How to Post Videos and Photos on Instagram from PC

Instagram is designed as a mobile app, and although you can access the platform via your PC, all uploads to be made on the platform is meant to be via your mobile phones.

However, there are times when this wouldn’t work for you, and you would like to make use of your PC. This could be because you want to edit your photos using software on your PC, or you would simply like to upload a video or photo that wasn’t shot on your phone.

Whatever your reason might turn out to be, there are times when you would simply prefer to make use of your PC to post photos and videos on Instagram.

Of course, you can get the photos and videos to your phone from your computer by emailing them to yourself and then trying to upload them through the Instagram app, but the whole process can be tedious.

There are better options out there to post photos and videos on Instagram from PC successfully, and we will be sharing them with you in this article. Some of these methods work on both Mac and Windows, while there are a few that only work with one; let’s get started.

How To Post Photos On Instagram From PC

Below are some of the best ways we’ve tried and successfully posted photos on Instagram from PC; you’re sure to find an option that works for you amongst these options.

Use Gramto

How to Post Videos and Photos on Instagram from PC

How to Post Videos and Photos on Instagram from PC

Gramto is one of the most complete tools when it comes to instant posting and scheduling posts on Instagram from any device, including your PC. Gramto does not require that you install any software on your PC or Mac, all you need is an Internet Browser.

Unlike most other platforms, Gramto does not need you to take any action on your mobile device for your scheduled post to go through, instead, your post will be published automatically to your Instagram account.

And post type can you publish? You can post Images, Videos, Story and Album post types using Gramto. You also get the opportunity to Save your captions and Hashtags for future usage.

Finally, you can set custom locations, tag users and products, and share your post to your Facebook Page automatically.

Create a Free Gramto Account

Use A Web Browser

Most of the time, the Instagram site that pops up on your screen when you open the site from a PC is a stripped-down version of the original site.

Even though you can carry out some activities like commenting on photos and liking posts, it doesn’t provide you with the option to create a new post or upload a photo on the social media platform.

Luckily, there are newer browsers being created that comes integrated with a function that allows Instagram to perform like it would when accessed via a mobile device.

This allows the posting feature to become available, and users can now upload pictures on the platform. Below is a breakdown of how to use different web browsers to upload photos on Instagram from PC.

Google Chrome

You can use Google Chrome to post photos on Instagram easily. If you don’t have a web browser, simply download it and then visit Instagram from the browser.

  • Once the page loads, go to your browser’s setting and then go to the Developer’s tool.
  • Click on more tools from the options provided, and it will take you to a developer window for Chrome.

This window is created so that developers can debug their apps and websites, and you can totally use it for Instagram. Click on the mobile button, which is provided on this window, and then pick your preferred mobile interface from the dropdown window, which appears.

When you choose your preferred mobile interface, refresh the page, and you will be presented with the mobile version of Instagram on your web browser. The option to post photos on Instagram will now be available, and you can freely post on Instagram from your PC the way you would on your mobile phone.

Safari Browser

Another top browser you can use to post photos on your Instagram is the Safari Browser, and it is available for Mac users. It is just as simple as using the Google Chrome browser, and if you don’t have it, you can download it online.

Launch the Safari website and click on Safari on the menu bar, which would be located at the top of your Mac screen.

Click preferences from the options provided and then click on the ‘advanced’ option. At the end of the page will be an option to show a ‘develop’ menu in the menu bar. Simply click on it.

Now open a new window and visit the Instagram site; click on the ‘develop’ option, which is on the menu bar conveniently located at the top of the screen. Visit User-Agent, click on Safari.

Choose the iOS version and click on iPhone. After changing your settings, refresh the Instagram page, and when it is fully loaded, the site will be transferred to the mobile version of the site.

The + sign will appear at the end of the page, and when you click on it, you can upload and photo on your Instagram and also access all the editing options and filters available on the page. You can easily switch it back to the default setting when you’re done with uploads, so every site doesn’t load in the mobile version.

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is another top web browser that is preferred by many people because of how easy it is to customize the platform. It is a multifunctional web browser and can be used on both Windows and Mac. It also allows you to upload your photos on Instagram from a PC without any stress.

All you have to really do is simply pick out your preferences on the Vivaldi web browser and open the Instagram site on the browser by adding a web panel.

This will create a mobile version of the site that you can access as you browse other sites on the platform.

To add a new photo on Instagram from your PC, click on the plus icon, which appears at the end of the website, and it will allow you pick a picture from your PC, add the filters, captions, and tags you want and then upload right to your Instagram account without stress.

Uplet for Mac

This is an amazing option for those who use a Mac; it is a paid app that you can easily subscribe to on the Mac App Store. It is quite simple to use and gets the job done just like it advertised on the page.

The Uplet works as a drop panel; all you have to do is continually drop files into it and enter the info you would like to use as a caption.

It allows you to upload many pictures, but they are all uploaded as separate posts rather than one. There is no filter available on Uplet or advanced editing features available on Instagram.

Still, if you want, you can log into the platform with different Instagram account and switch between them when uploading photos on Instagram.


Another option to explore is the Deskgram app; this is an app designed specifically for the PC and used to interact with Instagram. The great part about this Deskgram app is that it is ideal for use both on Windows and Mac.

Deskgram can be used by Instagram users to comment, like, and view images on the social media platform. It can also be used to upload pictures when users want, but they would have to upgrade to a pro version to be able to access this feature.

This option is pretty straightforward to use and is one of the best options you could utilize for uploading photos on Instagram.

BlueStacks App Player

Another option for uploading photos from your PC to your Instagram is by getting the BlueStacks App Player software on your PC. IT is an Android emulator that allows your Android apps to run freely and smoothly on your PC, and Instagram is one of the apps that you can use on the BlueStacks App Player.

First, you need to install the app player on your PC and then follow the prompts that follow to set the software up. After setting it up, log into your Google account and visit the Google Play store on the app to download the Instagram Android app. Log in to the site and gain access to the app for your contacts and information.

After the installation, the app will pop up on your app list, and you can then launch it from there. The Instagram app will launch at the size of a smartphone and will be available exactly as it would be on an Android device.

You can then click the plus icon at the end of the page to pick a photo from your gallery or other folders on your windows to upload on your Instagram account.

How To Post Videos on Instagram From PC

Now that you’re aware of how to upload photos on Instagram from a PC, many people would also like to upload videos on Instagram from their PC. Below are some of the best ways to successfully achieve that as well as video specifications, so you don’t come across any problem in the process.

Video Requirements

  • Must not be above 4GB
  • Video posts time limit is 60 second, video stories are 15 seconds, while IGTV time limit is ten minutes
  • Square videos aspect ratio is set at 1:1
  • Dimensions should not surpass 1080
  • Landscape videos aspect ratio is set at 1:19:1

Bear in mind that Instagram might compress a video after it is uploaded on the platform, and this could lead to the video becoming blurry or getting pixelated. However, this only happens when the video file size doesn’t adhere to the requirements stated by the platform.

Other Options to Post Videos on Instagram from PC

Below are some easy methods you can successfully upload videos on Instagram from your PC instead of finding a tedious method of moving videos to your smartphone at all times; let’s take a look.

Creator Studio

This is quite popular for being one of the simplest methods to achieve this successfully. All you really need to do with the Instagram Creator Studio is to sign in to your Instagram account right on the platform.

Once you successfully do this, you can begin to post videos right to your Instagram account. You don’t have to bypass the option of tagging friends, selecting a cover, or adding captions as it is all available.

Another thing we loved about the creator Studio for Instagram is that it allows you to schedule videos to be posted on the platform at a particular time and date in the future.

The catch is that you need an Instagram business account to use the Instagram Creator Studio; you can change your account to a business account in the settings.

INSSIST Chrome Extension

Another top option out there is the INSSIST platform, which you can add as an extension on your Chrome browser in order to be able to use it at any time.

After adding the INSSIST platform to your Chrome browser as an extension, you will be required to do is to successfully log in to your Instagram account on the platform.

After logging in, the plus icon, which is usually provided on the mobile Instagram version, pops up, and you can choose to upload videos on your story, feed, or an IGTV video.

Choose your preferred video and wait till it is processed on the platform. Choose your caption and provide other information you want to add to your video and then click publish to publish your video on the platform.

Cloud Storage

This is an old trick and is still just as functional as ever; you can upload videos from your cloud storage, and although it isn’t exactly on your PC, the video is uploaded from your PC.

All you are required to do is form an account on Dropbox or use the storage provided on your Google Drive. Paste the video on your Dropbox or the Google Drive folder and let it sync on your phone.

Afterwards, access Google Drive or Dropbox on your mobile device, and you can choose the photo from the options there.

Select the video and click Share from the options provided; then pick Instagram from the list of apps you can share to, and your video will be uploaded on your Instagram account.


Can you post videos and photos on Instagram at the same time?

Yes, Instagram has made it possible to upload a couple of photos and videos together as a single post that your Instagram friends can simply swipe through.

How do I split photos on Instagram?

You can split pictures by clicking on the grey square grid, which represents the Split icon. It can be conveniently found at the bottom of the page and presents you with six splitting options when you click on it.

How many posts can you post on Instagram per day?

Instagram states the limit of Instagram posts you can make in a day is 100. However, too many posts can be considered spammy by the Instagram algorithm, which will cause you to be penalized, and therefore, lesser people will be able to see your posts.

Is there a limit on posts you can share on Instagram?

There is no limit to how many posts you can share on Instagram in a day or totally. You can see the last two hundred posts of people you followed on Instagram as it is displayed on your Instagram feed, and you can share as much as you desire.


It would be quite amazing to be able to upload photos and videos to Instagram from our PC; this gives us many options, and there would be no need to move photos and videos forth and back from our PC.

The options provided above allow you to carry out this action conveniently. The Bluestack Video Player software can be used to upload videos and photos on the Instagram platform.

However, you can choose to try out any of the options provided above and see which is the right fit for you.


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