How to Remove Phone Number From Instagram Business Profile 2021

Curious about knowing how to remove your phone number from your Instagram business Profile?

Could this be an issue of managing your privacy? Or for learning’s sake?

Whatever the case may be,


Instagram is a highly recommended social media tool originally designed to connect and network its users all around the world.

This Facebook-owned American photo and video sharing social media tool have so many features that encourage the user to upload and share beautiful moments with their followers, either through pictures, videos, gifs in the feed post or on Instagram stories.

Then IGTV LIVE and Reels which is one of the newest features added to give users the different options to tell their story and share their experience.

According to research, this application continues to climb up the top ladder in the highest download records as it is said to be the 4th highest downloaded app since its iOS version released in October 2010 and android in April 2012 by a software engineer Michael Krieger and a computer programmer who was a former google-employee Kevin Systrom.

With over 1.16 billion users and 500 million daily active users of Instagram stories, the app creators keep introducing new features to best meet the demand of their users.

One of them is the Instagram business page which is called the “business side of this app” and thus made the experience balanced and in full for all its users.

This social media tool provides you two sides of the experience which are “the play side -Regular Instagram page and the work side”- Instagram business page.

This business page is accessible to both small and large business owners, and it provides them with many features that aid in the marketing of their businesses and getting it in front of their target audience either by creating product awareness through running of campaigns and more.

A lot could be achieved by using this app from having a live session to having an engaging session on whichever of the features you choose to use.

In order words, Users can interact with their audience in different styles. Indeed, variety is the spice of life. It now makes sense to understand why that large number of people are attached to this app.

While joining this free platform, you will be asked to include your personal information which includes your phone number and email address, date of birth, and more.

The data gathered is what Instagram uses to connect you easily to your desired audience, as a “find friends features” or as a “suggested for you features”.

It means that anyone can find you on Instagram if they have your contact even when they do not know your username. This is clearly stated in their privacy policy upon registration.

In addition to this, including your detail is very useful in the business app as your customers can connect directly to you – concerning the service and products you offer. For example, if you sell shoes, your potential customers can reach out to you to place their orders.

Down the line, privacy issues have now become a major concern for the large users of this social media tool as statistics show they are below 35 years who would love to stay private but cannot be due to the presence of their phone number on Instagram app.

However, one of the commendable features of this networking tool is that you can choose to manage your privacy in the way that best suits you and this includes removing the phone number linked to your account.


Do You Want to Stay Private on Your Instagram Business Account

Let me show you how to go about it in 10 simple steps and guess what? I will share how your number can be deleted from your Instagram business profile both on your phone and on your PC.

Before we jump in, there are 3 important things you must take note of which are.

  • You will not be able to connect with friends from your contact once your number is removed.

This means you will have to search for them yourself as the “suggested for you” and “find friends” features will no longer function.

  • In the case of a forgotten password, you will not be able to recover using the phone number except through the verified email address you provided on your details, which brings me to the next very important notice.

Most persons end up deleting their accounts because of this singular act as they could no longer recover their password as their email address was not verified before they took out their phone number.

I do not want that for you, so take this very seriously!

Let’s dig in!

10 steps on how to Remove Phone Number from your Instagram Business Profile

    • How to disable Phone Number.
    • How to delete Phone Number.

STEP 1: Log in to your Instagram account on your phone.

You will see the home page.

STEP 2: Click on the profile icon at the bottom right of your phone.

A picture containing text, mammal, dog Description automatically generated

When you click on the profile icon, it takes you to your main page. Can you see “contact” on the main page? It means that anybody can contact you. It happens because you included your phone number while editing your profile.


    (You can skip this and move down if you wish to remove it permanently)

STEP 3: Once your profile is open, the next thing to do is click on Edit Profile.

When you click on it takes you to the next section that is the Contact Option.

STEP 4: In this section, scroll down to find the Contact Options. Click on it.

Can you see your contact option (Email, Phone, Address)? Click on it.

It will take you to the next section.

STEP 5: In this section, you will find your phone number, asking how you will like to be reached.

Click on the numbers to delete.

You can see that it has been removed.

Click on the mark sign top right. It will redirect you to your contact option.

Here you can see that you have nothing on your business phone number.

Then click on the mark sign top right it will take you back to the Edit Profile box.

Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generated If you look at the contact section, you will find that there is no contact there. It is because it has been disabled. Click on the mark sign at the top right to return to your main page.


Can you see it has been disabled? Your contact is no longer available on the main page as email is replacing it. So, if you click on the email, it takes them to the option of asking what channel they prefer to send a mail (Email or Gmail).

That is how to disable your contact on your Instagram business profile

If you have made up your mind to delete it permanently. Here is for you!


Steps 1 and 2 applies to both.


Click on the “Edit profile” box. Scroll down to find personal information settings.

Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generatedSTEP 4:

Click on the personal information settings. It will direct you to the “personal information box.”

Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generatedSTEP 5:

Here you will find your details, kindly click on the phone number.

Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generated It would take you to the “Enter your Phone Number” section.

STEP 6: At this point, all you need to do is clear your phone number and tap on the “Right arrow ” in the upper right corner.

Scroll down to see your number GONE!



Are you serious about it not working after several attempts? You are not alone. Scroll down to see the reason why it did not work and how to fix it.


If you enjoy using your Instagram on your Pc, then this is for you. Before I share the steps below, the three things to note mentioned above also apply to you.

It is necessary to verify your email address before you proceed to remove your phone number.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Type “” in the address box.
  3. Once it opens, login into the account. You can either login using your username and password or connect through your Facebook account.
  4. The homepage is what you see once you have logged into your account.
  5. On the homepage, you will see a profile icon at the top right.
  6. Click on profile.
  7. Once it opens, click on the Edit profile.
  8. In this section, scroll down to find the phone number box.
  9. Clear your phone number from the box.
  10. Click on the submit button.

Hurray, your phone number has been taken out of your Instagram.

Having Troubles Deleting Your Phone Number From the Instagram Business App

Are you still seeing your number after several attempts to remove it?

Well, you are not alone!

A lot of complaints from different persons online point to the same issue of not being able to remove their phone numbers after following the process.

They still find their contact number on the app even after adding a verified email. It is a different case for those disabling, as you have got nothing to worry about. After many findings, we were able to pinpoint the causes and fix this issue.

Let’s Fix It Once and for All

The problem here is that this phone number removal process listed above does not seem to work on the phone for few persons. However, we figured out the solution.

It works perfectly when you edit it using a browser rather than the app itself. We suggest that you login into your browser and input the URL “” then follow the steps again.

One interesting thing you must know about doing this through your browser is that it gives you more privacy options like the option of not suggesting your account to others which you cannot find on the app.

This means, when Instagram is sending a suggestion for you to others, your account will not be inclusive. Isn’t that interesting to know?

So, you can go private by removing both your phone number and unticking the suggestion option too.

At this point, We can say


Your Number Has Been Successfully Removed.

Like I mentioned above, do ensure that your email is verified to avoid having trouble in case of a password recovery issue.

    • Allow me to show you how to quickly get your email address verified.

Follow the same step as above.

What you will be doing differently is that you will click on the email address instead of the phone number.

It will take you to the email address section,

Input your email address and click on the correct mark on the top right.

Once that is done, you will get an email notification in your mailbox asking you to verify your email address.

Click on the verify button to verify.

It will direct you back to your Instagram account with a “Your email has been verified” notification.

Super Easy!


Instagram is a great app that has a lot of features to explore and Yes, you have the right to manage your privacy.

If for any reason you choose to reduce the rate of people finding you on this social media app, all you need to do is follow this process to unlink your phone number from the app.

Do not forget to use your browser as the app itself could be limiting. Another best advice is to go incognito when you want to use the browser.

If for any reason you decide to boost your visibility or return to default, follow the same process to input your phone number.

Enjoy your privacy!

Double tap if this was helpful.

Your turn,

Comment below, let me know if you were able to remove your Phone number.


Joy Onaghise


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