How To Make a Picture Go Viral on Instagram 2021

Everyone wants to get attention on Instagram, a lot of time is spent when it comes to taking pictures, you’ll find Instagrammers taking photos dozens of times before they finalize the one to post on their profile.

The photos will also undergo so many edits to ensure that they’re perfect and will grab attention.  Why all these? They want their picture to get noticed, in other words, they want their picture to go viral.

Some will even do crazy stuff that will endanger their lives just for the sake of going viral on Instagram, some undergo plastic surgeries to transform their look in an attempt to go viral and impress virtual followers.

You don’t need to go through all these long and dangerous procedures in order to make your picture go viral on Instagram.

What Does It Mean For Your Picture To Go Viral On Instagram

How To Make a Picture Go Viral on Instagram 2021

How To Make a Picture Go Viral on Instagram 2021

Once a picture goes viral, it means a lot of Instagram users have engaged with the content and it has been shared a lot on the platform.

It means a lot of users are discussing your content, the picture has now become the trending topic within your outreach.

No matter what you do, not all your content will go viral, that’s why even celebrities will post multiple times a day hoping that some of their posts could go viral in order to get the attention of the world.

You can however implement some strategies that will help you increase the chances of your content going viral on Instagram.

In this post, we’re going to outline some of the steps you need to take if you want your pictures to go viral on Instagram and other helpful tips that will help promote your pictures on Instagram.

What Do You Gain When Your Picture Goes Viral On Instagram

Gain more followers

Whenever your picture goes viral, you’ll find that the profile that posted such a picture, will gain a lot of new followers. When a picture goes viral, it means a lot of users that are not even your followers have viewed your content.

If it’s a useful picture or just something they love, they’ll definitely want to follow the poster so that they can receive more pictures or content from their profile.

If you’re looking for ways to increase followers on Instagram organically, you should definitely create viral content.

The more followers you have, the more chance you have for your content to go viral because it all starts with your followers, the more your followers are engaging and sharing the content, the more it will be promoted by the Instagram algorithm and that’s how you start generating more views from users that are not even your followers.

More engagement on your profile

Once your picture goes viral, a lot of Instagram users will visit your profile to see more content. When they view more content they’ll definitely add likes and comments to the new content they discovered on your profile.

The more you’re getting the engagement, the more your Instagram ranking will increase as well. The Instagram algorithm will rank profiles that receive the most engagement because they’re perceived to offer more value to users than other profiles.

Once you’re receiving engagement, your content will be shown on top of the user feed which means more exposure for every content you post on Instagram.

You’ll become an influencer

The more you’re attracting new followers, the more influence you have on Instagram. Most accounts with a massive following are influencers and that’s why they’re paid a huge amount of money to post on their profile.

This is because advertisers know they’re the true influencers on Instagram with loyal followers.

If your picture goes viral on Instagram, you’ll definitely become an influencer on the platform very fast since you’ll have more people visiting your profile to see what you have to offer for them, and eventually, they’ll follow your account.

More traffic to your website

Once your picture goes viral, it means your content has reached a lot of users and if you want, you can direct some of those visitors to your website especially if you have displayed it on the picture.

A lot of Instagram users add their website on pictures in the hope that if the picture goes viral, they’ll increase their website traffic.

Even if other users share the picture, they’ll still get more traffic from users that see the picture whether it’s on Instagram, other social networks, or photo-sharing websites.

These are some of the benefits you get when your picture goes viral on Instagram and by summarizing it all we can say that you’ll become more popular on Instagram.

New sites and other media channels are always looking for viral content, they use special tools that help them search for trending and viral content across all social media channels. If it happens that your content goes viral often, you’ll definitely benefit from the free promotion.

The Disadvantage Of Going Viral

The only downside when your content goes viral on Instagram is that you’ll attract a lot of critics, you have already seen the hate that comes when celebrities share amazing pictures that go viral.

A lot of haters will find the chance to send their trolls, that’s not something to worry about at all, because if you don’t have haters, you’re not doing something great.

When a celebrity posts their best pictures on Instagram, the haters will say it’s all makeup, you’re not that beautiful. You just need to ignore the noise when your picture goes viral because haters are waiting to criticize you negatively.

Let’s now take a look at some of the strategies you need to implement if you want your picture to go viral on Instagram.

Understand your audience

This is the first step, I am talking about your followers and the target audience you might have in Hashtag feeds and so on.

Your picture will go viral due to the massive shares you get from other users that can be your followers or new visitors to your profile who’re not your followers.

If you’re running a business profile, you need to understand what tickles your audience, people will only share content they love, and only if you understand them you can create content they’ll love.

You should start by knowing their interest, you need to know their demographic and psychographic information as well.

Know the type of content they love the most and also analyze their engagement based on the previous content you have offered.

It’s not easy to create a viral post on Instagram without trial and error, you will do some tests to find out the type of content they like the most.

Monitor your competition

Even if you have not been following your competition, you should definitely visit their profile and take a look at their posts over the period of six months.

Take note of the posts that receive the most engagement, your competitors will save you hours of research because you can see the type of content that gets results and you’ll be able to focus on creating such type of content for your followers.

Follow your competition and you want to do that with another account because as you’re spying on them, chances are they’re spying on you either and if they realize you’re their competition, they’ll definitely block you from accessing their content.

You should always watch out for new content they upload on their profile, and you need to come up with something much better. Try to engage with their followers as well so that they can discover what you have for them.

Have as many followers as you can

Most accounts that create viral content have massive followers on Instagram, not just massive followers, but they’re also very active.

Don’t go and start buying fake followers for the sake of increasing the number of followers you have and hoping that your pictures will go viral when you post them.

Not only fake accounts, but even real followers that have not been active for a while should also be removed from your follower list.

There are different Instagram tools out there that will analyze your followers and then show you the ones that are not active, accounts you’re following but they’re not following back, and the accounts that have blocked you.

Once you identify inactive accounts you can unfollow them so that you can replace them with new ones. The best way to generate organic followers is by using influencers in your industry to promote your posts.

Most influencers however won’t agree to promote your profile because you’re one of their competitors and promoting your posts means some of their followers will become your followers as well and could mean losing them to you.

Some of them however will still agree if you negotiate a deal with them, some can promote your content by just offering free content which they can use, while for some, you’ll have to pay them a certain amount of money to promote your posts and Stories.

You need to work things out in a way that’s beneficial to both parties, once you have active followers, you’ll realize that taking your pictures to go viral is really easy.

Create a unique content

If you’re going to put in the time to create unique content, there is a high chance of going viral. Instagram users are always looking for something new, you don’t want to end up reposting pictures or content that has already been shared on the platform.

You need to create unique content that looks crazy and extraordinary, you then watch what’s going to happen.

Your pictures will go beyond Instagram, you’ll find them trending on other social media platforms out there.

Find trending topics and create unique content that will grab attention, if you’re not good at creating content on Instagram, you can hire someone that knows how to capture attention.

You need to give utmost importance to content because even after building massive followers that are active, they won’t engage with your content if it’s not of high quality.

Use analytics

Even though you have tried your best to create great content, you still have to monitor the reaction of your audience using analytics.

When you upgrade your Instagram account to a business profile, you have access to the analytics dashboard that helps you understand your audience behavior.

You can see the posts that received the maximum views and other engagement, once you’re able to see the content with the most engagement, you can then focus on creating your content around what your audiences love the most.

If you want to have more data regarding the engagement of your Instagram account, you should consider using third-party tools.

Tools like SocialFox will show you all the data you need regarding your Instagram followers and your audience in general.

These tools will pull data from Instagram using API and then organize the data for you so that you can view posts with the most engagement.

You need to take note of every aspect of the posts that receive maximum engagement, such as the time of posting and the niche.

The whole idea behind using analytics to understand your audience better by knowing the content or pictures they like the most and then concentrate on that area.

Use paid promotions

You need to utilize paid promotions especially if you’re starting out with a few followers. Start using Instagram ads to promote your posts, but I’ll recommend if you’re using paid ads to promote video content only.

Of course, you can run photo campaigns if you like, but since you want your ads to convert, you need to use videos, they’re proven to convert your visitors more than images.

Not only on Instagram paid ads, but you can also promote your posts on other websites. Instagram supports embedding posts in blog posts and there are a lot of WordPress plugins that will help you with that.

If you don’t have a blog, you should find blogs within your niche and then contact them to see if they can promote your posts in exchange for a fee or something.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtag feed is where the traffic is, if you’re not using the right hashtags, you’ll hardly go viral for your pictures on Instagram.

Use Instagram search to find popular hashtags and make sure that you have good content that will stand the chance to stay at the top feed.

If you start receiving a decent engagement from the beginning, you’ll definitely be placed at the top of hashtags. But you don’t want to be using hashtags where the participants are celebrities, your pictures will be buried at the bottom where no one sees them.


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