How to Read and Send Instagram Messages on Mac

Instagram has been ranked as one of the topmost used application programs for businesses with over one billion monthly active users.

Aside from the purpose of sharing visual content like photos and videos, Instagram was specifically launched to help build brands and make them visible to the public.

Whether it is a B2C (Business to Consumer) company or B2B (Business to Business) company. Instagram can build the brand with its complete features like Instagram Stories, Newsfeed, Instagram DM, etc.

One particular feature that intrigues the users of the application program is the Instagram DM that enables its users to have a private conversation without the next person having an idea of what the conversation is about.

Fortunately, Instagram DMs can be accessed through Mac aside from smartphones and windows.

What DM means on Instagram

How to Read and Send Instagram Messages on Mac

How to Read and Send Instagram Messages on Mac

DM denotes a direct message. It simply means a private manner of communication among users of a particular social media platform.

It is one major feature on Instagram. This feature allows the user of Instagram to send photos, videos, messages, links, hashtags, or even locations privately to whoever is chatting.

Funny enough, DM is also embedded in other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, snap chat, etc which is specifically used for communication.

One sweet thing about this feature is that you can send messages, photos, videos, hashtags, or even locations to people without letting the next person have an idea of what the message’s content is about.

What do you do on Instagram DM?

Before this time, Instagram had no special feature for sending private messages amongst its users. Not until December 2013.

When Instagram’s direct message came up live. However, it is important to know what is allowed to be sent via DM. The following list below is a few things that Instagram allows on DM.

  1. Sending photos and videos.
  2. Instagram allows its users to send ordinary text.
  3. Sending hashtags and locations
  4. Sending links.
  5. Instagram allows users to send comments made on Instagram stories directly to the message section.
  6. Forwarding disappearing messages
  7. Open a group message with 32 people maximum.

Using Instagram on Mac

It is quite unfortunate that Instagram can’t be used directly on Mac because you won’t enjoy the full mobile version experience of the application program features.

However, there are other ways to go about this. You need not be disappointed, there are two websites to illustrate how Instagram can be used on Mac. To begin, follow-through:

  1. If you don’t have the safari browser on your Mac(desktop/laptop). Download it
  2. Launch the browser
  3. Click on preferences and advances.
  4. Sort in
  5. On the top menu bar, click on develop
  6. Choose a user agent and type in the newest model of your iOS on the available list
  7. Reload Instagram and enjoy the experience it gives.

Another browser that allows you to experience the mobile version of the Instagram experience is the Vivaldi browser. To go about this, follow the steps below:

  1. If you don’t have the browser on your Mac, kindly download it.
  2. After you have launched the browser, By the top left side click on the plus(+) icon.
  3. Type in on the web panel section.
    1. Click on the home panel and experience the mobile version of the Instagram application program.

Instagram Apps for Mac

To date, there are no official Instagram apps for Mac. Although with an Instagram web application, you can view your photos, swipe through your Instagram feeds, and view your Instagram stories.

But you won’t be able to upload/post either on your Instagram feed or stories.

Surprisingly too, you cannot read nor send messages on Instagram via web application but with the immerse development on Instagram, The Instagram DM feature will be made accessible soon to many users around the globe.

One way to overcome this limitation on Mac is through the use of third minor apps that have been programmed to be compatible with all Instagram features on Mac.

These third minor apps are not approved by Instagram, but they will sometimes require your permission to have access to your password/username.

How to Read and Send Instagram Messages on Mac

There are a few possible ways to send and receive Instagram messages on Mac. These methods came up after a series of research was concluded. To begin, here are the possible ways below:

Facebook Creator Studio for Instagram

Although this tool is a game-changer, it doesn’t only allow you to read Instagram messages and send Instagram messages. To access this application program:

  1. First thing first, you need to have access to the website and kindly sort in

Note: Before you use this tool ensure you have a business Instagram account and a business Facebook page.

  1. When you have accessed Facebook creator studio for Instagram. Kindly click on your inbox, aside from the Facebook messages you will see. You’ll also notice an option for Instagram direct messages and when you tap on it, you get to see messages from your Instagram.

Flume App

This is one known free app used on Mac to read and send Instagram messages, share profiles, media, hashtags, and many more. This app has been used by many since Feb 2018. To use this application program, you’ll follow the steps accurately:

  1. If it is your first time, download the flume application program on your Mac.
  2. Open the zip and install.
  3. Launch the all and you’ll notice a pop-up. kindly sort in your Instagram username and password correctly.
  4. Once you’ve logged in, you will notice that the Application window for flume looks quite different from that of Instagram. However, the flume application program is the nicest app to read and send Instagram messages.

Note: With flume, you can do a whole lot. You can see your newsfeed and you click on view, you can see your explore page and lots more. But we will be focused on messages/conversations.

  1. On top of the menu bar on the window click on the view > conversations which bring up the direct message box. You can also flag a message for it to be shown top at the bookmark In the message box.
  2. To be able to send an Instagram message on the direct message box. Kindly click on the plus (+) sign and search for whoever you want to send a message to and forward the message to them.
  3. Try using a phone to launch Instagram to double-check if you’ll see the same messages on the mobile version of Instagram.

P.s: One interesting thing about the flume app is that you can filter messages to see messages you have missed or even choose to message your friends only by default settings.


This application program is compatible with Windows and Mac and can be used to send direct messages from the desktop.

The intriguing thing with this application program is that you can only read and send messages but cannot glimpse at your explore page, Instagram story, etc.

Funny enough, you see users that follow you and users that ain’t following you right back. That is heartbreaking, right? Using this application program is pretty quite simple:

  1. Download the application program on your desktop(Mac)
  2. Launch and verify IG: dm by simply signing up. A password will be sent to you via your email address.
  3. After that is done, type in the Instagram name of whoever you want to have a conversation with and kick off with it.

Get IM+ to Read and send Instagram Messages

IM+ is an ultra-compact messaging application that enables you to access different messaging applications like WeChat, Twitter, Tinder, etc. It also allows you to manage messages on applications like LinkedIn, Email, and Facebook.

The intriguing thing about this application program is that it improves your flexibility to switch between different messenger accounts at the same time.

While doing This, you can decide to mute notifications for the different messenger accounts if you wouldn’t want to be disturbed while working or attending to something very crucial.

The application functions properly on Mac especially for Mac OS X 10.9 or the newest versions.

The flume app I mentioned earlier is quite similar to IM+ although flume apps focus only on Instagram while IM+ gives you access to other messaging platforms which make it a game.

Available Features of Instagram DM on Mac

The Instagram DM feature on the mobile app is the same as the Instagram DM on Mac. After you have logged into Instagram from your desktop(Mac) and have accessed your Instagram direct messages, by the top right-hand corner of the message section. You will notice the (/) icon that when tapped upon you get to see Instagram features:

  • Mute message
  • Deleted chat
  • Block
  • Report

One interesting feature of the Instagram direct message is that you get to know when the other recipient is typing, which simply says typing••• phrase.

Aside from that, you are given a few options at the bottom of your message if either sending an emoji, dropping a heart, or sharing photos.

Whenever you receive a message on the Instagram DM, a red badge is placed on the new message that enables you to know that it is a new message.

And when you receive a message from a user that isn’t following, the message appears as a message request which when tapped upon you will be asked whether to move the message to the general or primary message section on the Instagram message section.

What Limitations are there

It is not a surprise that there are limitations to using Instagram DM on Mac. Originally, Instagram was launched as a mobile app and that is which using Instagram DM on Mac will have few limitations. A few of these limitations include:

  • Not being able to view IGTV (Instagram Television)
  • Not being able to read disappearing messages.

We have no idea what the future brings but with immerse developments on Instagram, it is believed that in no distant time. Instagram DM features will run perfectly well on Mac with any limitations.

Related Questions

Is There a Way to Preview Instagram Messages

There is no formal way to preview Instagram messages. However, you can view messages on the Instagram mobile app without being seen.

First, you should know that a short while after you send a message on Instagram it is usually shown ‘seen’ whether the recipient views the message or not.

Sadly, Instagram has no feature for viewing messages without being seen. Here are a few tricks to enable you to view messages without being seen when you receive a message on Instagram.

  • You are either advised to turn off your notifications or don’t tap on them when you get a notification that you have received a message.
  • Go back to your message and reload the message section even without reading the message.
  • Turn off your wifi and data completely and read the messages offline.
  • After that, you can come online right after reading the message in an offline mode.
  • The recipient will not be able to tell if you have read the message or not.

How do you Dm on Instagram with Google Chrome?

  • Set up Instagram for chrome
  • After that is done, install it and left click on the button that appears in the toolbar
  • Allow Instagram to have access to your account for proper authorization so you won’t need to log in when next you want to use Instagram for chrome
  • At this point, Instagram for chrome is set up. You can scroll through your Newsfeed, view photos, videos, leave comments, etc, like the mobile version of your Instagram application.
  • You can also tap on the three-dotted button at the top of your Instagram menu to continue browsing.

I trust you find this article valuable. With recent innovations on Mac devices, if you know any trick that will enable you to read and send a message on Mac. Please free feel to share.😍


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