How To See If Someone Is Active On Instagram 2021

There are some Instagram users you just want to see if they’re active on the platform or not. Maybe you made a new post but they haven’t reacted to it and you want to confirm if they’re available online or not.

Instagram has features that allow you to see if someone is online or not, and also the last time they’re active on the platform. Everyone is able to see this option unless the user is running a private account or they have blocked you.

Instagram has the “last seen’ feature which you can see on all accounts with the exceptions mentioned above. Earlier on, the feature was not available on Instagram, it was only available on Facebook and WhatsApp, but as you already know, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are owned by the same company.

Instagram decided to introduce the feature to its users and it was very helpful. Without this feature you’ll have to do things manually by checking the user’s profile and see the last time they have performed some activity, either by checking their new posts, likes or comments.

In the DM you can see the last activity of Instagram users, you’ll be able to see if they’re online or not, and by default, all accounts have this option.

They can however decide to prevent users from seeing their last seen activities just like on WhatsApp and Facebook. When you find that you can’t see the last activity of any Instagram user, chances are they’ve disabled this feature.

In this post we’ll share how to see if someone is active on Instagram, plus some useful info that will help you monitor some of their activities with ease.

Who Can See If You’re Active On Instagram

How To See If Someone Is Active On Instagram

How To See If Someone Is Active On Instagram

Your followers won’t be able to see whether you’re online or not unless you’re following them. You should have peace of mind knowing that most of your followers have no idea when you come online.

The second category of users that can see whether you’re active or not are the people you have created a conversation through the DM. Once someone has sent you a direct message or you’re the one that initiated the DM, they’ll be able to see if you’re online or not.

The feature of the “Last Seen” status is available in the DM and Instagram added the feature so that you can see who’s online to initiate a conversation. You can see that this feature is designed on purpose to help you find users you can chat with.

How To See If Someone Is Active On Instagram

In the DM

A green dot will show up next to their username and also the photo inside DM. That’s why if you want to know whether someone is active or not, you should consider sending them a DM so that you can create a message thread that allows you to see their online status.

Last seen message will be displayed in the DM

When you open up the DM thread between you and the user you want to check for their activity, you’ll be able to see a last seen message.

If they’re online you’ll see the message “Seen” and if they’re currently typing you a message you’ll see “Typing”. You can also see the last time they’re online like “Active 25m ago” or “Active yesterday”. Whatever duration it is, you’ll notice their last activity.

A green gear will show up on their post

You can still view their online status with the green gear dot which is next to their username and the photo they posted. If there is no direct message thread between you and them, this is the best way to check whether someone is currently active on Instagram or not.

These are so far the three ways you can see if someone is currently active on Instagram or not. If you realize that you can’t see the last seen or activity status of any online user, it means they’ve disabled the feature.

By default though, you’ll be able to see the online status of every Instagram user. There are some exceptions though and we’ll talk about them later. Let’s share how to hide your Instagram online status or last seen activity.

How To Disable Online Status Or Activity On Instagram

For privacy reasons, Instagram allows users to hide their visibility. That’s to say, when they come online you wouldn’t notice. You’ll have to do things manually by checking the profile to see the last activity they’ve done on Instagram.

Like checking the last time they upload a new post or story, or when they comment on posts. The green gear icon won’t show up on their username and also there won’t be a last seen message that reads “Active 20 minutes ago” or “Active yesterday”.

But one important thing to note is that there is reciprocity when you disable this feature, meaning that you cannot see other people’s activity also. This is the same that happens on WhatsApp, you can’t view their activities even in the direct message thread. Here is how to hide your activity and online status on Instagram;

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the profile icon that’s at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  3. Then the “Three dot lines” on the top right.
  4. Tap on the “Settings” option.
  5. Next, you tap on the “Privacy” option.
  6. You’ll see the option “Activity Status”.
  7. You should “Toggle off” the gear icon, this action has disabled your online status view on Instagram.

This is how you can disable activity or online status on Instagram, you should however note that, unlike on Facebook where you have the option to disable read receipts, you can’t do that on Instagram.

They can still see when you open and read the direct message they sent to you, the “Seen” message will be displayed showing that the receiver has opened the message. Let us move ahead and talk about the reasons why you can’t view the last seen status of some Instagram users.

Reasons Why You Can’t See Online Or Activity Status On Instagram

They’ve hidden their status from their account settings

This is what we’ve just finished talking about if they decided to disable the feature from their account “Settings” under “Privacy”, no one can view their online status.

But the good part as stated is that they will not also be able to view the online status of any Instagram user unless they turn ON the feature in their account. This is so far the number one reason why you can’t view the online status or last seen activity of some Instagram users.

The user isn’t following you

Before you’re able to see the last seen activity of any Instagram user, chances are they’re not following you and at the same time they don’t have any conversation with you.

If you want to be monitoring their last seen activity, you should request them to follow your account since you’re already following them.

You haven’t created any DM thread

We’ve mentioned that you will be able to see their online status on other posts they’ve made by just noticing the “Green Gear” icon which is next to their username and photo.

The green gear icon is only shown when they’re online, if they’ve been around some hours ago or since yesterday, you won’t be able to see that.

The last seen status is only displayed in the DM like “Active 40 minutes ago” or “Active Yesterday”. You have to create a DM thread before you can see this last seen message.

The user has blocked you

Not only you can’t view their online status or last activity, you won’t be able to see any of their content when they block you, but you can see their comments on other public accounts.

One way is to check their profile, if you can see their latest activities on Instagram, like their posts, stories and comments, then they haven’t blocked you, and the next possible reason why you can’t see their last seen status might be because they’ve disabled their online visibility status which we discussed previously.

If it turns out you’re not seeing any content on their profile, it means they’ve blocked you and there is nothing you can do here unless they have unblocked you.

You should also note that once any Instagram user blocks you, they won’t be able to see your activities also and they can’t engage with you by any means just like you can’t do that from your account also when they block you.

Their Instagram account is private

This is also another reason for not being able to see their online status or activity on Instagram. Before you’re able to see the content of private accounts, you must become their follower, and following a private account isn’t automatically approved like in the case of public accounts.

You have to send the follow request and they’ll have to approve the request before you can engage with them on Instagram. When you visit the profile of a private account you’re not following, you’ll find that no content is displayed.

The only option you might have is to send them a direct message and they can block you from sending it again after the first one.

If you send them a follow request and they don’t know you, you can send them a direct message to explain who you’re and why you want to connect with them. Once they approve your follow request you can now view the “last seen” message just like any other account.

Instagram limits “Last Active” status to the first 25 on your DM

This is also another reason why the “Last Active” status is hidden for some users. When you scroll to the 25th user in your DM list, you’ll realize that the last active status is now hidden from you.

We don’t know the reason why they’re doing this but this is how things work on Instagram. We can draw the conclusion that Instagram displays the “Last Active” status for the recent conversations you had and they shouldn’t be more than 25.

If you want to see the last seen status of a user that’s not included in the top 25, you should consider sending them a message so that they can be placed on the top list of your recent conversations.

They have restricted you

This is different from “Account Block” because when they block you, you won’t be able to see any of their content nor interact with them by any means.

While the “Restriction” feature on the other hand, hides their activity only for the account they have restricted. When they turn off the online status feature, no one can view their activity, but “Restriction” is for specific accounts.

So if it happens that they’ve restricted you, you won’t be able to view their online status or last activity status.

Your app has a bug

Once your Instagram app is corrupt, it won’t work properly and the last seen activity may be hidden from you, or you’ll find that incorrect info is displayed. One of the reasons why the Instagram app is corrupt is not updating the app for a long time.

The second reason is corrupt cache and data, you’ll have to clear this data in order to fix your app. In some cases, you’ll have to reinstall the app before it can work properly.

No internet connection

If the app is already open and you suddenly lost connection, you can’t view their “Last Activity” status. You should check your internet connection to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Check your internet data to ensure that your subscription hasn’t exhausted or expired and if you’re using Wi-Fi, you should consider restarting your router. Also, switch to another available Wi-Fi network you have.

These are so far the reasons why you’re not able to view the online status or Last activity status of any Instagram user.

You should figure the reason from your own part and you’ll definitely be able to fix it. That’s it for this article and we hope it’s helpful to you, let us know if you have any thoughts in the comment section below.


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