How To Post Instagram Story From Camera Roll

A few years ago, Instagram allowed users to upload photos and videos to their stories, which don’t normally show on the feed but visible to followers. Earlier on with the story feature, your photos or videos expire after 24 hours of shooting them and can’t upload to stories again. This is inconvenient, especially for businesses with limited time.

Now you no longer need to worry about that. You can upload any video or picture from camera roll or your phone library to your stories with ease regardless of the time the content was created. Thanks to the update released by Instagram back in 2018, this allows users to upload content from the camera roll or phone library.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to follow in order to post stories from your camera roll.

Some people still don’t want the idea of posting photos and videos that are more than 24 hours. Let me tell you why you should consider uploading photos and videos that are more than 24 hours;

Why You Should Upload Photos Older Than 24 Hours To Stories

Edit Your Content Professionally

First you know that every professional photo or video content added on Instagram has gone through edit, and this edit can hardly be done within 24 hours of shooting the content, unless you’re professional photo editor that’s good with powerful software like Photoshop, or you have a freelance graphic designer and video editor that has the skills to edit all your content whenever you need them.

Giving yourself some time to edit your content will ensure that you create the best content for your stories.

Plan Your Content

This is important for public figures and businesses; everyone now can plan the content they want to add on stories just like they do on their feed. This will ensure you only have quality content in your stories, and this means more value to your followers.

You’ll Have Endless Of Stories To Share

For those that want to share stories every single day, they can visit the phone library to choose videos and photos for the past years, and you can share childhood memories easily. You can see that you’ll have endless photos or videos to share in your stories. There are days when you just don’t want to go out there and start shooting, and in such days you can browse your gallery to pick photos for the past days or months and share in your stories.

How To Post Instagram Story From Camera Roll

Open Story Publishing Area

This is the first step, log into your account and open the story publishing area. You can do this in 2 ways; first is by dragging the entire page to the right or by clicking on the camera icon which is available on the left screen.

Adding Camera Roll-On Instagram Story

Once you open your stories, you should swipe so that you can view all your content from the camera roll, from here you should pick the photos and videos you want to share in your Instagram stories.

How Do You Choose Multiple Pictures Or Videos?

You should swipe up in your stories, and you’ll be able to view two options; “select multiple” and “gallery”. Select multiple options to add multiple contents to your stories at once; multiple contents selected will be posted at the same time.

The gallery option allows you to add all content from a folder on your phone. This is a time saver if the photos you want to publish are organized in one single folder. When you tap the gallery option, there would be a dropdown that allows you to select the location of your folders from the phone.

If you also want to view all the videos and photos content on your phone, you can select the gallery at the top to view them all and will be shown in chronological order.

If you’re looking for photos and videos that were captured from your phone, you can choose the camera option from the list.

Even if your image is some years old you can upload to Instagram stories, but then there is a catch to this. When the content you want to post to your stories is older than 24 hours, Instagram will show the date it was taken. There would be a date stamp showing when it was captured, and this is automatically added to both photos and videos.

How To Post Instagram Story From Camera Roll

How To Post Instagram Story From Camera Roll

But as you know, there is always a way to beat the system. There are lots of apps out there that will allow you to change the date on any particular content, like documents, video and photo files, and both pc and phone users can use such apps. Head over to apps store and search for date changing apps and you’ll find a bunch of them, on pc or Mac there is also software available.

Once you install the app on your phone, you should select all the images you want to change the date for, you should change them to the current date, less than 24 hours, once you do that you then open your Instagram app to start adding pictures to your stories.

You shouldn’t do this trick when the app is open, close Instagram first, and when you’re done with changing the date for your files, you can now launch the app again.

If you can’t change the date with your phone, try using pc, transfer the videos and photos to your pc and install the date changing software, I find that changing the date using pc is better than using the phone. Once you’re done with editing your photos and videos, bring them back to your phone.

If you still don’t want to go through these long process, you can change the way Instagram display the date in your story. Instagram displays the date using three colours; black, white and red. You should choose a colour that can’t be seen well in the photo or video.

Getting rid of the 24 hour limit by Instagram give businesses the opportunity to create more personalized content they can share on their stories, and anyone now can now schedule posts on their stories ahead of time. You can use free tools like AiGrow to schedule posts easily to your Instagram stories, but as a word of caution you should schedule wisely, don’t post frequently or you’ll get your account banned.

Following the steps mentioned above will upload photos or videos from cameral roll to your Instagram stories.

If you can’t upload, then there is a problem with either your phone or your Instagram app, and I’ll outline how to fix that in a moment.

How To Fix Instagram Story Can’t Post My Videos And Photos

Restart Network Connection

When you try to upload Instagram story but can’t be processed, you need first to check your internet connection, even if you believe everything is OK, you should restart your connection. Just turn OFF, and then ON again. Your internet connection can fluctuate at any instant and refreshing it will bring it back to normal.

Restart Your App

The next thing you want to do if you still can’t post content to stories from camera roll is to close the app and launch again. Instagram is constantly running in the background, especially if you’ve set to receive notifications, so just closing the app window and lunching again doesn’t mean it has restarted. You have to go to settings and stop the app using “force stop”. This will stop all app activities, and you’ll be able to fix some of the problems you’re experiencing with the app when you restart.

Restart The Phone

How to save Instagram videos to camera roll

How to save Instagram videos to camera roll

This is another simple fix to solving the problem of not able to upload photos and videos from the camera roll. Restarting the phone stops the activities of every app that might be causing problems to Instagram. Close all apps window before restarting, because some apps remain active even after the phone is restarted.

Use Browser

Use your browser to upload the content you want to upload, if successful then there is something wrong with your Instagram app, and you need to take a further step to get rid of the problem.

Reinstall the Instagram App

If you’ve successfully upload content using your browser, you should consider reinstalling your Instagram app, and there is definitely a bug in the app that’s causing the app to malfunction. Sometimes updating the app might fix the problem, but it’s better to get rid of the old app and install a new one. You should not be afraid of losing data because your data will not be deleted after uninstalling the app, after installing the new app all data will be back, and you can use extra back up apps to ensure your data is secured.

These are some of the steps you need to follow if you’re experiencing problem uploading photos or videos to your Instagram stories from the camera roll. If these steps didn’t solve the problem, it might be your account has been disabled or you’re restricted from uploading stories for a certain period of time. And also sometimes the problem arises from Instagram servers, you’ll have to wait before they fix the problem, there is nothing you can do.

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