How to Solve Instagram Posts Not Showing Up In Hashtags

Hashtags are really versatile and useful tools, but only when used appropriately. They assist people in keeping ahead of things that are trending, and they also help to create a community for people that have an interest in similar topics.

You can make a post about fashion and use a popular hashtag under fashion or accessories.

Anybody that really has an interest in fashion or accessories would be able to see your post, like it easily, and even comment on it without having to follow you. This actually helps to give your post more reach.

You can search for a Particular Post on Instagram using Hashtags by either

How to Solve Instagram Posts Not Showing Up In Hashtags

How to Solve Instagram Posts Not Showing Up In Hashtags

  • Going to the Instagram search bar and typing the keyword you think would be on the post that you want to see.
  • Or you can choose a hashtag you found in a comment section or image caption that also relates to the post you have in mind.

The best thing about the first option is that it avails you the opportunity to discover several other hashtags that would be relevant to your searches.

It is even possible to stumble upon something that would be preferable to what you were actually searching for in the first place.

Another method to find a post that you feel would be linked to a particular hashtag is to use the option called ‘Tags.’ You can also find it under the search bar, and it works in the same way.

One major thing to keep a note of is that it is vital always to remember that while entering your hashtag, you must always type the “#” sign before it. This is the format of hashtags on all social media platforms, and Instagram uses the same format too.

This means that if you are to search for “books” using a hashtag, you must write it in the form of “#books” and not just directly as “books.”

If you follow this format, the application would be able to search for the word as a tag and fish out all posts that have the “#book” tag.

Another important thing you must not forget is that it is only a post that has been linked with a hashtag that can be found by searching for that same tag. Hashtags are like placeholders.

You have to intentionally and carefully add them to your own posts in order for your post to be findable when a search for that particular tag is done.

If the tag in question is missing from your post, there is absolutely no way your post would be found under that hashtag when a search is done.

Now the question is how you can solve the problem of your Instagram posts not showing up in hashtags? There are several reasons why your posts on Instagram might not show in Hashtags.

It could be that the hashtags you are using on your posts have already been banned, or you are putting these hashtags in the wrong places.

It could also be that you used the hashtags wrongly, and you got your posts shadowbanned. The thing is, there is no way you can solve your problem if you are not certain of the root of the problem.

So here are some of the reasons your posts might not be showing up in hashtags

Your Instagram profile has already been flagged as spam, or it has been shadowbanned

This is a very common reason why your posts are not visible. Instagram realized that people often abused hashtags a lot, so to prevent this, they made sure the rules and regulations concerning hashtags became a whole lot stricter.

The new rules and regulations actually worked and made people become more conscious of how they used hashtags.

The only unfortunate effect these new rule had was that it sometimes affected innocent users that are not spamming on purpose.

It is actually very easy to mistakenly commit offenses on your account that would be regarded as spam. And once this happens, it would cause a shadowban on your account immediately.

The terrible thing about this is that the moment Instagram makes your post spam, it would not be visible to new audiences anymore. The only people that would be able to see your posts are the people that are following you already.

So it is possible these people would search for your post on hashtags, and nothing would come up. You have to be very careful when using your account to avoid situations like this.

These are some mistakes you can make while using hashtags that can cause Instagram to shadowban your post;

  1. When you use popular or trendy hashtags that literally have nothing to do with your actual post
  2. When you use the same exact hashtags for all your posts
  3. When you use hashtags that have been banned or limited

If you have the slightest feeling that your post has been marked as spam or it has been shadowbanned, there are actually ways you can solve the problem. The first thing you can do is to make sure you remove all the banned hashtags from your post.

You can also check your posts for places you might have misused hashtags and also correct them. Then it is highly advisable you stop using hashtags on your posts for about one or two days.

Finally, you could decide to contact Instagram support and ask for help with this problem.

If unfortunately, none of the solutions seem to work, then it is highly likely you would just have to get a new Instagram account.

You are in the Habit of using Hashtags that have Nothing to do with your Posts

It was in the period of the old Instagram rules that you could try this and go scot-free. Previously, people could sneak in trendy and popular hashtags into their posts just to increase engagement rates. It also helped them to achieve positions on the explore page.

They hardly bothered if it had something to do with their posts or not. Everything is different now, and that applies to how you use your hashtags too. You cannot use hashtags that have nothing to do with your posts. It would have serious repercussions.

The method does not even work anymore, and it could still make Instagram flag your posts. If you had been doing this, then you noticed your posts are no more visible in hashtags, it is very likely Instagram has finally shadowbanned your account.

You must make sure you are not using hashtags that have nothing to do with your posts. Your hashtags must be generated as a result of the content of your posts and not just random words.

Even though these words are popular hashtags, they still would not increase the amount of engagement you would get on your post.

This is because people are more likely to search on hashtags based on the content they want to see and not just any random word. The more you use words that relate to your content, the more chances of your post gaining more engagement.

You might be using banned hashtags

You might be wondering what banned hashtags are all about. Well, they are basically hashtags that get banned because some users have been them under posts that contain inappropriate content. The moment a particular tag has too many inappropriate posts added under it, it could get banned.

Obviously, there are some words one would expect to banned because of the meaning they connote, but even basic normal words can be banned. You just have to understand it is not about the words as much as it is about the posts under those words.

This is why it is very important when selecting hashtags to use with your posts; you must have made sure you researched each and every hashtag you want to use properly. If you use banned hashtags on your posts, it can lead to Instagram shadowbanning your posts.

If you want to be sure whether a hashtag has been banned or not, all you have to do is use the search bar to search for the hashtag. Once you have selected the hashtag from the search results, then check the Recent tab.

If the hashtag has been banned, you will get a message that would tell you the posts from the hashtag have been hidden because the community reported some of the content that did not meet their guidelines.

It is definitely good practice to always look up a new hashtag before you use it. And the hashtags you are already using frequently need to also be checked too.

The status of these hashtags could change at any time, so it is better to be proactive to avoid stories that touch. If you are forgetful, you could decide to keep a list of hashtags that have been banned that still relate to your content, so you would never mistakenly use them.

You are using the same set of Hashtags every single time you post

Yeah, you like consistency; who doesn’t? But you have to be careful when you get carried away with consistency when it comes to Instagram hashtags.

If you find out you are always copying and pasting the same chunk of hashtags every time you want to post, you could actually be doing more harm than good. Instagram works with AI, and this means the technology studies behavior.

If you continue copying and pasting the same set of hashtags, Instagram will read this behavior as an attempt to gain engagement in any way possible and not to generate quality content for your followers.

If this happened, Instagram would treat your precious posts as spam. And there goes your chance at visibility and larger audiences.

If you want to prevent all these from happening, make sure every once in a while, you change the hashtags you use. You could change the sequence of the hashtags, or you could even change the actual hashtags themselves.

Anything you do, just make sure you are not using the exact same thing every time.

You are using hashtags that are not specific

This basically means that your choices of hashtags on your posts are too broad. Broad hashtags are usually filled up with posts of different kinds of stuff. For instance, if you are doing a review of a car racing videogame, and you just use the tag “#car,” you are using a very broad tag.

The car tag could literally contain anything car-related; this is ranging from toy cars, car paint, car repair shops, etc. If you are always using hashtags like this on your post, do not be surprised if your posts do not come up in hashtags.

This is because such a broad tag would be receiving millions of posts every day. It is not that your post would not be displayed, but it would just be impossible to find due to a large number of posts under such a tag.

Your preferred hashtags are too competitive

When people get introduced to hashtags, the first thing they usually think of is to add the really popular tags to their posts so that when other users search for these tags, they would also stumble on their posts.

But due to the number of people that think like this, the effect of such actions is usually counterproductive. Even if the tag has something to do with your content, it would hardly help with the visibility and engagement of your posts.

As I have explained before, tags that are really popular would be oversaturated.

They would have more than 20 million posts under them, and more posts get added in thousands per second. So there is no logical way your post would be easily seen in a tag that fills up that fast.

And it is worse still if you just used the tag based on its popularity and not the relation it had to your post. You are toying with shadowban from Instagram.

Rather than chasing over competitive tags, it is better you just focus on other lesser populated tags that relate to your content.

The ironic thing about it is that lesser populated tags will give you better reach and engagement than the competitive ones.

This is because when you use a lesser populated tag, you would be able to stay on the recent post feed of the tag for a long period of time. This is because the amount of posts that are added is not in ridiculous amounts.

You are making some sort of user error

It is also possible your posts are not showing on hashtags because you have made some mistakes of some sort. Common mistake users typically make, his spelling mistake.

This happens when you are making your post, and you type the wrong spelling of your hashtag. If this mistake has been made unknowingly and you still search for your posts with the correct version, nothing would come up.

This could be very frustrating, especially if the mistake has not been discovered. A way to prevent this situation from happening is if you ensure you always check your content for typographical errors before you post.

Also, make sure you avoid using punctuation marks when using hashtags. These punctuation marks would just create a broken hashtag link that would be useless and unable to carry out their functions properly.

You are experiencing technical difficulties from Instagram

There are times that your posts not being visible on Hashtags would not be your fault and such a time is when Instagram is down. It is actually very rare, but Instagram also experiences issues with its system.

At this time, anything can act up. If this is the cause of the problem, all you need is patience, and everything would be resolved. You could check your posts again when everything is okay, just to be double sure.

How do you Search for a Hashtag?

If you want to search for any hashtag, you would need to;

  • Click on the search bar in your Instagram application.
  • Choose the ‘Tags’ option that is provided under the bar.
  • And then, enter the hashtag of your choice, making sure you use a “#” sign.

Once you do this, you would see a lot of posts that have been linked with that particular hashtag you searched for. This way, you can just search through and pick out the post you actually had in mind.

But you must keep in mind that this process might not be so easy if the tag you are searching through is a competitive or broad tag. You might need to really slow down and take your time.

Is it possible to use the wrong amount of hashtags?

This question might make you wonder if there is an unknown perfect number of hashtags that one must use on posts to get the best results and make your posts visible. But no, there isn’t.

There is a maximum number of hashtags that are allowed on Instagram, though.

You cannot have more than thirty different hashtags on a post. But as a brand, you would have to do some analysis on your posts and see how people respond when you use various amounts of hashtags.

This way, you would be able to choose the best responses and stick with that particular hashtag format for your posts.

What is the difference between an account that is Shadowbanned and an account that has been Banned?

You can imagine a shadowban as a soft punishment for the Instagram rule violation and being banned as the really permanent one.

People e get shadowbanned for a myriad of reasons, but it is always when a rule has been broken. The major difference between these two situations is that someone that has been shadowbanned would still have access to their account.

They would even be able to post as normal. They might not even realize they have been shadowbanned until they start to see a reduction in engagements on their account or stop getting new followers. This is what a shadowban does to an account.

It takes away the visibility of an account in the most brutal way possible. But a complete ban would lock you out of your own account.

You would not have access to the account anymore, and you cannot create a new account with that username. Usually, the only solution to this kind of situation is just to create a new account and start all over again.


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