day and not at a specific time.

#2. Do not exceed the amount of “like” on Instagram in a period of time

We see several messages from people who say “I can not give likes on Instagram”, and this happens because, possibly, they have exceeded the number of likes allowed during the day.

As we mentioned, this social network is fighting against bots, that is why if they notice any unusual behaviour, they think that it is they who carry it out. Many accounts begin to “like” on Instagram to several publications with the intention of creating links with users of these profiles and capture their interest to, perhaps, get a follower.

Keep in mind that it is atypical that a user overnight starts to “Like” everything that appears. The number of times cannot be estimated since it depends on the time of permanence; that is why you should interact as a user and does not like everything that appears.

#3. Upload many photos can activate Instagram block to your account

Another activity that activates the blocking of Instagram is to upload too many photographs at the same time because it can be considered as spam since it is not common for a natural person to perform these activities.

This is why it would be best to use applications that allow programming the publication of content or determine some hours to enter this social network and publish what is planned in the day, to avoid being seen as a pirate account or attentive to against the rules of this platform.

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How Long is The Temporary Block on Instagram?

The duration of the temporary block on Instagram will depend a lot on what you did and the constancy in doing it. In the first instance, there may be a 6 hour lockout period. However, if the user is very recurrent in falling into the same infraction, the platform can expand this penalty up to 7 days.

In addition, there are users who can begin to report your profile if they start to consider you as spam, and this issue can bring worse consequences. We must bear in mind that all our accounts belong in their entirety to Instagram, then they can do with our profile what they want, and if they see it convenient to eliminate it, they will do it, and for this, there is no solution.

In case you have suffered the block several times, it would be best to stop using the account for a few days until everything is normalized and when it is used again, stop doing these strategies a few more days so that Instagram does not consider that you have a false profile created to send spam.


As we can see, many business and influencers accounts resort to different strategies to obtain organic followers, and this is currently in the sights of this social network, causing the risk of suffering a temporary block. That is why if we are going to resort to these actions, it is best to keep all these rules in mind and be more cautious to avoid losing our profile.

On the other hand, if we also apply the actions mentioned in this article in how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram, you will obtain or clarify that doubt that leaves you so restless.


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  1. Rebecca Sanders May 19, 2019 10:46 am

    I was facing a strange situation yesterday, related to being blocked from the account of a public figure. There was a debate going around due to an artwork he posted and I left a comment, that couldn’t be a reason for him personally to block me. I wonder if it could be related with shadow bans, a topic I wasn’t aware of until today. I did some research on the question if one can be blocked from a persons profile by a third party (or automatically). But I didn’t find an answer to that question. Strange Instagram world…


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