How To Share YouTube Videos on Instagram 2021

Currently, YouTube is the second largest search engine when it comes to online traffic, you’ll enjoy a lot of benefits by uploading your videos on YouTube.

One thing however about YouTube is that your videos won’t start receiving traffic automatically.

You’ll have to share your videos on different platforms to start generating some engagement for the video, then YouTube will start ranking your videos in search results and in suggested videos.

The best platform you can share your YouTube video is Instagram, provided you have active followers, your videos will start receiving traffic really fast.

Not only receiving traffic to your YouTube videos, but it’s also a way to engage with your Instagram followers and also appeal to them.

There is no better content than videos, the most trending content on social media sites is video content, that’s why you don’t want to miss sharing your YouTube videos on Instagram.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to share YouTube videos on your Instagram account.

Why And When To Share YouTube Videos On Instagram

How To Share YouTube Videos on Instagram 2021

How To Share YouTube Videos on Instagram 2021

Drive traffic

If you want to drive traffic to any content online, you need to utilize social media sites like Instagram. The audience is already there and you just need to place the content in front of them in order to start receiving traffic.

Whether it’s a video or a blog post, you should share it on your Instagram profile, traffic is guaranteed if you have active followers.

Some YouTubers are in the habit of paying other Instagrammers with active followers to promote their video content and it really works.

That’s to say there is a good return on investment, sharing your YouTube videos on Instagram will help you generate more audience and also new subscribers to your YouTube channel.

To keep things short, if you want to get traffic to your YouTube videos, you should share them on Instagram and it can either be your Instagram account or third-party accounts.

Create a teaser

Instagram doesn’t normally allow uploading long videos, if you want to promote a lengthy video, you should create a short teaser that will lead viewers to the full version of the video.

This way you’re generating a targeted audience to your original video. They’ve already watched a short video regarding your content and when they land on the long video, it means they’re more interested in what you have to offer.

Creating a short teaser is simple, you can just cut some part of the video, not more than three minutes, and then add a link for the continuation of the video.

Promote older videos

You can promote your older YouTube videos on Instagram, just because your videos are some years old, it doesn’t mean the content and information is outdated.

You’ll find that older videos won’t receive the attention they deserve on YouTube, by sharing on Instagram and generating new traffic from your followers, you’re showing YouTube that your videos are still relevant.

Generate shares for your videos

If you really have valuable videos, you’ll generate a lot of shares on Instagram and it will be an endless promotion for your YouTube videos.

Your followers will start sharing with their followers and their followers will also share, that’s how it continues. You’ll end up with massive free visitors to your videos that will turn into followers and also become your YouTube subscribers.

So far these are some of the benefits of uploading YouTube videos on Instagram and you can see that you’re missing a ton of traffic if you’re not utilizing Instagram to promote your videos. Let’s now dive into the main subject of this article, which’s how to share YouTube videos on Instagram.

How To Share Youtube Video On Instagram

Can You Share YouTube Videos Directly On Instagram

First, you need to understand whether it’s possible to share YouTube videos directly on Instagram, we’re talking of directly uploading on Stories or IGTV.

The short answer to this question is Instagram doesn’t allow sharing YouTube videos directly on the platform. In other words, users can’t watch your videos directly on Instagram that are hosted on YouTube.

If you open the video on YouTube and click the share button, you will not see Instagram included and that’s another clear indication that Instagram isn’t officially supported.

There is however a share button for Instagram when you’re using the YouTube app on your phone and the video can only be shared through DM since clickable links are supported.

If you still consider sharing the YouTube video through direct message, it will be tiresome to send a video link to a lot of users, you’ll end up spending lots of time following this route.

Another downside of this method is that you’re limited to the number of DM’s you can send every hour and every single day.

If you exceed this limit you can end up with account suspension or get blocked from sending DMs. You’ll definitely prefer a simpler method that allows you to share or upload the video once so that many people can view the video at once.

You can still share links and also find a way to upload your videos on Instagram, we’ll talk about that next.

Sharing Your YouTube Videos On Instagram Posts

This is one of the easiest methods for sharing a YouTube video on Instagram. All you have to do is create your post and then include your YouTube video URL in the post.

The post can be a little description of the video and you can direct users to click the video link for full information.

There is a downside to this however, Instagram doesn’t support clickable links in posts, Clickable links are only supported in Bio and DM.

When you add a YouTube video link, the user has to copy and paste the link on their browser so that they can be taken to the YouTube video page.

This is how you can share a YouTube video URL in your post, let’s now move on to the second method of sharing YouTube videos on Instagram.

Method Two: How To Share Youtube Videos On Instagram

This method involves downloading the YouTube video and then uploading it to Instagram Stories or IGTV. If you’re the owner of the YouTube video you can then upload your video files directly on Instagram.

If you’re the owner but don’t have access to the video, you have to download the video using the steps we’re about to outline.

You need to keep in mind that before downloading and sharing any YouTube video in your Instagram account, you have to make sure that you have the permission to do so since you’re not the creator of the content.

YouTube has CC videos (Creative Commons), this is a license that allows users to use the video uploaded on YouTube without the need to contact the owner.

This doesn’t mean you have a copyright on the video, you’re just granted permission to share the video content on other sources like Instagram.

If it’s not a Creative Common video, you have to contact the owner and request permission to share on Instagram or any platform you intend to upload the video.

With that said, let’s take a look at how to download a video on YouTube and then upload it on Instagram.

Downloading the YouTube video

You’ll need the YouTube video URL which you’ll input in any YouTube downloader. There are lots of desktop applications and mobile apps that allow downloading YouTube videos.

There are also online services you can use to download any video you want and I think you should use them since they don’t require installing any app on your computer or Smartphone.

Some of the most popular online services for downloading YouTube videos are y2mate, Keepvid, or Tubemate. Paste any of these services in Google and click through the URL.

You can explore more options by searching on Google, search for “YouTube downloader” and you’ll see plenty of options to choose from and I am sure the three services mentioned above will be listed on the first page of Google Search.

You can also use desktop apps like FDM (Free Download Manager) or IDM (Internet Download Manager), you just need to add your YouTube video URL and the video will be downloaded for you.

When downloading a YouTube video, make sure you set to download a high-quality format. Most of these YouTube downloaders will show different options to choose from, including 720pm, 480p, 360p, and more.

Always choose the highest quality and make sure to select mp4 as the download format, you can still download other formats and later convert using video converters.

Make The Video Compatible With Instagram

As you already know, Instagram has standards for uploading videos on Stories and IGTV. Your videos at best should be 1080p with an aspect ratio of 4:5, or you can use a 1:1 aspect ratio if the former is too extreme for you.

If you’re uploading the video to IGTV, you should use the aspect ratio of 9:16 and dimensions should be 1080×1920 pixels.

The format as mentioned should be MP4 or any other popular format accepted for Instagram uploads. Once your video format is ready it’s time to upload it on Instagram.

Uploading the video on Instagram

How To Share A YouTube video On Instagram Stories

First of all, if you have a minimum of 10,000 followers or you’re running a verified account, Instagram gives you the option to swipe up links and that’s where you can share YouTube URLs directly.

Chances are you don’t qualify for the two conditions above, you’ll have to upload the video you downloaded previously from YouTube.

There are some tools out there that claim to let you swipe up links even if your followers aren’t up to 10k or if you don’t have a verified Instagram account. You can try using a tool like AiSchedul to see if it can do the task for you.

If you want to upload the YouTube video, you’ll upload it just like any other story upload in your Camera Roll. Launch the Instagram app and tap the “+” sign that’s at the bottom of your screen.

Select your video, add description and tags for the video and then publish the video to go live.

How to upload multiple videos on Instagram stories

Instagram supports uploading multiple videos in your Stories and can be done directly using the app. You just need to click on the smiley face icon and then select the videos you want to upload on Instagram Stories.

You should note that you’re only allowed to add no more than 10 videos at once, at least for a new account. Foraged accounts, maybe they can add more.

How To Share YouTube Videos on Instagram Bio

We’ve already stated that Instagram allows adding clickable links in the bios, if you want to share a live YouTube video link, you can add the link to your Bio page which will be clickable.

There is a limitation because you can only add just one link, this means sharing only one video on your Bio, at least for now. Maybe feature updates will allow users to add multiple links on the Bio page.

How To Share Youtube Video On IGTV

IGTV allows uploading longer videos than stories and if the YouTube video you want to share is lengthy, you should consider uploading it to IGTV.

You can upload the video directly and you can share a link to the YouTube video in the description. If you’re offering a training series, you can just upload the first video and provide a link where users can access the remaining training or course.

That’s it on how to share YouTube videos on Instagram, you have seen the different methods of uploading YouTube videos and it’s up to you to decide the method that will suit you best.

If you have any method that’s not listed in this post, please do let us know in the comments section below or if you have some helpful ideas you want to share with our audience. Thank you for reading.


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