How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram 2021

Scrolling through Instagram sometimes is quite impressive with videos, photos, and seeing our favorite influencers, but the search engine sometimes can be quite limiting.

Including multiple hashtags can help find the best demographics and relevant hashtags a simple wave but getting around the Instagram app to search can be frustrating.

Most Instagram users who consider themselves Instagram experts understand the importance of multiple hashtags. If you are looking for ways to search for multiple hashtags, all you have to do is to keep reading.

Short story! Did you know that the story of hashtags began in 2007? I bet you didn’t know that. Well, it all started with Chris Messina, when he tweeted, “how do you feel about using # for groups.”

And so it all began, and hashtags have become a significant part of all social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Most people are not aware of the implication of using hashtags in posts; hashtags can make and also break your Instagram strategy depending on how you use it, though.

You can get your post seen by a lot of people, especially the right people that might be needing your products or services, providing you use the hashtag correctly.

You can also do a lot of damage to your account, ranging from annoying followers to getting penalized if you use the hashtag wrongly.

To be on the right side, you need to understand how these hashtags work and then devise a good strategy. However, you are just in the right place to execute that.

Let’s quickly find out more about these hashtags and dive into how to search them in multiple. But first, do you really understand what a hashtag is really?

What are Hashtags

How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram

How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram

An average person will tell that when you have a word or phrase that consists of numbers or letters with no space between them and the # symbol included at the beginning, then we have a hashtag.

The hashtag is usually used to identify keywords on social media and make these keywords discoverable.

When included in a post, these hashtags are clickable, and anyone who clicks on the hashtags or searches for a hashtag will be taken to the other page of the content or see all content related to the searched hashtag.

Therefore, the phrase next to the # is called a meta tag, and there is no particular action needed to use or begin a hashtag. All you have to do is simply put the word or phrase in front of the # symbol with no space between them.

Now, anyone who uses a hashtag in their post, that content is automatically indexed on the social network immediately, and social media users can search that hashtags to find your post.

You should know hashtags are not case sensitive, meaning you can use the hashtag both in uppercase or lowercase letters. The problem you will encounter is when you include space, dots, and punctuations, your hashtags will not work.

I’m sure you wonder what the hashtag use cases are? Well, some social media platforms use hashtag for specific purposes, mainly to categorize posts, although every social media release some rules for users who want to use hashtags.

On Instagram, hashtags are usually used when a user wants to see pictures similar to your photo’s content. Simply include a relevant hashtag in your post to show you your post and other posts with the same hashtag.

Why Instagram Hashtags

With the little detail on what hashtag is, you will agree that hashtag is an effective way to build and expand your Instagram audience.

How? Well, when you include a hashtag to your post, your post will also be listed on the page for that hashtag. The same thing applies to Instagram stories;

when you use a hashtag on your story, it might also be listed among relevant Instagram stories that will also appear on the hashtag page.

Another reason to use hashtags is that people who view your hashtagged story might decide to follow you, which will be an addition to your followers.

Is it that easy? Well, yes! Hashtags can connect many people to their interests, and using one will put your posts out there for anyone running a hashtag search.

Using relevant hashtags will make your page easy for potential and existing followers to find your page.

Using Instagram hashtags is another great way to build a stable online community to motivate people to engage with your brand.

To build your online presence, optimize your post, increase your Instagram value, you need to understand that hashtags play a significant role. Including hashtags on your post can connect to a wide range of Instagram users and gain more engagement.

Just like how so many things go out of style, specific hashtags can also fade out after some time. This is the reason why you must use trending hashtags if you want to keep your post relevant and gain exposure.

Eventually, every Instagram user wants their account to remain relevant and stay in vogue.

What Type of Hashtags Do We Have

For the purpose of better understanding, we will dive into listing out the different types of Instagram hashtags we have. This will help you understand the concept of multiple hashtags on Instagram.

Daily Hashtag

Every day of the week comes with its own hashtags ranging from #Moneymakingmonday all through to #BlessingSunday. There is a whole list of different hashtags for you to choose from to make your content relevant.

Product and Service Hashtags

These hashtags are just keywords that best describe your product and services. Do you own a restaurant? Well, you could make your content on Instagram more visible by adding a hashtag like #healthydish or #yummylunch.

Niche Hashtags

These keywords are more specific because they clearly show where your product or services fit in your Industry. Do you like taking pictures of nature or food? Well, you could use hashtags like #travelblogger or #foodblogger, respectively.

Special Event Hashtags

These keywords usually refer to special or seasonal occasions like festivities or National holidays. You could use hashtags like #Christmas or #Independence to celebrate the festival or the National holidays and every other holiday.

 Community Hashtags

Different communities have built a strong online presence on Instagram, and using relevant keywords as hashtags can help other Instagram users find these pages. Hashtags like #writerscommunity or #fashiondesigners

 Location Hashtags

Just like other hashtags can make your post visible to users who run a search for that hashtag, you can include a hashtag of your location as well, like #Londonview or #Dubai.

 Acronym Hashtags

There are different acronym hashtags that many social media users already use. Among them are these prevalent ones like #TBT for Throwback Thursday, YOLO for you only live once. The most trending acronym is #OOTD for outfit of the day.

You can use other hashtags to make your posts relevant, such as brand hashtags, relevant, and emoji hashtags. You are probably wondering if you could use more than one hashtag on a post.

Well, the answer is yes, you can use up to 30 hashtags on a single post and 10 hashtags on your Instagram story. However, if you exceed this number on your post or story, your post’s caption won’t post.

However, just because you can include that number of hashtags for your Instagram post or story does not mean you should.

There is no particular number of hashtags that are right for a business or personal post, but however, it is recommended to use at most 11 hashtags.

Whichever number you decide to use, it will be best if you do some testing to find out what strategy works best for the business.

How to Search Multiple hashtags on Instagram

Getting the right hashtags and relevant posts can be difficult as there are many influencers on Instagram. Aside from the pool of influencers with irrelevant posts, some newbies on Instagram can clutter Instagram pages with hashtags entirely unrelated to their posts.

The more hashtags you search for on Instagram, the more specific results you will get.

However, for an influencer who is quite familiar with the dos and don’ts of Instagram and in the business of digital marketing, they certainly know that getting the right hashtags is a necessity.

Regrettably, Instagram does not come with multi-tag search features. What do you do in this situation? Well, if you keep on reading, you will find out the options we have compiled for you.

Display Purpose

First on our list is the straightforward and simple Instagram website that is absolutely free to use, ultra-intuitive, and just the bomb to get unique and relevant hashtags.

Simply punch in a hashtag or two in the search bar of the website, and you will receive a whole lot of related, relevant, and high listed hashtags automatically. You should also know that the more hashtags you type in, the more specific results you will get.

The Display Purposes app has an instant copy & paste to make captioning easy for users and comes with hashtags performance ranking, which is free.

The hashtag tool also makes it easy to find local geotags with a global map feature that will help create a different style of related hashtags.

All Hashtag

The next option on our list is this free app that comes with a whole of exciting features. This site is quite helpful, although a bit cluttered but the hashtag generator feature allows users to select the topic of their choice.

The user can then choose from the top, live, and even random rankings of any related tags.

Even more, this option also offers a free hashtag creator, which converts plain captions to tagged topics and also provides a daily ranking of relevant hashtags, variety of demographics performance for specific hashtags.

It would be best and fun if you played with these features, and you are sure to get enough topics related and trending hashtags.

Meta Hashtags

This is one of the latest Instagram search engines that offer top-notch comprehensive management tools for specific hashtags. Just like other options listed, this site is also free.

However, you have to search for the tags individually, then collect these tags into a custom group, which are automatically analyzed for top performance. Now, the collected data will be exported to a downloadable document, which is also free.

Apart from this fantastic feature, the Meta hashtag also offers tips and an updated list of Insta-banned hashtags for users.

Although searching for these hashtags individually can be a bit frustrating, the benefit of using this web app cannot be over-emphasized, especially for small businesses and brand-boosting.


When talking about the best keywords suggestion for your Instagram account, you can trust Hashtagify to give you the best.

It has paid plans where you enjoy captivating keyword suggestions based on your captions, competitor hashtag analysis, and automated reports.

However, you can still enjoy the free features that are also available and the free trial that is also available.

What we like about this option the most is the fact you can track your hashtags and monitor to see if the tags are trending or fading out.

This feature is quite helpful if you like to schedule Instagram posts or publish on Instagram in advance. Finally, you can also find top Instagram influencers for your included hashtags with this hashtag tool.

Hashtag Expert

This hashtag tool only works for iOS users only and also a paid tool with free features and a free trial period. With this hashtag tool, all you have to do is enter a hashtag and allow the hashtag expert to find similar hashtags that you can use for your post.

You can also explore groups of relevant and trending hashtags that have already been sorted out in categories and copy them easily.

With this hashtag tool, you can also save hashtags groups to use later, and the hashtag report will show you the expected performance of hashtags groups. This tool will help you select the trending tags that will help the user get more likes. You should give it a try.

Tailwind Hashtag Finder

This is also a paid tool with a free trial and will work on iOS and Android devices. This new and quite improved hashtag finder will suggest hashtags for posts to add with your captions, which means you don’t have to come up with a base hashtag.

There are always new, fresh suggestions, and if you are not comfortable with any of them, simply search for a new suggestion or tap the refresh button.

You can also check a hashtag and find out how many times it appears on Instagram to help you decide which of the hashtags to use.

The hashtag suggestion tool’s good, niche, best and co9mpetitive indicators will allow a user to get a mix of hashtags that will, of course, increase your reach.

How to use Hashtags on Instagram

As stated earlier, just because you have the opportunity to use a large number of hashtags does not mean that you should.

You are reading the right article because we have compiled a whole list of the best ways to use hashtags to guide you in your hashtags journey. All you have to do is to keep reading, and you will be including hashtags in no time.

· If your goal for opening an Instagram account is growth, then you should always keep your profile public. This is because if your account is private, your tagged posts won’t appear on any popular hashtag pages, which will be a complete waste of energy.

·You should also understand that tags work differently when included in comments and captions. You should never include hashtags below your post in a comment, and you should reply to comments below your post in the first 24 hours. Commenting early will get your post featured as one of the top posts on the tag’s page.

Monitor your Post to Know Which Tags Work Best

If you have already made the switch to an Instagram business profile, then you have access to post insights that will monitor your post and tell you the impressions or engagements you received from hashtags.

These Instagram analytics will give you access to data that will help you figure out which hashtag is effective to reach more potential followers.

Be sure to Include Hashtags in your Instagram Stories.

Most Instagram users are not aware that hashtags pages have a separate Instagram story icon located just at the top corner. You can click on it and see a whole collection of story posts with different hashtags from people with public profiles.

To improve your reach, you should always ensure you include a relevant and related hashtag to your story. You can add hashtags of your choice to your story in two ways.

The first method is to use a hashtag sticker, and the second is to use the text tool and the # symbol and add the hashtag just as you do to your Instagram posts.

Ensure you Avoid Banned and Spammy Hashtags

There is some inappropriate content that might be associated with a hashtag, which may lead to the blocking of that hashtag to avoid reaching more people.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot use the hashtag; it means that if you click on such hashtags, you will only get to see the top and previous posts and not recent posts.

Always ensure that you check to confirm if a hashtag has been banned. This is because when you use a banned hashtag, there could be a drop in your post engagement and your other tags becoming less effective.

Ensure that you always double-check your tag lists to be sure that none is banned.

You should also avoid hashtags that obviously solicit for likes and followers as they may attract spammers, bots, and a user with no intention to engage with you. Avoid hashtags like #followme, #follow4follow, #pleaselike, and many more.

Avoid the use of Repetitive or Irrelevant Hashtags.

You have to learn the act of not including irrelevant or not related hashtags just to be seen by a lot of Instagram users. If you continue to use the same hashtags for most of your posts, the Instagram algorithm will have your content penalized.

When you drop a post, include a hashtag that makes sense and is related to your post. The goal is not getting attention from a lot of people but from the right set of Instagram users.

Always ensure that you tag your Instagram content with only relevant and current hashtags. Many influencers these days use random tags to attract followers, but it will be best to consistent and true to your brand to reach your top demographic.

Save Hashtags for Later

If you are fond of using a particular hashtag, you can save it to avoid typing it all over again. Hold on, I know I told you not to use the hashtag on every post; it is true. You shouldn’t overuse a particular hashtag.

You can simply have a list of relevant hashtags that are related to your niche for future use. A quick reminder; don’t just copy a whole saved list on your post and ensure that your hashtags are relevant and not too repetitive.

Remember, you can only add at most 30 hashtags per post and only 10 for story, so be sure that you chose just the right hashtags for your content.

Be very cautious when using hashtags, emphasis on branded and community hashtags. Brand hashtags are specific and will help you engage more with customers and campaigns.

On the other hand, community hashtags will get your post to like-minded users and hence engagement. Therefore, be sure to research top brands and influencers pages for new ideas on the hashtags to use.


Can I get Hashtags in my Area?

Yes! All you have to do is enter location-based keywords in the search bar to find hashtags in your area. Look at the suggested Instagram tags and type in your state, note hashtags, and then voila!

Can I include a Hashtag on my Instagram Story?

Yes! You can now add hashtags to your Instagram story. You can do this with text, a sticker, or a location tag.

How can I add more than one Hashtag to my Instagram Story?

Yes! You can do this in two ways. You can do this using a hashtag sticker or using the text tool and type in the hashtags. You can add more than 1 hashtag and up to 10 hashtags.


Instagram has grown to have a whole lot of exciting and fun features that you should explore thoroughly. As you have read, using a hashtag is quite easy and helpful for different purposes, all to improve and build your online presence.

However, you should not forget to use the tips listed above when using these hashtags, as they will help you reach your desired goals.

You should also focus on your brand, content, and your goal to grow. Using Instagram hashtags is a real handy feature, especially for those who run businesses, and it is wonderful that you can now search for multiple hashtags on Instagram.

Ensure you use any of the tools listed above and think very well about which one to use.




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